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Midland Things to Do

  • The harbour

    When you are walking on King Street, you can walk towards the water. Up there you will find the harbour of Midland. It is really great to sit there and watch things happening on the water: the boats, jetskis, etc.

  • Library

    In Midland you will find the library in a nice building. It looks really great from the ouside. From the inside it looks really modern (today's standard). On the back of the library they have attached a brand new building.

  • Paintings

    Through the city of Midland you will find several paintings on walls. These paintings are really nice to watch/see. Some are nicer then others, but in general they are all nice to see.

  • # 2 Fleshing Area

    This is where all the fish and wild game was put. They supplemented their agricultural efforts with the furs and Hides that they sold. This place had a very wired smell. 3 more pictures here.

  • # 1 Main gates

    This is the main gate to get in Saint-Marie. This village was founded in 1639 By the Jesuits. There is a 2nd Pic showin the gate closer.

  • Main tourist entrance

    This is the main tourist entrance where you get all the info and buy the tickets to get in. In the next pictures I will show you all the major buildings inside just like a virtual tour hope you enjoy. Here comes # 1


Midland Hotels

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Midland Restaurants

  • Suway

    At Suway you will get delicious lunch!! You can choose what kind of sandwich you would like and what you want to add on it. Also you can make a 'meal' out of it: sandwich + drink + cookie. Tuna sub.

  • A YUMMY breakfast

    Great food to remedy your hang-over and very cute waitresses to add a good start to your day. Bacon and Eggs

  • Midland Hotels

    9 Hotels in Midland

Midland Nightlife

  • SHOCKZ's Profile Photo

    Bleachers: GET CRUNKED!

    by SHOCKZ Written Aug 31, 2004

    Alright, good ol' bleachers!!, do not go to this bar on a Friday night, me and my boys made the mistake of taking a 20 dollar cab ride on a Friday night only to find out when we get there that it's all ages night. Don't get me wrong, the attention was great but i didn't feel like being brought to jail that night for being a pedofile, i'd much rather go to the drunk tank for drinking too much. Also, unless you're with a few friends that are bigger than you, then it's probly a good idea not to start any kind of trouble in this bar. If you're feeling a little ballsy then be prepared to take on the entire town of Midland.

    Dress Code: haha!! dress code in Midland yeah right... a wife beater, bandana and ripped jeans would suffice...

    a typical Midland local at Bleachers
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Midland Transportation

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    Directions to Midland

    by sim1 Written Dec 11, 2002

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    From Toronto (the South) :
    Take Hwy 401 to Hwy 400 north to Barrie. Stay on the 400 North to County Rd 93 to Hwy 12. At the intersection of County Rd 93 & 12 - straight on County Rd 93 leads to West Midland, right on Hwy 12 leads East Midland.

    From Parry Sound (the North) :
    Take Hwy 69/400 south to Hwy 12. Right on Hwy 12. On Hwy 12. Through East Midland on Hwy 12 to County Rd 93. Right on County Rd 93 leads to West Midland.

    From Orillia (the East) :
    Take Hwy 12 west past the Hwy 400 overpass. Stay on Hwy 12. Through East Midland on Hwy 12 to County Rd 93. Right on County Rd 93 leads to West Midland.

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Midland Shopping

  • Maritime shop

    Ah the shop to my liking! Lots of stuff packed in too small a room, quite a shame for I couldn t get a proper look at items...things did fall too...and the owner had her eye on us....I sneaked round taking photographs and at a certain point I saw some things to my liking and after I had put them on the counter, we felt more free to photograph.

  • Cupcakes

    Cupcakes in the window of the bakery in the main street. Of course I didn't pay attention to the bakery itself, I was drewling over the cupcakes you see here, yummy!!! Hahaha, Actually didn't taste them, so I can't say if they taste good.... but they sure look good! I am going to try and make these myself.... mmmmmm.... they look so delicious and...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Midland Local Customs

  • Native Culture, Music, at Sainte Marie

    I can't describe how beautiful and magical these nights truly are! My favourite time is spent in the longhouse - the smoky traditional Huron (Wendat) community building where, surrounded by tobacco, herbs, and animal pelts, visitors are mesmerized by drum songs and legends. Sitting low on a warm eathen floor to escape the thick smoke above, elbow...

  • A First Canadian Christmas

    Every year, in the beginning of December, I attend First Light at Sainte Marie Among the Hurons just outside Midland, Ontario. Although our modern Canadian Christmas holiday celebrations are not even always celebrated from a religious perspective, it is interesting to learn about the melding of culture, religion and positive intent that formed some...

  • "The General Store" Mural

    And the last but not least photo of the murals. I really like the way the entrance is painted. There is actually a door there, but you have to look quite good what the painted door is and what the real.


Midland Warnings and Dangers

  • Huh???

    This sign surprised me so much.... Only ladies.... and only on Wednesday? Hahaha, where are we??? Mmm, all kinds of stupid questions pop in my head, hahaha, I will spare you of those.... but read the sign yourself...°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°Ladies day Special Wed. onlyFREE WAXwithWASH°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°LOL, not sure if this is a...

  • Is She Single?

    Make sure that the girl you are trying to pick up at the bar is single. Due to the fact that the town of Midland is so small, everyone is a familiar face. Therefore if you're at a local Cougar bar such as Sha-na-na then it is almost positive that you'll get picked up being a fresh face. Just make sure that the son of whoever's mother you're trying...

  • Closed for the season

    Okay, November is clearly not the best time of year to visit Midland. Hahaha, still had fun though. But this is a sign I saw quite often here. The best time of year must be the summer when everything is opened, and the weather is nice and warm.


Midland Tourist Traps

  • Inside Sainte-Marie among the Hurons

    Even the photos can't find much possitive about Sainte-Marie among the Hurons.... it looks very boring in the photos I took. hahaha, sorry for my pessimism, but it is hard to get enthousiastic about a place I didn't enjoy so much.

  • %aThe best guide at the museum!

    Wel I shouldn't be too harsh, this young lady was actually very good. She started talking and explaining things out of her own. We tasted some kind of cookie here, and it tasted not bad at all. All the food in those days were made out of corn.

  • Sainte-Marie among the Hurons

    Sainte-Marie among the Hurons is an internationally significant historic site. Sainte-Marie was the 17th century fortress and headquarters for the French Jesuit mission to the Huron nation and was Ontario's first European community. In 1639 the Jesuits, along with lay workers, began construction of this palisaded community that would include...


Midland What to Pack

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    Packing List

    by sim1 Updated Apr 19, 2003

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    Photo Equipment: Always take your camera, where ever you go!!! A photo oppertunity is always there when you don't expect it. I never travel without mine :-)

    This is one page in a series of many pages about Canada. If you are interested in reading more about this beautiful country, you should take a look at my Canada page
    In the last travelogue of this page you can find an overview of all the pages I have already written and some ideas of what I will start writing about soon. I have listed them by province, starting in the east in Nova Scotia and working my way to the west to Vancouver Island. Here are some pictures from my other Canada pages.

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Midland Off The Beaten Path

  • Georgian Bay

    Georgian Bay is a great day trip from Toronto. You can drive yourselve, take a bus or a tour. You'll be amazed by the beauty of this bay, its charming houses and islands. A very worthy day trip to scape from the crowded cities.

  • Wye Marsh (wetland wildlife centre)

    In these "off the beathen path tips" I want to tell you a bit more about the Wye March Wildlife Centre. I don't think a lot of people know about this place, but it is a really nice place to visit when you are in the area. It's not something to make a big detour for though, but great when you are heading this direction. Wye Marsh is located in...

  • Wye Marsh

    Here is a trailmap of the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre.Wye Marsh is located right next door to Sainte Marie Among the Hurons on Highway 12 and just across the road from the Martyrs' Shrine. AdmissionAdults - $6.50 + GSTStudents & Seniors - $5.50 + GSTChildren 3 yrs and younger are freeCanoe - $9.50 + GSTThe Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is open daily from...


Midland Favorites


    Martyrs' Shrine has been a gathering place for all of Humanity -- Canadian born Catholics, Immigrant Catholics from the world over, non-Catholic Christians and those of other faiths, young and old alike. Throughout the years, many school children have come to MARTYRS' SHRINE on pilgrimmage with their class.


    Three hundred and sixty-five years ago, the Jesuit missionaries came to the country of the Huron Natives with a passionate dream that if they could teach a simple people from the beginning, they could build a Christian State where the people could live in peace and harmony. . Huronia was to be such a Christian State in Canada.Ste. Marie was the...


    Isaac Jogues came to Huronia in 1636 and spent six years there. He helped to build Ste. Marie (1639).Captured by the Iroquois when returning to Ste. Marie from Quebec (1642) he was tortured and made a slave. He escaped and went to France, but returned the same year to again be missionary to the Iroquois.SAINT ISAAC JOGUES was martyred at...


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