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    Whale tail
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    The Narrows as seen from the South Side...
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Map of Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John's


Island of Newfoundland


Goose Bay


Deer Lake


L'Anse aux Meadows






Woody Point


Western Bay


Battle Harbour


New World Island


Corner Brook


Forteau Bay


North West River




Channel-Port aux Basques


Mary's Harbour








Saint Anthony


Hickmans Harbour


Harbour Breton


Cape Race


Upper Island Cove


Trout River




Tors Cove




Spaniards Bay


Portugal Cove South


Port Hope Simpson


Petty Harbour


Packs Harbour


North Twillingate Island




L'Anse au Loup


Harbour Grace








Bay de Verde


Bay Bulls


St. John's

See all 337 St. John's Tips
  • Signal Hill

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    St. John's Things to Do

    Geological Interactive museum located on the road up to Signal hill. Learn about rock formations, world weather, oil drilling , mining etc. Lots of interactive displays, short movies etc. Not for the casual passer by but well worth a visit. Expect to spend 1-2 hrs here and cost is 14 Dollars CDN approx as of May 2008. Very good section all about...

  • Murray Premises Hotel

    St. John's Hotels

    The Murray Premises is one place in St. John's I had always wondered about after trying a couple of...

  • Ches's Fish and Chips

    4 out of 5 stars

    St. John's Restaurants

    You have to do a little hunting to find this place off of Freshwater Road but definetly worth the find. We had a bit of a wait due to the fact that we came in right on the lunch rush but we were seated right away by the very friendly staff there. The interior was painted baby blue and has an airy fell about it. Most of the people were locals. As we...


Island of Newfoundland

  • Truck Stop Food :-)

    Island of Newfoundland Restaurants

    If you are exploring the island of Newfoundland you will see Irving locations at different places. I have provided a map of all their locations.Here you can get gas, use the washroom, buy small amounts of groceries and convenience items. Also I think the food at the Irving truck stops is great. Personally I really enjoy the breakfast you can get at...

  • Get Screeched In

    Island of Newfoundland Local Customs

    Throughout Newfoundland there is a tradition they call a Screech In that can make you an honourary Newfoundlander. Here more about that, LOL.The Origin of ScreechLegend has it that Demerara Rum, from the West Indies, was very popular in Newfoundland. It was brought in, bottled, and sold in an unlabeled bottle.During World War II, the Americans set...

  • Bell Island

    Island of Newfoundland Off The Beaten Path

    Bell Island is a much much smaller island then the island of Newfoundland itself located off the Avalon Peninsula.I took a day trip here once to explore the place and see what it was like over there and it was certainly worth the visit. There are regular ferry crossings each day and its a very short drive from the provincial capital of St....


Goose Bay

See all 61 Goose Bay Tips
  • Airports and COLD Hangars

    Goose Bay Favorites

    As I was on my first of a number of flights across the Atlantic, the captain came on the intercom and said we were making an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada. We were all taken off the plane (it was about 12 AM) and taken by bus to a small building with no windows and little heat. It was rather cold since it was January. After about 3 hours...

  • Snowmobiling - Sno-Break

    Goose Bay Sports & Outdoors

    If you are in Goose Bay in March, I would highly recommend you investigate the Sno-Break winter fun festival. There is a week long of snow related events.In 2004 they attempted a guiness world record for the longest continous line of snow machines, over 800 showed up!!! Snowmobile, Warm Winter Close, Helmet.

  • Golf the Amaruk!

    Goose Bay Sports & Outdoors

    If you are in Happy Valley - Goose Bay during the summer check out the Amaruk Golf Club, you can't beat a $20 green fee.It is only $360 for an annual single membership.The course is 9 holes but you can play 18 using the different tee boxes.It's a great little course and I will give some more tips by hole. With this tip I just have a course map...


Deer Lake

See all 33 Deer Lake Tips
  • DRL Coachlines

    Deer Lake Transportation

    The DRL Coachlines (see website below) are the only public coaches that run from Port Aux Basque to Deer Lake or St John's to Deer Lake. It cost $42 Canadian Dollars from Port Aux Basque to Deer Lake and more information on the various coach schedules and costs are available at the website.

  • 'Westbrook II' Boat Tour

    Deer Lake Things to Do

    When we arrived in the little nearby town of Rocky Harbour the previous afternoon, we quickly went to the Park Headquarters to see if there were any seats still available for a boat trip on Western Brook Pond. In the peak tourist season of July and August, we were lucky to be able to book ourselves on the last cruise of the afternoon (summer...

  • Rocky Harbour

    Deer Lake Local Customs

    At the Pond Rd and the main rd there is a path behind the church.It takes you to the other end of town by the school. Maybe you will get lucky because there are many rasberries and blackberries bushes. It is a short cut path if you want to move at ease.


L'Anse aux Meadows

  • YAY

    L'Anse aux Meadows Transportation

    St. Anthony Airport (IATA: YAY, ICAO: CYAY) is located 19 nautical miles (35.2 km) west northwest of St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.I think this is important, this airport is more of a regional one I don't want you to be under the impression your can walk into town from the airport. There is a guy Danny who operates a bus servie...

  • Whale Watching from a Viking Ship!

    L'Anse aux Meadows Things to Do

    To celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Viking landing in Newfoundland, a replica of a Norse 'knarr' cargo ship was built and sailed to Newfoundland for the festivities in 2000. After the ripples had died down, this ship is now used for whale-watching voyages out of St. Lunaire, very close to Saint Anthony. The Vikings had different types of...

  • L'Anse-aux-Meadows National Historic...

    L'Anse aux Meadows Things to Do

    L'Anse-aux-Meadows National Historic Site is the first (and so far only) authenticated Viking site in North America. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1978, the very first year such designations were made, which gives you an idea of its significance in human history.Your visit here starts with a tour of the interesting...



See all 41 Nain Tips
  • Nain by Boat and Air

    Nain Transportation

    My husband and I just recently traveled to Nain via the Northern Ranger. This is very pleasant and especially interesting if you're used to cruises: the crew don't seem to care where you are on the boat! You can watch the hold area being loaded while standing right beside the crane! While you don't get all the attention and service of a cruise...

  • Air Labrador is also a good way to get...

    Nain Transportation

    The ferry service runs from June until late in the fall so for half the year aircraft is the only way to reach Nain, Hopedale, Rigolette and the other communities along the coast of Labrador.Air Labrador is there even when the coastal ship is not and provides services for the coast atleast six days a week.

  • In the summer the kids like to ride...

    Nain Transportation

    In the summer, kids like to ride bicycles so poor kids rob nice bikes from rich kids andgo out to have a time on them. Its always lotsa fun, hey boy!



See all 38 Wabush Tips
  • Iron Ore Company of Canada Tour

    Wabush Things to Do

    Wabush and Labrador City are twin mining towns and if you can coordinate it I would recommend a tour of the IOC operation to get a feel for how big it really is and the sort of industry activity that is ongoing there.I have a travelogue created with many more images from the tour I was fortunate enough to get on.Patsy Ralph was the community liason...

  • Fermont, QC

    Wabush Favorites

    Labrador City and Wabush are very close to the Quebec / Labrador border. Right on the other side of the border you can visit another mining town of Fermont, Quebec. Just 20 or so kilometers from there is Mount Wright another mining operation.In the town itself there is not a lot to see but one massive town building that includes a mall, hotel,...

  • Labrador West Night Life!

    Wabush Nightlife

    I am not an expert on Labrador West nightlife but I have some experience so I'll through it all into one tip :-)Private parties at Smokey Mountain Ski Lodge are always fun.Leanne Way is a great local artist for light music.The Iron City Ramblers is one of the most popular local bands so you can pay attention to where they might be playing in the...


Woody Point

See all 18 Woody Point Tips
  • Woody Point - Services for Gros Morne NP

    Woody Point Things to Do

    Woody Point is a typical Maritime fishing village -- only thing special about it, it is surrounded by a national park. That means it has four B&B's and a motel, restaurants and pub, tourist craft stores, school, etc, besides the normal fishing boats and a fish plant.Unfortunately, we could not find a B&B with queen size beds, so we landed up...

  • Woody Point Lighthouse

    Woody Point Favorites

    The Woody Point Lighthouse is one of the historic landscapes of Newfoundland. The view from the lighthouse is astonishing, almost surreal. Behold the glorious sea, the quaintly shaped clouds, and the green mountain. Stability and Light. I have long been fascinated with lighthouses. Despite their robust structure, lighthouses are indispensable to...

  • Trout River

    Woody Point Things to Do

    Trout River is a seaside town which is located near to Woody Point and the drive there is fantastic. From Woody Point, the road goes up which gives you a panoramic view of Bonne Bay and surrounding mountains. Once on top, the road continues and you will see the famous Tablelands before finally reaching Trout River which is facing the Gulf of St...


Western Bay

See all 1 Western Bay Tips
  • crummey's Profile Photo

    by crummey Updated Aug 10, 2003

    Favorite thing: Western Bay is a broad deep bay. It is also an unincorporated community on the North Shore of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. Sheep, goats and horses can be seen in the stone wall lined fields.

    There are few trees and Western Bay is windswept. Within walking distance of Western Bay is the resettled community of Bradleys Cove.

    Western Bay was once much larger than it is today; It's large bay is arguably the best bay north of Conception Bay's Harbour Grace.

    In Western Bay ships were built on the beach from local lumber and the fishery was pursued by early settlers.

    Today, there is one seldom used wharf it Western Bay. The govt. boat basen is in Ochre Pitt Cove, a 10 minute drive away.

    It is a historic fact that NFLD's now extinct Beothuk Indians used to visit Ochre Pit Cove and collect the Red Ochre. Details are scanty, however atleast two Western Bay residents were killed by Beothuk Indians in a battle.There were other skirmishes recorded close by: at Hants Harbour and Salvage Trinity Bay.

    Western Bay is the birthplace of Canada's poet E. J. Pratt. His father was a Methodist missionary from Wales stationed in the community. E.J. Pratt's missionary father is on record for having a low opinion of Western Bay and it's inhabitants; Undoubtadly this was simply angst ridden home sickness because Western Bay is great.

    Western Bay. does not have a hotel or a bar but it does have a Pentecostal Church, a United Church, a Catholic Chapel, a pharmacy and a liquor store. Western Bay can be reached by a paved road. It is about one hour from St. John's.

    Conception Bay Newfoundland
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Battle Harbour

See all 64 Battle Harbour Tips
  • Historical Artifacts

    Battle Harbour Things to Do

    The Battle Harbour National Historic District is full of very old artifacts, I would estimate in the hundreds of items from the early 1900s that depict a fishing lifestyle.I have provided a picture of some of these artifacts and a link to an external web site that has pages of more catelogued artifacts from Battle Harbour with explanations.While in...

  • Waterfront Facilities

    Battle Harbour Transportation

    The waterfront is were all the action once happened and is today beautifully restored. The waterfront also has many services available to cottage guest and mariners such as boat hook up with water and electricity for $0.50 CDN per foot per night. Showers for $2.50 each and there is a coin operated washer and dryer available.

  • Battle Harbour Ferry

    Battle Harbour Transportation

    There is a regular ferry that operates between Mary's Harbour, Labrador on the southeast coast and direct to Battle Harbour.I have to strongly stress don't think of your $40 per person round trip as a transportation fee. It is an experience and really a boat tour. I never saw so many ice bergs, birds, whales and seals in all my life, seriously....


New World Island

Corner Brook

See all 12 Corner Brook Tips
  • Great Day Hiking

    Corner Brook Things to Do

    Corner Brook Stream Trail offers great views, is well maintained, and offers easy access from almost anywhere in town.

  • Glynmill Inn

    Corner Brook Hotels

    ?? I don't know, my place is only 5 minutes away from here. Early in the 1920's Armstrong-Whitworth...

  • Corner Brook View

    Corner Brook Favorites

    We did not spend much time in Corner Brook but did notice that it has a very picturesque setting in the Humber River with high hills surrounding it. After doing a bit of shopping in town and getting some films developed, we drove up to this very scenic spot in the hills overlooking the city. Corner Brook is the largest settlement on the west coast...


Forteau Bay

See all 33 Forteau Bay Tips
  • Help isn't coming soon!

    Forteau Bay Transportation

    Here is an important tip, most people visit this area right now in the summer busy tourist season. If you happen to be in the area in the winter be warned that if you get stuck in this type of snow clearing dilemma you could be in serious trouble.This picture was taken by a local resident, I know as well during the 2004 winter season one family...

  • Ship Wreck Trail

    Forteau Bay Sports & Outdoors

    As you can see from this picture from the top of the Point Amour Lighthouse there is a walking trail that continue along the shoreline back toward the community of L'anse Amour. There is interpretation along this trail and it is also the sight of two famous ship wrecks the HMS Raleigh and the HMS Lily. You will see all the remains scattered along...

  • Forteau River Fishing

    Forteau Bay Sports & Outdoors

    Here is another picture of Forteau Bay and you can see that at the mouth of the day there is the Forteau River running from a variety of ponds (First, Middle and Inside) ponds.You can access the river right from the main highway between Forteau and English Point.This is a popular salmon river with local people and many tourist give it a try as...


North West River

  • Expedition Anyone?

    North West River Off The Beaten Path

    The North West River history is full of trapping and aboriginal stories. The Labrador wilderness has also sparked the imagination of many famous adventurers. In the early 1900s Mina Benson Hubbard and Dillon Wallace lead competing expeditions from North West River to Ungava Bay. I have a couple of great books listed where you can read about these...

  • North West River Bridge

    North West River Transportation

    Today there is a modern bridge crossing the North West River and making transportation very easy in the area. I just mention this because on your visit to North West River you will often hear people talk about the "cable car" that was one time used to transport people and goods across the river. It is a unique part of the North West River history.

  • NWR Highway

    North West River Transportation

    From Happy Valley - Goose Bay to North West River the paved highway is 33 kilometers. This is a very short drive and very scenic the entire route. Just take your time on the road as moose are common and you want your trip to be a safe one.



See all 25 Charlottetown Tips
  • There are only 2 ways to get...

    Charlottetown Transportation

    There are only 2 ways to get on the island. Fly or drive the fixed link from New Brunswick. Sometimes in the summer months they do have the ferries running and its a great tourist attraction. Be prepared the ferries and bridge cost. Depending on the size of your vehicle.Drive or bike.

  • There's so much to see on...

    Charlottetown Things to Do

    There's so much to see on Prince Edward Island... starting from New Brunswick and driving over the largest fixed link in the world (16.5km) just don't look down! PEI is much more than potatoes. Charlottetown hosts the play Anne of Green Gables throughout the summer months. Its not recommended to visit in the winter as the bridge may be closed due...

  • Cavendish Beach would be the...

    Charlottetown Favorites

    Cavendish Beach would be the most important but then that's depending on what your interests are... read more information in the next few categories.... Camping! Its one of the most entertaining spots to camp and by camping I mean old fashioned tenting. You meet all kinds of interesting people and you cannot go anywhere without smelling the ocean...


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