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  • Fishing fleet at rest in Leonardville Harbour
    Fishing fleet at rest in Leonardville...
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    Abandoned boat
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    Me waiting for the ferry
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Deer Island Things to Do

  • 'Old Sow' Whirlpool

    The 'Old Sow' whirlpool off Deer Island Point is the most powerful one in the western hemisphere, ranking just below some of Europe's most famous ones (Moskstraumen and Saltstraumen in Norway and Corryvreken in Scotland) in the speeds that its waters reach (almost 28 kph or 17 mph). The Old Sow is caused by a combination of fast flowing waters due...

  • Most Easterly Town in USA?

    Quite a few of the tourists we met on the trip to Deer and Campobello Islands were from the USA. Even though hardly anyone has heard of New Brunswick or Deer Island, the number of American tourists is not surprising because the two most easterly towns in the United States are easily seen from the Island. Both Eastport and Lubec, Maine claim...

  • Coastal Views

    Russ and I had two chances to enjoy the scenes on Deer Island as we biked around the island, on the north and northwest sides on the outward bound journey and along the southeast coast on the return trip to the mainland after we had finished up with our Campobello Island segment. We passed through Chocolate Cove and other small communities on the...

  • Deer Island Point

    Deer Island Point is a very scenic little spot on the southwestern tip of the island. Since both a campground and the docking facilities for the Campobello Island, NB and Eastport, Maine ferries are located there, it is the most 'happening' place on Deer Island. The private campsite (contact details below) has 39 sites with electricity and 40...

  • Herring Fishing (Continued)

    That day the fisherman caught approximately 15 tons of herring. Although they called it a half decent day I thought it was pretty darn impressive. If you ever have the opportunity to go Herring fishing, I suggest you take it without a second thought......just make sure your stomach doesn't get uneasy during rough waters!!! I am very grateful to...

  • Herring Fishing

    During a trip in August/04 to Deer island I went to visit my ex-girlfriends sister and her husband who is a fisherman. After a long night of getting to know each other, he kindly offered to take me and my ex-girlfriend out the next day to watch them bring in their catch of herring. I could not pass up such an amazing opportunity! We kindly and...

  • Herring Fishing (Continued)

    Although the Herring are already trapped, a lot of physical labour is required to catch the fish in a net so that the Herring carrier is able to suck them up into his huge bin. This contributed to me realising how hard fishermen work (the other thing was that a fisherman needs to make his work hours according to the ocean tides. No matter if that...

  • Herring Fishing (Continued)

    After cleaning the sea weed out of the way and waiting for over an hour, the Herring carrier, it finally arrived. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised to see the length and size of this boat! It must have been at least 60 feet long. The most shocking thing was that the captain brought the boat directly in the weir, which no doubt took some...

  • Herring Fishing (Continued)

    The two cycle engine was started and we went on out to what would be, the 'very' rough sea. Only a few hundred metres off shore and the waves were already pounding the little boat. I was loving every moment of it!!!! We kept on our way and as we rounded around a little island, we took on a wave......The WRONG way! The water splashed directly over...

  • Herring Fishing (Continued)

    After about a 20 minute boat ride, we arrived at what the fishermen call a "Weir" (pronounced 'wear'). A Weir is the mechanism used to trap the Herring. It is composed of trees that are pounded into the sea ground which go about 30 feet in the air above sea level. A net is the connected to these trees which forms a circle. There is an entrance...

  • Herring Fishing (Continued)

    After a nice night of camping, we met the fisherman @ his home for noon. Expecting to go out in a bigger (50 foot or so) fishing boat, I was shocked when he said that we were taking his "Skiff". A "Skiff" is a small boat (about 12 ft long) made out of fibreglass which uses a small outboard motor. We made our way down to the wharf and jumped in the...

  • Picnic

    If you have the ressources before hand pack a picnic for the day. The Island has many places that are Ideal for picnics. We chose the Campground on the Island. From there (if you pick the right spot) you can even see what is called the old sow whirlpool. It is a pretty cool whirlpool formed when two currents collide.


Deer Island Restaurants

  • Seafood

    The 45th Parallel Restaurant/Motel seemed to be one of only a few places to eat on Deer Island and it looked like we picked a good one - listed in 'Where to Eat in Canada 2000'! It was mid-afternoon of our first day on the road when we turned up wet and bedraggled from our little detour across 'Clam Creek' (see my Off the Beaten Path tip for the...

  • One of three

    There are a total of 3 restaurants on the Island. this is the only one I have eaten at. I was satisfied with my meal and I remember that it was a very reasonnable price. The fresh seafood!!!!

  • Deer Island Hotels

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Deer Island Transportation

  • Deer Island to Campobello Island Ferry

    We had beautiful sunny weather for virtually our entire 3-days, so the ferry rides between Deer and Campobello Islands were very enjoyable as well. A private company, East Coast Ferries Limited runs two ferries from the end of Deer Island that is furthest from the mainland. The one that we were interested in runs to and from Campobello Island every...

  • Bicycle

    This biking trip was another great way to spend 3-days, not doing any really serious biking in our ~90-km (55 mile) round trip. Deer Island was a very peaceful place to bike, because there was not a lot of traffic and the temperature was a comfortable 24 C (75 F) with no winds to contend with. I had not really paid much attention to the lay of the...

  • Mainland to Deer Island Ferry

    One of the advantages of bicycling is that, when you reach a ferry departure point, you can ride up to the head of the line of vehicles and just slip your bike somewhere along the side of the cars when the boarding begins. It was about 12:30 PM on our first day when we turned up at Letete to catch one of the free New Brunswick provincial ferries...


Deer Island Warnings and Dangers

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    The weather on the south shore of New-Brunswick is sometimes unpredictable. They seem to get less sunny days then inland. Don't be discouraged if the morning starts off with fog, it often lifts later in the morning. Just to be safe make sure to have nice warm clothes.

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Deer Island Off The Beaten Path

  • 'Piranha' Clams

    At first landing on Deer Island, we immediately turned off onto a small highway along the northwest coast, a dead-end road leading to Northern Harbour. It was an interesting ride and, just before we descended the steepest hill of the entire trip, I said to Russ that I hope we don't have to bike back up this thing! Sure enough, we soon came to the...

  • Little Oddities

    The morning we left our accommodations in Fairhaven found us with some spare time before we could catch the first ferry run to Campobello Island. As a result, we decided to take a short ride out to Calders Head, a point of land jutting out into Passamaquoddy Bay to the west of our overnight stop. As with all our rides on Deer Island, this was an...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Deer Island Sports & Outdoors

  • We haul them in!

    For the C$50 (US$44) per person price of our 3-hour fishing expedition, Reid outfitted each of us with a rod, equipped with a lead weight and four baitless, sparkling lures with jigging hooks attached. Since we were going for bottom feeding schools of Atlantic Mackerel, the technique was to get out into medium depth water where we would switch the...

  • A Salt Water Fishing Trip

    Just over a week after Russ and I made our biking trip to Deer Island, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend Ryan arrived from Calgary, Alberta for a week-long visit. Ryan had done some ocean fishing off Honduras and wanted a chance to sample what it was like on the east coast of Canada. After making a few phone calls, it just happened that the...

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Deer Island Favorites

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    Deer Island is Located HERE

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    Favorite thing: Deer Island is located in the southwest corner of Canada's Maritime Provinces, in New Brunswick and on the border with the American state of Maine. It is located at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, site of the world's highest tides with a variation of 53 feet (16 m) at it furthest reaches in Nova Scotia.

    The second map gives a closer overview of New Brunswick's Fundy Isles, with the major ones being Grand Manan, Campobello and Deer. Russell and I biked the largest of these in 2004, as detailed in my 'Grand Manan' page. This time, we decided to tackle the two smaller ones, taking a total of 3-days to bike from Pennfield Ridge on the mainland and using ferries to reach both Deer and Campobello Islands as shown by the 'purple' path along the US-Canada border.

    The third map is a closer view at the Deer Island portion of our trip, showing where we first biked along the north coast and the small inlet of water that we waded across while dealing with the 'Piranha' clams! Our accommodations on Deer Island was at the 'reddish' dot to the left of the words 'Deer Island'. This map also gives a closer view of the ferry routes from both mainland NB and between Deer and Campobello Islands. The blue dot off the southern tip of Deer Island is where the 'Old Sow' whirlpool is located.

    Canada's Maritime Provinces and Maine, USA Our bike route through the Fundy Islands Deer Island Close-up view
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