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  • King's Bastion
    King's Bastion
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  • Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park
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    A Young Citizen
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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park Things to Do

  • Living History

    The Fortress of Louisbourg recreates this French colonial town as it was in 1744. It is an accurate reconstruction—the foundations of all the buildings were still there, and everything else was documented. It is North America’s largest historic reconstruction. There are 62 buildings on the map, and 150 costumed actors on site. In 1744 there would...

  • What you need to know to visit...

    I will use this tip to present the basics one needs to know to visit the Fortress at Louisbourg. Location: The fortress is 1/2 an hour south of Sydney on Route 22 (or an hour on the Marconi Trail). If you are coming from the causeway, it is two hours via a couple of routes. What's there: A reconstructed 1740's French fort with costumed...

  • Louisbourg Lighthouse & Fortress

    As well as the fortress, Louisbourg has a lovely lighthouse, left before the harbor and follow the road out to the end. From there you can look across the harbor and see a different view of the Fortress. As I recall, the lighthouse is less than one half hour from town, if you want to walk. The Beach where the English landed is also a short drive...

  • Eat a 1744 French soldier's meal

    When it was noon time, we searched out a place to eat in Fortress Louisbourgh. The only place open this late in the season was the Hotel de la Marine which was a hotel above but a large tavern on the first floor. They served meals which were similar to ones the people ate here in 1744. We were seated at a large round table covered with a white...

  • See How Vegetables were Grown in 1744.

    We walked around in the village that is down below the King's Bastion, looking at some of the houses and were delighted to talk to 2 costumed people who were the ones who tended the gardens here. Baskets of all shapes and sizes were made by the women and were used both in the houses and the gardens. The woman on the ground is harvesting short...

  • Learn About A Soldier's Life

    In the King's Bastion we saw the barracks such as the one pictured here. This soldier had on leather shoes but there were wooden shoes on a shelf so I asked about them. It seems that the leather shoes are very expensive and soldiers must buy their own so they wear wooden shoes when they aren't on duty to preserve the leather ones. Soldiers had a...

  • Tour the King's Bastion

    Inside the King's Bastion there are soldier's barracks as well as rooms where the governor lived called the Governon's Apartments. On the first floor there is a lovely chapel. I took this photo of the front of this Catholic chapel where both the soldiers and members of the community came to worship. In the areas behind the chapel there are rooms...

  • Talk to Cute French Soldiers

    There are costumed guides through the historical site who tell you about their daily life as it would have been at Fortress Louisbourg . Behind this guard, who let me have my picture made with him, is the guardhouse which consists of a fireplace, small bed and a table. Across the way from this was one bunkhouse for other soldiers with a wooden...

  • Chapel at Fortress of Louisbourg

    Louisbourg was reconstructed to what it was like just before it fell to the English. In 1744, Louisbourg was a town of approx. 3000 inhabitants. Louisbourg society differed from that of the French communities in Quebec City or Montreal. There, the goal was settlement. Louisbourg was built as a trading post/fortress -- there was no seigniorial...

  • Lots of history

    Eighteen century soldiers were different in many ways. Then, the officers were career positions - passed on from father to son. The officers could own property in Fort Louisbourg, and run a side business (most likely trade) -- as Louisbourg was primarily a source of fish for Europe and the West Indies, and traded these raw goods for rum, sugar and...

  • Living in 1744 Louisbourg

    The Fortress of Louisbourg has been rebuilt to period when France controlled fort - 1744. Each summer the Fortress comes to life. Many costumed staff live as they would have in 1744. They didn't have clocks then, so soldiers march through the town once an hour. When we were there, they paraded a thief through the streets, and locked him in a stock....


    'LOUISBOURG'WE visited here on Aug. 16th 2004 but the first time on June 22nd 2000 . Arrived June 21st 4 pm. rented a cottage at Peck's Housekeeping Cottages for $ 59.00 ( A free video of your choice supplied free). We went for a walk along the restored board walk on the harbor front. This harbor was used during world war two to assemble the...


Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park Restaurants

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    We ate dinner on site. There are restaurants that prepare and serve food and beverages based on 18th-century tradition and recipes.

    We ate at the Grandchamps Inn on the street in front of the harbour. We had meals there - one of fish and one of meat pie. It is a little strange to only get one large spoon, and have to use the same spoon to stir your coffee, and eat the meal. Perhaps the 18th-century townspeople did not have the skills to use a knife and fork.

    If you are following our Nova Scotia holiday, click here to get back to my Nova Scotia page.

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Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park Local Customs

  • Spruce beer

    For the beer lovers among us, hahaha, and that is quite a few I think, the recipe for Spruce beer. (I am not guaranteeing this beer tastes good, so don't blame me for it, LOL)Ingredients4 gallons of water2 quarts molasses, or to tasteOne bundle of spruce twigs, approximately 20" in diameter, using only the last 6" of the tips of the boughsOne...

  • Soldiers Bread

    The first recipe is Soldiers bread. Bread was a basic food staple in the 18th century diet. It was made with four main ingredients: flour, water, salt and a leavening agent. The most common types of flour were wheat and rye; however, these were often combined with other flours including barley, oats, peas, and vetch. The lighter, whiter flour...

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