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Mary's Harbour Things to Do

  • Shrimp Festival / Goldon Cod Festival

    On August 20, 2004 the town of Charlottetown helds its annual Shrimp Festival. It is generally the same time each year.There are boat tours, shrimp bake off, events, pot luck and dance. In 2004 there was also the Goldon Cod Festival being held in William's Harbour in celebration of a special species of cod fish in Gilbert's Bay. There is normally...

  • Mary's Harbour Crab Festival

    The first weekend of August Mary's Harbour host the Crab Festival celebrating the species that employs the majority of the community.There are lots of fun events and adult dances but I am recommending you get to the Crab Bake Off. During my last visit I lucked out and got picked to be a guest judge for all the dishes. Needless to say I had my fill...

  • Mary's Harbour Hotels

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Mary's Harbour Transportation

  • Access Roads

    When you are driving along southeastern Labrador, there are three access roads built if you are going to see Pinsent's Arm, Charlottetown and St. Lewis. The Pinsent's Arm road is not on the map I have on the main page but it's been built since then and accessible from Charlottetown.I am recommending instead of buzzing from one end of the region to...

  • Speed boats

    Many of the local residents in this region use speed boats to either make a living fishing, for leasure trips and touring around and essential transportation in Black Tickle, Williams Harbour and Norman Bay. Here in this picture a local resident in Charlottetown is buzzing around. Getting out in boat is always fun for me, if you are interested its...

  • Gravel Grade Roads

    When you are traveling throughout southeastern Labrador you will be driving on a high grade quality gravel road.You can see a picture of it in this picture.The road is very good and smooth but like any gravel road you should take a little extra precaution. For example dust can reduce visability, rocks can break windsheilds and if you do have an...


Mary's Harbour Local Customs

  • Metis Territory

    While you are traveling through southeastern Labrador you are in the heart of Labrador Metis territory. I myself am Metis. My grandmother Frances Snook was a Russell from William's Harbour on the southeast coast and she was of Inuit ancestory. The Labrador Metis are a mixed blood aboriginal population. These people have Labrador Inuit grandmothers...

  • Crab Fishery

    In Mary's Harbour and St. Lewis the economy is largely based on a crab fishery. There are a number of actual fishermen and hundreds more that get seasonal employment within the crab processing plant. Here in this picture you can see some of the crab boats in Mary's Harbour.At the local plant you can actually go there and buy some crab as well, and...

  • Forestry

    In the Port Hope Simpson area of southeastern Labrador you will see some forestry workers from time to time like the ones in this picture.The forestry industry has a very long history in the community of Port Hope Simpson and definitely a part of life for many local residents.


Mary's Harbour Warnings and Dangers

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    by jamiesno Written Nov 4, 2004

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    There are black bears through Labrador and they seldom come right in a community. If they do they normally stick to the local land fill.

    Here in this picture you can see a bear trap, it was not in use but sitting next to the Cartwright Hotel.

    In any event if you do see one of these don't crawl inside of it to be funny or anything like that.

    A. You'll get trapped in it.
    B. You could be between some raw meat and a bear, that won't be fun.

    Either way I put this tip online just so you know what it is if you see one in the area.

    Bear Trap

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Mary's Harbour Off The Beaten Path

  • Black Tickle / Norman Bay / Williams...

    Along the southeastern Labrador Highway network, these are the only three communities not accessible by road. You can get in there by a boat in the summer months, air in the winter, limited air in the summer and by snowmobile in winter. If going by snowmobile its very wise to have a local person, there is a lot of ice and this can be dangerous if...

  • Battle Harbour - National Historic...

    Not very far off the beaten path is one of Canada's National Historic Districts. It is just 9 miles in a boat from Mary's Harbour and you are in Battle Harbour.This is without a doubt one of Canada's best tourism jewels and I am proud to have visited now on a number of occassions.There is too much to say here in just one tip so follow my link I...

  • St. Lewis formerly Fox Harbour, Labrador

    St. Lewis is another small fishing community with a crab fishing industry. St. Lewis is just 32 kilometers off the main highway connecting the communities. It is well worth the drive.The scenery is nice in the area and right at the far end of St. Lewis they have put some trails and lookout areas for tourist. You are perfectly positioned out there...


Mary's Harbour Sports & Outdoors

  • Lodge Bay Salmon Fishing

    Right along the highway the first community you will hit in southeastern Labrador is Lodge Bay.As you can see from the picture they have a beautiful river running into the Bay. It's another popular place to try for a salmon on a fly road.Once again though be sure to have all your proper documentation!!!

  • Be respectful of local laws

    When the news was first broken in southeastern Labrador that a road would be built most people where very excited. However many others including the aboriginal Metis population worried about the easy access to the rivers in this region now with a road. It was a very legitimate concern as this year was once very remote to the outside world. As you...

  • Mary's Harbour Salmon Fishing

    If you are staying in Mary's Harbour you will quickly see there is a river running right into the Harbour.At certain times of the year this is a very good place to catch a salmon on a rod. You can try directly under the bridge but there is a falls in the river further.What you have to do is go to the airport and then walk to the end of the runway....


Mary's Harbour Favorites

  • Great Ocean View

    On of the best views you will get along this highway on southeastern Labrador, is out in the community of St. Lewis. At the far end of the community as far as you can see is the Atlantic Ocean and other land areas.It's was beautiful on this day in the picture with the sun sparkling off the ocean. They nickname this place iceberg alley as well, so...

  • Uncle Ben Powell

    In Charlottetown one of the very first families to reside in the community where the Powell's.They are also long time business people and in this picture you can see their local store. Uncle Ben Powell a local resident is also an accomplished writer has has written a series of books on the history of the area and his experiences. When you are in...

  • Community Clinics

    All of the communities in southeastern Labrador were once much more remote than they are today with the road. In any event these communities all have local clinics with a nurse.Black Tickle, Cartwright, St. Lewis, Mary's Harbour, Port Hope Simpson and Charlottetown all have community clinics. If for some reason you did need medical attention while...


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