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Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Hamilton

  • Stay away from Green win

    by hamiltonmale Written Mar 30, 2014

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want a good place to live in Hamilton Stay away from anything connected with Green win homes .I have resided in one of there downtown property's for 6 months now and have gotten the run around with maintenance to the apt its self, Bad working order of the elevators, Cockroaches and bedbugs constant hot water (lack of) and attitude when wanting anything done by the one person in charge of this . The actual property manager of these property's is unreachable and makes a great effort not to call back when contacted at Green win home office . Constant intrusions of peace and reasonable enjoyment of my apartment (which i pay full rent for) $850.00 a month.
    Heating is a constant issue and i have recorded 50 degree low during the months of Jan to march 2014.This was reported to management to witch i was told "Ya we know and we are working on it".
    To which i had to go out and purchase heaters to keep my apt warm for myself and my child.
    This letter is FACT based and i have a complete and detailed record of all of this to clearly outline what i have written here. I offer this comment to warn any future apartment seekers a heads up about what goes on with Green-win homes,

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  • Hamilton sucks!

    by onealyako Updated Feb 21, 2014

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Okay. Like any other city their's the goods and bad's. Anyways @lovehamilton4life
    I ain't a bad drive. Never had any accident and with 5 years of living in an a city like Hamilton, never gotten a ticket. Now, i'll tell you why i am here in a city that earns $30,000 a year on avg. salary. I am hear because i'm studying here. My parents are here. Anyways... yes they are awful tight roads with skinny lanes. I never said you "CAN'T DRIVE". But one thing I got to admit is that, if you aren't into nature that much...Hamilton sucks! Nothing to do and you run outta things quickly. I have many other friends that go to Mac, saying the EXACT same thing. I'm sorry, but if YOU haven't been out lately, the air quality sucks....Really does. I can smell the gas from the cars freeze in the air. Never seen anyone love Hamilton so much. It's garbage. Lots of other cities have this nature, maybe not like around here but up north, down in the States...I don't have a problem with you loving Hamilton. But in my opinion it's ugly. Yes, there are some "decent" parts with the nature, but i have really seen better. My parents are here because of they're business. We move a lot. I have lived in Windsor, Calgary as well as nice parts of Michigan. I love Calgary, but Michigan i like more just because my whole family lives there.

    Anyways...Hamilton sucks. Won't live her for ever that's for sure (SAN DIEGO, HERE I COME!)

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  • Lol

    by LoveHamilton4Life Updated Sep 13, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hamilton is a great place, your pointing out flaws that every city in the world has. Hamilton Pop 530k . OFC there's gonna be bad thing's it's life *** happens deal with it. People talking about Ancaster with a pop of 30k lol. You think it's better there. Crime is every where. Scary dark allys stay out of. WELCOME TO THE REAL LIFE. Enjoy your stay :)

    BTW the smell it's not that bad duh Hamilton Steel mill you think thing's justs pop out of thin air?
    There are by far worse places than Hamilton in Canada :)

    Also: onealyako your comment is just a big lie. If you can't drive in downtown because you believe the roads are small then you shouldn't be driving at all. Semi drive down those roads with no problems what so ever so you must be a ***ty driver not everybody can be a good driver. Let's not forget about your comment at the parking garage I pay for monthly pass I drive 2006 Monte carlo SS Black real shiny :) never had a problem. Stop trying to run over the people walking and maybe they wont key your ***. Last but not least "convenience store robbed" good one name a city that hasn't had that happen face you talk *** about Hamilton on the web because your a ***. You can't drive, and you might have pointed out a very common problem convenience store robbery.

    Hamilton is great people are great yeah so some area are bad find me a city that isn't with at least more than 500,000 people :)

    Don't visit if your close mind, set on the perfect city in the world. Drive right by and get the *** out :)

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  • re; hamilton ontario

    by tziporahz Written Sep 9, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i was quite surprised by the limited outlooks of the comments posted. I am originally from Montreal, lived in Kensington market, Virginia, Florida and a few other spots. I moved to Hamilton approx 7 years ago- like any city there are pockets of bad, dangerous though not to the extent of being in lets say Syria which should also incorporate the difference of being out during the day, early evening as oppose to being out at 3am. This city has a vibrant arts community, amazing waterfalls and nature trails, excellent music, good restaurants (though limited in comparison to New York) homes are reasonably priced and i have found Hamiltonians extremely helpful and friendly-if i base any of my travels on comments from others as my carved in stone guide I would have not been to the many spectacular places in the world, and though Hamilton is small, is a steel town this place has much to offer and is worth the venture and exploration

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  • Great city.

    by dwalsh.cc Written Sep 4, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One word you will see that keeps comming up here is "scary". This is a clear indication of very poor confidence in a social setting. It is very likely that these individuals had a resident of Hamilton attempt to interact with them (asking directions, saying "good morning", making eye contact ect... ( these are big no-no's in Toronto))

    Smell? Go into the heart of the insustrial area and you MIGHT pick up the smell of fuel, steel, ect...(OBVIOUSLY) Anyone who says Hamilton smells is the number one indication that they really haven't been here lately.

    Ugly? Not sure where this comes from. I see beautiful patios, amazing stonework from the 1800s, waterfalls, antique shops, hilarious individuals, character beyond description!

    Barton is Bad? The main problem with Barton is to go into a shop you have to find parking. Sometimes it is more than a few steps from your car to the store. In this short path people are actually forced to walk a short distance (your poor legs!), and to add insult to injury somebody might even say "good day" or make eye contact!

    I live in east (apparently scary, dirty, ugly ect) Hamilton and have never had a problem with anything or anyone. If you have bad social skills and are afraid of everything, please do not ruin our great city with your presence

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  • Wouldn't trade it for anywhere else.

    by CromwellsWorld Written Jul 29, 2013

    Sure Hamilton has bad areas. The worst is James to Victoria and Burlington to King William streets. Nothing but drug dealers crackheads and thieves. Even people you think are decent are not. The old woman you thought was sweet and happy will bite your head off at the turn of a hat.
    The guy you thought was your friend will rob you blind for cigarette money. That landlord you thought was decent turns out to be a slumlord Unless your quickly passing through stay the hell away from these areas. If you need to catch a bus you'd be better off walking 4 blocks out of your way to catch it at another stop outside the area. It's truly that bad. However the rest of the city is okay. The best area being the mountain of course preferably south of Mohawk or East of Upper Gage. Or west of Upper James. The central mountain and brow areas are okay but there is a bleed-off of scum from the lower city mostly around the access areas where there is a sidewalk or staircase coming up from the lower city. All that being said Hamilton does have some awesome parks and trails. Beautiful wooded areas and waterfalls. The waterfront trail at Bayfront Park is very nice and peaceful after dark. If you have good vision in the dark The rail trail that runs from the lower city at Wentworth street to the upper area at Limeridge road is a nice walk at night. Just be careful if you are coming off onto Wentworth street afterwords. All in all Hamilton is an awesome city and I wouldn't trade it for anywhere else. Oh one more thing BARRIE SUCKS!!

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  • A REAL review from someone who knows this city

    by katryna670 Written May 1, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I can't believe some of the reviews that people are writing! "Smelly, disgusting, dirty"???

    I actually grew up in the "rich" area of Hamilton (Ancaster) and moved to downtown Hamilton a few years ago, and I absolutely LOVE this city. There are so many great restaurants, bars, pubs, etc. And there is also a great art scene! And it is also called the "Waterfall capital of the world" because we have great waterfalls, and other parks, etc. to see.

    As much as I love this city, I can't deny that there aren't "bad" areas (like any other metropolitan city). I walk pretty much everywhere and have never felt unsafe. One area I would never walk to at night would be Barton St. East area (near the Jail) this is probably the worst area in Hamilton. You might see a hooker or two if you take a drive down there at night.. But its like any other big city. I read some reviews saying that Gore park is a bad area, and to tell you the truth, you might see some interesting individuals in this area, but they are harmless. I have never felt threatened by and individual. There are a lot of poor people living in the city, as well as a lot of shelters, so it's just natural that you will see some of these people in some of the busier areas. But I would not stay away from this area for that reason, like I said, most people mind their own businesses and don't bother anyone. The downtown core has some great architecture to see as well.

    Here is a link to photos of Hamilton, showing the beautiful and the ugly!

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    by avoidhamilton Written Apr 6, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


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  • SetenioB's Profile Photo


    by SetenioB Written Mar 22, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is no warning or Danger of a city that has had a booming industry back in the day and now trying to pick itself up from a post industrial era. Yes you do see seediness downtown but that's what make this city similar to larger urban cities. I lived here all my life. Moved when i was in my twenties lived in both Toronto and Vancouver so i know what a great city this is. People have been taking this step to clean and make downtown hamilton a better place. I have seen the downfall and now we are seeing the rise. There are beautiful areas that you cant find anywhere else in ontario beautiful parks and victorian style homes that you only see in movies. I live close to the Art District and yet again seeing it come back to life. It only takes positivity and passion to see change happen. So if you are traveling to hamilton, yes you will see poverty but with a mix of upbeat inspirational professional people making a difference. Change doesn't happen over night. come and see the flare hamilton has if you are a visonary

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  • Ghetto areas, DANGER(POOR, UGLY)

    by onealyako Written Mar 1, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hamilton is one of the mixed type of cities in Ontario. With nice areas (Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough) but mostly with bad areas(mountain, central downtown, downtown area)

    When you travel to Hamilton which i don't know why anyone would do, you should stay out of downtown its scary and ugly and if you have a nice car not necissarily a Cadillac, BMW but like a Dodge, you probably won't see it if you park it somewhere. My point is stay in Ancaster wealthiest in Hamilton but not the wealthiest i have seen.

    Rich areas surrounding Hamilton:

    Windsor (East Riverside)
    Birmingham Michigan
    West Bloomfield Hills Michigan
    Bloomfield Hills Michigan
    Troy Michigan
    Shelby Township Michigan
    Utica Michigan

    In the rich cities listed you could do many things like explore the community, shopping, beautiful parks and lakes espesically in the Michigan cities listed since Michigan is the "Lake Capital of the World"

    You can have fun walking on the Riverside in Windsor instead of visiting Hamilton. I live in Ancaster was born in East Riverside area have seen all the Michigan towns listed i know it all. Hamilton is very boring except for viewing the mountain of ugly downtown Hamilton a.k.a. Poopilton

    Birmingam Michigan (snapshot of homes) VERY RICH

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  • KatrinaS4's Profile Photo

    The idiot's guide to Hamilton**

    by KatrinaS4 Written Feb 15, 2013

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Seriously? okay I completely agree with the person who said you had to have done something to provoke them to jump your ass!!I've lived in Hamilton all my life and to top it off all over it AND in the worst neighborhoods ON the worst streets (including Barton street TWICE-not the jail btw)Point blank there are certain aspects of every city in this world that isn't its highlight, and in Hamilton just like anywhere else you gotta remember the basic no brainers.
    1.don't step on people's toes,cut into their profit,try and start a rival gang,rep a gang,talk names,threaten,rat,or date a chick who's gonna say you raped her or beat her.
    2.DO NOT ignore people when they speak to you or you may get hit,which is understandable considering it is RUDE and people in Hamilton DO have manners if you use them and some just don't and well they're pricks but if you ignore someone you could be in Mary Poppins ville and get hit for disrespecting someone in that manner.
    3.Don't act hard..simple..
    4.Cops suck stay the hell away from them,learn where not to go and for the love of god LOOK to see the camera's that are surrounding you.
    5.Use karma as your back bone to make it through whether or not just visiting or living here,I am nice ..sure people are dicks to me a lot of the time, but that doesn't stop me from being a nice person,they can be dicks all they want I however have manners,respect and well am just better than them CLEARLY.
    6.UNLESS you've lived here for a considerable amount of time you DO NOT have the right to bash the city especially while you're in it, we may hate our city ( well bash on it ) but WE HAVE THE RIGHT AND STILL LOVE THE DAMN THING JUST LIKE YOU DO YOURS
    7. Barton street
    King street which INCLUDES Gore Park
    Melvin ave.
    There's a whack more but whatever ...
    Avoid these streets if you don't wanna see LIFE that does exist outside your fantasy land this is reality people.. people lost their jobs and are homeless and hungry don't complain HELP THEM OUT!*Do onto others as you would upon yourself..Karma.
    So basically in other words every city has it's areas to avoid,we all may be different in a lot of ways but we all share the same rules-Don't be disrespectful,rude,ignorant,racist,"gangster",a drug dealer cutting into turf.. now if you people have a problem with those rules it's amazing you're still alive to post because well you're a horrible human being.

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  • Ugly, Boring, Scary!

    by onealyako Written Jan 4, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Okay, so i have lived in Hamilton for about 5 years now and when i first arrived, I was living in the Hamilton area near Downtown. It was very ugly and i think the only thing Hamilton has is pollution and crappy Conservation parks depending where you are. I currently live in Ancaster which has more of a nicer scenery then Hamilton. I have to say when i go downtown i am afraid the people there look crazy(homeless, on drugs, mental illness) and they have ugly buildings with graffiti on like almost everyone.

    The parking space downtown or almost everywhere is so bad! I was born in Windsor Ontario and have visited Detroit a lot of times and yes.. Detroit is way worse but the streets are very wide and you are actually able to drive unlike our downtown which if you are driving around in it make sure you have an ugly car. The people there aren't always mean but there are a lot of grumpy bastards. I think if you are visiting Hamilton the only thing you want to see is the mountain view. Everything else is plain boring. I am sad that my family had moved to Hamilton. It's boring. The parks and harbour have a horrible smell so "Mr. Firefighter" don't come saying that the people saying Hamilton is ugly are smoking crack only someone saying HAMILTON is beautiful is smoking crack(my opinion) I honestly wish i lived in Michigan not Detroit but areas like Shelby TWP, MI since lots of stores, trees, and WIDE streets and less problems.

    Also if you visit downtown the parkings are very tiny like i mentioned above. If you want to visit the mall in downtown which is horrible since everything down there is so old and used! I want to let you tourists know that the parking garage is so scary so yes your car if it is a nice model and new looking then yeah it could be in danger. I know that there was a robbery in the downtown convenience store. Not surprised! So Hamilton is a waste of time!


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  • Hamilton's not that bad

    by b.bosher Written Oct 26, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've lived in hamilton my whole life, even though i'm only a teenager i've seen everything this city has to offer. It's not a bad city as long as you don't get involved with things you can't handle, growing up in some of the worst neighborhoods I can honestly say no one will bother you as long as you don't associate with them or look at them the wrong way. hamilton gets very muggy in the summer and pretty cold in the winter but the "in between" seasons are a gift from god:P

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  • Know exactly where you want to go, or else.

    by jteewoom Written Aug 25, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We took a day trip up to Toronto from Niagra Falls.
    Came across a sexy brochure in the lobby of a Toronto hotel, and decided it would make a nice stop for dinner on the way back to Niagra Falls.
    I pictured a quaint, sleepy, artsy nestled on a serene waterfront. I guess we took a wrong turn (away from the waterfront area) when we got into town and proceeded to "feel our way around" driving through the town looking for the waterfront area... the further we drove, the more nervous I became.
    We're from New York City, so we've pretty much seen it all... This place was like a cross between Bed-Stuy circa 1975 (look it up) and deep-woods Tennessee Trailer Park / Meth Clinic. At one red light, there was a SQUEEGEE GUY! They don't even have them in the worst parts NY city anymore!
    We found it hard to imagine that a quaint, sleepy, artsy community nestled on a serene waterfront could exist within a 100 miles of this depressed, truly frightening place, so we got the hell out of there as quickly as possible, driving another 45 mins. back to Niagra Falls for dinner.
    The moral of this story: If you're driving to Hamilton, don't expect to just cruise around or play it by ear. You may be very disappointed at what you experience.

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  • Downtown Issues

    by BillB2011 Updated Dec 16, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since no one has posted in a while I thought I'd contribute some thoughts. I live downtown in a nice condo apartment. There are lots of less expensive apartments, however, and as you can imagine they attract all types. We are a couple blocks from Jackson Square Mall-Sheraton-Convention Centre-City Hall which is the heart of the city. Last weekend we walked down to the (year-round) farmers market to get some fresh fish and vegetables for a dinner party we had planned. It was great. You walk through a sea of people speaking many different languages but all pretty happy and helpful. On the fringes of the activity areas there are always beggars, and homeless people, but there are also buskers making music and I don't mind making a donation to them. In the past two weeks there have been three stabbings in the centre city after dark. A few days ago, the convenience store around the block from us was robbed and the owner beaten...unfortunately this is the 5th time in 3 years this has happened. The lady who ran the dry cleaner store chased a robber around the block, but now the store has closed and we have to walk 2 blocks farther for that service. Lots of people ride the bus and it is very convenient and inexpensive to the entire central city including McMaster University. There are quite a few erotic massage parlors in the central city, though they keep a low profile and no one seems to mind. The best thing about Hamilton is the greenspace...beautiful parks and nature areas, many, many waterfalls, and the waterfront. The passing traveler probably sees the steel mills and smoke on the northeast side and thinks the whole city is like that, but it is for the most part beautiful. You can easily see this from the rim of the "mountain" (the upper city) which offers a view all the way to Toronto across Lake Ontario. Like any city, the visitor needs to proceed with caution, but there are far more positives than negatives, especially in the downtown. Oh yes, we like to say you can walk to Toronto and Montreal from our house, since the train station is only a couple blocks away and convenient to everyone.

    Hamilton Skyline

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  • davealexander's Profile Photo
    Jan 29, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    I currently live in Miami throughout the winter and Guelph in the summer. I grew up in Guelph, but it's just getting to be too expensive to buy the type of house that we want, so we're looking at buying in Hamilton. I love how it's starting to gentrify, just like neighbourhoods in Miami are (Wynnwood). I like the arts, nightlife and sports as well as access to Niagara, buffalo, and Toronto. Plus I can still visit all of my Guelph friends within a half-hour drive.

    Can any of you Hamilton natives tell me if you've noticed gentrification and improvement in neighbourhoods downtown and around the football stadium?


  • Jul 1, 2013 at 4:45 PM

    OK, as for the poster who said that Hamilton is the poorest city, the Kentucky of Canada.... Have you ever been to Kentucky idiot? I lived in the bowels of Hamilton in the 60's and 70's and yes, it was an unsafe and nasty place... however, it is nothing like Kentucky. Kentucky is mostly beautiful farmland, rolling hills and white fences for horses as far as the eye can see. Oddly none of these were ever to be seen in the North End of Hamilton. Idiot.

  • May 1, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    Hamilton is now the most polluted city in Canada, air quality wise. Ask any respiratory specialist in the city, they'll tell you what you should be doing if you live there. Recent studies show that living certain areas can reduce your life by up to 12%, fact, not opinion. Hamilton is not a city for anyone with breathing issues or heart conditions, you will die early.

    All those people saying it's not that bad are just plain stupid or just deluded, either way it doesn't change the fact that Hamilton is a death trap from a health standpoint.

  • Feb 21, 2013 at 8:46 AM

    to whoever said you 'Must have done something to provoke them to jump your ass!" .. I lived in Hamilton for 1 year. I was jumped at knife point by 2 men for a $10 bill and a pack of cigarettes. I'm a 5'1'' girl who was minding my own business and walking home. People in this city are ***ED UP. So glad I got out of that disgusting place.

  • Nov 26, 2012 at 5:50 AM

    To the tourists from NYC who supposedly got lost in Hamilton... I spent 3.5 years traveling between NYC and toronto - my wife lived in crown heights, Brooklyn for all that time. I can absolutely guarantee you Hamilton is 1000 times safer than New York. I have been mugged in NYC, screamed at and threatened with a screwdriver (that would sure have hurt me if I didn't give that guy money). I have also driven extensively in New York and area and there is no where scarier than missing a turn in jersey at night near the waterfront.

    I have seen plenty of the worst of NYC and Hamilton can not compete even in pure fiction. So, sorry you got lost, but seriously, do you not have a map or google?

    I moved here from Toronto in February and I love it. If you wanted the 'artsy' part, you should have made it to James St. N on the second Friday of any month or the monthly Art Crawl - an went that brings out thousands of people to check out a street-wide open house of galleries and studios, of which there are dozens.

    If you we're staying the weekend, you could have visited the downtown farmers market, took a stroll down lock street, or gone for a walk along the NIagara Escarpment where you might have come across one or two of our 125 waterfalls, or maybe decided to do some hiking along the 800km Bruce Trail, which runs through the middle of town.

    Guess you missed a nice walk or cycle along the 10km long beach trail. Or a drink and some mediocre food at one of the waterfront restaurants.

    You probably missed strolling along the endless downtown neighborhoods full of beautiful, century old detached homes and tree lined streets.

    And you'll never get a chance to check out the Royal Botancal Gardens during the lilac bloom.

    Next time you come through town from Toronto, do yourself a favour and take the 403 into downtown. York or main exits. Park near the farmers market and stop for lunch and a drink at one of the many great restaurants and bars in the area.


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