Province of Ontario Tourist Traps

  • Skywheel -- best viewed from a distance
    Skywheel -- best viewed from a distance
    by brazwhazz
  • View from the Panorama Lounge
    View from the Panorama Lounge
    by ashmantoronto
  • The CN Tower
    The CN Tower
    by HispanicYob

Province of Ontario Tourist Traps

  • CN Tower

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    This is the my rule with every major city I go, if it's a familiar landmark, I'm on it! But then aren't we all? Aren't we all wanting a slice of that tourist pie? I wanted to cross visiting the CN Tower in downtown Toronto off my list before I left. Wow, it's just like Madame Tussauds or any other major cheesy tourist attraction in the world. You...

  • Clifton Hill

    Niagara Falls Tourist Traps

    If you hop on the Skywheel expecting great views and great pictures, think again. We tried it one night, and our view of the falls was not only inferior to what we could see by walking along the river, it was generally poor altogether. The only good views we had were of the Clifton Hill lights and dinosaur mini-golf -- which is OK if your vacation...

  • Byward Market

    Ottawa Tourist Traps

    Byward Market... I just have nothing to say about this place exept it's probably the busiest place in Ottawa (which isn't much.) Nothing special here..exept maybe Beaver tails if you have never eathen them before.

  • Canada's Wonderland

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    Canada's Wonderland is expensive, I won't lie. At almost $60 a person and another $17 to park, it can certainly set a family back. You also aren't allowed to bring your own food (although you can sneak it in, but be aware that they may take it from you at the gate) so you'll be paying for that too. The lines for the rides can be long, as it is the...

  • Casino Niagara

    Niagara Falls Tourist Traps

    Don't think you are going to win here or any casino for that matter. I like to think of the money I spend here as entertainment money. We all have a budget for entertainment and this is money I budget for as such. Plan on spending only what you can afford. You can always walk outside around the falls fo free.

  • Parliament Buildings

    Ottawa Tourist Traps

    If you do make it to the Parliament buildings, keep an eye out for the various "grotesques" you'll see peeking out at you from all over the building. My favorite is pictured here. A worker explained to me that these are not gargoyles, because gargoyles always have their mouths open to direct water away from the building, but grotesques have closed...

  • beggers in the streets

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    Please don't encourage the "homeless" by giving them money. Offering food or coffee, or used clothing is a nice gesture - but not money. The more aggressive ones tend to be scam artists and your generousity only tends to encourage them. The truly needy folk can often be found keeping warm on a grate somewhere with their belongings scattered about...

  • Eaton Centre

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    The weird thing about buying something in toronto is the tax, you can go into a store or a Burger King and order or buy what you want but when you go to pay for the iteam the price suddley changes, it happens everywere well some parts but most of the stores will have a hight tax rate e.g when i saw the pair of jeans i wanted i thought i had the...

  • Transportation & Parking

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    Parking is a nightmare. If you are unfortunate enough to bring a car, it will be nearly impossible to not fall into a parking trap. I wasted a huge amount of money on tickets and the few times I brought the car with me I spent a huge amount of time trying to decipher the many signs on each post. Toronto is a costly, crowded city and definitely not...

  • Downtown / Financial District

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    I work in Toronto's so called downtown underground or rather the 'PATH'. I cannot fathom why I have found so many tourists wandering around lost in it's corridors. The idea of miles of underground walkways filled with shops connected all together by tunnels may seem fascinating to visit but actually they really are not that interesting. These small...

  • Casa Loma

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    OK, so, I'm sure Casa Loma is described very nicely in most guide books, but I think its a big tourist trap. If you're European, don't bother going, I'm sure you see buildings more impressive to this on your way to work! But if you've never seen a "castle" before, go if you must! Take a walk in their beautiful gardens, they are truly one of a kind...

  • Niagara Falls

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    The Falls look amazing from the various vantage points. There is nothing unique about seeing them from another viewing spot- from behind the falls... You see that there is a lot of water flowing through the falls-nothing new here unfortunately....Not worth spending on...

  • Restaurants & Nightlife

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    SPRING ROLLS Restaurants - you now see them all over downtown Toronto. Yonge, Front, Dundas and now Queen West. This restaurant is constantly busy and very popular with tourists, 905ers and some locals?!?!? LEt them keep their substandard fare, hop the streetcar and go to Chinatown for the real deal. There are far too many superior Asian Choices to...

  • Ontario Place

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    At one time I would have included Ontario Place in my must-see section however no more. Ontario Place used to be a great attraction that all ages could enjoy but sadly this is no more the case. It still has a decent but not exceptional waterpark on other rides so the kids might find the place amusing. However there is nothing that is even remotely...

  • City Hall & Nathan Phillips Square

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    If you get here in November like I did, be prepared....the Christmas decorations might be about up but the ice ring will still be closed. And so was the upper boulevard .. .yet we did some jay walking :-) felt so good !

  • Fort York

    Toronto Tourist Traps

    Fort York was Toronto's only defence in the War of 1812. However, American forces sacked the city & almost wiped out half the town. Later, it was rebuilt & has never witnessed another battle. Today, it serves as a historic museum of Toronto. It may be designated as an important historic landmark in Toronto, but this fort is relatively plain,...

  • Parking prices near Niagara falls.

    To use the parking facilities near the falls is a whopping 18$ for the day. We got there at 6.30 pm and still had to pay 12$ !! Use the parking a bit further on past the falls as we did the next morning. Only a km. walk back. We went at 7.00 am and found there was no-one at the booth, and even when we left 2 hours later still no-one so got the...

  • Places that can get over-crowded.

    Centre Island of Toronto can get very crowded on weekends and off-days. Similarly, all the urban dwellers of Toronto and Southwestern regions head north for Simcoe County, especially for its Wasaga Beach and lakefronts. Highway 400 from toronto to Barrie becomes very crowded in the morning and then later in the day.Just for the sake of it, we...


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