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  • One of the stores in Market Village
    One of the stores in Market Village
    by Martman
  • An enclave within the Pacific Mall.
    An enclave within the Pacific Mall.
    by Martman
  • Eating Hall of Market Village
    Eating Hall of Market Village
    by Martman
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    E. North America's Largest Indoor Chinese Mall: Pacific Mall

    by coolpanda87 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With over 400 mini-shops selling anything Chinese, visiting this mall will feel like going to China or Taiwan. Though the bankrupt developer did not renovate the building & left the insulation & pipes exposed, this mall has been able to become a giant magnet for Chinese customers. Teens, housewifes & seniors all love to come here to kill time, buy stuff & get drinks or have a snack or grab a lunch.

    My favourite drinks here include the fresh juices, lemon - mango honey drink, bubble tea, green-apple drink....There are a lot of these beverage stands, so once you are thirsty, you can pop in & buy a drink.

    There is an arcade @ the second floor that has lots of fun arcade games, though it is more of a hangout spot. Also at the second floor is a huge Chinese restaurant called "Golden Regency" that serves top -notch dim sum. Also on this floor is fast food & some other restaurants. If you love singing, you could invite a couple of friends & go to MHQ karoke.

    Opening Hours:
    Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 8pm
    Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 9pm

    What to buy: Along with Chinese fashions, herbs, flowers, accessories, CDs, DVDs, audio hi-fi, cell phones, houseware & other interesting items, there are many shops that sell Japanese toys & stationary. Usually teens prefer cute stuff, & Japanese characters are perfect!

    Remember to go to the sweets shop & load up on candy.

    The only bank servicing Pacific Mall is Bank of East Asia, & should have currency exchange.

    Unlike most North American Shopping Centres, Pacific Mall usually does not offer exchange or refund, so look carefully before you buy! : )

    What to pay: more than $ 20 CAD...

    Pacific Mall
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  • Pacific Mall: Pacific Mall and Market Village

    by caelle Written Mar 22, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hey, this is a crowded place where lots of Chinese hang out....... and the Market Village is located just beside Pacific Mall...
    (Both places are usually crowded with people during the weekend)

    What to buy: Clothes, Computer stuff, cell phones, food... Restaurants with Dim-sum.. yummy

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  • Martman's Profile Photo

    Pacific Mall and Market Village: Enjoy Oriental Experience

    by Martman Updated May 3, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Greater Toronto Area has about half a million Chinese. The city has the well-known HUGE Chinatown, adjacent to downtown. In the suburbs, there are many other smaller Chinese areas. (In fact, I am constantly discovering new such areas!)

    One of the many Chinese areas comprises of two ENORMOUS adjacent shopping malls.

    Their names are MARKET VILLAGE and PACIFIC MALL. Walking through these malls, you are forgiven for forgeting which city you are in! Walking through the malls, one is surrounded by hundreds and thousands of Chinese people, Chinese shops and Chinese signs.

    What really intrigued me, is that the two malls are both Chinese and adjacent, yet their interior and exterior are completely different! This difference is explained in the first of my 5 albums below. In that album I also give directions to reach the malls as well as their websites.

    I was so intrigued by the 2 malls, that I did not just want them as an entry in my shopping pages. I Made travelogue albums on the malls!

    Please click below to reach those albums:

    ADJACENT MALLS 1 Front Exterior

    ADJACENT MALLS 2 Supermarket

    ADJACENT MALLS 3 Food Court

    ADJACENT MALLS 4 Market Village Interior

    ADJACENT MALLS 5 Market Village Side Exterior

    ADJACENT MALL 6 Pacific Mall Interior 1

    ADJACENT MALL 7 Pacific Mall Interior 2

    Some preview pictures are provided here. They are, however, duplicated with lots extra in my suggested albums.

    Jewellery store in Pacific Mall Exterior view: one of the wings of Market Village View of both malls. Eating Hall of Market Village One of the stores in Market Village An enclave within the Pacific Mall.

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  • Pacific Mall: Largest Asian mall in Toronto, maybe even Canada

    by twchow Written Aug 25, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is easily the biggest Chinese mall in Toronto, and possibly in all of Canada. Essentially, they took a warehouse, spruced it up and turned it into a mall. It's uniqueness comes from the fact that it is almost entirely filled with Chinese stores. If you're Chinese, you'll feel right at home as most speak either Cantonese or Mandarin. If you're not Chinese and can handle seeing that many Chinese people in one place, its great for prices. Its also nice to see from a cultural standpoint outside of Chinatown, albeit in a somewhat materialistic way.

    What to buy: The place has so much variety, since it's mostly a normal mall, though almost entirely Chinese. You can find clothes, haircuts, art, books, computer electronics, video games, karaoke, restaurants upstairs, and countless other stores. There's easily more than a hundred stores in that place.

    What to pay: Prices are very good.

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  • unit c66 "HI Mobile": low build quality

    by cng85 Written Jan 28, 2012

    I bought a cell phone case from unit c66 "HI Mobile" in pacific mall and it broke with 4 hours of use. When I went back they told me there was no warrantee on the product. I always assume there was a warrantee of merchantability on all retail products sold. When I ask who the manufacture was, they were silent. When I asked to speak to the manager, they said the place is run without a manager. Buyer beware.

    What to buy: You mean what NOT to buy... whatever products you're interested in, assume low build quality.

    What to pay: They would have to pay me to use their defective merchandise.

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  • Pacific Mall: Unit C66 Hi Mobile, very pool customer service

    by purpleroseheart Written Feb 17, 2014

    We went there to unlock my cell phone today. A guy in the store (maybe the owner) told my husband that he'll come back in 2 mint. then took away my cell before my husband could stop him. We didn't know where he went. This guy didn't come back until we asked his colleague to call him. Because I don't feel good that he took my cell away without asking for our permission. He was asking for my cell phone password on phone. How can I give it out. It's private info. So, we said he needs to come back with my phone. When he finally came back, he was complaining that he couldn't unlock it because the password. My husband was mad and said " what a service, you didn't even apologize". That guy said we wasted his time and asked us to leave very impatiently.

    We were really mad. He took my phone away and was trying to do something to get rid of the password. He was reboot my cell. If you need the password, you should ask me to key in myself, but NOT TELLING YOU WHAT IS THE PASSWORD ON PHONE. It's private info, why should I give it to you. Plus, we waited there a long time, if you cannot do the service, but need to take it to another place, you shouldn't say that you have this service in this store. Finally, you should respect others. If you cannot give good service, say sorry.

    What to buy: Never do anything in this store. Wasting your money and time and you don't know what they will do to your phone.

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  • Pacific Mall: Cheap Electronics and Computer gear

    by hhk Written Jun 29, 2008

    Forget the chain stores. Go directly to Pacific Mall in Markham:

    Try a place called Canada Computers. Cheap electronics and computer gear. But, don't expect service or a warranty. Probably the rudest, least attentive staff you'll ever meet. But hey, no pain, no gain.

    Or: SIG Electronics -

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  • indicator7's Profile Photo

    Pacific Mall: Beware of staff who don't care

    by indicator7 Updated Jul 6, 2006

    I bought a pair of sandles at a store called 3 Degree at Pacific. I test drove them in the store, which isn't saying much really since the store barely has any walking space. They cost $44 and broke 2 days later. Go figure. It took 2 hrs to get to the mall to buy the shoes and 2 hrs to get back. 2 hrs to go beg for my money back considering they busted after two wears and 2 hrs only to go home empty handed.

    The only way I'd go back there to buy anything is if I suddenly developed psychic powers to "choose my items carefully". Just remember that with stores that have a "No money back-No exchange" policy, there's something really shady going on. I gave it a try and got burned. I'm adding a photo of the sandles I bought in case anyone is considering this style, steer clear, because they are guaranteed to fall apart on you. I travelled all the way back to Markham (18 miles from home by bus) hoping they'd at least hear my story out and just exchange the items for something that will survive at least one summer, but they turned their backs on me and now I am stuck with defective sandles. I am still debating whether they are repairable or not. Anyway, check out the photos and decide for yourself.

    What to buy: The food and bubble tea are always worth buying.
    At least food will not break your bank unless you can eat more than $20 worth of food.

    I went to the big Korean restaurant at Pacific Mall and the service was amazing.
    The kind old lady helped bring my food out of the restaurant to the seperate eating area.

    What to pay: Food and bubble tea is always affordable.
    The korean dinner was around $8.

    This photo shows the overall design. The broken right sandle! awwwww.....! The unbroken left sandle!Can't walk with one shoe!
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