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  • Little Meech Lake
    Little Meech Lake
    by GrumpyDiver
  • View from Champlain Lookout
    View from Champlain Lookout
    by GrumpyDiver
  • Carbide Willson Ruins
    Carbide Willson Ruins
    by GrumpyDiver

Gatineau Things to Do

  • Le bateau et les paroles des animaux -...

    Now this is one of my favourite works of art in Gatineau and makes for a great photo opportunity.It is a boat and two dog-wolves by the river side on the Gatineau side. This work of art represents culture (the boat) versus nature (the wolves) and how they react with fear and curiosity towards the boat which comes ashore. The artwork, made by John...

  • Dépot trois formes - Three forms by the...

    I had read about these forms by the sea in a tip here on VT, so I set off to look for them. I thought they were in Ottawa, but they are in Gatineau, and not easily found, I would say.But when I was visiting the boat and the wolves then I cought a glimpse of big white stones in the distance so I walked towards them, and there they were totally...

  • Parc de la Francophonie and Explorer II.

    One of the many parks in Gatineau is called Parc de la Francophonie. It is a park by an island, with a lovely historical building, Théatre de L'ile. On the island is an abstract work of art made of steel called Explorateur II or Explorer II, by the Hungarian Victor Tolgesy, from 1968.This sculpture was created at the time of the first attempts to...

  • Papa - such a lovely piece of art.

    Now this is a piece of art to my liking. I had noticed it when we drove to a friend´s house in Gatineau and decided on looking for it on foot. It is a rainbow coloured artwork called Papa, by Hal Ingberg, from 2010, a brand new artwork. What the artist meant to obtain was for people driving it would be a symbolic gateway to Gatineau. And for people...

  • Various artwork in Gatineau.

    There are so many lovely pieces of art in Gatineau, surprisingly so, kudos to them.My first photo is of artwork which stands on the lawn by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It is called Personnages by Louis Archambault and was made in 1967. It depicts white abstracted people made of steel. Archambault is known for his abstract modern...

  • Parc du Portage and L'amour.

    I was looking for a white statue named Love and found it in the park called Parc du Portage. This park has a lovely big fountain and was opened in 1976, but reopened in 1999. It must have been reconstructed. Here on this site the City hall of Hull was located.The statue called L'amour or Love is a white statue representing the human heart amongst...

  • An extrarordinary work of modern art -...

    I had read about this art in a brochure and so wanted to see it, so on my artwork hunting in Gatineau I searched for a long time for this forest artwork - not being able to find it until I stumbled upon it - to me it was so worth looking for.This artwork is called Réflexion and represents the roots of Gatineau as it were, as they were in the forest...

  • This is such a beautiful bridge.

    While walking in Gatineau I noticed some arches in the distance and thought they might be a building or a church, even a fun-fair. So I walked there to see it up close. This turned out to be the most beautiful bridge - very regal.This lovely bridge is called Tour Eiffel bridge or Montcalm Street bridge. The mayor of Paris donated a piece of the...

  • The Canadian Museum of Civilization -...

    The Canadian Museum of Civilization (Museé de la Civilisation) is located on the Quebecan side of the Ottawa river in Gatineau and a must visit. I visited it 3 times as I love it there. Especially the totem pole exhibition. This museum holds the largest indoor collection of totem poles in the world.The totem poles are amazing, there are so many of...

  • Never give up!

    By Parque Jaques-Cartier is the statue "Ne jamis abandonner!" or "Never give up!" - a bronze statue which was erected in 2001. It is a statue of Maurice "the Rocket" Richard - Canada´s best hockey player. He was 18 years with the Montréal Canadiens. They got 8 Stanley Cup Championships - if you know any Canadians, then you will understand how...

  • A view platform for a fantastic view of...

    Be as it may, but there is a much better view from Gatineau of Ottawa city than from Ottawa looking over to Gatineau. The same goes for Quebéc city and the town opposite the river of Quebéc city. The inhabitants of Quebéc city have even joked about that they want a big mirror on the other side of the river so that they can see the reflection of...

  • Parque Jaques-Cartier - Jacques-Cartier...

    There are several parks in Gatineau, probably more than in Ottawa, where I had a hard time finding a park where I could sit down and sunbathe. I found some in Ottawa, but only because I got a map and followed the green areas.There is one park in Gatineau called Jacques-Cartier park. It stretches down to Ottawa river and on both sides of the park...

  • The Museum of Civilization - The...

    What can I say - I so thoroughly enjoyed this part of the Museum of Civilization, hehe, it is so colourful and cheerful - this is the most happening place here - for children :)The Children´s museum is on the first floor and the first thing one encounters is the big Indian bus with lights blinking in all coulours - imagine being a kid and being...

  • Monument in tribute to Philemon Wright.

    Philemon Wright (1760-1839) and his family were the first people of European descent to settle in Hull in 1800. A bronze portrait was installed in 1950 on the 150th anniversary of their arrival to honour Philemon Wright.He founded Wright´s Tower where later the city of Hull established. And he was the first one to launch the wood industry. So he...

  • La Fontaine des batisseurs - Builder´s...

    La Fontaine des batisseurs is the monument for the 100th anniversary of Hull as a municipality. It was erected in 1975.It is a lovely work of art, 15 meters high, and the same colour as the buildings behind it, so it blends in perfectly in my opinion. It is made of 194 small cylinders which are attached to 8 larger cylinders to symbolize logs. Hull...

  • The Museum of Civilization - Canada´s...

    One of the big halls at the Museum of Civilization depicts Canada´s history - and as one can imagine that is not a small task. The Canada Hall is on the 3rd floor. And I got so lost there looking for the entrance of the hall that I entered on the wrong side - and saw the history of Canada in reverse, hehe. Later to find out that the entrance is on...

  • The Museum of Civilization - First...

    The First Peoples Hall is not to be missed while visiting the Museum of Civilization. Well, not any of the halls are supposed to be missed - but here is shown the history of the Indians, which used to live here before the white man settled in Canada.Here the history of the Indians is shown in earlier days and today. There are also so many diverse...

  • The Infomation center.

    The Information center is called Maison du Tourisme. It should be the first stop when visiting Gatineau as they have so many pamphlets and maps - extraordinally well made. This Information center is kind of hidden away behind trees, so I never noticed it and had been walking for hours in Gatineau before getting a decent map.

  • Casino Lac-Leamy.

    I first visited Casino Lac-Leamy in 2006, when my friend took me there to show me around. Her ex used to spend most of his time here...No photos, of course, are allowed inside the Casino, so my photos, from my last visit in 2012, are from outside.The Casino has got more than 1.800 slot machines, a performance hall, 64 gaming tables etc, i.e....

  • Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing / Racing

    Gatineau Park is a very popular place to do Nordic (Cross-Country) skiing. There are many groomed trails, and the Gatineau Loppet (ski race) is the largest of it's kind in North America. In 2012, it attracted over 2000 skiers from 22 different countries. One of this year's racers was the Prime Minister of Estonia.

  • Canada Parliament

    Ok, this isn't part of Gatineau. But it's so close, just on the other side of the bidge, that I think it counts... The parliament of Canada, on the Parliament hill (just about as tall as a sidewalk), overlooks the Ottawa river, in Ottawa. I'm usually not attracted to this kind of visit... museum like, silent, historical... but we had nothing better...

  • Rideau Canal - winter

    During the months of january and february, the rideau canal freeze over and becomes the longest skating rink of the world (or so they say). About 7km. For the most part, a big festival goes on. Skates rental, sharpening, food and drinks, animation, shuttle service... The site is really nice and it's the perfect way to take in some fresh air....

  • Canadian Museum of Civilization

    The Canadian Museum of Civilization offers a detailed look in the origin of Canada.There are 4 exhibiton levels presenting the following:-Level 1: Canada's First Peoples.-Level 2: Changing exhibitions. The Canadian Postal Museum, Canadian Children's Museum and the IMAX theatre in the former the Glacier Wing.-Level 3: Sights and sounds from the...

  • Personally I Like To Think Of it In...

    The Canadian Museum of Civilization (ou Le Musee Canadien des Civilization??) is Canada's best presented museum of Canadian history and culture. From the Native Peoples and their lifesyles through to the European (and later) immigrants. Over 4 floors, with short digressions for special exhibitions and the second floor museums of Poste and...


Gatineau Hotels

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  • Hilton Lac-Leamy

    This is the view of Lac-Leamy from our room. We stayed on a BounceBack deal which is a night...

  • Les Suites Victoria

    1 rue Victoria, Gatineau, J8X 1Z6, Canada

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel du Voyageur

    585, boul. de la Gappe, Gatineau, J8T 8N7, Canada

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

Gatineau Restaurants

  • Regina1965's Profile Photo

    by Regina1965 Updated May 30, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I went to La Belle Verte with 3 friends of mine. This restaurant is a co-op run by women and is the only raw restaurant in Ottawa and Gatineau, imagine that. It took me by surprise that it was in Gatineau and not in Ottawa, and in a rather shady street as well, I would say. At least there were drunk people on the street and what looked like drug addicts, but then who I am to judge, eh?

    A friend of mine was doing a 100 day raw food diet, so that is why we chose this restaurant, and I have been vegan for decades, so I liked this choice.

    I liked this restaurant, the walls have very cheerful, colourful paintings on them, the service was excellent and relaxed. The food was excellent and you could even get some fortune telling cards by the till and take them to your table while you were eating. But this being Gatineau in Quebec everything was in French.

    There were quite a few people in this restaurant, so it seems to be popular and even two big guys, who looked a bit dangerous, came in and had a salat. This teaches me a lesson to never judge a book by its cover.

    Favorite Dish: The raw Greek pizza, which my friend had. The desserts are more expensive than at other restaurants, but that is because it takes a long time to make them. They are very high in calories, so maybe it is just better to take them home with you and eat them there in peace. And the barbequed tofu looked very good.

    La Belle Verte, very lovely. La Belle Verte.

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Gatineau Transportation

  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    by pieter_jan_v Written Aug 26, 2009

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    The Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, the official name of this more than 100 year old bridge, is a steel truss cantilever bridge spanning the Ottawa River.

    Between 1898 and 1900 the bridge was constructed by the Canadian Pacific Railway company.

    From Nepean Point, Just East of Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal it's a nice walk from Ottawa to Gatineau.

    The Alexandra Bridge The Alexandra Bridge The Alexandra Bridge The Alexandra Bridge
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Gatineau Off The Beaten Path

  • Hidden cats

    Still not part of Gatineau... But behind the Parliament of Canada, a man takes care of a bunch of streets cats. The Parliament's cats. It's very cute sight and worth at least a picture!I've heard or read somewhere that peoples help him out with donations so he can continue feeding his friend.

  • Hidden birds

    Maybe I shouldn't tell because our favorite part of it is that nobody goes there... Just a few weeks ago, at the begining of march, as we went to greet the birds after the ice melted a little on the river, there was no print in the snow. No print! We were the first to see the birds this year! It's silly, I know...On the La Lievre river, just above...

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Gatineau Favorites

  • La Maison Du Tourisme

    This is where it all happens for Gatineau info. OK I haven't actualy walked in and asked anything as it always seemed to be closed when I passed. Having said that tho' the website seems to work with all the links functioning.I'll leave it to you guys to give it a try and if anyone does ever walk in and ask for info I'll be interested in your...

  • Sound of Light Extravaganza

    This a an International Fireworks Competion held at Lac-Leamy every year, usually end of July through begining of August. Obviously this photo is NOTHING even close to how spectacular these fireworks are. I have seem fireworks at Disney but they pale next to this show. It's all done to music and they have about four countries doing their displays a...

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    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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