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  • Street Scene, Moncton, Canada.
    Street Scene, Moncton, Canada.
    by planxty
  • Moncton, Canada.
    Moncton, Canada.
    by planxty
  • Overtime Sports Bar, Moncton, Canada.
    Overtime Sports Bar, Moncton, Canada.
    by planxty

Moncton Things to Do

  • Yer another Irish pub

    I have mentioned elsewhere on my Moncton page that I only spent a few hours there and went on a mini pub crawl to kill a bit of time. This was the third of the three establishments I visited and on balance was probably my favourite even though I am generally not a fan of "Oirish" pubs as I find them completely false and nothing like I remember from...

  • Was I really in Dublin?

    Whilst wandering round Moncton one afternoon looking for a beer or two I came upon the St. James' Gate pub which actually is a restuarant attached to the "boutique hotel" upstairs. For those of you who don't know St.James' Gate is the location of the Guinness Brewery in Ireland so I had half an idea what the theme was going to be. In fairness, it...

  • Do some overtime here

    I mentioned in my Moncton introduction page that I was just having a look round for a couple of hours and have a couple of beers and this was the first place I came upon and so in I went. I quite like sports bars and this was very typical of the type with various sports memorabilia on the walls, assorted sports channels on the numerous large screen...

  • Irish Families Memorial

    I found trhis Celtic Cross by the Petitcodiac River. It was very nice and children played around it.The memorial was erected in July 2000 to pay homage to the Irish families who settled in New Brunswick about 200 years ago

  • Overall Article

    Ok guys this is going to be a long one but I do think it is worth reading especially if you are not from the area. Things to do : If you are visiting during summer : Parlee Beach is a beautiful mile long beach that is about 20 min from the city, very well kept and includes all facilities. Cost is 11$ for a car's parking and is good for the day....

  • Magnetic Hill Concert Site

    We usually take in a big concert every year at Magnetic Hill .Originally built in 1984 for Pope John Paul II to hold a papal mass during his tour of Canada, the site was redesigned in the 1990s as a concert venue. On September 3, 2005 The Rolling Stones performed at the venue, with up to 85,000 fans attending, making it the largest music event ever...


Moncton Hotels

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Moncton Restaurants

  • Steakhouse

    Nice place, located in downtown Moncton, just off of Main St.Nice decor, attentive and friendly staff. While it bills itself as a steakhouse, it also has a number of other entrées, such as shrimp, chicken, ribs, salads, etc.This place had been recommended by a friend, so I thought I'd check it out while I was in town on business. Great place, but I...

  • East Indian cuisine

    A nice place to go if you're in the mood for East Indian food. They specialize in Mughlai and Tandoori dishes, and have their own tandoori oven to make naan bread. I had the Butter Chicken with naan bread, and it was very good.

  • Vietnamese and Thai cuisine

    Nice decor, friendly service, and great tasting food. This place was formerly known as the Vina Thai Restaurant, but it came under new management in early 2007, and changed its name to the Saigon Thai. Will take a photo of the place next time I'm in Moncton. As an appetizer, I had one of their Imperial spring rolls, which is made with pork and...

  • Mediterranean cuisine

    I ate here recently for my first time, for lunch. I ordered the creamy pesto penne with scallops, along with the corn chowder. It was tasty and reasonably priced ($9.00), but if I'm going to be critical about anything, it would be that the centers of the scallops were cold. The chowder, penne noodles, and sauce were hot enough, but the scallops...

  • Vegetarian eating in Moncton

    For a vegetarian (and vegan) meal, try the Kalactus (St George and Church Streets) which has a very good and affordable menu (although a bit limited) that includes burritos, indian flavoured dishes, some really tasty sandwiches, great coffee and a cosy, stylish interior with friendly waiters. They also have a small patio which is opened in the...

  • Chinese buffet

    I've found a new favourite place to go to for a Chinese food buffet....Lily's.The atmosphere and decor in this restaurant is very nice, the service was fine, and the food was varied, warm, and delicious. There were even a few dishes I've never seen before at a Chinese buffet. It's a little cheaper than Chan's House in nearby Dieppe that I've also...


Moncton Nightlife

  • LeighAnne's Profile Photo

    I don't have favourite spots...

    by LeighAnne Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I don't have favourite spots but If I did it would have to be boomerangs (see restaurant)
    There are other spots to visit like: Voodoo's, rockin rodeo, fat tuesday's, kramer's corner, cosmo, fox and hound.

    Dress Code: All dress codes for any bars in Moncton are casual - where whatever you like. Anything goes.

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Moncton Transportation

  • Moncton Airport YQM

    What a change it was to be at a tiny "community-sized" airport. Moncton's airport is the smallest airport I have been to. It has only 2 luggage conveyor belts. I'm not sure what happens if a third plane lands. I guess it hasn't happened yet. Jokes aside, less congestion means you can get your bags faster and start your vacation faster. Nicer staff...

  • Rail service

    Most of the railway lines in New Brunswick were torn up a number of years ago, but Moncton is the largest station in N.B. for the line that is left.In the Maritimes, the ViaRail line (called the "Ocean"), runs between Halifax, N.S. and Montreal,Que. It travels up the eastern coast of New Brunswick, through Bathurst and Campbellton, NB, then through...

  • Driving

    It's easy to get to Moncton by car if you're within the Maritimes. Also, if you drive, it's usually a lot quicker than the bus since the bus makes pit stops at every town on the way to Moncton before arriving. Driving around Moncton isn't too difficult either. Also, Moncton is a good place to make a pit stop if you're on a road trip.


Moncton Shopping

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    The mall

    by fairy_dust Written Aug 26, 2004

    There is a small shopping mall very close to the train station (within walking distance). So if you have time before catching your train, stop in for a bite to eat or some shopping.

    What to buy: The shops there are typical mall stores - clothing, accessories, and other things like that. There is also a Sobey's where you can buy food, and a few fast food places.

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Moncton Local Customs

  • Bilingualism

    New Brunswick is Canada's only officially bilingual province, so everything is shown in English and French. For example, a stop sign will have both "stop" and "arret" written on it. Most of the French-speaking people in Moncton are Acadians, and Acadian culture is a very big part of New Brunswick. Most Acadians and many other people are bilingual.

  • When in Moncton, you will hear...

    When in Moncton, you will hear something called La Chiaque, which is a French/English patois local to the area. English will be filled with French words, and French will be filled with English. Be prepared to overhear things like, 'Mon truck, il flippez off la road about trois miles back.'

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Moncton Warnings and Dangers

  • Enjoy the city but be aware of your...

    Ok let me start of with the following, Moncton is a Rather small city therefor there are no Red Zones or area with very high crime rate as you will find in Compton, California for exemple. That being said, there are still area that should should avoid, and those are Close to downtown in the square of King St, Queen St, and Botsford St. Now having...

  • That guy sitting on the ground "singing"

    There's only one transient that seems to be a handful. He squats at a keyboard and bangs out noise while shouting what I believe are obscenties in Patoois. Hard to say. He is tempermental and irratic. Occasionally his outbursts make the newspaper, but I missed the article. I will post a picture. Best to simply leave him alone and try not to stare....

  • Lotz of luv for mah boy

    I once walked through downtown Moncton with a black friend of mine. I've never seen one guy get so many looks in my life. You'd swear this guy was the first black guy the town has ever seen. This one Eminem look-a-like came up to my friend, shook his hand and said "Respect, Whut up mah brotha, welcome to Moncton". The local Moncton Bum even showed...


Moncton What to Pack

  • Pack Small

    Beer and Cigarettes Your most stretched out wife beater, a pair of flip flops and ripped jeans, if travelling in the winter time then bring the same as above but add on eskimo boots and your Toronto Maple Leafs Parka. Moncton is known for having intense snow storms. Maybe a pint of whiskey to keep you warm in the winter. If you plan on doing...

  • Packing List

    And now for the weather forecast:

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Moncton Off The Beaten Path

  • Art culture in Moncton

    Those looking for a good art gallery in Moncton exhibiting works from Acadian and Canadian artists can head over to the Aberdeen Cultural Centre located at the corner of St George and Botsford Streets. This historic building houses 2 or 3 art galleries on the main floor, artist studios and a café (main floor as well). Artistic events of all sorts...

  • In Sussex, right beside the...

    In Sussex, right beside the highway headed toward the mountain, there is an emu ranch. The owners were very friendly and took me on a tour of their barns as I was biking through.

  • Don't forget to visit...

    Don't forget to visit Centennial Park or even tiny Victoria Park. Centennial Park has miles and miles of walking trails and demanding mountain bike trails. Victoria Park is, ahem, a notorious gay pickup joint late at night. In the daytime, there are often concerts or craft fairs.


Moncton Favorites

  • around Moncton there r alot of...

    around Moncton there r alot of coverd bridgesu can take a map at the tourist ceneter and drive in a trail that goes to alot of themOrke***this coverd bridge is in hartland and its longer than other bridges but thats the idea...

  • not much in moncton but there...

    not much in moncton but there is the magnetic hillu just release ur handbreaks and u see ur car going up hill by itself - nice thing - also they bulit around it a zoo and water park and other attractionsOrke

  • I think the place i would...

    I think the place i would recommend the most is Shediac which is 20 minutes from here and is a beautiful sea side town. The beach is all white sand right on the ocean - spend the day at the beach... go into town on main street and eat a lobster and then off to one of the 2 drive'ins left in new brunswick for a double movie. Well I live here so the...


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