Province of New Brunswick Favorites

  • McAdam Train Station
    McAdam Train Station
    by LoriPori
  • Favorites
    by LoriPori
  • Favorites
    by LoriPori

Province of New Brunswick Favorites


    Friday, September 14, 2012Driving southwest on Route#4 near the New Brunswick/Maine border, we came across the village of MCADAM. The area was first settled in the mid-to-late 19th century as a group of small lumber camps. The area further developed due to it being an important railway junction between the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway...

  • Covered Bridges

    Covered bridges are bridges that are well, covered. Back in the nineteenth century when covered bridges were common, the bridges themselves were usually made with wood. Wood was plentiful but didn't last too long. By covering them, it greatly increased their life span. Also by covering the bridges, it kept the deck free from snow during the winter...

  • It was a tough life in the old days!

    Canada was a tough place to make a new life for yourself when latter-day Europeans first arrived (let's not forget the Viking settlement at L'anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of Newfoundland in 1000 AD during a period of natural global warming!). Many centuries later, the first Europeans to stumble onto small Miscou Island on the northeast tip...

  • Map of New Brunswick

    This map of the Province shows that it is bordered on the west by the state of Maine, USA, on the north by the Province of Quebec and on the southeast by the Provinces of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. With water on three sides, the ocean plays a large part in many activities, including the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy at the...

  • The mighty Elms are under attack

    It is a shame the havoc that introduced diseases can wreak as they travel here and there in the world, infecting things that have no immunity to their effects. Such is the case with Dutch Elm Disease, a plight that has severely affected Elm trees world-wide. Both of my 'home' towns of Sussex and Fredericton have been severely ravaged by the...

  • Have Lobster!

    If you go to New Brunswick, you really should try to go when lobster is in season. Then you should have lobster. We had Thanksgiving lobster in October 1989. It was great!

  • Local advice...

    I was talking to a man outside the hotel in Fredericton the night we stayed there and asked him a few questions about New Brunswick. I also asked him for some recommendations and everything he told me turned out to be accurate, so I might as well pass it on for those of you who aren't familiar with the province. Fredericton is the government...

  • Covered Bridges

    New Brunswick is chock full of these charming structures, 65 of them in all, including the world's largest covered bridge.! We manged to see four of them on our travels. We didn't travel out of our way at all, they just popped up. I'm sure if we had planned it out, we could have made some small detours and seen a whole lot more. Check out...


    The Magnetic Hill road is part of the Magnetic Hiil Zoo in Moncton New Brunswick which is located on the west side of Moncton, Take Exit 488A of of the Trans Canada Highway. It possible to see the hill and bypass the zoo .You drive your car to the top of the hill and drive "down" on the right hand side. At the bottom you drive on to the left hand...

  • Relaxing Road Trip

    The atmosphere in New Brunswick was so peaceful and "back to nature". We really loved it. I suppose that's why we were so jarred when arriving at the Hopewell Rocks. It was so commercial there, it didn't seem fitting in the natural surroundings. Fundy Park on the other hand was empty in comparison. Perhaps it was the time of day we did our hiking...

  • the stars vs. the mozzies

    After a much-deserved hot shower, we shared a bottle of beer in the car and got ready to face the ordeal of getting in the tent for the night. It had cooled considerably but they were still out, though in less robust force. Once inside the tent, I made sure all sneaky stowaways were put to death and laid down to discover it was still quite early...

  • don't eat that mozzie.....

    Besides the Bay of Fundy, you should definitely check out the beaches especially the more undeveloped ones like those Kouchibouguac National Park. It's great camping there too, just watch out for the mosquitos as I detail below. I noticed a mosquito on my arm as I got back in the car after hitting the grocery store for supplies, and thought little...

  • stealing a precious moment in time....

    The weather was not cooperating with the sun fighting mightily to break free of the dense fog that lie just on the cold water's surface. But break through it did though only in spurts. We had to be quick about getting some photos as an instant later and what was once glowing red was again ordinary in appearance. It mattered little, this slight...

  • It is free, right? ;)

    It was a fair walk out to the actual coast and then down to the rock formations that make the park so justifiably famous. It was eerie being there with everything closed and us feeling like crooks breaking in. But soon enough, we were at the steps that lead down to the famous flowerpot looking rocks that grace the park brochure. Of course, there...

  • tai chi inspired excursion....

    New Brunswick may have many attractions but the one thing you cannot miss is the Bay of Fundy, and not just the National Park. Check out the small coastal towns like Cape Enrage and definitely the Hopewell Rocks too. Once in camp, I had a little spare time to look at tourist information pamphlets I had received weeks before. I discovered that in...

  • Undiscovered Country

    Every so often it strikes me how some of the most beautiful landscape in Canada is seen by so few visitors. Most visitors to Saint John, or even residents for that matter, never get to see some of the breath-taking scenery that can be discovered along the Saint John or Kennebecasis River systems. These two rivers meet in North Saint John and flow...

  • Tidal Bore, Bay of Fundy

    You may want to check out the tidal bore on the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world, so they say. You can see this near Moncton, NB. We stopped by in August 1991.

  • Eco-Tourism and Adventure Travel

    As a rugged, rural Province, New Brunswick offers a variety of outdoor adventure and eco-tourism opportunities. Rock-climbing, kayaking, hiking, biking, wilderness camping, snow-mobiling, whale watching, white water rafting, swimming - you name it, you can do it here. Please see tips for individual towns and cities for more information. New...


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