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  • Lumsden from the bluff
    Lumsden from the bluff
    by DSwede
  • Snowmobiling the bluffs
    Snowmobiling the bluffs
    by DSwede
  • The Lumsden Museum
    The Lumsden Museum
    by DSwede

Lumsden Things to Do

  • Snowmobiling in the winter

    Snowmobiles (or ski-doos) in the winter are almost as common in Canada as snorkelers in the Caribbean. The large fields, the winding frozen river, the sloping river bluffs and the vast expansive plains atop the valley all combine to give a great terrain for snowmobiling.Lots of locals both from Lumsden, Craven, Regina and other smaller communities...

  • Lumsden Historical Society Museum

    Open in the summer months, the Lumsden Museum has a series of old buildings, some of which are from the colonial day eras. There is also a display of farming machinery.

  • Check rural 'Craven' for a look at...

    Only a few minutes after I crossed the Qu'Appelle River, I entered the small village of Craven, located on the northern valley wall overlooking the river. With a population of just 274 souls (they gained an extra 10 citizens between 2001 and 2006 according to the census) there is not much to this small totally English-speaking community. These...

  • The Qu'Appelle is an 'ox-bow' river

    This view of the Qu'Appelle was actually taken about 2 weeks later when I was flying over it on a return trip from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Regina - it gives a really good view of the ox-bow characteristics of the river. Because the Qu'Appelle flows slowly down its broad valley floor, it has a relatively gentle current that takes meandering...

  • Locals live in the valley

    There were a few houses built along the river, but all were part way up into the moraine hills along the edge of the valley walls, just in case the river decided to have a flood. It looks like these people have made use of a few of those glacial rocks to decorate the driveway, along with two 'apartment-sized' bird houses on poles! I also passed a...

  • A water control system on the Qu'Appelle...

    Just as I reached the outskirts of Craven while leaving town on Highway 99, I ran across these two structures streching across the river. There was a big sign next to the deserted facilities so I stopped for a closer look. On reading that these 'Control Structures' were run by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, I thought that sounds...

  • Explore the Qu'Appelle River valley

    Unlike the other river valleys I had seen in Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Qu'Appelle River has cut itself a very wide valley with flat and fertile soil between its two valley walls. The others seem to have cut into the earth like a knife and are much more rugged looking places. These views show the wide vista that opens up as one drives down off...

  • The strange 'moraine' valley walls of...

    The landscape of the valley walls is a constant jumble of gently rolling hills and valleys, created when the Qu'Appelle River cut its way down through the hundreds of feet of glacial till deposited across the Prairies about 12,000-years ago. When the last Ice Age melted away, it dropped millions of tons of material that it had eroded off various...

  • A small river for such a wide valley!

    After driving across the flat or gently rolling Prairies for miles and miles, it is always a pleasure to come across a river valley. However, because of its 1-mile wide valley floor, the Qu'Appelle is an especially welcoming sight! It flows for about 270-miles (430-km) from central Saskatchewan to just over the Manitoba border, where it joins the...


Lumsden Restaurants

  • Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo

    by Bwana_Brown Updated Mar 22, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It just happened to be noon when I finally rolled into the village of Craven, so I decided to have lunch since there would not be any other chances on the route I was planning to take through the Qu'Appelle River valley. The Port Hyman Plaza along main Highway 20 seemed to be the biggest establishment in town and it had an attached restaurant that didn't look too bad, called the Craven Country Restaurant. Actually, I wanted to check it out anyway just to see what the service and food was like in a small village like this. Over the course of my meal, there was a varied bunch of customers ranging from a grandfather/grandson combo, a group of four guys in their twenties, a bunch of youngsters in their early teens and a stylish couple in their late twenties. The fact that he was wearing shorts on this 0 C day wasn't surprising, because it is amazing how warm that feels after 3-4 months of temperatures in the -20 to -40 C range!

    Favorite Dish: I'd had a bigger than usual breakfast so kept my order down to their simple 'soup & sandwich special'. I didn't really care what it was but it turned out to be a tasty combo of potatoe soup with bacon bits, carrots and celery (which I spiced up with Tabasco sauce and pepper) along with a tuna salad & lettuce sandwich on toasted brown bread (C$6). I was in no rush, so ate slowly and washed it down with a cold 5% alcohol-content Canadian lager beer. Including a tip for the friendly and efficient waitress, the meal came to only C$12.50. I would eat there again!

    The Port Hyman Plaza - restaurant at right Dining room not too busy at high noon My soup, sandwich and beer
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Lumsden Nightlife

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    by DSwede Updated Jan 19, 2011

    There are only a couple of watering holes in Lumsden and Craven. They definitely are small town pubs, with no frills. They are the type of places where everyone known everyone. While they will welcome a stranger with a smile, they will know you are out of towners. One such place is the Craven Motor Inn.

    Dress Code: Dress code?! Seriously, anything goes.

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Lumsden Transportation

  • The river has been bridged a few times

    My drive along the Qu'Appelle River ended where Highway 99 returned to connect with Highway 6, one of the main provincial roads. It was there that I saw three bridges in a row, with the first two no longer in operation. This view of the middle of the three was taken from the oldest bridge and shows the typical concrete arch construction used in its...

  • It was nice to get away from the...

    You really have to have a car to explore in Saskatchewan and, for once, it was nice to get off the main highways and onto some of Saskatchewan's lesser roads. Just north of Regina I swung off Highway 6 onto the unpaved secondary Highway 729 and the traffic immediately dropped to practically zero. The road itself was very solid and not bumpy so I...

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Lumsden Local Customs

  • Basically, it is a farming area

    As I made my back-road approach to the Qu'Appelle River valley via unpaved Highway 729, I came across this not unusual scene of a couple of dilapidated barns with some beef cattle settled down in front of them. I've never before lived in a place where the winds blow like they do in Saskatchewan - with no natural barriers to block those wild gusts...

  • This machine has a lot of history!

    As I pulled into the local Esso garage/convenience store for a bottle of water just before lunch, I could not help but notice this old Massey-Harris type 55 plow-equipped tractor sitting on the property. Although produced only from 1946-55, this old beast was still up to the task of keeping the business clear of snow! The piece of cardboard over...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

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