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  • The blacksmith
    The blacksmith
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  • The sawmill at Sherbrooke Village
    The sawmill at Sherbrooke Village
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Sherbrooke Things to Do

  • And this is the endresult!

    And this is the endresult! I wandered around and took a look at the workshop. There are tools hanging on the walls everywhere. And of course with the things he recently made. The working bench is also covered with tools. Yep, this was a place where there is a real blacksmith at work, not just a tourist attraction. I can hear the sounds while I just...

  • The blacksmith at work.

    The blacksmith at work. He seemed to enjoy his job a lot, explaining cheerfully everything about the work of a blacksmith and giving a demontstration as well.

  • The Blacksmith Shop

    The Blacksmith Shop has operated since it was established in the 1870's by Joe McLane. Today the blacksmith produces ironwork for the Village restauration and for sale.

  • Now who is that on the bike?

    Now who is that on the bike? I think it is the blacksmith, he must be going to work. Let's follow him and take a look at his shop.

  • The postoffice

    The postoffice dates from the 1850's. This lady will tell you the story how it was like to send and receive mail in those days. The post office had more of a social function; all the people in the village would get together and wait for the post to arrive.

  • Let's peek through the window...

    Let's peek through the window of the post office (which is on the right hand side of the building). Yes, I think it is open! I can see the lady standing at the counter, so lets go inside and send some postcards..... Nooooo, not virtually! That wasn't possible in those days! Just the old fashioned way..... you know, writing down your message with a...

  • A typical classroom of the 1870's

    This is a typical classroom of the 1870's furnished and arranged according to the provincial government plans for schools in this period. The schoolmaster's desk, at the head of the classroom, stood on a raised platform, to allow easing viewing of the students. The schoolmaster considered a blackboard, maps, slates and a bell as necessary teaching...

  • The pharmacy

    Most of the items you can see in this store are acquired and donated by the Nova Scotia Pharmaceutical Society. It is actually quite fun to look all the pots and pills that were there. They had bottles with blood purifier and even some that said poison.

  • Like being in 1890....

    The lady wasn't aware that I was taking pictures. She was busy cleaning the counter when we walked in the store. But that actually gave it a feel of being the 1890's. Taking all the time in the world, and making sure that everything is clean and polished.


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Sherbrooke Warnings and Dangers

  • I have to say that.....

    I have to say that there are no real danger in this little village. The only real danger is not getting out of the village again! Some of the ladies are yapping so much! They are telling you the story of the village, but they just keep on talking, and talking and talking.... Help, let them stop!!! I am desperately trying to get out of the door,...

  • Now I have to warn you for this guy!

    Now I have to warn you for this guy as well (and his coworker!). It is not the fact that he is yapping that much. When you enter the mill they greet you very friendly and tell a little bit about the mill. They absolutely don't talk too much, just about right. But when they do talk, you have to watch out! They are trying to fool you all the time!...

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Sherbrooke Off The Beaten Path

  • The beams

    And when the sawing is done, the beams come out on the this side of the mill.

  • Inside the sawmill

    There were two men at work when I was there. They were just sitting waiting for the log finish through the sawing machine. We chatted for a quite some time. They told me some more about the sawmill and about the area around Sherbrooke. They were quite fun to talk to, but they were out to fool me! What better to do than fool a tourist, hahaha. Sorry...

  • The floor is moving...

    When you stand a bit more close to the sawing machine you can feel the power generated by the water. The floor is moving on the rhythm of the saw, amazing what force a bit of water can create.


Sherbrooke Favorites

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    One of the little streets in Sherbrooke village

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    Favorite thing:

    Here is a little bit of history about Sherbrooke village (information is from the Sherbrooke leaflet) :
    The French where the first European visitors to Sherbrooke, as early as 1655.

    By 1815 the settlement which developed at the head of navigation became known as Sherbrooke, in honour of Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

    For years the community prospered, supported by farming, fishing and, above all, by the timber trade. Busy mills produced deal, planks, laths, spars, ships'knees and shingles for the British and West Indian markets.

    Then in 1861 the cry of 'gold' was heard and the town became a lively, energetic mining camp. By the 1869 nineteen companies had flocked to participate in the discovery; Sherbrooke boomed. What some called Sherbrooke's golden age lasted about twenty years.

    Mining was reactivated in the early part of the 20th centrury, but was never as successful as before. Lumbering continued as a major industry. Until the restoration of Sherbrooke Village, visitors to the area where mainly sportsmen fishing for salmon in the pools of the St.Mary's River.

    The Sherbrooke Village Restoration Area was established in 1969 to conserve part of Sherbrooke and depict a typical Nova Scotian village in the 19th century.

    Opening times :
    Sherbrooke village is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm from June 1 to October 15.

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