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  • Artilleryman Robert Stobbs' final resting place
    Artilleryman Robert Stobbs' final...
    by 850prc
  • Irving Nature Park in Saint John, NB
    Irving Nature Park in Saint John, NB
    by Jefie
  • Inside the beautiful Trinity Church
    Inside the beautiful Trinity Church
    by Jefie

Province of New Brunswick Highlights

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     A nice mix of English and French, lots of nature, friendly and safe 

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     Really great place to go on a family vacation 

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Saint John


Kouchibouguac National Park


Grand Manan






Saint Andrews


Deer Island


Magaguadavic Lake






Campobello Island












Miscou Island


Mactaquac Provincial Park









Saint Stephen


Saint Quentin










Saint Martins


Saint George


Machias Seal Island





See all 224 Fredericton Tips
  • Local fuel prices

    Fredericton Transportation

    The local stations finally broke the $1.00 per liter milestone in July 2005.Hurricane Katrina in Sept. 2005 had its repercussions on our local fuel prices, as it did everywhere. At that time, it shot up to $1.40 per litre. It was as high as that again after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in mid-Sept. 2008, but dropped steadily after that, and remained...

  • Delta Fredericton Hotel

    Fredericton Hotels

    I've stayed here on a couple of special occasions, and never been disappointed. The rooms are clean...

  • English pub atmosphere

    Fredericton Restaurants

    The Snooty Fox is done up in an English pub style, with hardwood floors, a brick fireplace, and finished in oak. The lighting is kept low, and though it's not really a place to bring children, it is popular with the university and up crowd.Appetizers, lunch and dinner items run between CDN$ 7.00 - $16.00, which is quite reasonable for downtown...



See all 63 Moncton Tips
  • Overall Article

    Moncton Things to Do

    Ok guys this is going to be a long one but I do think it is worth reading especially if you are not from the area. Things to do : If you are visiting during summer : Parlee Beach is a beautiful mile long beach that is about 20 min from the city, very well kept and includes all facilities. Cost is 11$ for a car's parking and is good for the day....

  • Delta Beausejour Hotel

    Moncton Hotels

    The service is great here . They go out of their way to help their guests . All guestrooms complete...

  • Enjoy the city but be aware of your...

    Moncton Warnings and Dangers

    Ok let me start of with the following, Moncton is a Rather small city therefor there are no Red Zones or area with very high crime rate as you will find in Compton, California for exemple. That being said, there are still area that should should avoid, and those are Close to downtown in the square of King St, Queen St, and Botsford St. Now having...


Saint John

See all 126 Saint John Tips
  • Quaint and Inexpensive

    Saint John Restaurants

    I finally tried a lobster roll and all I can say is YUM! It came with fries and cost around $18, which seems a bit pricey for the size of the sandwich. If they had been cheaper, I would have gotten two, they were that good.Decor is what you might expect in a seaport bar & grill...buoys, nets, fake lobsters, etc.Big beer here is Moosehead - they...

  • Chateau Saint John

    Saint John Hotels

    369 Ch. Rockland, Saint John, E2K 3W3, Canada

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Not My Cup Of Tea...or Bourbon

    Saint John Restaurants

    My husband and I had lunch at the Bourbon Cafe and we will not be returning. The food was modest in quantity, which is okay... it was lunch. But five... yes five... french fries is a bit skimpy by any standard. When we ordered, the waitress asked my husband if he would like an extra piece of chicken. He said yes and it was a wing... a scrawny...


Kouchibouguac National Park

  • Snowshoeing in the park

    Kouchibouguac National Park Things to Do

    If you have a pair of snowshoes that you haven't pulled out in awhile and are looking for a winter activity, there are a number of great trails to snowshoe at Kouchibouguac NP. They vary in length, from about 1 km up to 10.5 km or more. We recently snowshoed five of them, and the conditions were great ! The main ones are:Tweedie Trail = 1.2...

  • Impressed by Breakfast

    Kouchibouguac National Park Restaurants

    Both mornings before we set off for our day's biking activities, we fueled ourselves up with breakfast at our motel in Richibucto. Located in a bright room with nicely set-out tables, we opted for their buffet meal on both occasions. This consisted of your choice of scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes, beans, pancakes, bacon, sausages, toast, jam,...

  • Kouchibouguac National Park is Located...

    Kouchibouguac National Park Favorites

    Located on the east coast of New Brunswick, in Canada's Maritime Provinces, Kouchibouguac National Park preserves a small part of the unique ecosystem in this part of the world. The amazing coastal dunes here run for miles along the NB-side of Northumberland Strait, just north of the tip of the Province of Prince Edward Island.The nearest major...


Grand Manan

See all 60 Grand Manan Tips
  • Highway traffic

    Grand Manan Warnings and Dangers

    Not recommended for cyclists. It's ironic; this is seen as such a quiet little place, doesn't have big-city traffic. But motorists pass too fast, too close, with oncoming traffic. If you should happen to meet up with a driver and politely ask that they leave bikes a little more room, they are quite rude.The back roads are better, but stay off the...

  • Inn At Whale Cove A Disappointment!

    Grand Manan Restaurants

    We have been dining at the Inn at Whale Cove on and off for the past eleven years, and have found it to be an average dining experience enlivened primarily by the nostalgic atmosphere of the lovely old buildings and the beautiful view. Ms. Buckley's "fusion" of flavors tends to confuse the palette, so that nothing tastes of anything other than too...

  • Biking is the Way to Go!

    Grand Manan Transportation

    I don't really do a lot of biking, maybe two days a week to work and back on my cheap old bike from the local grocery store! It is only 18 km total distance each way, but it does involve a very long climb up out of the Saint John River valley when I am headed home. That exercise really helped my legs for the more modest hills on Grand Manan. The...



See all 24 Shediac Tips
  • Giant Lobster

    Shediac Things to Do

    The main attraction in Shediac is the giant lobster statue. You can climb it and ride it if you want but just don't fall off. I saw lots of parents yelling at their kids to be careful. Recently, this statue even made it to a GM car commercial along with a number of other large statues in Canada. Stop by the gift shops beside the statue. One was...

  • Sandspit

    Shediac Things to Do

    Sandspit is more of a kids destination as it is a small place with carnival activities. However me and my friends are still kids at heart and we love to go on the Go-Karts. They also have water bumpers, mini-golf, arcades....



See all 18 Sussex Tips
  • A cluster of old barns

    Sussex Off The Beaten Path

    Not far from Sussex, atop Keirstead Mountain (not much more than a large hill in reality!) I pass by this cluster of old barns every time I drive down from Fredericton. They have been there as long as I can remember, even when I was just a child in the backseat of my parents car. On a 2004 trip, I got thinking about that and figured I had better...

  • Amsterdam Inn Sussex

    Sussex Hotels

    143 Main Street, Sussex, NB, E4E 1S8, CA

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Historic Murals

    Sussex Local Customs

    In recent years, residents of Sussex initiated a mural project that involves contributions from artists all over the world painting historic scenes on the side of the downtown buildings, depicting various aspects of life in this small town. Partially in answer to the denuding of the town caused by the loss of its majestic old trees due to Dutch Elm...


Saint Andrews

See all 21 Saint Andrews Tips
  • Churches galore

    Saint Andrews Things to Do

    St Andrews has more than its share of picturesque 19th century churches. One of the more famous is the Greenock Church. It's one of the most imposing buildings in the community, a Presbyterian Church was built in 1818-1824 under the supervision of Capt. Christopher Scott. It is said that the Captain chose to build this church upon hearing a remark...

  • Rossmount Inn

    Saint Andrews Hotels

    4599 Route 127, Saint Andrews, E5B 2Z3, Canada

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Older buildings drenched in character II

    Saint Andrews Things to Do

    The town of St. Andrews has some 200+ buildings actually listed on the National Historic Register. But, there are plenty of other buildings with history and character that are not so designated. If you're the type who enjoys looking for that "special old building", St. Andrews is a good walking choice.In the photo below, we see a building that USED...


Deer Island

See all 26 Deer Island Tips
  • 'Old Sow' Whirlpool

    Deer Island Things to Do

    The 'Old Sow' whirlpool off Deer Island Point is the most powerful one in the western hemisphere, ranking just below some of Europe's most famous ones (Moskstraumen and Saltstraumen in Norway and Corryvreken in Scotland) in the speeds that its waters reach (almost 28 kph or 17 mph). The Old Sow is caused by a combination of fast flowing waters due...

  • We haul them in!

    Deer Island Sports & Outdoors

    For the C$50 (US$44) per person price of our 3-hour fishing expedition, Reid outfitted each of us with a rod, equipped with a lead weight and four baitless, sparkling lures with jigging hooks attached. Since we were going for bottom feeding schools of Atlantic Mackerel, the technique was to get out into medium depth water where we would switch the...

  • 'Piranha' Clams

    Deer Island Off The Beaten Path

    At first landing on Deer Island, we immediately turned off onto a small highway along the northwest coast, a dead-end road leading to Northern Harbour. It was an interesting ride and, just before we descended the steepest hill of the entire trip, I said to Russ that I hope we don't have to bike back up this thing! Sure enough, we soon came to the...


Magaguadavic Lake

  • Check Out the Beavers

    Magaguadavic Lake Things to Do

    At the far end of Little Magaguadavic Lake, we came upon one of its main infeeds - Stoney Brook. As the name implies, the granite boulders are getting more numerous by the minute as you pass from the lake into the mouth of the brook. Because these obstructions are covered in a black film of algae, and my canoe is made of traditional wood/canvas...

  • Gut-A-Moose Lodge

    Magaguadavic Lake Things to Do

    Gut-A-Moose Lodge is an old establishment on the shores of Little Magaguadavic Lake. It was originally built for hunting and fishing excursions, but, at the time that we were there it was owned by a consortium of school teachers. Since they get two months off every summer, it makes great sense to pool resources and share a place like this. The...

  • Open-Air Dining

    Magaguadavic Lake Restaurants

    There is nothing quite like being on an small island all by yourself! No sounds of human intrusions, just the wind in the pine trees, the waves lapping on the beach and the eerie call of the Common Loons! On a beautiful summer evening, it could not have been better! I always found that even simple food seemed to taste better when it was prepared...



See all 5 Bathurst Tips
  • Daly Point Reserve Trail

    Bathurst Things to Do

    If you're looking to do some nature trail hiking, this is a good place to go. The park entrance is only about a five minute drive from downtown, at the east end of Bathurst. The trail is actually a series of shorter trails, but if you cover them all, you'll put in about 7 kms of walking. I visited the park, for my first time, at sunset in November...

  • Dannys Inn Restaurant and Conference...

    Bathurst Hotels

    1223 rue Principale (Rte 134), Beresford, Bathurst, E8K 1A1, Canada

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Dogsledding

    Bathurst Things to Do

    The main reason we went to the Bathurst area on this trip was to go Dogsledding...something my family had never done before. We weren't disappointed !Our host of Teagues Lake Dogsledding, Bob Metzler, has about 75 dogs, many of them Siberian Huskies. After an instructional session about the do's and don'ts of operating the sleds and calling to the...


Campobello Island

  • Visit Mulholland Point Light

    Campobello Island Things to Do

    The Mulholland Point light is very close to the FRD Memorial bridge on Campobello Island. It is not open to the public but the grounds around it are and there is a nice picnic area close by. From this area you have a nice view of the FDR Memorial Bridge, Lubec, Maine, the Channel Lighthouse, and the islands and waters of Johnson's Bay.

  • Herring Weirs

    Campobello Island Local Customs

    Using technology developed from that used by Native Americans on this coast for hundreds of years, herring weirs continue to be used today on Campobello Island to help harvest the schools of Herring that swim along the shoreline as they head for various inlets during their summer spawning season. These weirs were developed by the natives to help...

  • East Quoddy Head Light

    Campobello Island Things to Do

    At the far northeastern end of Campobello you will find the star attraction of the island and the premier lighthouse of New Brunswick, East Quoddy Head Light - also known as the East Quoddy Lighthouse or the Head Harbour Lightstation.Overlooking the Bay of Fundy, this dramatic lighthouse has a distinctive red cross on white. It is perched on a...



See all 10 Miramichi Tips
  • Chinese buffet

    Miramichi Restaurants

    There are a number of Canadian-style Chinese restaurants in Miramichi, but if you're looking for one that's an all-you-can-eat buffet, you'll find the Rice King in the Douglastown area of Miramichi. I stopped in there for my first time for dinner. There were 24 choices for the main course, and for dessert there were two choices of cake, and eight...

  • Comfort Inn-db-miramichi

    Miramichi Hotels

    201 Edward St, Miramichi, NB E1V2Y7

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • The Irish Festival

    Miramichi Things to Do

    If you're in Miramichi in the middle of July, you might like to take in the annual Irish Festival.Check out their website for more info (URL indicated below). Activities will run at various venues around Miramichi, for all ages. The festival starts on the Friday morning with an Irish Festival Breakfast at St. Michael's Basilica.Then, there are...


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