Province of New Brunswick Things to Do

  • Irving Nature Park in Saint John, NB
    Irving Nature Park in Saint John, NB
    by Jefie
  • Inside the beautiful Trinity Church
    Inside the beautiful Trinity Church
    by Jefie
  • Mactaquac Park beach
    Mactaquac Park beach
    by Canuck5

Province of New Brunswick Things to Do

  • Hopewell Rocks

    Province of New Brunswick Things to Do

    We spent a while at Hopewell Rocks this day as it was quite near to where my sister lives, and she wanted to take us to see some sights of and around the area of Moncton. We had a lovely drive out along the coast this day, and we saw the signs for Hopewell Rocks. I had seen it on VT so as it was not too far away I suggested we go there. It was a...

  • See the longest covered bridge in the...

    At 1282 ft (391m), the covered bridge at Hartland NB is the longest in the world. It crosses the St John River and is a one-way at a time affair.So if you are traveling Highway 2 (Trans Canada Highway) through New Brunswick, you might want to take the 10 minute detour.

  • Miramichi

    Well though the settlement of Miramichi has been here for a while, the name is quite new. It was named in 1995 after the almagamation of Newcastle and Chatham plus several smaller communities. It is the largest city in Northern New Brunswick with a population of 18,129 (2006). Some of the activities here to do is the Miramichi River which the city...

  • World's Longest Covered Bridge

    The World's Longest Covered Bridge is located in Hartland, New Brunswick and connects to Somerville on the other side. It is 1,282 feet long and it connects both sides of the Saint John River. It was officially opened in 1901 but wasn't covered at that time. It was covered in 1922 along with repairing damage that was done to it 2 years earlier....

  • Magic Mountain

    Located in the Magnetic Hill area, only a few minutes from Moncton and short ride away from Shediac, Magic Mountain is Atlantic Canada's biggest water park and it's actually much more fun than the somewhat infamous Magnetic Hill! At Magic Mountain you'll find a large wave pool, different waterslides for kids of all ages, a heated whirlpool and a...

  • Campbellton

    OK, so there isn't that much to do in Campbellton but I thought it was a nice place to start our journey across New Brunswick. There's a big information centre there with free Internet access, so we were able to look up some information online and send a few e-mails home. The staff was also very useful in helping us plan our trip and book some...

  • Sandspit Amusement Park

    Sandspit Parlee Beach is sort of an old-fashioned amusement park (nothing to do with Six Flags!), but my niece and nephew still had a pretty good time there - they really enjoyed riding the bumper boats and the go-karts, among other things! It wasn't very expensive and as it's located only a short ride away from Parlee Beach, it can be a really...

  • Parlee Beach

    New Brunswick beaches probably are the nicest beaches in all of Canada, and Parlee Beach is especially nice. Located near the town of Shediac, Parlee Beach is mostly known for having the warmest salt water north of Virginia - that's right! Thanks to favourable currents, the water at Parlee Beach is warmer than anything you'll find along the New...

  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace is the perfect place to go with kids on a rainy day! Located in Dieppe (just a few minutes from the city of Moncton), this indoor amusement park has 15 fun rides for kids of all ages, along with a pretty big arcade featuring video games that will please both younger and older children. There is also a movie theatre and a shopping...

  • Magnetic Hill Zoo

    Located next to Magic Mountain, the Magnetic Hill Zoo is advertised as Canada's largest zoo. There are more than 90 different animal species living at the zoo, for a total of over 400 animals, and they seem to be very well taken care of. We can see most of the animals from up-close and it is even possible to pet some of them. But be careful: a goat...

  • Village Historique Acadien

    The "Village historique acadien" is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in New Brunswick. This historic village portrays the lives of Acadians between 1770 and 1939, depicting what life was like for all the families who traveled back to their native land of Acadia after the Great Deportation. There are over 40 historic buildings in...

  • Visit Loyalist Saint John

    The seaport of Saint John is a friendly and accomodating destination in New Brunwick. From the incredible city market to the historic sites and cemetaries, it's a great place to spend a day. Please see my separate Saint John city page on VT for more information on this interesting stop in New Brunswick. And please see below for the city's tourism...

  • St Stephen - Ground Zero for Chocoholics

    The border town of St. Stephen is THE place for all of you chocolate lovers. The city claims to be the birthplace of the chocolate bar. Ganong Brothers Chocolates are available a-plenty, and there's even a Chocolate Museum/Discovery Center.So, if you've just crossed the border, or if you're heading back to the USA, stop off in St Stephen for a few...

  • St Andrews - a truly historic resort...

    Just a bit south and east of St Stephen, you'll find the longtime resort town of St Andrews. Over the years, this venerable resort has played host to royalty, the rich and the famous. There are churches, mansions and all sorts of historic sites. There are 200 historic register homes within the city plat of St Andrews alone. And, you need to check...

  • Oromocto

    Well this isn't really a thing to do but it's definitely not off the beaten path. Oromocto is describe as Canada's Model Town which I think is used liberally. Yeah it's decent little town in which you could walk anywhere at anytime without worries. I find it to be a bit run down and service in the restaurants and such to be slow. The big thing...

  • Outdoor Activities at Cape Enrage

    To be honest we did not do anything here but visit this site which was not opened due to it being out of season, when I was here the beginning of May. The views and activities here seemed amazing and thought I would add this as a tip for future visits by anyone. This is only ten mins away from Fundy National Park and it's worth the trip out...

  • Tides the height of a 4 storey building

    We spent a while at Hopewell Rocks this day as it was quite near to where my sister lives, and she wanted to take us to see some sights of and around the area of Moncton. We had a lovely drive out along the coast this day, and we saw the signs for Hopewell Rocks. I had seen it on VT so as it was not too far away I suggested we go there. It was a...

  • Trail walking in Fredericton

    Fredericton has some lovely trails all over the city. IN winter they are ussed for cross country sking . There is a lovely walk we took from the Delta to downtown . It goes along the river and is quite lovely . There are lots of boats and its a wonderful easy walk.

  • Hiking trails along unspoiled coastlines

    If you want exercise while exploring the south coast, get out of your car and try hiking! My wife and I decided to take a short walk along part of the Fundy Walking Trail that takes you from Big Salmon River (east of St. Martins area) to Martin Head and then onward to Fundy National Park. This is a serious hiking trail that, in some places,...

  • The warm beaches of the Gulf-side

    The beautiful but cold Fundy waters are not good for swimming. For that, you are better off in the inland lakes and streams or along either the other two coasts of NB. This 2005 view is along the east coast at Kouchibouguac National Park, where the Northumberland Strait and Gulf of St. Lawrence meet. We arrived on Kelly's Beach before noon and...

  • Fredericton Farmer's Market

    Every Saturday morning from early until noon , the Boyce Farmer's Market takes place in the core of downtown Fredericton. This is a great spot to mingle with the crowds and you can enjoy all manner of foods and goods for sale. Both inside the market building and outside along 'food alley' there are vendors selling BBQ sausages, chicken kebabs,...

  • Impressive Victorian-era mansions

    New Brunswick is known as a 'Loyalist' province since its formation was based on the arrival of British subjects who rejected the revolution of the Thirteen American colonies. As a result, the strong ties to Britain resulted in quite an economic boom in the 1800s as lumbering and shipbuilding prospered. It is no surprise then to find many large and...

  • All sorts of Lighthouses

    With its miles of coastline, NB has its share of (mostly wooden) lighthouses to guide mariners. Many of them are located in very picturesque locations and make great places to have a little picnic if you have a sunny day. This is a view of Head Harbour lighthouse on Campobello Island in the Bay of Fundy, reported to be the most photographed in the...

  • The 'Reversing Falls' rapids

    Another phenomena arising from the high tides is the Reversing Falls futher east along the coast in the major city of Saint John. The 'Reversing Falls' is actually a rapids caused by the 350-mile long Saint John River meeting the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. These tides cause the water level in the Bay to vary by more than 50-feet at...

  • Check the coast for the world's highest...

    The Bay of Fundy, with its 50-foot (15-m) range, has the highest tides in the world (you can see how far up the rocks the seaweed clings in a coastal scene near St. Martins - as one of our party climbs over it while the seaweed waits for the tide to come back in!). The action of the waves produces many unique shapes along the red sandstone cliffs...

  • Whale-watching opportunities

    The south coast of NB is famous for its whale-watching, so on a 1995 trip to Grand Manan Island, my wife and I had to get out on the water to try it! Over a 4 hour period we experienced some amazing sights - the first time we had tried this anywhere! The Bay of Fundy is home to the world's most endangered whale (the Right) with only about 1000...

  • Hiking the hills

    NB also has plenty of inland hiking trails to keep you busy. I recently (2006) tried the Cochrane Lane Cliffs, a 700-800 foot (210-240 m) high sheer rock wall in the Nerepis River valley near Saint John. Here, our small group started out from a farmers field before passing through thick forest to reach the cliffs. It was a bit hazy at 10:45 AM, but...

  • King's Landing Historical Settlement

    King's Landing Historical settlement is located outside Fredericton about 20 minutes to the west. This is a collection of period homes, the King's Inn pub, a water-driven sawmill and a sailboat from the 1700's, staffed through the summer with volunteers who re-inact life as it was at the time. This attraction was recently voted as the best in...

  • The Highland Games

    Another annual event in Fredericton is the Highland Games, held at Government House on the south bank of the Saint John River. This event commemorates the large influx of Scots immigrants to the Maritimes (eg. Nova Scotia is "New Scotland" where Gaelic is still spoken in some areas). Contestants from all across the Maritimes converge for Highland...

  • Stroll around Fredericton

    Being a government and university city rather than an industrial-based one, as well as its beautiful location in the Saint John River valley makes Fredericton one of the most pleasant places to explore in New Brunswick. This view from the north side through a Weeping Willow shows the spire of the Provincial Legislature building at the left, the...

  • The Autumn leaf colours

    New Brunswick is no different than the rest of the country from Nova Scotia to eastern Manitoba - the deciduous trees put on quite a show in the late-September/early-October time frame, depending on the temperatures leading up to this period. This is quite a tourist attraction, with special cruise ship voyages and bus tours timed to catch the trees...

  • A bit of 'mountain' biking

    What Russ and I most enjoyed about Kouchibougac NP was its 6.3-km (4-mile) 'Major Kollock Creek' mountain biking trail. A large sign at the start of the trail gives you fair warning of the hazards you can expect to deal with but really, if you are a bit fit and have some hand/eye coordination, it should not be a serious problem. As we started out,...

  • Kouchibouguac - one of NB's two National...

    Fundy NP, established in 1948 on the Fundy coast, was NB's first NP, preserving this area of high tides. Until recently, I was not as familiar with NB's newest NP, Kouchibouguac, established in 1969. It has a much gentler landscape, with a more relaxed feeling as shown by the typical bicycle/walking trail shown here. The 2nd pic shows a map of the...

  • Rent a canoe or kayak to get away from...

    The inland lakes and streams of NB make for a great water paradise, especially if you like to canoe, kayak or boat in general. Over the years I have been on a number of canoe trips with my buddies and we have usually been blessed with warm and sunny summer weather. Here, in Little Magaguadavic Lake, my buddy and I have landed on a small sandy beach...

  • Old covered bridges waiting to be found

    One of the unique attractions NB can offer is its collection of old wooden covered-bridges, located mainly in the southern areas but with a few scattered further north.Sussex is known as the 'covered bridge capital of Atlantic Canada' because there are 16 of these bridges located within Kings County. Part of the original road network consisted of...

  • Farmed and settled inland areas of the...

    Heading inland from the southern coast will soon find you in one of the 'tamed' areas of NB, where settlers in various river valleys have succeeded in cutting and clearing enough trees to establish a thriving farming industry. Settlement naturally followed along the shores of the Saint John River and its many tributaries. I was brought up in this...

  • The New Brunswick Museum

    For an entrance fee of C$6 (US$5.40), the New Brunswick Museum is a great way to pass some time if you are visiting Saint John. It has three floors featuring a number of exhibits such as: Floor 1 is New Brunswick inventions, shipbuilding and marine history, Floor 2 is marine mammals, geology and birds of NB while Floor 3 is Canadian and...

  • Tour President Roosevelt's summer...

    Campobello Island was ruled by the Owen clan for 114 years before the last of the male 'descendents' died, prompting the widow to sell their land in 1881 to a group of wealthy American businessmen from Boston and New York. The tourist industry on the island had been picking up since the mid-1850s as wealthy families in both the northeastern US and...

  • Quaint ports

    There are a lot of interesting small fishing villages scattered around the coastlines, nestled in picturesque coves and with weather-beaten buildings of all descriptions.As Russ and I passed through the picturesque village of Seal Cove on Grand Manan Island, we were struck by the quiet beauty of its buildings. Dating from 1870-1930, most of these...

  • Check it out from your Cruise ship!

    With the recent upsurge in world-wide terrorist activity, the ports along Canada's eastern seaboard have enjoyed increased business as many American-based cruise ships take their passengers to what are considered relatively safe locations! Here, the 3800-passenger cruise ship 'Voyager of the Seas' is at rest in Saint John harbour along the Bay of...

  • Enjoy the coastal sights

    While driving the southern coastal areas, take your time to enjoy the various quaint sights you will come across as you meander some of the secondary highways beside the Bay. On a 2006 bicycle trip across Campobello Island my buddy and I passed through a heavily forested area, with several modest hills to negotiate and with steep cliffs along the...

  • Treat yourself to an exciting Jet Boat...

    If you want a thrilling but wet ride - take a 20-minute run of the Reversing Falls in a jet boat. Powered by twin turbo-charged diesels, these boats will take you on a fun-filled tour as the operator charges through the white water, does 360-degree spins, suddenly puts the brakes on or just sits there holding his own while you enjoy the rough water...

  • The 'Old Sow' whirlpool

    One visible effect of the strong tides in southern NB is a famous whirlpool very close to the border with Maine, USA in the southwest. The 'Old Sow' whirlpool off Deer Island Point is the most powerful one in the western hemisphere, ranking just below some of Europe's most famous ones (Moskstraumen and Saltstraumen in Norway and Corryvreken in...

  • High Tide and Low Tide at Hopewell Rocks

    If you've ever learned about the tides in school but never really seen it in action, go to Hopewell Rocks. In fact, do what I did - visit first during high tide, go somewhere else for the day like Saint John and then come back later in the day to see the low tide. It's incredible that all that water just "vanished". You're even allowed to walk on...

  • Smith Creek - Oldfield Covered Bridge

    I was very glad I made the trip to the middle of nowhere to get some pictures of this little bridge. It's about a 20 minute drive from Sussex towards Petitcodiac along Smith Creek.This bridge is featured on the 1992 Canadian quarter to commemorate Canada's 125th birthday. As you can see in this photo there is a granite slab that tells you that the...


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