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  • Local cheese and more at Le Madelon
    Local cheese and more at Le Madelon
    by Jefie
  • A very satisfied customer at Le Moussonneur
    A very satisfied customer at Le...
    by Jefie
  • My birthday meal at Le Refectoire
    My birthday meal at Le Refectoire
    by Jefie

Cap-aux-Meules Things to Do

  • Going to the top of Cap-aux-Meules

    Cap-aux-Meules is the biggest town in les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, not based on its population, which is actually smaller than that of other villages, but because its central location makes it the "urban centre" of the Islands, so to speak. Cap-aux-Meules is where you'll find the Island's movie theatre, hospital, federal and provincial government...

  • Go for a swim at Martinique beach

    The Magdalen Islands boast roughly 300 km of beaches around the archipelago. While some have been a bit more developed, such as the Grande-Echouerie beach on Grosse-Ile, others are almost completely wild. On our first day in les Iles, we stumbled upon Martinique beach, which is located on the narrow stretch of land where Route 199 runs between the...

  • A quick visit to the Site de la Cote

    The Site de la Cote is located in the Etang-du-Nord area, on the island of Cap-aux-Meules. It was developed a few years back by local residents who wanted to create a spot where both local people and visitors could meet up and hang out in this beautiful part of les Iles-de-la-Madeleine. Some little cafes and souvenir shops have grown around the...

  • Discover the beach of "Dune-du-Sud"

    There are plenty of beaches all around the Magdalen Islands, but Dune-du-Sud stands out as one of the nicest and most photogenic: it has soft sand, rocky cliffs and caverns you can explore at low tides, and waters that are are calm enough for even kids to swim in. Since it's a pretty popular spot, there is now a little area set up with picnic...

  • Cap Alright Lighthouse

    The small wooden lighthouse at Cap Alright (1928) was again built in an effort to prevent shipwrecks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence corridor. Since people have started keeping track, there have been 713 shipwrecks recorded around the Magdalen Islands, mostly due to the treacherous winds that often blow on the archipelago. If the lighthouse itself is...

  • A visit to Anse-a-la-Cabane

    Anse-a-la-Cabane is located in the village of Bassin, on the island of Havre-Aubert. To get there, you must take the panoramic road that goes through the village (chemin du Bassin), and that in itself could be considered as a thing to do! The hilly road goes along the coast, with the majestic Gulf of St. Lawrence on one side and the hills dotted...

  • Pied-de-Vent Cheese Dairy

    Pied-de-Vent is a little cheese dairy that was created in 1998 and that is mostly famous for producing the cheese it was named after, a soft cheese that is often used in recipes by restaurants all around the Islands. The dairy now produces a new type of cheese called "Tomme des Demoiselles", aged from 6 months to up to 2 years. While the...

  • Driving around Havre-aux-Maisons

    The island of Havre-aux-Maisons, with its beautiful landscapes, winding roads and colourful houses, is probably the most picturesque of all the islands. Two panoramic roads are well worth seeing: chemin de la Pointe-Basse, which takes you along the coast to the Cap Alright Lighthouse, and chemin des Montants, which goes through the island's hilly...

  • The beautiful cliffs of Belle-Anse

    Belle-Anse is located on the island of Cap-aux-Meules, more precisely in the small village of Fatima, which is the most recently established village on the Magdalen Islands. It's fairly easy to get to Belle-Anse by following the chemin des Caps. Once you get there, there are plenty of parking spaces available along with a really nice rest area. The...

  • Parc du Gros-Cap

    Even though this park is home to a campground and a youth hostel, it is still open to all visitors. It's well worth leaving your car at the gate and going for a walk around the park since some of the Islands' most beautiful landscapes can be seen here. The red cliffs that project into the sea are especially nice to see towards the end of the...

  • Economuseum of Les Artisans du Sable

    Les Artisans du Sable was created in the early 1980s when Nicole Gregoire and Albert Cummings succeeded in finding a product that made it possible to solidify sand and then sculpt it. Les Artisans du Sable's workshop/boutique, located in Havre-Aubert, is now open to visitors. It's truly impressive to see all the different objects created with sand,...

  • Shopping for arts and crafts at La Grave

    The Magdalen Islands' first settlers were for the most part Acadians who had been forced to flee from the Maritimes to avoid being deported to Louisiana. They arrived on the island of Havre-Aubert and built a small fishing industry around the area now known as La Grave. This historical site still retains much its fishing hamlet atmosphere, though...


Cap-aux-Meules Restaurants

  • Fabulous food and atmosphere

    There are so many great restaurants on les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, choosing a place to celebrate a special event might seem like a very daunting task. Lucky (or unlucky) for me, I don't eat a lot of fish or seafood so that narrows it down quite a bit. When Sylvain asked me to pick a place for my birthday dinner, I immediately thought of Le Refectoire...

  • Great spot for lunch at l'Etang-du-Nord

    This little bistro is located in an area called l'Etang-du-Nord, on the island of Cap-aux-Meules. The cafe's patio offers a great view of the sea and, if you happen to be there for dinner, great sunsets. The menu at Cafe La Cote includes an interesting selection of local and international dishes, along with daily specials. I sampled three items on...

  • Popular restaurant in Cap-aux-Meules

    This little restaurant located at the heart of Cap-aux-Meules is very popular, mostly thanks to its rather unique artsy atmosphere. We ate there twice during our short stay at les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, once for breakfast and once for dinner. The first time, our waitress was quick and super friendly; the second time, service was slow and definitely...

  • My favourite restaurant in...

    With so many restaurants specializing in local food, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from an Italian restaurant in les Iles-de-la-Madeleine. As it turns out, we had an excellent dinner at l'Italien des Iles! The restaurant is mostly popular because of its pasta bar, a concept that allows you to pick all the different ingredients (vegetables,...

  • Nice bakery in Havre-Aubert

    We got caught in the rain as we were riding our scooters and decided to stop by this little bakery to warm up. La Fleur de Sable specializes in traditional products and recipes, offering a wide variety of breads and pastries. It's also possible to order different sandwiches (all made with local products) at the bakery's cafe. Our waiter was...

  • Great food in a great atmosphere!

    Located in the old General Store of La Grave, the Cafe de la Grave offers a nice selection of local dishes and other light fare served in a really nice ambience. The place can get quite busy but it's truly worth sticking around to get a table. We sat near the back of the cafe at one of the old wooden tables and had a great time just soaking up the...


Cap-aux-Meules Nightlife

  • A great spot to catch live music shows

    If you're planning a trip to les Iles in the summertime, you might want to check to see who's playing at Aux Pas Perdus. Located at the heart of Cap-aux-Meules, this little bar is one of the Islands' most popular music venue. Artists from Quebec and elsewhere love to play there (well, who wouldn't jump at the chance to travel to les Iles?!) so...

  • Magdalen Islands's famous microbrewery

    Practically everywhere you go on les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, when you ask for a beer you will be presented with a list of beers brewed locally since 2004 at the microbrewery A l'Abri de la Tempete, and it's easy to understand why - they make some of the best beers I've ever tasted! It's actually possible to get them straight from the tap, so to...

  • Nice little bar in Cap-aux-Meules

    We arrived at les Iles-de-la-Madeleine late in the evening but we were way too excited to go to bed so we went out for a few drinks at Le Central. For a Wednesday night, the place was fairly busy and we very much enjoyed the atmosphere - we actually got to chat with a few locals who'd spotted us on the plane :o) There were other tourists at the...


Cap-aux-Meules Transportation

  • Taking the ferry to the Magdalen Islands

    Another way to get to les Iles is to take the ferry that leaves from the town of Souris, Prince Edward Island. In the summertime, there are two daily departures (in both directions) and the trip lasts about 5h. It's been a while since I've traveled on board one of those ferries, but the last time I did they were quite comfortable - as long as...

  • Flying to les Iles from Montreal or...

    The easiest - but most expensive - way to travel to the Magdalen Islands is to go by plane. In the summertime, Air Canada Jazz operates one direct flight a day from Montreal to les Iles, and two more that stop in Quebec City and Gaspe along the way (the same schedule applies for return flights). The direct flight from Montreal takes a little over...

  • The absolute best way to discover les...

    Because there's a good bit of distance between the different islands, to make the most of your trip you definitely need a set of wheels. Some people will rent a car, others will bring their bicycles... we decided to have the best of both worlds and rented scooters! It was so much fun to drive around the islands on our little scooters, it allowed us...


Cap-aux-Meules Shopping

  • Warning: this coffee is addictive!

    The first time Sylvain brought home a pack of coffee from this little shop, I couldn't figure out why he was so excited to have me try it. Coffee is coffee, right? So wrong!! After my first cup of "Moussonne des Iles", I was hooked! What makes this coffee's flavour so distinctive and rich is that Richard O'Neill, the owner of the place, had the...

  • Bring home some island flavour!

    Officially, Le Madelon is a bakery, but in reality it's much more than that! On top of their wide selection of bread and delicious pastries, Le Madelon is a great place to go if you wish to buy local products to bring back home or for a fabulous lunch on the beach. They've got it all: cheese (including the Islands' own Pied-de-Vent and Tomme des...

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