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  • Admiring the city from across the river
    Admiring the city from across the river
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Fredericton Things to Do

  • Full of Hidden Treasures

    It only took living in Fredericton for 4 years to find some of my favourite places in the city. I recently discovered the Fredericton Region Museum, Fredericton's local history museum. Little did I know that it was one of Fredericton's best kept secrets. Nestled in Officers' Square, the museum has two floors stuffed with artefacts. The exhibits are...

  • Downtown Fredericton

    The downtown area of Fredericton is worth a stop to see. There are some really nice historic buildings to see and some interesting local shops and restaurants to visit. The area is almost exclusively local businesses too, we didn't really see any major chain stores in the downtown area - those are all on the other side of town near the...

  • Dragon boat races

    If you're in town the second Sunday in September, come down to the waterfront, in front of the Aquatic Center just west of Smythe St. Teams will be competing in the McInnes Cooper Dragon Boat Festival races. There are also activities for the kiddies, and musical entertainment by a live band.


Fredericton Hotels

Fredericton Restaurants

  • English pub atmosphere

    The Snooty Fox is done up in an English pub style, with hardwood floors, a brick fireplace, and finished in oak. The lighting is kept low, and though it's not really a place to bring children, it is popular with the university and up crowd.Appetizers, lunch and dinner items run between CDN$ 7.00 - $16.00, which is quite reasonable for downtown...

  • Thai food

    The Thai Manao is at the former location of the Yoo China Curry House, adjacent to Montana's. They have a nice variety of Thai food at very reasonable prices: nine appetizers ranging from $6. - $12., 20 entrees range from between $12. - $20., and a dozen options in their $10. lunch menu. The menu indicates which items are gluten-free, and they'll...

  • Isaac's Way Restaurant & Bar

    *** October 2012 update***: Saddly, this restaurant and an adjoined rooming house were destroyed by fire overnight on Oct. 6-7th, 2012. Waiting to see if they will re-build, but at the moment it's a parking lot.===========================================================Original post: Since the fall of 2005, this place has had the new name of...


Fredericton Nightlife

  • Good place to meet people

    WOW...I was in Fredericton for a brief weekend stay and was recommended that check out this place called boom! ngihtclub. Let me tell you, this place is one the cleanist nightclubs that I have ever been to and I have been to alot of bars across the country. The people there are very freindly and by the time you leave you pretty much know everyone...

  • Looking for a great spot to dance the...

    This is THE best place to party in Fredericton on Friday nights. The drinks are as most nightclub drinks cost as far as costs go, but the servers are delightful! Widely known through the city to the uneducated as a "gay bar", Boom! is an alternative friendly bar where, as a straight young girl, I feel VERY comfortable. If you are looking to pick up...

  • That's where it all happens

    Walking around downtown Fredericton on a Saturday night can be a really strange experience - the city looks so empty! My friend actually started wondering if there might be another downtown area somewhere... and then we turned onto King St. and all our questions were answered! After walking by Sweetwaters/Rockin Rodeo, a big nightclub with country...


Fredericton Transportation

  • Local fuel prices

    The local stations finally broke the $1.00 per liter milestone in July 2005.Hurricane Katrina in Sept. 2005 had its repercussions on our local fuel prices, as it did everywhere. At that time, it shot up to $1.40 per litre. It was as high as that again after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in mid-Sept. 2008, but dropped steadily after that, and remained...

  • From Quebec to Fredericton by bus

    Acadian bus lines connect all the towns and cities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Thanks to an agreement they have with Orleans Express, the main bus company operating in the province of Quebec, it is easy to travel from Quebec to Fredericton: Orleans Express will take you as far as Riviere-du-Loup, and from there you can...

  • The Fredericton Airport (YFC)

    If you're planning to fly in to the City of Fredericton or the Town of Oromocto, the Fredericton Airport is actually located in Lincoln, between the two.It's about a 10-15 min drive to downtown or uptown Fredericton, and even less than that to Oromocto. The airport has undergone several expansions and improvements since 2002, and can now...


Fredericton Shopping

  • A great selection of Canadian books!

    The Owl's Nest is located just in front of City Hall. Although it may not seem that big when you first go in, this used book store is huge! Go ahead and get lost in its long corridors and dusty rooms (and don't miss the second floor) - you're sure to find some great novels that have been hiding there, waiting for you! What I liked about this place...

  • Regent Mall

    Biggest mall In Freddy town. Composed of probably over 100 stores. Some include, Sportcheck, Empire theaters, food court, wal mart, Sears, Toys R us, Foot locker.....just to name a few.

  • Fredericton Hotels

    20 Hotels in Fredericton

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Fredericton Local Customs

  • Firewood

    Although the summer temperatures can reach into the mid 30's C, the winter temperatures can also reach the 30-40 C range, trouble is it's in the MINUS direction!Because New Brunswick is so heavily forested, over 20% of the population still use wood in one form or another for heating. In my case, although I have electric baseboards in each room as...

  • Farmer's Market

    Every Saturday morning until noon , the Boyce Farmer's Market takes place in the core of downtown Fredericton. This is a great spot to mingle with the crowds and you can enjoy all manner of foods and goods for sale. Both inside the market building and outside along 'food alley' there are vendors selling BBQ sausages, chicken kebabs, samosas,...

  • Tipping your waiter/waitress

    It is considered to be customary to tip your waiter/waitress. Ussualy a tip should consist of about 15% of what you buy (or so that is what everyone around here says). If you have a good server make sure to keep in mind that they probably only get paid minimum wage. A nice tip might just make their day!


Fredericton Warnings and Dangers

  • You Want Snow????

    Watch out for the blackflies and mosquitos if you come too early - they go crazy in spring and early summer, if you are not in the middle of a city or town. On the other end of the spectrum, be prepared for cold weather and snow if you visit from Nov.- March. This photo of me keeping my driveway clear was taken on a typical February day in the...

  • brrrrr......

    If travelling here during the months of November through March---bring something warm!! Temps can dip down to -25 without the windchill...

  • Although Fredericton is a very...

    Although Fredericton is a very conservative city (because of the government aspect), it is also quite gay-friendly (maybe because of the active arts community). However, gay bashings still occur on occasion, even when the person being bashed isn't even gay. When the bars get out, drunken rowdies often cruise the streets. Areas like The Green...


Fredericton Tourist Traps

  • If visiting mactaquack and...

    If visiting mactaquack and wanting to swim at the beach park across the street and walk over to the beach... otherwise you need to go into the provincial park, pay and park and then walk to the beach.

  • Personally, I find the...

    Personally, I find the York-Sudbury Museum to be a waste of time. If you want to look at old stuff from the 1800s or so, you're better off going to King's Landing.However, the museum isn't entirely without merit. It is the home of the Coleman Frog, Fredericton's kitschiest treasure. This is theoretically the world's largest taxidermed frog, but it...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Fredericton What to Pack

  • Why pack? This place has a Walmart!

    You don't need a huge bag since there isn't much that you would want to bring back. Bring your own clothes, this town doesn't even have a GAP store, need I say more? Don't worry too much about bringing your own toileteries and medicine since all these items can be bought at the local Walmart or drugstore once you get there. Bring your own...

  • Packing List

    A suitcase depending on what you will be doing. If your camping or backpacking/hiking then a knapsack. Winter... lots of warmth - we get a lot of snow here (anywhere from October to April). September to 1st 2 weeks of october you would need sneakers, jacket, jeans and shirts. June, July, August don't forget your bathing suit!!!!! For fredericton...

  • Packing List

    And now for the weather forecast:


Fredericton Off The Beaten Path

  • Beach

    Mactaquac beach is within a provincial park. Aprroximately 25 minutes out of town, it is worth a visit if you have the afternoon. The beach isn't all that great but the park is a nice place to drive through. It is great camground to!!!! Also home of a very nice golf course!

  • The Walking Bridge

    This bridge used to be the railway bridge, but with the demise of the railway routes in most of New Brunswick, it was converted into a walking bridge a number of years ago. No vehicles are allowed on the bridge, so you'll only have to contend with walkers, joggers, and bicycles. There is free parking off Union St. (on the north side of the river),...

  • Darlings Island is a darling!

    I do not live in Fredericton. I live in Darlings Island which doesn't even show on a map of New Brunswick. I love it here. It is closer to the city of Saint John than to Fredericton, New Brunswick. One of the novelties, but I do not know how long this will last, is that we see deer frequently. Beautiful creatures but not when they ravish our...


Fredericton Sports & Outdoors

  • Kingswood Lynx golf course

    good old golfing...(kingswood lynx). Was recently rated among the top golf courses in Canada!!! Very new course, only about 2 years old. Might not even be in some travel books!

  • Tobogganing in the city

    If you're visiting the city during the winter and are looking for something to do with kids (or maybe kids at heart ?) that's free, you might consider going tobogganing at the Potato Research Center (PRC), referred locally to as the "Experimental Farm".Did I mention that it's something you can do for free ?The hill is located just east of the...

  • Ahhhh the slopes...

    Snowboarding and skiing about 40 min outside fredericton. Small hill with 15 trails. Good for beginners and moderate level snowboarders and skiers. Makes for a nice day trip.... Rentals are available....(snowboards, skis, snowblades)


Fredericton Favorites

  • Tourist Information Centers

    If you're driving to Fredericton from the west, there's a provincial tourist information center along the Trans-Canada Hwy, at exit #253 for Kings Landing. This is about 15 minutes drive west of the city, or about 34 kms. This information center is not open during the winter months. (If you're going to stop at this information center, see my note...

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

    If for some reason you need to contact the police there is a big police departement just at the top of Regent Street (1445 Regent Street ). Phone: 452-3400. Fredericton also has a City police department downtown.Stay safe.

  • Hospital (AKA the DECH)

    Hopefully you will not have to visit this place, but here is some information on the fredericton hospital if you need it. It is located in the middle of Fredericton at 700 Priestman Street (just off regent). Follow the green H sings.


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