Meadow Lake Provincial Park Travel Guide

  • Entering from Cold Lake, Alberta
    Entering from Cold Lake, Alberta
    by Bwana_Brown
  • A Welded Butterfly
    A Welded Butterfly
    by Bwana_Brown
  • Is This a Black Widow?
    Is This a Black Widow?
    by Bwana_Brown

Meadow Lake Provincial Park Things to Do

  • Don't Expect Paved Roads

    Our luck ran out as we reached the park. What sunshine we had been blessed with disappeared, and so did the colours of the leaves on the trees! Compound this with unpaved roads, no visible sight of the river or lakes from the road and a 5 year old child in the van - we said let's call it a day! This photo was taken along the main park road as we...

  • Entering Meadow Lake Provincial Park

    After about an hour of easy driving on paved roads, with the odd photo opportunity, we arrived at Meadow Lake Provincial Park. A bridge over the Waterhen River brings you into the park past a gate-house, unmanned at that time of the year. The river itself is a remnant of the glaciers that shaped this part of Saskatchewan. This area lies in a small...

  • Game Farms

    Occassionally, on a drive in the countryside you will pass a game farm of some description. We passed one farm that had Bison in one section with a herd of white deer in the other part. A short time later, we came across an Elk farm. When we stopped to take a photo, the small Elk trotted right over to the fence for a closer look at this curiosity....


Meadow Lake Provincial Park Local Customs

  • A Small Church

    Located outside Pierceland, this small church sat by itself on a little knoll in the countryside. There was no plaque or name to identify it or its denomination. However, judging by the surnames on some of the tombstones (Sudom, Rewaga, Seland, Dimion, Toma and Yurko), it seems that it must be affiliated with some of the many immigrants from Europe...

  • A One-Street Village

    Just before arriving at the Lac des Isles portion of the Provincial Park, you will drive through the tiny village of Goodsoil. It was quite interesting and looked as though it had seen better days. To the left, between the tall trees was the little Cafe, which was doing a rip-roaring Sunday trade. To the right, in front of the other tree, is the...

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Meadow Lake Provincial Park Off The Beaten Path

  • The Groundhog Was My Favourite

    I thought that their sculpture of a groundhog emerging from his burrow was the best of the lot! In reality, these otter-sized creatures live from one coast to the other in Canada. They hibernate all through the winter months in their burrows dug in farmers fields, before emerging in late-winter to see what is happening. February 2nd is known as...

  • Brave to Tackle a Spider This BIg

    In front of the Pikowicz homestead with its many intresting things to look at, we found this giant spider to be very friendly despite his appearance.

  • Giant Butterfly

    Although this whole area is Off-the-Beaten-Path, we were surprised and delighted to come across an amazing display of welding skill beside Highway 55 (and so was our 5-year old grand-daughter)! Near Pierceland, Ron and Lou Pikowicz have a very nice looking spread in the countryside. As you approach their place not far from the Alberta border, you...


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