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Brantford Things to Do

  • Glenhyrst Art Gallery

    This is truly a great place to visit. Their website could certainly use some sprucing up, seems rather dull and boring but I assure you it is not. Specifically if you can get in when a high school is exhibiting there! A bonus is that admission is free unless there is something "bigger" going on there, and the building is friendly, right down to the...

  • Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts

    In all honesty, this is a gorgeous building, gorgeous interior and if you can sneak a show in you'll be more than pleased. Affordable and dazzling, this is a great place to catch an act. Visit their website for schedules.Some performances such as George Carlin, Yuk Yuks, Swamparella, Titanic the Musical and more.

  • Enjoying The Grand River

    If you are in the Brantford area between May and October you really must take a trip down the Grand River. There are several outfitters and many public access points if you have your own craft. There are some minor rapids in some sections but nothing that an average person cannot handle. A moonlight or trip in early october are especially nice. The...


Brantford Hotels

Brantford Restaurants

  • Worst Chinese food in Brant County

    Thought we would give this new Chinese restaurant a try. Bad Mistake. Restaurant decor is very nice. To bad they spent their money on the decor instead of teaching the cooks how to make chinese food. 2 of us went for supper, each of us only had a half plate each because of lack of selection and left within 10 minutes of arriving. We where willing...

  • Cure Breakfast Growls!

    When coming to Brantford or the area, EVERY local knows that there is a number one choice for breakfast - The Country Grill! Albeit located 15 minutes outside of town in the pretty town of Paris, it is well worth listening to your stomach growl for food.With mega-hearty portions, cheap, clean, and a great warm atmosphere this restaurant is a...


    This restaurant is only enjoyed by drunk people how are desperate for something to eat after the bars are closed. There is a good chance you will be sick if you eat here due to the health standards that are not meet. Each morning when they open there deep fryers are covered in potatoes bugs which they just sweep off. I would not recommend eating...


Brantford Nightlife

  • Get a Taste of Local Music

    The pubs in this strip have been around for many years. The name "Two Doors Down" actually refers to a bar that used to be 2 doors from it named Poorfolks Deli. Any lover of live music in Brantford will tell stories of wild nights spent at Poorfolks. Since the closing of Poorfolks, a lot of the bands have moved to the less homey Two Doors Down....

  • Island Fever

    Drive downtown Colborne Street and you won't be able to miss this place! Brightly decorated in the flag colours of Jamaica this unique place certainly livens up a drismal downtown. Try the jerk chicken which Jamaica is famous for and relax while listening to a live band. Definately call ahead for hours and events listings as they frequently...

  • Sexiest Nightclub

    This is the place to be in Brantford if you're under 30 and looking for a crazy time. This is Brantford's version of a Toronto nightclub - young, trendy and a little risque. (Wet T Shirt contests and Thong Competitions are frequently offered.)Definately not for people seeking a quiet laid back atmosphere. Due to Brantford's anti-smoking bylaw, this...


Brantford Transportation

  • Getting Around Brantford

    Brantford has a regular bus system between the hours of 6am-6pm for the price of $2 one way and less for children. If you need to get around by bus after those hours, you're in luck.Brantford Transit's Dial-A-Bus service is unique. All that you need to do is call a Dial-A-Bus dispatcher at 753-3847, at least 1/2 hour before you wish to travel. They...

  • Update Your Maps & General Knowledge

    Like many cities, Brantford has its own number of frustrating one way streets, but to locals they are quite tolerable. Even if you are not from the area you should be able to catch on quickly and safely. Most are located within the downtown district such Dalhousie Street and Colborne Street.Be sure to familiarize yourself with our driving signs and...

  • Brantford is easily accesible...

    Brantford is easily accesible from Hwy 403. It's located between Hamilton and Woodstock. The Greyhound bus also goes to and from Brantford and the station is located on Darling Street.You can use the Brantford bus (which I never do because I drive) or they also have this thing called dial-a-bus. It'll pick you up anywhere and drop you off anywhere....


Brantford Shopping

  • Best Chocolates & Candy!

    They offer the finest truffles individually rolled and hand dipped in fine Swiss chocolate. Their truffles are made with 100% natural ingredients including whipping cream, liqueurs, fruit, nuts and natural oils. They contain no preservatives.The building itself is an elegant experience, very luxurious and the staff are exceptionally friendly. Be...



  • Antique Treasures on the Cheap

    A lot of smaller treasures can be found here, particularly if you're looking for bottles, books, or other small memorbilia. Brantford actually boasts quite a few interesting little antique nooks, but this one is definately the largest and most busy. Free admission, call for hours.You won't be able to easily pass this large flea market by - look for...


Brantford Local Customs

  • By-Laws

    When in Brantford, we have anti-littering bylaws and smoking bylaws. All of our public places, including bars and restaurants are smoke-free. Please observe these and respect it.We also have a poop-n-scoop by-law, which means you could face a hefty fine if you don't pick up after your pets.

  • We Take Tim Hortons Coffee Seriously.

    If you come to Brantford looking for a Starbucks, Second Cup, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, or other franchised coffee and donut place - excuse us if we look at you like you're an alien. :o)We don't have any of those places here. However, you will find a "Tim Hortons" franchise on just about every street. This is THE place where we go for coffee...

  • Brantford Hotels

    5 Hotels in Brantford

Brantford Warnings and Dangers

  • Buy Bottled Water

    Brantford takes special care in our water supply. Our water is very safe to drink but if you're coming from another country you never know how your system will react to our highly chlorinated water.From reports I have seen, Brantford and Peterborough have the highest amounts of chlorine in our drinking water in all of Canada.So, when in doubt as...

  • Lock Your Vehicle.

    Brantford is a very safe community. Crime here is quite low and murders are almost unheard of. However, auto thefts and thefts from vehicles are probably the most occuring crimes especially from gym and mall parking lots. So take extra care in locking your vehicles, storing parcels under seats or in trunks to discourage break ins. Car alarms and...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Brantford Tourist Traps

  • Uptown/Downtown Blues

    Many cities and towns have great downtowns. Brantford is not one of them. Our downtown, once a flourishing place of great shops, started going downhill when the area known as "The Market Square" was the object of a Mohawk "curse" many years ago. The Mohawks claim they own the land on which the mall is built and the downtown will not thrive again...

  • Earl Haig Family Fun Park

    Most people wouldn't put this under the 'tourist trap' catagory. And granted, I have nothing bad to say about this place, in fact it is a great day for the family to spend a hot summery afternoon to cool off and have fun.So why did I put this in this catagory? - Because chances are, if you live in a city with a populous of over 75,000 you too will...

  • Un-Bedazzling Casino.

    In a nut shell we had a gorgeous, large, expensive building formerly known as the Icomm Building that sat very, very empty. Behold the birth of our charity casino. While it makes a pretty backdrop to some amazing Brantford sunsets, the inside is quite standard to that of any other large charity casino in Ontario.Granted I like the fact that this is...


Brantford What to Pack

  • Lady Godiva's Best Dream & Worst...

    Although it is little known and almost never seen, it is legal for a woman to walk around any city in Ontario - topless. The majority of people frown upon this, especially in conservative Brantford. For your safety, I strongly advice against this. Be sure to bring the neccessities! Ontario residents pay a painful 15% tax on products. Although...

  • We Don't All Live in Igloos

    Leave room in your suitcase when you come, so that you'll have plenty of space to haul back some great shopping finds at one of our many unique, family run businesses! Contrary to many American beliefs we don't all live in igloos. In our summer months (June, July & August), we sure get hot, hot hot! That means we crank up the air conditioners...

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Brantford Off The Beaten Path

  • Six Nations Reservation

    Brantford is located near one of Canada's largest Iroquois reserves, the Six Nations. Composed of the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Tuscarora and Senecas. While most of the museums are located in Brantford, a drive out to the reservation itself is worth the 15 minute trip. Be sure to visit Iroqrafts! This place will...

  • Pretty Little Town

    Definately Paris, Ontario is a great little town to shop with an amazing little downtown. Located just a short 15 minute drive from Brantford, it is a great place to spend a day.If you only have one day, begin by having breakfast at the Country Grill. This is THE place for breakfast and you'll find all the locals here.This family restaurant...

  • I would really recommend that...

    I would really recommend that when in Brantford, you visit a charming little town close by called Paris. This town is commonly referred to as one of the prettiest towns in Ontario and certainly in all of Canada. If you would like to know more please visit my Paris Travelogue.


Brantford Sports & Outdoors

  • Wayne Gretzky Fans Rejoice.

    Even if you have ever remotely followed the sport of hockey, you will have heard the name Wayne Gretzky. a.k.a. "the Great One". Brantford is where Wayne Gretzky hails from and his parents still live here. His father Walter, is very active in local charities especially the CNIB and is very social. Should you see Walter out and about he's always...

  • And Did I Mention the Trails? :o)

    The thing I like about trails, is that no matter what your age or functionability, this is an activity that everyone can enjoy. Most of the parts are old railway paths that have been converted into trails with cement which makes it easy and enjoyable for people in wheelchairs or motorized scooters. An added bonus is that most of the trails run by...

  • In Love With Nature

    Brant County, and more specifically our Grand River, is widely renowned for its terrific canoe and kayaking escapes. Listed below is some links and info to the most reputable river guide and rental companies.- Blue Heron RaftingFanastic float trips on the beautiful Grand River, safe and fun for families and large groups. www.blueheronrafting.com39...


Brantford Favorites

  • Other Historic Attractions

    Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead - The birthplace and co-founder of the Women's Institute and former president of the YMCA among other notable accomplishments. 359 Blue Lake Road RR1 St. George (519) 448-1130Canadian Military Heritage and Vintage Motorcycle Museum- Experience Canada's Military Heritage and view artifacts from the War of 1812,...

  • Bloomin' Madness

    Brantford is famous for their flowers and foliage and is even the past award winner of the nationwide, "Communities in Bloom" projects.A compliment to our gorgeous trails with bridges and winding paths, our parks are filled with rose gardens, lush greenery and an amazing array of flowers in every colour during the spring, summer and fall. Lorne...

  • "Poutine Eh!" & Other Canadian Words.

    "Canadian Tire Money" - Is not Canada's national currency but Canadian Tire is a large franchise store throughout. This money can only be used at Canadian Tire stores and gas stations, although some stores will accept it."Pogey" - A term used to describe collecting Employment Insurance."Poutine" - No nutritional value whatsoever, Poutine is...


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