Province of Ontario Warnings and Dangers

  • outside the Church 2013-3-02
    outside the Church 2013-3-02
    by kenHuocj
  • 2013-3-01 Ice banks after graders cleared roads
    2013-3-01 Ice banks after graders...
    by kenHuocj
  • We were concerned about our 4 months old boy back
    We were concerned about our 4 months old...
    by Faiza-Ifrah

Province of Ontario Warnings and Dangers

  • Photography Tips

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    When taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist you will most definately get soaked. I saw some folks with some pretty wet digital cameras. Not the best idea if you ask me. We had brought along a little waterproof disposable camera. Another idea would be to get an underwater housing for your digital point and shoot.

  • Safety in Ottawa

    Ottawa Warnings and Dangers

    Ottawa is generally a fairly safe city; the federal presence within the capital makes the city heavily policed and patroled. However, it's always best to be on the look out--just in case. The areas around the Rideau Centre along Rideau St. at night are sometimes filled with bored teens and wannabe drug dealers. Homeless people also are found along...

  • Personal Safety

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    i live in niagara falls but actually in a good neighborhood. 1/5 nieghboorhoods are good in the falls. but i know all about highland and hyde park and downtown and lasalle its not as bad during the day but i dont recomend being those parts around after 12 and your a tourist, bad stuff might happen.

  • Winters

    Ottawa Warnings and Dangers

    Snow can be used for building snowmen, snow for us suburbanites, dependent of the 4 wheeled cars to commute, driveways need to be cleared; oh yes, the snow clearers aka graders, do push heavy loads of compact snow into monstrous banks that need to be removed , by house residents, without personal snow blowers, physically trying, but a solution...

  • Safety Around the Falls

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    Over the years many many people have challenged Mother Nature, going over the Falls in barrels, kayaks, boats, walking over the Falls on a tightrope, accidentally getting too close and going over without a boat. Some of these people survived to tell the tale, many of them did not. I'm actually more surprised that more people don't try to do this

  • Driving in Ottawa

    Ottawa Warnings and Dangers

    For all of you looking for Gatineau look for signs with the word: HULL! 2009 Update: Believe it or not, all HULL signs are replaced by signs with GATINEAU. So, just follow the new and cleary readable new signs :)

  • Marine Land Deer

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    This may be a moot point now, but when I was last at Marineland, you could feed the dear in a large paddock area. Those dear deer become a little aggressive wanting the food (which you can purchase from a kiosk). I'm not a tiny person and was almost knocked over, and was certainly molested by the deer. I would be cautious about children and them....

  • Mosquitoes

    Ottawa Warnings and Dangers

    In Eastern Canada and the United States, the West Nile Virus is known to exist, operating usually in the summer months when mosquitos are out and about. Although not a particularly dangerous condition for most people, it can affect the elderly or people already with health problems. If you have any questions regarding West Nile, contact the Ontario...

  • Traffic Tips

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    No stopping in front of the falls! There is always police around. When you drive a car and arriving to the falls, you see many people and cars and pedestrians all over the place. Please do not stop until you parked your car! As soon as you stop, they'll beep at you to move on. Try parking your car near by and walk back to see the falls. Everybody...

  • Winter Safety

    Niagara Falls Warnings and Dangers

    As you can see from the photo, I thought that it would be a laugh to have a photo taken of me gripping onto a tree in the Niagara park - Big mistake!! It was February - very cold - loads of snow = slippery. Although there is a patch of green behind me, it was actually covered in ice - very difficult to get back up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tornado

    On average, there are around 80 confirmed and unconfirmed tornadoes that touch down in Canada each year (Ontario - around 15 tornadoes per season) and usually result in minor structural damage to barns, fences, roof shingles, uprooted or snapped tree limbs and downed power lines. August 20, 2009 Southern Ontario - Eighteen confirmed tornadoes...

  • Parking rules in Ontario

    Be careful!Here are some basic parking rules: Never park on the travelled part of a road. Drive off the road onto the shoulder if you must stop for some reason. Do not park where you will block a vehicle already parked or where you will block a sidewalk, crosswalk, pedestrian crossing or road entrance. Do not park within three metres of a fire...

  • Ontario weather

    Always check a forecast before the long trip. If you not used to drive in this weather condition better stop and wait, its does not last long usual.

  • Weather Forecast of Ontario

    Check out weather forcasts and warnings about Ontario before your getaway.Covers all regions and cities in Ontario.

  • Taxes

    do shopping but remember !!!! there is goods and service tax (GST) as well as Provincial Sales Tax (PST) - in 2010 they were combined in HST - so it's 13% tax in Ontario.Taxes are not included in price!

  • The traffic is deceptively calm too.

    Although Ontario Highways are usually safe, on 21st July 2002 there were 3 accidents resulting in 10 deaths on Highways 401 and 400.Although this may sound like a warning or danger tip, for fun lovers this can also be part of enjoyment.Barrie is the capital of touristic Simcoe county. In late spring, summers and fall, the urban dwellers of Toronto...

  • ATV riding in Ontario

    One of my favourite things to do is to go four wheeling or ATVing. Either way please respect the land. Yes these machines are made to pretty much drive over anything and everything, but they can create a ton of damage to the landscape. Please stick to the trails that are out there and be sure to obey all the laws. You can rent ATVs at many lodges...

  • Scratch Scratch Itch Itch Oooooh Darn...

    One of the nasty plants of Ontario, and other parts of Eastern North America, is the Poison Ivy plant. I think the warning phrase is something like "Leaves of 3, Beware of thee". It is the oil of the poison ivy leaf that gets on the skin and causes irritation. It comes up like a little water blister, and is extremely itchy. Calamine lotion is...

  • Bears

    Bears inhabit almost all Ontario regions. These are Black Bears and in the extreme north Polar Bears. Black bears are sometimes seen in parks or even in towns and cities. If you are lucky enough to see a bear from your car, just stay in your car. If you encounter a bear on a trail, yell, wavy your arms, throw things, do NOT run!! When you run bears...

  • Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy is a plant that produces an oily substance on the surface of its leaves, which causes an allergic reaction that can look like hives or a bad burn. This reaction happens in more than 70% of people and best avoided by avoiding contact with the plant. The leaves are in groups of 3 and are shiny (due to the substance). This plant is found in...

  • Mosquitos

    West nile virus has been in Ontario since the summer of 2001. In 2002, a number of people got sick and some died. Many still have lasting effects. The best protection is to wear light coloured clothing and a bug spray with at least 25% DEET. You can also try avoiding the ourdoors from dusk to dawn, but who wants to do that?

  • Steep hills

    The road from Toronto to Stayner is a very scenic one but also a road with many hills. When I first arrived it had snowed and driving to Stayner was a bit scary. Fortunately Jacob drove us safely home!

  • Slow down and live

    Visiting Ontario for the first time meant a lot of driving in the car of course and I got quite taken by the many roadsigns along the road, so different from what I see at home.This one tells us how many accidents and deaths since 1978 and orders you to slow down some.

  • Highway Fatalities of Spring

    One of the sad signs of spring along the highways of Ontario is the increase of roadkill, particularly raccoons. Heading north from Toronto, up highway 400, there are countless numbers of dead animals hit by unsuspecting drivers. It isn't that they don't care, but when you're travelling over 100km/hr with cars zooming up on either side of you, it...

  • Parking :-((((

    Arghhh.... this is something happened to me while I parked in front of my house in Stayner! Every village has it's own by-laws. And one of the by-laws in Stayner is that it is forbidden to park on the street between 1 AM and 6 AM. That's something you just have to know.... of course we found out the hard way and got a ticket for parking on the...

  • Snowmobiles

    Watch out for the snowmobiles! They have their own trails going through the countryside. But they also share the same road as you do, using the shoulder of the road. So be aware of them! They can go quite fast, and join the roads suddenly as part of their trail.

  • Snow, snow and more snow!

    Be prepared for some snow when you visit Ontario in the winter! This picture was taken on 30th January, 2003 close to the village where I live, Stayner. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I went out to take some pictures of the snow covered landscape. Hahaha, but the sandbanks were so high I couldn't look over them any more :-)) This is what they call...

  • Today's Air Quality Forecast

    Since I live in Canada I am more aware of the air quality. And that is mostly because they seem to pay more attention to it here than in The Netherlands. There is even an online forcast for it :

  • The weather is deceptively calm in...

    Always check the weather before you leave for a long excursion. It can be sunny and hot and within an hour you can get trapped in a thunderstorm. When it rains in Ontario, it rains bulls and elephants, not cats and dogs. During one of the thunderstorm, we got confined to our resort room.

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Province of Ontario Warnings and Dangers

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