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  • the old Parking lot opposite Holt Renfrew
    the old Parking lot opposite Holt...
    by kenHuocj
  • 1 or 2 or 4 Billion $$$ cost ???
    1 or 2 or 4 Billion $$$ cost ???
    by kenHuocj
  • Justifying the cost and inconveniences & delays
    Justifying the cost and inconveniences &...
    by kenHuocj
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    Light Rapid Transport & Tunnel

    by kenHuocj Written Jun 7, 2014

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    the old Parking lot opposite Holt Renfrew
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    Many Residents of Ottawa or Urbanites believe that getting from A to B or Y to Z, the car =Automobile is the best way, but as one on the fringes of the "Silver Generation", and instead of being caught up in the traffic congestion crawl and stressoing time, Public Transport is the Solution,
    In this City of ours, aka Ottawa or National Capital Region, OC Transpo is my preference, notably on Wedensday when travel is gratis, on the other 7 days using the PRESTO CARD has monetary benefits $2.05 vs $2.55 or $3.00.

    But on my ride from East to West on the 34 and 97 to the west.
    Two reminders of what is happening here with the still controversial Subway / Rapid Light Rail Transport

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    Using Google Maps ~ for Directions

    by kenHuocj Written Oct 29, 2012

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    Buses here are red ad white

    You've arrived at YOW - Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier Airport map of Arrivals hall
    Cleared immigration and Customs, maybe need a Tim Hortons double double and timbits,

    for $3-30 you'll be able to ride downton on Bus 97, example of Google Map route
    If you're 65+ senior, only $2.00 per ride with transfers

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    Ottawa City Transportation (OC Transpo)

    by pieter_jan_v Updated Jul 10, 2011
    Bus #16 at Rideau Street

    Ottawa's Public Transportation started on June 29, 1891 when Thomas Ahearn and Warren Soper made the first run of the Ottawa Electric Street Railway Company.

    The company was privately run for 58 years and was taken over by the government on February 16, 1948.

    Nowadays the OC Transpo fleet has over 1000 buses and three trains serving nearly 370,000 daily riders.

    Single tickets can be purchased at the bus for CAD 1.30 for a single ride (Actual ticket prices).

    The following all day regulary bus services are available:
    1 South Keys-Ottawa-Rockcliffe
    2 Downtown-Bayshore
    3 Colonnade-Downtown
    4 Hurdman-Downtown
    5 Billings Bridge-St. Laurent
    6 Downtown-Tunney's Pasture
    7 Carleton-St. Laurent
    8 Billings Bridge-Gatineau
    9 Downtown-Hurdman
    12 Blair-Downtown
    14 St. Laurent-Carlington
    16 Alta Vista-Britannia
    18 St. Laurent-Bayview & Carlingwood
    85 Hurdman-Bayshore
    86 Elmvale-Lincoln Fields
    87 South Keys-Carlingwood
    94 Woodroffe-Millennium
    95 Orléans & Trim-Barrhaven Centre
    96 Hurdman-Terry Fox / Stittsville
    97 South Keys / Airport-Tunney's Pasture & Bayshore
    98 Hawthorne-Greenboro & Tunney's Pasture
    99 Greenboro & Downtown-Riverview
    101 St. Laurent-Bayshore / Kanata North
    106 Elmvale-Hurdman
    111 Hurdman-Lincoln Fields
    112 Elmvale-Billings Bridge
    114 Hurdman-Greenboro
    115 Heron Park-Billings Bridge
    116 South Keys-Baseline
    117 Carleton-Baseline
    118 Hurdman-Kanata
    120 Portobello-Place d'Orléans
    121 St. Laurent-Hurdman
    122 Millennium-Place d'Orléans
    124 Beacon Hill-Hurdman
    125 Hurdman-Orléans
    126 Pineview-Hurdman
    127 Place d'Orléans-St. Laurent
    128 Blackburn Hamlet-Hurdman
    129 Aviation-Hurdman
    130 Convent Glen-Fallingbrook
    131 Convent Glen-Chapel Hill
    135 Esprit-Place d'Orléans
    136 Tenth Line-Place d'Orléans
    137 Queenswood Heights
    140 South Keys-Hurdman
    141 Billings Bridge-Alta Vista
    142 Gloucester South-South Keys
    143 Local East-South Keys
    144 Gloucester South-South Keys
    145 Riverview
    146 South Keys-Hurdman
    147 Gloucester South-South Keys
    148 Elmvale-Hurdman
    149 Elmvale-Hurdman
    151 Tunney's Pasture-Carlingwood
    152 Lincoln Fields-Bayshore
    153 Somerset-LeBreton
    154 Lincoln Fields-Bayshore
    156 Lincoln Heights-Merivale
    160 Morgan's Grant-Terry Fox
    161 Bridlewood-Terry Fox
    163 Kanata-West Kanata
    164 Bridlewood-Terry Fox
    165 Terry Fox-Beaverbrook
    166 Nepean North & Bayshore-Nepean Centre & Bayshore
    168 Kanata North-Terry Fox
    170 Fallowfield-Barrhaven Centre
    171 Fallowfield-Barrhaven Centre
    172 Lincoln Fields-Bayshore
    173 Barrhaven Centre-Fallowfield
    174 Carlingwood-Nepean Centre
    175 Golflinks-Barrhaven Centre
    176 Barrhaven Centre-Tunney's Pasture
    177 Barrhaven centre-Cambrian
    178 Lincoln Fields-Nepean Centre
    198 St. Laurent-Cyrville
    306 Island Lodge-Elisabeth Bruyère
    316 Rideau Centre-Sandy Hill

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    Around town

    by Lodestar Updated Apr 4, 2011
    Bridge connecting the Transitway stations

    There are two bus companies in the city - OC Transpo on the Ottawa side and STO on the Gatineau side, both of which acknowledge the other company's tickets and passes. Both buses make small loops also in the other part of the town, but mainly service their own areas.

    If you want to get around to further places in Ottawa, buying a day-pass for 6 $ would probably be your best option. Tickets and passes are cheaper when bought beforehand (e.g. the two tickets needed on most bus lines cost 2.60 on the bus and 1.80 when bought beforehand). Bus schedules are available in most bus stops and transit stations and paper versions can be obtained from the main info centres.

    Transfers that allow you to travel 90 minutes in any direction are available on buses and the large transit stations allow for convenient transfers.

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  • OC Transpo

    by KevinL983 Updated Apr 4, 2011
    OC's Newest bus a New Flyer Invero
    3 more images

    OC Transpo is the transit company in Ottawa.
    They operate both high and low floor buses as well as a light rail line. The newer low floor buses have a/c, which is great in summer. One of the best things they constructed was the Transitway. It is a 31km bus only roadway.
    The main transitway routes are 95 and 97. Regular buses cost $3.00 cash or 2 tickets, express $4.50 or 3 tickets and are frequent. The O-Train Light rail costs $2.00 and has a 15 minute frequency .

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  • Be careful on public transit

    by ElDiabloRojo Written Apr 5, 2009

    As a resident I would like to warn visitors to be very careful while taking public transit in Ottawa. Although you will find most bus drivers are courteous (or at least apathetic) there are a small minority who are abusive. I had a recent experience with this and I think it is important to warn others, as there is minimal support from the company itself if you want to report it. Be careful too about waiting for buses at transitway stations off-hours as there are reports of swarmings and violence.

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    No Bus update.Jan 25th... still no city buses

    by thetcheese Updated Jan 25, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.... but at the moment there is a transit strike and no public transit buses are operating at this time. We are now in day 15 of this strike and seems no end is near. It is now Jan 25th and still no end !

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  • choco15_2008's Profile Photo


    by choco15_2008 Written May 20, 2008

    OC transpo is sometimes reaible pending where you are taking off.In downtown ottawa you could see the 95 96 97 every 5 and the latest 15 minutes.
    Fares:(could change in anytime)3.00 on most routes express 4.00 and rural 5.00.
    for routes fares and e.t.c visit

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    The O-Train

    by johngayton Written May 19, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    O-Train Coming Into Carlton

    The O-Train is Ottawa's pilot urban rail project which was instigated by the Regional Council in 1998 to investigate the feasability of a large-scale light rail network in the National Capital Region to accomodate the area's future population expansion. Following a yearlong study and environmental assessment the project was give the go ahead in 1999 and the O-train service began running in 2001.

    The initial 2-year pilot project was viewed overall as a success but the expansion of the service, which would require major capital investment, has become bogged down in political controversy and is now subject to several new studies and consultations.

    The existing sevice runs an 8 kilometre route north to south between Bayview and Greenboro, with three intermediate stations at Carling, Carlton and Confederation, and in 2006 carried approximately 10,000 passengers daily. Trains run from about 6.30 am until just before midnight with a frequency of every 15 minutes and a journey time of 12 minutes.

    This is more of a commuter service than a tourist service, with the stations linking to OCTranspo bus services on the Transitway, and is mainly used by students and staff at Carlton University.

    A journey on the O-Train costs, at the time of writing, $2.25 and the tickets are valid for a limited time but can be used to obtain transfer tickets on the bus services. Bus tickets themselves cannot be used on the train but bus transfers and OCTranspo passes can which integrates this little piece of the National Capital Region's transit network quite neatly into the overall system.

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  • How to reach the center of the city

    by neverstoptravel Updated Apr 30, 2008

    If you arrive by air, take Bus #97 in front of the arrival hall and get off at Macken-
    zie King or Albert Kent, only a few minutes walking distance to Parliament Hill, Westin, Chateua Laurier; get off at Macken-zie King and transit 21/31/33/35 on Rideau St.--on the other side of the building to Museum of Civilization; get off at Lebreton to War Museum.

    If you arrive by bus, step out of the station onto Catherine St. East and turn left(North) on Bank St., then take any bus (#1/#7) north bound and get off at Parliament Hill, or Rideau Center.

    If you arrive by train, then take Bus 95 west bound and get off at the same stop of Bus 97.

    Bus fare:

    Adult: $3.00

    Pop-up transfer valid within 1.5 hours.

    Day pass purchased on bus:$7.25 served as familiy pass on Sunday and public holidays.

    Exact fare and no change.

    The city has no metro system but does have a light rail which connects Bayview and Greenboro(Southkey). However, it is mostly used by those who live in south end of the city but work downtown so that they may park & ride, or by those who study at Carleton University. Bus pass and transfer except bus ticket can be used on the train.

    Be prepared for travelling on Sunday and public holidays for its' reduced schedule.

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    Great System Until You Hit Downtown!

    by johngayton Updated Apr 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Transitway Congestion at LeBreton

    Ottawa's public transport system is provided almost exclusively by the extensive bus network of the city's OC Transpo company with a minimal contribution by the same company's O-Train light rail route (see separate tip). The 960 or so vehicles cover the whole of the urban area and many rural destinations carrying over 90 million passengers annually (figures according to Wikipedia sources).

    The "Jewel in the Crown" of the network is the 27 kilometres of dedicated bus routes of The Transitway which has been constructed on a mainly East to West route from Trim to Terry Fox with a couple of Southerly spurs towards Barrhaven and the airport. For the whole of the 27 Km of Transitway buses are unhindered by other traffic or traffic lights and share their roadways with only emergency vehicles.

    This sounds like a public transport Utopia but unfortunately, as with all Utopias, it does have its flaws, the main one being that the bus exclusive roadways only extend to the edge of Ottawa'a Downtown and as soon as they engage with normal traffic the whole system grinds almost to a halt during peak periods as the buses themselves add to the already congested downtown streets and river crossings.

    This is obviously something that the transit planners are more than aware of and various proposals are currently under consideration to solve the problems - see 1st website.

    However though, it is a reasonably good system and it does work for the most part, just not in the city proper!

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    Friendly bus drivers

    by goldenodin Written Oct 9, 2007

    We mostly walked, as we had a good location for our B&B. I found the bus drivers really helpful...a few times they let us know when to get off after we asked about a certain stop instead of leaving us to wonder if we were in the right area.

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    OC Transpo - aka the red and white limo

    by calgarykeener Updated Dec 12, 2006

    The most common way (besides by car) that people in Ottawa get around is by the OC Transpo bus. When visiting Ottawa, there's no doubt you will see several red and white buses going all over the city. This is the urban transit service of the City of Ottawa.

    While the majority of these buses stay within the city ,some routes provide service to the downtown core of the nearby city of Gatineau, Quebec.

    Visit the website below for prices and schedules!

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  • victorwkf's Profile Photo


    by victorwkf Written May 1, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bus at Ottawa, Canada
    2 more images

    Ottawa offers a good network of buses and more information can be found on their official website below. If you need more information when you are at Ottawa, do look out for transport brochures at transport kiosks such as those shown in the photograph (this koisk was located at the Rideau Centre).

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    The "OC" ... transpo that is...

    by luke82 Updated Feb 24, 2006
    oc station at night

    One of the few cities left in the world with a population of over 1 million to not have a dedicated light rail / subway system. Although one is in the works, but it wont be completed until 2010.

    The OC Transpo bus system does an adequate job in getting people around the town. The busses are rarely late and very clean. They get crowded during rush hour, but that is expected. The busses run on a system of bus only lanes called the "Transitway". Maps are available on the website.

    Regular bus fare is $3.00, but you can buy a sheet of bus tickets at many kiosks, and stores throughout the city. I recommend buying tickets as you will pay 95 cents per ticket, and you need two tickets to get on a bus! So you save $1.

    Ask for transfer, they are valid for unlimited transfers for about 1.5 hrs.

    Day passes are available as well..

    Oh and when refferring to the bus system... it is common to use the term "OC"... ie. Where is the closest OC stop?, or '*** I just missed the OC, when does the next one come?'

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