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  • Overlooking the gift shop at the CN Tower
    Overlooking the gift shop at the CN...
    by HispanicYob
  • The CN Tower
    The CN Tower
    by HispanicYob
  • View from the Panorama Lounge
    View from the Panorama Lounge
    by ashmantoronto
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    Yeah, I had to visit it.....

    by HispanicYob Written Nov 13, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the my rule with every major city I go, if it's a familiar landmark, I'm on it! But then aren't we all? Aren't we all wanting a slice of that tourist pie? I wanted to cross visiting the CN Tower in downtown Toronto off my list before I left. Wow, it's just like Madame Tussauds or any other major cheesy tourist attraction in the world. You get great views, but that's about it. You have the typical tourist things like photographers trying to force you along to take a photo against a Toronto backdrop and the overpriced gift shop. I had a better time at the Seattle Space Needle. I wasn't too impressed with the waiting time either. But that's my fault for going mid-day. There is elevators and ramps inside for those with disabilities.

    Unique Suggestions: If you decide to go, try and go during the off season. I was in Toronto right around the Labor Day weekend and it was butt-to-gut with families and touchy-feely couples. I had to have been the only solo traveler in that whole queue. Felt kinda awkward, but I didn't let that ruin my experience despite feeling slightly out of place amongst these types of people. I can't say how busy it'd be during an off-season, but it might be a bit more tolerable then summer or major holidays.

    Fun Alternatives: Now, I didn't do this when I was there, didn't have the cash, but if you do visit the CN Tower, go on the Edgewalk. It's where you're strapped into harnesses and walking along the edge of the platform high above Toronto. If you got the funds, try that. It'll be a more memorable experience.

    The CN Tower Great views, but that's about it. Overlooking the gift shop at the CN Tower
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  • ashmantoronto's Profile Photo

    Going up for the view? There are better options

    by ashmantoronto Written Nov 8, 2008

    What was once the tallest tower in the world, CN tower is a Toronto and a Canadian pride. Built in the 70s, it stands at 553 feet. I haven't heard any good raves about the 360 Restaurant, overpriced for crappy food. The lineup could take a couple of hours and the price isn't the cheapest on the block either (John Hancock in Chicago and Empire State Building in NYC is a lot cheaper). And if the weather isn't permitting, good luck!
    Plus, part of the beautiful skyline is the CN tower itself, I don't see the point in missing it in your view?

    Unique Suggestions: The glass floor is well worth it.

    Fun Alternatives: Panorama Bar Lounge on the 52nd floor of Manulife Centre gives a breathtaking (and better) view of the city. Located in the heart of Yorkvill (Bay/Bloor), enjoy a few drinks with your friends while admiring the skyline. Locals will say it's expensive but it isn't, the drinks are just a dollar or two more from what you can get down the street but at least you're getting a great view.

    View from the Panorama Lounge
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  • Bavavia's Profile Photo

    CN Tower-Too expensive.

    by Bavavia Written Feb 28, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The CN Tower is one of Toronto's major attractions and looks like an interesting experience ( if you like heights). But when we went inside to check the price, we were surprised to see how much it costs to actually take the tour. It was about $ 40 for the tour and if you just wanted the elevator ride, that was $ 22. It just seemed too expensive......I think if it were about $ 12 for the elevator ride, that would have been more acceptable, but $ 22 was ridiculous.

    Fun Alternatives: Just walk around the city and explore the streets, the stores, the cafes......Those are fun things to do and you wont spend a ton of money in the process.

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  • If you're going

    by goshidoknow Written Sep 2, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's definitely a pricey excursion, with opportunities to spend at every turn, e.g. video games play place at the base of the tower.

    Unique Suggestions: I've been to the CN Tower a few times. Being a TO resident, out of town guests have made it not exactly an obligation, but sometimes they really want to go. I have 3 bits of advice to offer. 1) The most important is that you'll want to avoid the busy times which can mean long lines ups for an anticlimactic experience. 2) To avoid the crowds, the best time the hour before sunset on a weekday. Watching the light change and getting both the day and night views can make it worth the ticket price. 3) For people with an interest in construction, the display that tells the story of the construction of the tower can make the destination of greater interest.

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  • mattreider's Profile Photo

    It's tall.

    by mattreider Updated Jan 2, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Someone once said that the best thing about the CN Tower is that when you are in it, it's the only place in Toronto where you don't see the CN Tower.

    Let's face it, as a tourist attraction it is unfortunately not as graceful as the Arc de Triumph, St. Peter's Dome, or Chartres Cathedral. But it does have it's own post-modern charm, and is by all accounts very, very tall.

    Unique Suggestions: Just take the basic ticket, and if you must -- eat at the little shop on the tourist floor rather than the expensive 360' restaurant. Jump up and down on the glass floor. Go outside and marvel at the views.

    Where is that tower again?

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  • HotRodEtte's Profile Photo

    Be like everyone else

    by HotRodEtte Written Oct 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If it's your first time in Toronto, it's a given that you will/must go to the top of the tower and look out over the city. The views are amazing and you will find every type of person from all over the world taking in the same experience. The glass floor is what completes the observatory expereince. For $21.39 CDN ($19.99 plus tax), you get the observation deck and glass floor. Additional excursions of the tower will be extra.

    Unique Suggestions: Even if you don't do the total experience, the observatory is a definite Toronto tourist MUST.

    Fun Alternatives: You can eat at the restaurant or food court, or just check out the gift shops inside.

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  • paulbrec's Profile Photo

    CN Tower--It was not intended for this...

    by paulbrec Updated Sep 9, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The CN Tower was originally built as a communications hub. It is used for broadcasting, cellular relay, and communications trunks. It was never intended to be used as a way to soak tourists. This is the biggest ripoff in Toronto. I have never been up the tower myself, but I have been in the base. Ten years ago the admission to ride the elevator to the top was $14. It is probably more now. Furthermore, there is a restaraunt in the tower, so you have to pay to go up, then pay remarkable prices for mediocore food. I hear from others that the food is OK, but not worth the prices charged for it. In addition, the observation deck has a glass floor. Not a good idea for someone with acrophobia.
    Also, if you are daring, you can use the stairs!

    Unique Suggestions: There are things to do at the base, without having to go up.

    Fun Alternatives: Anything other than the Tower.

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  • chrissyalex's Profile Photo

    THE CN TOWER Don't get me...

    by chrissyalex Updated Jul 22, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    THE CN TOWER Don't get me wrong, The CN Tower is nice and worth visiting. The only reason I consider it a tourist trap is because I thought it was quite expensive($19.99 just to ride the elevator!)It is the largest freestanding structure in the world. There are 4 different observation decks and the Glass Floor level is really cool. Yes, it is really made of glass,but very thick glass. There is a sign there that says this glass is so thick it can hold something like 40 elephants! You can actually look down and see everything underneath you! It is very interesting watching the reaction of some of the visiters to the glass floor! Some people I saw were terrified to step on the glass! The highest observation deck is the SkyPad( but you have to pay additional money on top of the $16 to visit it) There is also the 360 Revolving Restaurant. It is supposed to be very good, but it is very expensive. We just had some drinks at the bar there.
    There are also various activities you can do there at even more additional costs such as simulated bungee jumping. So you can see how you can vist here and end up spending quite a bit of money. If you stick to the basics, go up the tower ,see some incredible views and avoid all the extras, it is a nice thing to see.

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  • sarahjayn's Profile Photo

    The World's Largest Phallic Symbol: the CN Tower

    by sarahjayn Written Feb 22, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Okay, so it's pretty neat to be in the world's largest structure . . . for about a minute. Then the cold, clammy realisation hits you that you just paid money to be in a building. Personally, it was refuge from the bitter, cold rain outside for me. However, in retrospect, I should have just tucked into a shop or something.

    Unique Suggestions: The one real saving grace of the CN Tower is how freakishly Canadian it is. You can marvel at the solar power (CNT runs off of solar, with excess) display or the respectfully polite mural depicting the architecture-related triumphs of other nations. Also, there is a glass floor in one part of the tower. If you can get past the throngs of Japanese tourists and little kids, it's really fun to jump on. This girl was totally freaking her brothers and sisters out by screaming, "It could give way at any time!" and then pogo-ing it all over the floor.

    Fun Alternatives: The base of the CN Tower was the coolest thing I saw. There's lots of gigantic squirrels that hop around, and it's fun to watch bus loads of old folks go inside. Also, if you just have to say that you were in the world's largest structure, the gift shop is inside and accessible for free. I know it's a technicality, but it's better than feeling like an ass after shelling about over twenty bucks Canadian to stand in a building.

    Wow. Freud would have had a field day.
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  • porky113's Profile Photo

    Great food

    by porky113 Updated Mar 8, 2004

    Have your dinner reservations at the top of the CN Tower.

    Unique Suggestions: We live in the Greater Totonto area and tooks friend from Australia up the Tower for supper. They have about 5 selections that are great prices and filling. Relax, eat and watch Toronto go by from on top of the world. I'd do it again.

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  • porky113's Profile Photo

    Great food

    by porky113 Written Mar 8, 2004

    Reserve your dinner at the top of the world.

    Unique Suggestions: We live in the Greater Totonto area and tooks friend from Australia up the Tower for supper. They have about 5 selections that are great prices and filling. You sit and eat and watch Toronto from on top of the world. I'd do it again.

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  • travelteacher's Profile Photo

    CN Tower--a tall view is all

    by travelteacher Written Jan 4, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The tower does provie a great view of the city, but I'm not convinced it was worth the price of admission.

    Unique Suggestions: Go to the gift shop--they did have some good deals on quality T-shirts.

    Fun Alternatives: Take the Steamwhistle Brewery tour in the old train round-house behind the CN Tower. You get a tour of the facility, beer tasting, and a souvenir for 4 dollars Canadian. (Upgrade to the $7 tour and get a free steamwhistle).

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  • CN Tower Discout

    by maltonmanor Written Dec 31, 2003

    Yes, the CN Tower is well worth the time but at $16.00 a person, it is a bit expensive. When you are buying tickets, you should somehow mention that you have lived in Toronto all of your life, but have still never been up the tower. It is not advertised, but residents of Toronto usually get a 50% off deal. Thus, at $8.00 a person, it is well worth the money as well. I have never been asked to prove I was a resident either, just mention it and you should get the cheep price.

    Secondly, it is not really worth the money to go up to the skypod. There really is no difference in the view from 1000 feet in the air, to 1200 feet in the air. Save your money and just stay on the main deck. There is an indoor and an outdoor observation deck on two levels.

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  • Better places for souvenirs

    by RobDavis Written May 8, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the base of the CN tower there is a large souvenir shop selling over priced Toronto and Canada gifts and trinkets. There is nothing here that you can't find much cheaper anywhere else in town. Sure it's convenient, and you can buy some small items without taking out a bank loan, but avoid the clothing. There are stores all over town, especially on Younge Street, that sell the same things for far less.

    Unique Suggestions: Stop into the gift shop, look at all the nice stuff they have, and then go buy it elsewhere.

    Oh, and get your picture taken with the giant bear.

    Fun Alternatives: Eaton's Centre,
    Younge Street,

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  • silve64's Profile Photo

    CN Tower

    by silve64 Written Mar 13, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Toronto's most famous, most visible landmark, the CN Tower is the world's tallest free-standing structure. Built in 1976, the tower measures 553 metres in height. From its Lookout Level it offers a stunning view of the city, especially at sunset. Daring visitors can test their courage by taking a walk across the glass floor 113 stories above the ground, or travel higher up the tower to the Sky Pod another 33 storeys above ground.

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