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  • Great dining room ambiance
    Great dining room ambiance
    by jgacis
  • Restaurant is located inside Clarion Inn & Suites
    Restaurant is located inside Clarion Inn...
    by jgacis
  • Total Relaxation!!!
    Total Relaxation!!!
    by aneaglewhensheflies

Best Rated Restaurants in Belleville

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    The Silk Route: Authentic tasting Indian Fusion Cuisine

    by jgacis Updated Oct 30, 2010

    One of the first things you will notice before you walk into the restaurant is the old-rustic feel of the hotel lobby near the dining room. Located inside the Clarion Inn & Suites, The Silk Route provides good tasting Indian food with a comfortable dining room that matches the ambiance.

    The menu selection is very comprehensive with appetizers, breads, vegetarian, tandoo, and signature selections. Meat entrees including beef, lamb, chicken, as well as seafood choices. Prices are very reasonable with plates ranging from $10 to $20 Canadian dollars. Serving portions however were moderate but nevertheless satisfied my appetite.

    Along with your meal, the restaurant offers belly dancing every Saturday nights (call to confirm) from 6 pm. to 9 pm. to enlighten your dining experience. On the night of my visit (Oct. 23rd), two dancers performed around the table areas to the sounds of native Indian music. It was very entertaining, relaxing, and added enjoyment to our dinner group.

    Come visit The Silk Route at least once while your in the downtown area of Belleville. It's different, fun, and will add to your Canadian travel experiences for you to share with your family and friends.

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish are the tandoor entrees. Baked in a clay-oven, I ordered the chicken tandoor selection that had a barbeque like texture to it. The sauce on my chicken was very spicy, perhaps a bit too much. However, they were great with the salad and small round potatoes that came with it.

    Belly dancing while you dine Great dining room ambiance Restaurant is located inside Clarion Inn & Suites
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    Toro Sushi: Passports Not Needed

    by Whirldtravellers Updated Jun 1, 2008

    The bright and cheerful atmosphere of Toro Sushi is made more so when greeted by the friendy staff. With cherry wood accents and Japanese / Korean motif, the small room lends itself to a relaxed and cozy dining experience.

    Be prepared for a very civilized evening of dining. You won't be disappointed.

    Favorite Dish: Our dinning group ordered individual appetizers, from Tempura vegatables, chicken and pork skewers to miso and won ton soups. We then shared and savoured the different tastes. We also enjoyed a side of grilled Calamari as prepared by our host, Simon Kang, who took time to explain the items we would find on the extensive menu. Appetizers were moved aside to make room for the garden salad complete with fresh lettuce, tomato and a dressing that prepared our taste buds for what was to come.

    The main dishes included Chicken Teryaki, spiced chicken, crunch roll and a sushi platter, which included crispy deep fried Shrimp heads. While not everyone's cup of green tea, a couple of brave souls did try them to my wife's delight. The general feeling of the group was that everything complimented each other, and as the platters were presented we took in the aromas and presentation with great anticipation. The green tea (sorry, coffee not a biggy here) was plentiful and very soothing.

    My favorite was the Spicy chicken. I was pleased to find ample amounts of white chicken and mixed vegetables on a bed of fine noodles. The sauce was, at first, mildly spicy and what I thought was going to be a disappointment, began to warm. The "fire" did not achieve a level of discomfort, but a unique warmth that pleased the palate enabling the enjoyment of other delights. The finale was a single scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream. If the tea doesn't slow down your meal, the ice cream will. We did take a full two hours to enjoy the flavours of this jewel of Belleville dining. (Or it may have been due to the non use of traditional North American utensils. I for one found that using chop sticks again made the meal extra special.)

    Toro Sushi is here to stay and on your visit, you may be left waiting for a table. However, You can enjoy this very pleasurable dining experience with minimal wait time, providing you make evening reservations.

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    Earl and Angelo's: Best steak in town

    by Whirldtravellers Updated Oct 4, 2006

    Our first trip to this new Steak and Seafood restaurant was an experience that deserves many trips back. Although not a place one would go all the time, as it would take away the specialness, it lends itself well to an evening out and fine dining with friends. I have been here on three occasions, once for lunch, and have not been disapointed.
    Wayne and John serve up the newest menu in downtown and, on all visits, have been steady regardless of the time of the visit. Many customers boast multiple visits and reservations are strongly recommended. The ambience lends itself to romantic evenings, and quiet business dinners. The future plans include a meeting room for 40 and will be booked for many occasions.

    Favorite Dish: I start with a salad, flavoured by the best blue chesse dressing I have experienced. Suptle and tangy....just right. (My dinner companion did like the Ceasar salad, however felt it had too much garlic.) The Earl steak is seasoned to perfection, and garnished with fresh mushrooms, peppers and red onion balanced on a baked potato. Each time I have left the table feeling full and satisfied. The blended columbian coffee ends a meal that will set you back anywhere from $55 to $60 per couple not including drinks. When in Belleville, experience Earl and Angelo's and tell them Bil sent you. It won't help get you a great seat, but it may get me extra mushrooms on my next visit. Check out the web page at for menu and a brief history of how Belleville was fortunate enough to land this fine restaurant.

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    Northway Rstaurant: The Very Best for Your Money!!!

    by aneaglewhensheflies Written Sep 21, 2004

    This restaurant gives you the largest portions for your $ anywhere around and the BEST food and variety. Anything from Greek or Caesar Salads to ShishKabobs, Pastas,Hot or Cold Sandwichs---in fact just about anything you'd have a craving for.!!! There is seating for an intimate dinner for two or there is a room that will accomodate a large gathering ,also.
    We always have our Retirement Parties and / or X-mas Get-togethers here.

    Favorite Dish: I really enjoy their Chicken Caesar Salad with Brushutta Bread . There is ample chicken over lots of creamy dressing on the salad.
    The Veal Parmigan is to die for--- as the veal is so-o tender and with the Fettacine (sp) Alfredo it is all you can do to finish the platter.

    Average Pricing would be approx. $6.95 to $12.95 per person for DINNER. Less of course for a Lunch or Breakfast. And I might ADD the Breakfasts here at the NORTHWAY are GREAT!!!! AND VERY VERY REASONABLE in PRICE!!

    Best for your $$$$$!!!

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    by aneaglewhensheflies Written Sep 22, 2004

    I never go anywhere else for pasta as Linguines is the BEST!!! The inside is the coziest and SO-O-O Italian--they have a patio out front with beautiful blooming Oleanders. They are of course Liquor Licensed---WHAT kind of an Italian Meal would it be without the VINO!!! Parking is never a problem along this far end of Pinnacle ST. and of course after 5:00p.m. yu don't have to worry about putting $ in the parking meters.
    The scrumptous Dishes at Linguines usually price between $9.95 ~ $14.95 per person pending if you are getting pasta or a main entree PLATTER!!
    Manicotti, Cannaloni, Lasanga and so much more is ALL HERE AT LINGUINES!!!

    Favorite Dish: In Linguines' you can choose your type of pasta (eg. penne, linguine, spagettini etc.) and then choose your type of sauce ( eg. Pesto, Carbonara, Alredo and so many more that I sure can't say or spell)
    If you are in the mood for a main entree such as Veal Scallopini and then your Pasta dish as a side --that is available also---But too much for me to eat!!
    Of course your Breads are included with your meal with either your conventional Butter or I preferr the Italian way with the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinigar.
    I enjoy the rich Cream Sauces or Cheese Sauces my self whereas my Husband , Carlo enjoys the red and rosa sauces. It won't matter what you order from Linguines Menu-- YOU"LL LOVE IT!!!! I PROMISE!!!!

    The Quaintest Italian Restaurant in Belleville

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    Dinkels Restaurant & Paulos: Classy & Elegant Dining

    by aneaglewhensheflies Updated Sep 22, 2004

    If one is looking for " that just a Little Bit More" or for " that Special Occasion" then Dinkel's or Paulo's should be your choice . Parking along Bridge Street is not a problem. You will love the classy decor of both restaurants. One is as equally nice as the other.

    Favorite Dish: It has been quite awhile since I have had the opportunity to dine at either of these places but I do remember that Dinkel's has really awesome onion soup for an appetizer and their Terriyaki Chicken was So-o-o delicious. Their Seafood Entrees are dishes that yu will talk about for days to come --they are that GOOD!!!!

    An ALL- OUT Elegant dinner with Wine and / or Specialty Coffees would probably run approx. $100.00 ~ $200.00 per couple ( cdn.)


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    THE PONDEROSA STEAK HOUSE: The Only One in Ontario!!!

    by aneaglewhensheflies Written Sep 22, 2004

    The Ponderosa is a real down -to- earth place to eat and for a reasonable price. They have a Buffet-- Hot and Cold-- Salad Bar which is included with EVERY entree or you can have just the Salad Bar. It is the BIGGEST SALAD BAR in Belleville and the most scrumptous--- You have to be very careful that you don't overeat on the salad Bar or you will Never finish your main Entree. Refills of ALL Drinks--Hot or Cold--( with the exception of Alcholic Beverages) are FREE. You also get a Sundae with your meal. you make it yourself from the Sundae Bar complete with Nuts, Sprinkles, Strawberry, Carmel, Choc, Marmellow Sauces and a Variety of icecreams. WOW!!!!

    Favorite Dish: My Very Favourite Dish and my Husband's ALSO is THE TEXAS STYLE RIBS!! I can never finish my platter so we always have enough for Carlo's lunch the next day. The 1st time we ever saw them we thought of THE FLINSTONES, as they are so huge you could picture Barney and Fred eating them.
    We've gotton so many of our Friends TURNED-ON to these RIBS.

    The average price per entree would be $9.95 ~ $12.95(cdn) per person.
    The Ponderosa's Specialty is Steak and MAN!! What a Variety and TENDER!! WOW!!! They also have seafood entrees and a GREAT KID"S MENU which of course is much cheaper than the above.

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    CAPERS RESTAURANT: Casual or Elegant Dining

    by aneaglewhensheflies Updated Sep 23, 2004

    Capers is very UNIQUE!! The decor of Capers is very pleasing to the eye and gives one the sense of well-being while dining there. Their staff is VERY Friendly and always ready to help you enjoy a special occasion or make a visitor to our Village City feel very welcome. You will enjoy the licensed summer patio that Capers hosts.

    Your dining experience at Capers will be a memorable one.

    Total Relaxation!!!

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