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  • Skydome (baseball)
    by freddie18
  • Skydome (baseball)
    by freddie18
  • Skydome (baseball)
    by freddie18
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    Rogers Centre - Cheering for toronto Argonauts

    by Faiza-Ifrah Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Toronto has following teams:

    Baseball: Blue Jays playing in Rogers Centre
    Basketball : Raptors playing in Air Canada Centre
    Hockey: Maple Leafs playing in Air Canada Centre
    Lacross: Rocks playing in Air Canada Centre
    Soccer: Toronto FC
    Canadian Football: Argonauts playing in Rogers Centre

    If you are in Canada, do not expect to see NFL here. Canada has its own version of football -3 downs, larger field, faster than its American cousin.

    We fell in love with CFL and its competing 8 teams in 2004. Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup beating stronger and favorites B.C. Lions. The victory ceremony and the parade in Toronto was well attended.

    In the year 2005, there was another upset for the Grey Cup - the underdogs Edmonton Eskimos defeated Montreal Alouetts.

    We started watching live games in the beautiful Rogers Centre in the summer and fall of 2006. The Grey Cup was played between the two best teams in the league - Lions and Alouetts with the better Lions finally winning the cup.

    The game is faster and crowd is friendly and participative. Although Football has more fans in the provinces west of Ontario, we are decidedly Argonauts fans also because they practice in Mississauga.

    Equipment: As a fan, you need to wear Argonauts caps and T-shirts, hold their flag and blow their blue blow horn to cheer them up.

    Entry Cheerleaders Fans in the making Not to be missed - musicians outside the centre Not to be missed - halftime entertainment
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    Toronto Blue Jays

    by freddie18 Updated Dec 7, 2007

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    I must admit that I am not a sports fan, but watching the Blue Jays play baseball is entertaining. Come to Toronto and see the players at the Rogers Centre and you will know what I am talking about.

    It is a group of professional baseball team based in Toronto Ontario in Canada. The "Blue Jays" name originates from the name of a bird. For a nickname, they are called "Jays" for short.

    The home of the Blue Jays was in Exhibition Stadium from 1977 to 1989 and was moved to former Skydome from 1989 to 2005. Skydome's name was changed to Rogers Centre in 2005 which carries the name up to the present.

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    Blue Jays

    by travelteacher Written Jan 4, 2004

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    Baseball North is just as great as in the US. The stadium is absolutely beautiful, and if you can get seats in the Club Level, do it--it's THAT much nicer. (We bought out tickets on the street, and they ended up being about 10 US dollars for seats righ behind home plate.)

    Equipment: If you take the tour, wear rubber soled shoes.

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Covering and Uncovering the Blue Jays

    by grandmaR Written Sep 9, 2003

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    I'm not a sports fan. So going to see the SkyDome was not on my list of things to do. However, the bus drivers that drove us to and from the Convention Center would sometimes do a narrative, and I was intrigued by this sculpture. I understand that it was created by Canadian artist Michael Snow as a portrayal of fans- not necessarily flattering.

    Information on the SkyDome website indicates that there are daily SkyDome tours if there aren't games or events that interfere.

    Cost SkyDome Tour Experience Pricing:
    Adults $12.50 Canadian
    Seniors $8.50
    Youth (12-17) $8.50
    Children (5-11 years) $7.00

    The tour begins with a 15-minute award-winning film about the construction of SkyDome entitled, The Inside Story. Some people think the film is good and some think it is boring.

    The walking tour consists of a 45-minute behind-the-scenes guided tour which includes a visit to the media centre, a private SkyBox, the Club seats, the Blue Jays Memorabilia Suite, the opportunity to see a dressing room and, if our event schedule permits, a stroll onto the field.

    Equipment: From the website: Fun Facts:

    In 1992, SkyDome set the World Record for the greatest number of Hot air Balloons in an enclosed area -- 46 inflated Hot air Balloons on the field!

    SkyDome's Hard Rock Café is the home of the largest electric guitar in North America.

    There are a total of 88 washrooms throughout SkyDome including 43 Women's, 39 Men's and 6 "Family Service" facilities, for a total of 1280 toilets. In fact, women's toilets in washrooms outnumber men's by 4 to 1 - that's more than any other stadium in North America!

    Volume inside with roof closed - 56.5 million cubic feet (1.6 million cubic meters)
    The diameter of the building is 700 feet
    All seats are a generous size with 32 to 33 inches between the seat back and the chair ahead The building itself is 11.5 acres (4.66 hectares) The ceiling height is 310 feet

    The roof rises to a height of 86 meters (282 feet), high enough for a 31 story building at center field with the roof closed
    The roof is made up of 4 sections which open in a smooth, circular motion
    The north panel remains stationary while the other three panels retract
    The world's first fully retractable roof opens or closes in 20 minutes
    The roof covers 8 acres (3.2 hectares)

    There are five levels: Esplanade, Club level, 110 Amenity SkyBoxes on two levels and the SkyDeck
    Seating for Baseball: 51,517
    Seating for Football: 53,506
    Seating for Concerts: 10,000-55,000
    SkyTent mode: 33,276
    Seating for Basketball: 37,000
    Seating at full capacity: 65,673

    There are 7 bars and restaurants including;
    Windows Restaurant: a 600 seat fine-dining restaurant overlooking the field
    Sightlines Restaurant: two-tiered, 280 seat restaurant overlooking the field
    Bistro: 210 seat restaurant overlooking the field from the Hotel
    The Hard Rock Café: overlooking the field
    Numerous Beer outlets

    The Audience (sculpture) from the bus
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  • HORSCHECK's Profile Photo


    by HORSCHECK Updated Oct 1, 2002

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    The SkyDome is the worlds first sport stadium with a fully retractable roof. It has a seating capacity of 52.000. The Skydome is the home of the Toronto Argonauts (football) and the Toronto Bluejays (baseball).

    SkyDome from CN Tower

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    Going to a baseball game

    by sim1 Updated May 9, 2003

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    You could already see some photos of the Skydome and the baseball game in my Must see activities. If you get the chance to go to a game, go! Hahaha, so much fun to experience that! The skydome is great, especially when the roof is open and you can see the CN tower above you.
    Here is the website of the Toronto Blue Jays so you can see if there is a game going on on the days that you are visiting the city :

    Going to a baseball game in the Skydome in Toronto

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  • RACCOON1's Profile Photo


    by RACCOON1 Written May 19, 2008

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    Here is some specific info on which seat to buy.

    We prefer the 200 level and it may be the best for your fisrt time at a baseball game. Say sections 230 to 234 or 214 to 218 . On the 200 level there is no difference between east and west. The view is best from the 200 level

    The 100 level is for serious fans. Seats in the yellow sections are great but most are held by season ticket holders. You have to pay attention in the 100 level .

    The 500 Level is also Great. You are a bit high but the seats are cheap and you don't have to take the game seriously . Sections 528 to 533 .
    The sections behind home plate are a bit more lively , but you have to take the game seriously.

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    ROGERS CENTRE for your Toronto Sports needs

    by Martman Written Feb 18, 2006

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    The Skydome has since changed its name to Rogers Centre. The modern sports stadium is famous for having a retractable roof. It is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. It is also able to adapt for many types of activities, including ice shows. If you are a sports lover, this is the best place to keep watching for events.

    The Ticket outlet at the Rogers stadium is located on the south-side of the building on Bremner Blvd near Gate 7.
    Their operational hours are:
    - Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tickets for all Rogers Centre events of for 20 or more people (excluding tickets for Blue Jays and Argos) can be purchased by calling Lori Parker at (416) 341-2255 or email

    Group Tickets for Blue Jays, call (416) 341-1234
    Group Tickets for Argos, call (416) 341-ARGO(2746) or 1-866-896-ARGO(2746)

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    by RACCOON1 Written May 27, 2005

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    No effort is required.
    Best Time : Night , Clear Sky, 20 Deg. C.
    The dome will be open.
    Best if Home Team gets a big first inning lead , and then wins to create a positive attitude .

    You do not have to like baseball or understand the game to have a pleasant evening,

    Equipment: BESIDE THE CN TOWER

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    Toronto Blue Jays baseball

    by btex Updated Sep 25, 2002

    I don't follow the Blue Jays, but they do always seem to have good teams. About 10 years ago, they won a couple of championships. They play in the Sky Dome right next to the CN Tower, so it's a convenient stop. The Sky Dome isn't just a ballpark. Inside, you'll find restaurants, a fitness club, concerts, hotels. Take the tour.

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  • Blue Jays Baseball

    by levoyageur Written Oct 22, 2002

    Toronto is a good sport city with some good teams (Maple Leafs (NHL), Raptors (NBA) and Blue Jays (MLB). If you like Baseball, you can assist to a Blue Jays game with good place for 20$. The beer is fresh (a funny things: a lot of people from Toronto drinks beer with a straw, really not like in Montreal!!) and the ambiance is good.

    A baseball game

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  • Baseball

    by Grootpiet Written Apr 14, 2003

    Watch a BlueJays game. They may not be top of the log, although I heard that they did indeed win the World Series one year, but the games are entertaining, especially in the Skydome (the world's first stadium with a fully retractable roof).

    Equipment: Beer for left hand, giant pretzel for right hand.

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  • Not so hot

    by twchow Written Aug 25, 2003

    The SkyDome is certainly nice from an architectural standpoint, but once you get past the retractable dome, its not that big a deal. The place is made entirely out of concrete and seems kind of uninviting.

    The two sports teams they most commonly host are the Blue Jays and the Argos. The Blue Jays won the world series three times in the nineties, but that team is long gone and so are most the players. Instead, you're left with a team that is on the rebuild and while they have had some success, it would be a stretch to say they're in contention (at least for now). Attendance has been around 10,000 to 20,000 on a really good day. The place used to be packed for all their games, but no more. They've now resorted to $1 tickets on occasion.

    The Argoes are even worse off, so far as I can tell. Though they're not that bad, I don't think they're a contender, and their attendance is very low.

    Having lived in Toronto all my life, I've been to SkyDome quite a few times, but not for at least four or five years recently. My advice would be to go to a Raptors game (though not in contention, the crowds are really good) or a Leafs game. Toronto after all is a hockey town.

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  • Cool Stadium!

    by Jabberjenn Written May 5, 2004

    O.K., maybe you don't want to take a trip to Canada simply to watch a baseball game when you're in the heart of hockey-lovers country. But if you happen to be in the Toronto area during baseball season, a trip to the Skydome is worth a visit.

    The Skydome is a really neat stadium, located right next to the CN Tower. Many seats in the stadium offer stunning views of the CN Tower and Toronto skyline (when the roof is opened). Opened in 1989, this stadium is probably most famous for its incredible retractable roof. Another unique aspect of the Skydome is its huge Video Board, measuring 110 feet wide by 33 feet high.

    There are many hotels located near the Skydome, so the best thing to do is find a hotel close to the stadium and enjoy all that Toronto has to offer by foot....there were many restaurants and bars to choose from within walking distance to the Skydome. Of all the stadiums I have been to, I can honestly say that I am glad to have made the trip to Toronto, because the Skydome is unique in so many ways.....any baseball fan will appreciate the architecture of this stadium.

    The Skydome sits next to the CN Tower.......

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  • roger-ramjet's Profile Photo


    by roger-ramjet Written Jul 8, 2004

    Baseball in Toronto is not even close to as popular as hockey but if is a fun way to spend a nice night outside. The tickets are cheap about $9 (they are $2 on Tuesdays in the first 2 months of the season) and there is never any problems about getting a seat.

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