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    Montreal Metro
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  • Metro
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  • The Metro

    by peach93 Updated Jun 18, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have ridden on the subway in Boston or New York, you will be amazed at how quiet the Montreal Metro is. The trains run on rubber wheels, eliminating nearly all of the ear-splitting din common in other subway systems. The Metro is extremely clean and efficient, the trains running in both directions every few minutes. It is the most convenient and economical way to get around the city as there are Metro stops nearly everywhere anyone could want to go.

    To ride the Metro you must purchase a ticket. Tickets are sold in singles or in strips of 6. Buying 6 is not only more economical--you get two of them free if you go by the single ticket price--but it will also help you avoid waiting in line as often. Tickets are fed directly into the turnstiles at the Metro entrance. I found that getting the turnstile to accept the ticket and turning the mechanical arm simultaneously a bit tricky, getting myself stuck more than once--much to the annoyance of the attendants. However, if you are less clumsy that I am you should be fine! Tickets are sold in Metro stations and at many retail stores. Maps of the Metro are available in most hotels and at Metro stations.

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  • Tom_In_Madison's Profile Photo

    Montreal Metro /subway system

    by Tom_In_Madison Updated Jun 17, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nice fairly inexpensive, clean metro service.

    There are 4 lines criss-crossing each other. Transferring from one to another is incredibly easy and quick, and you never have to walk far like you do in some Paris or London transfer spots.

    The weekly pass only starts on a Monday and runs until the end of Sunday night. So if you get here on a thursday, you’re screwed. This is the only thing I don’t like about it, not sure why this is. They could make this change easily and it would probably save money too because the tickets wouldn't have the date on them.

    Single tickets are C$2.75 or you can get 6 tickets for C$11. I think the weekly pass was about C$18.

    The doors you have to open can sometimes be unbelievably heavy to open. Add in a little wind and you really got to push or pull to get thru these things. I’m fairly strong, but man, sometimes I had to lean into these door with all my might to budge them. Be careful trying to get in, may not look as easy as it seems. Maybe this is because of the cold winters, they want them to be harder to open?? Of course, sometimes the doors are held open for you, especially at the entrance and exit of Berri-UQAM train station by guys holding empty tip cups.

    Berri-UQAM Metro stop connects to the Berri-UQAM bus station by an escalator. You may get into Montreal by the bus and it will stop here-convenient.

    If you have the pass, just hold it in your right hand with the face facing you, and slid it thru the reader, then push the turnstile.
    If you have a single ticket, jut deposit it in the little box next to the worker in the booth.

    The weekly metrpo pass, mine ran from May 8 - 14. 2 single metro tickets

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  • tuoedisni1's Profile Photo

    It closes before the bars do!

    by tuoedisni1 Updated Jun 16, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The metro system is in Montreal is very easy to use. Theres 3 main lines - blue, orange and green. If you are touring downtown, you will probably be sticking to the green and orange lines.

    Fares: I have never used the 3 day tourist card, but the six ticket strip is a good buy for a long weekend in Montreal.

    Hours of Operation: As great as it is to use, my only gripe is that it closes so early. It runs till about 12:30 am on weeknights and 1am on weekends. Yes, this is way before the bars close!
    If you will be out past those times, there are night buses. You can find these schedules on the website below.

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  • etrehumain's Profile Photo

    Easy, safe and clean

    by etrehumain Updated Apr 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The subway system in Montreal is so easy, so safe and so clean. 5 lines (and soon enough a sixth one to go to Laval) to go east and west without any worries about parking or fuel. "Le Métro" is also very cheap if you compare with many other big city in the world. It's always a unique amount for short or long distance. And you can take what we call a correspondance to take the bus to another place.

    If you go on the web site of the STM below, you will find all the infos for the ticket/pass prices, the map of the subway system, all the subway lines and bus lines, and so much more.

    The Métro is the best way to go around this beautiful city and it is part of the largest underground network in the world.

    See you there !

    Follow this sign Slide your card here or your ticket in front If you take the bus after, take one correspondance Le M��tro, blue with the white line, like our flag Publicity for the movie Maurice Richard
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  • baileyniko's Profile Photo

    Metro is Best Way Around Montreal

    by baileyniko Written Jan 7, 2006

    The Metro system is a clean, reasonably priced, and reliable way to get around Montreal. Parking is really difficult in Montreal, and there are many confusing parking rules on different streets. The different Metro lines are color-coded, and there is a map in every Metro car to refer to. The stations have clear signs so you know which way to exit the station if you need to be on a certain street or headed toward a certain landmark. An all-day adult ticket cost me $8.

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  • Sladja_79's Profile Photo

    "Prochaine station McGeel" :)

    by Sladja_79 Updated Dec 24, 2005

    A convenient, affordable and SAFE way of transportation around the city. The Metro is designed, when looking at the urban structure, very succesfully to cover most parts of the city, therefore allowing locals and visitors safe and fast means of transportation.

    I was fortunate enough to spend about ten days in this amazing city, and besides from all the walking (thanks to my dear friend Bilja), I was using the Metro quite often. If that is the case, best idea is to purchase a weekly Metro pass, that may be used any time within that week. if single ticket is purchased, as soon as you arrive at a given destination, your ticket will expire. This weekly ticket, called The CAM hebdo pass, is a much more affordable and a better choice, and is on sale from the preceding Friday to Tuesday.

    Oh, this pass is also valid for all the local busses.

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  • Biljana's Profile Photo


    by Biljana Updated Oct 25, 2005

    Metro is one of the best ways to get around Montreal. It's cheap, reliable and enjoyable. This is also a good way to experience the day to day life of typical Montrealers. If you are staying in the city for several days it might be worth your time to by a weekly metro pass. The weekly passes are on sale at any metro station for $18 and are good for any metro or bus rides within Montreal during the designated week.

    The Montreal metro system is well spread out. The whole Downtown area is well covered as well as some of the outskirts of the city. Make sure to grab a small metro map so that you can get on and off at the right stops and connect to the correct lines of the metro.

    Metro in Montreal Our friends Olja and David in the metro Olja waiting for the train
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  • tpal's Profile Photo

    Wold Class Subway and...Shopping Too!

    by tpal Written Sep 1, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We drove to Montreal but once we arrived our first choice was to walk around town. Montreal is a large city, however, and often the area we wanted to explore was some distance away. If necessary we took the car but most often parking was a problem especially in Old Town.

    The better choice was to use the Montreal Metro or subway system. It is efficient, clean and seemingly quite safe. It allowed us to maximize our walking distances. As Montreal is quite hilly in areas, by riding the Metro to the high point of the city, near Mount Royal for instance, we could enjoy a leisurely stroll downhill.

    There is an added benefit. The Metro system is part of what is know as Underground Montreal. Many of the stops are connected to a vast underground shopping mall permitting comfortable shopping even during Montreal's less than tropical winters.

    Montreal Metro

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  • el_ruso's Profile Photo


    by el_ruso Written Aug 15, 2005

    The subway system is very nice, clean, and the stations are probably the nicest I have seen outside of former Soviet Union. But the trains are not very frequent and not very fast. I bought a day pass, but I think a ride is $2.50, which is quite pricey. Subway does not go to the airport.

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  • TangoNuevo's Profile Photo

    Metro System

    by TangoNuevo Updated Aug 14, 2005

    They have the tourist pass that is also valid for buses.
    If you're staying there for more than 3 days, it's good deal.
    As you will be moving around the city by the metro.

    Renting a car is not necessary. It's quite hard to find a parking space in Montreal.

    The slight disadvantage when buying the tourist pass. Is that you'll have to line up in the ticket booth to show the attendant your PASS. it's not one of those where you can STRIP and GO. Sometimes, there could be lines.

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  • Blanula's Profile Photo

    Very easy

    by Blanula Written Jun 9, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We used Metro quite often.
    You can buy a one day travel card for CAN $ 8.00 or three day travel card for CAN$16.00. It is very fast, and reliable way of seeing Montreal.
    They give you a map of Metro and on the other side is a map of the Underground City. I was a bit silly and did not get it until a few days later! :-)

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  • Laura_Mexico's Profile Photo

    Metro and bus system

    by Laura_Mexico Updated May 16, 2005

    The Montreal subway system can take you to places distant from one another, especially if you're not a person who likes to walk... I do, so I avoided riding the metro as much as I could and used it only once.

    I noticed it's quite clean, modern and apparently efficient. It's open till very late night and it's connected to the underground system of the city. The fee for a ride is $2.50 CAN.

    The price is the same for a bus ride, and there are buses running along the main avenues of the city, including up & downhill in Mont Royal. I think you can get a free transfer from one route to another, which you can use for a limited time after you've left the first bus and may not be used for the same route (return).

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  • mwenn2100's Profile Photo

    Clean, Safe and Efficient

    by mwenn2100 Written May 5, 2005

    When traveling to big cities, I do my best to avoid renting a car. I just don't want to deal with traffic while I'm on vacation! Once in Montreal, there really is no need to have a car unless you plan on going far out of the city. Everywhere can be reached by taking the Metro and just walking a bit.

    We got a multi-day ticket that allowed us to get on and off for the length of our stay. The Metro was invaluable to us. It was safe, clean and efficient. Ask the person at the ticket booth for a map, and you'll be set! As someone who doesn't live near a subway, I found it really easy to figure out. It was also a good people watching tool.

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  • lotta29's Profile Photo

    The best way to get around

    by lotta29 Updated Mar 31, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The easiest way to get from place to place in Montreal is the subway. There are 4 lines (yellow, green, blue and orange). A ticket costs 2,5 CAD and the selling system is the stupidest I've ever seen =) You pay for your ticket, the cashier hands it to you and you immediately give it back!
    If you know you'll be using the metro a lot, you'll save money by buying a six-ticket strip or a tourist card for 1 or 3 days.

    You'll find a station under this kind of sign

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  • Clean subways! But there was a little confusion...

    by QueenV Written Feb 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As a native New Yorker, when you say the word "subway," I think about grimey, littered stations, noisy trains, rats, and handrails that don't look hygienic to touch (Not to knock NYC. I still love this place!).

    In Montreal, though, the first thing that struck was how CLEAN their stations were. It didn't even feel like a real station to me, 'cause it was so clean. And it didn't smell like a urinal either!

    The trains were also in great condition. I just thought they looked kind of funny. They rode on big rubber wheels. I kept saying, "That's not a real train! That's a bus traveling underground!" But I suppose the rubber wheels explain why the trains were much quieter than NYC trains. The sound of metal wheels scraping against metal rails is not an attractive sound. Believe me.

    The only thing some of my friends found confusing was transfering to the buses. I didn't really see that information explained anywhere (or it was probably in French), and you basically have to take a transfer ticket from these machines after you first enter the turnstiles. We ended up having to pay for another ticket.

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