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    by sim1 Written Jan 9, 2003

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    Restaurant tipping is left to customer discretion, but the customary (and expected) amount is 15 per cent (the debate rages about whether this is calculated before or after tax). Many restaurants automatically add a gratuity (tip) to the bill for large groups (six to eight or more). It is also customary to tip bellhops, luggage handlers and taxi drivers, at your discretion.

    The minimum legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years. Bars and restaurants must stop serving alcohol by 2 a.m.

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    by paulbrec Updated Jan 25, 2004

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    In Toronto it is customary to leave a tip for food service, bellboys/redcaps, and taxi drivers. Generally 15% is good. You should not tip in self-service restaurants, or in coffee shops. However, some small shops have a "Tip Jar" on the counter. In this case it is OK to drop in some spare change. Also, in establishments that serve liquor, it is customary to tip slightly higher than 15% at the bar.

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    15 percent is expected and done

    by AlekToronto Written Oct 11, 2005

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    General tip for anyone visiting Toronto and is wondering how much to tip.
    Our service people make very low wages here and expect the tips to survive. Almost all Canadians will tip 15% on all restaurant meals (before taxes). Calculation is easy as the combined taxes on all meals is 15%.

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  • think with commonsense

    by restaurantowner Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Think. Don't listen to ignorant people about tipping. 10% is an insult at a sit down restaurant. Remember, 15% is an average standard tip all over the world, and included in EVERY bill in most countries in Europe. A waiter makes below minimum wage, serves you food, drinks, takes your sometimes rude attitude, cleans up after you...basically is your ***. If you don't like tipping, take food to go or get delivery. I find hard to believe people tip delivery guys and taxi's10% and waiters who pick up after them the same amount, when waiters don't make $12/hour like taxi cab drivers or $7-8 like delivery guys. In Toronto, people can be so cheap and if the waiter isn't absolutely perfect, don't tip well. Some go as far as complaining in an indirect way when the manager asks them how their night was, and could cost a waiter his job for nothing. The same ignorant people tip above 15% when their at a barstool because the bartender opened four beers for them-wow, what hard work! Meanwhile these people ask a waiter to debone their fish- why don't you ask him to feed it to you? For food service, bottom line is to respect the waiter and tip at least 15%, especially if they have been courteous. Don't forget, in Toronto waiters pay out a percentage of their SALES to the "house" (the greedy owner), the busboy(deservedly), and the doorperson and the bartender-adding up to between 3.5-5% of their SALES- so when a waiter sells a $100 bottle of wine, 4 or $5 is taken out of his pocket, so he hopes to get a tip. In a night when a waiter sells $1000 (very common), that's like $50 out of his pocket when instead he should make commission. So, if he made 10%, it's $100 dollars in tips (of $1000 in sales hypothatically) but minus $50 for payouts-get real! THINK.

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    Tipping is not always for a job well done

    by oceania26 Written Aug 27, 2006

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    Tipping is not necessarily for good service but out of obligation here! Many feel obligated to do so because it is custom. Many rely on tips because service industry pays minimum wage.

    You generally pay 15% at restaurants and hair salons. You also tip bartenders (which I hate doing)! Some places allow you to start a tab (you must give your credit card) - this might save on tipping each time....generally $1 or so when you get a drink (usually watered down)...even for opening a bottle of $3 water! You also tip cabbies and bellboys...I don't take cabs or stay hotels here so I can't say.

    However, if you receive bad service, DO NOT feel obligated to tip....I have not tipped before for that reason.

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  • Tips help here!

    by klubkidd80 Written May 3, 2005

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    Waitstaff and barstaff do rely on tips here as part of their wages. It is customary to leave a little extra in a club, retaurant and/or cafe if you've ordered something. The standard rate is about 15%. Of course, this is to your discretion and you can leave more or less depending on how good the service was.

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    10%+ tips to be expected.

    by jon_and_may Written Apr 7, 2004

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    Whenever you sit down to dine, you'd expect to tip at least 10% or more. For most places 10% - 13% is enough. 15% if you're feeling generous. 20% for classier restaurants.

    Don't feel pressured to give really big tips (you're a tourist afterall!), and only give a generous tip when the service is exceptional.

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    TippingTipping in Toronto is...

    by Chrystyna Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Tipping in Toronto is pretty much expected. Many of the waitstaff in toronto are paid below minimum wage because it's assumed that the tips will more than make up for their wages.

    A general rule of thumb?

    Whatever the food tax is, match it.
    Tax is 15% and that's a good amount to leave.
    If the service was exceptional, feel free to leave more, i'm sure they don't mind :)

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  • Tipping - Tips are not built...

    by Unknown Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Tipping - Tips are not built into the prices here in Toronto, so be certain to provide a little extra for service. Waiters usually get 10-20% tips with the average being about 15%, cab drivers usually get at least 10% plus what ever it takes to round up to the nearest dollar. Even the pizza delivery man should be tipped!

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  • Tipping in Canada is...

    by citygirl29 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Tipping in Canada is comparable to tipping in the United States. Some restaurants and hotels include a 15% gratuity in the bill, especially if large parties or amounts are involved. Otherwise, please don't consider tipping only as a reward for excellence service -- restaurants can give servers a lower minimum wage on the assumption that they will receive tips. And Toronto is an expensive city to live in!

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  • Tipping in Canada

    by Grootpiet Written Apr 24, 2003

    The tip-rate in Canada is 15%, or so they've been telling me. Now, after a few drinks, calculating this off the cuff takes more than a minute.

    If you add the Provincial and Government taxes on your bill, which amount to... 15%, you have a sure way of impressing your friends/girlfriend with your mathematical prowess.

    Happy eating!

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