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  • Land of Living Skies  (backyard)
    Land of Living Skies (backyard)
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    Saskatoon Inn Hotel
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Saskatoon Things to Do

  • Fairhaven Bowl

    A game of Tenpin bowling is really reasonable here. The price options are:Youth/seniors $4.75Adult $5.75League bowler $3You also have the option of hiring a lane for an hour for $35, booking using birthday rates, and they offer family rates too.There was six of us so we were given teo lanes side-by-side. It was great fun! You can choose the ball...

  • Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons is a coffee shop chain across the Canada (now spreading into North America). It is a lot cheaper than Starbucks or Cafe Nero.'Timmies' as it is locally known to some, makes more types of coffee's in different combinations than I have ever seen!They also make tea, hot chocolates, smoothies and iced coffee's (I highly recommend the iced...

  • Gladys' Doll House

    Yes! A doll house! There are a ton of dolls there and it's about the only thing to do if you're in Saskatoon....You have to call beforehand to make an appointment: it is owned by a lady who lives right next to the building - which is more like garage sort of thing. The lady will show you around and tell you about each doll - she's very sweet. She...

  • The Meewasin Valley Trail

    The South Saskatchewan river flows through the middle of Saskatoon. On the both banks of this river are parks with trails for walking, running, skating, cycling and in the winter, cross country skiing.

  • Geocaching

    For Geocachers:Saskatoon has over 400 caches hidden throughout the city and in surrounding areas. There are some wonderful challenges and great scenery along the riverbank. Have fun!For Non-Geocachers:There are over 733,000 geocaches hidden around the world. It's a worldwide Hide n' Seek game using a GPS. Anyone can do it. You are searching for...

  • A Good Intro to the City

    Boat tours up & down the river are given three times daily. This goes along the shores of the downtown area, Varsity View, Nutana. Don't forget your camera.


Saskatoon Hotels

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Saskatoon Restaurants

  • Cool place to dine and drink!

    This Sports bar is in Martensville, about 10/15 mintues (drive) outside Saskatoon. You can catch Canadian football, American football, Soccer, Baseball etc. here.We enjoyed a meal here. The meals weren't expensive and everybody in my party cleared their plates! Within my party, we ordered fish & chips, chicken fingers & chips, burgers and salads....

  • Great diner and breakfasts

    Broadway Cafe is another local's favorite. The decor is rather timeless since there's a mix of everything from 50's nostalgia up through 80's pop culture. On weekends, its a particularly popular place that often requires you to wait a few minutes for tables. The breakfasts were fantastic. The ham and egg breakfast sandwich was good, the eggs...

  • Blackened Chicken

    A Greek Restaurant in the heart downtown Saskatoon. Seating is available outside during the summer, otherwise you have to go downstairs, inside and then upstairs to get to the restaurant. Once inside, tables are available in an alcove to the right, overlooking the road or in the main dining room to the left. Service is prompt and friendly. During...

  • Great breakfasts, local feel

    Park Cafe is not necessarily in the most scenic of neighborhoods, but that is part of the reason why it is a local's only type diner. The place has been around for a long time, has been written up positively in many reviews and after eating there I can see why.The diner has old photos of the city, showing its development from the early days. The...

  • Yummy Burmese Cuisine

    The restaurant is cozy, very clean and nicely decorated with ethnic artwork. I liked the informative page about Miramar (Burma) in the menu. There was a good selection of dishes. We were there for lunch. The portion sizes were great - we had lunch for the next day as well! Definitely recommended.

  • My favorite

    This is my favorite Coffee & Tea House in the city. The reason that I choose to go here first, than any other place in the city, is because there are magazines and newspapers. They have also games, such as domino, monopoly, toys for children...You can find here desserts to die for, but also they have icecream, and very healthy lunch with your...


Saskatoon Nightlife

  • Nightclub

    Particularly in this place I like the appetizers. The hamburger bites on this picture were good, but also the spring roles are delicious. Smart-Casual

  • Chumps (aka Champs)

    Large sports bar with many tvs and a big dance floor. Kind of an odd combination. Restaurant there as well. You will see anything from sweat pants to bar wear. I would go somewhere in the middle.......

  • Gay club

    Diva's is Saskatoon's gay night club and dance bar. The crowd is mixed but tends to be more men than women. Weeknights are usually quiet, so don't expect much. Friday and Saturdays get busy around 11 pm. The bar and dance floor are located on the ground floor. There is a second floor with washrooms, a balcony overlooking the dance floor, and a...


Saskatoon Transportation

  • Saskatoon Airport

    We flew to and from here October 2012. It's a small airport with a selection of shops i.e. Tom Hortons (coffee shop), souvenir shops and a few places that sell hot and cold snacks.On arrival, I was surprised that you litterally got off the plane, walked to collect my luggage and we were out of the airport - no passport control checks (I assume this...

  • The best way to get around...

    The best way to get around Saskatoon, in the summer, is on bike. The city is full of wide, inviting, tree-lined streets and bike paths, and the best way to experience the city and take in its beauty is to tour on two wheels! Particaularily, check out the Meewasin trail system, which extends along both sides of the river bank.

  • Getting places is easy, There...

    Getting places is easy, There is bus routes that cover every part of the city, and if you want you can rent a car, because like I said it is not hard to find your way around.Taxi's are also an option, but those can get quite pricey sometimes


Saskatoon Shopping

  • Popcorn with a twist!

    Popcorn! I'm not a huge fan of it myself, but you've got to try some of the flavours they have on sale here!There's the usual sweet and & salt. Then there's pickle flavour, cheese (different varieties), caramel, double butter, salt & vinegar, dill and jalapeno to name what I can remember!Pick what takes your fancy and enjoy!

  • Midtown Mall

    Great Mall with all the type of shops you could want. The mall is very clean, bright and it has underground parking. You pay for all parking here.The food court has a fab selection of foods that will fill your belly! They have Korean, Mexican, Greek, Thai, Japanese, Italian, sandwiches and sushi! Brilliant selection!The opening hours are:Monday &...

  • Alcohol!!

    In Canada, alcohol is not sold anywhere apart from a Liquor store or a Sports bar (pub).You must have your ID with you. If you are asked for ID and you do not have it, you will not be able to purchase anything no matter how much you beg, plead and try to reason!!I was told that the general rule of thumb is, if you look under 35/40 - you will be...


Saskatoon Local Customs

  • A Taste of Saskatchewan

    One of the many summer events in Saskatoon. It is located in the Kiwanis Park, at downtown.This year (2006) is going to be from July 18 to July 23th. Many restaurants participate in this event. You can go, buy some food and eat at the park and listen live music. You don't buy the food with money, you have to buy tokens first and purchase the food...

  • A walk around the river

    During the summer lots of people of Saskatoon walk around the river S. Saskatchewan. They always can find a bench, have a rest and enjoy the view.

  • Visit Mendel Art Gallery. If u...

    Visit Mendel Art Gallery. If u like arts ofcourse here u can see specific art of young canadian artists.


Saskatoon Warnings and Dangers

  • Watch for panhandlers

    Saskatoon is a nice city, but it's not without its social problems. Panhandlers can be encountered in the downtown and Broadway areas. The vast majority are not aggressive, and will not bother you if you ignore them or give them a polite but firm "No". Should you be confronted by one that is persistent, go into a store or other crowded area where...

  • not true

    ok man i live in pleasant hill westside and it is some what like that i lived there my whole life and i seen the crackhouses i see gang members everyday i get into alot a fights a week when im just tryna get home you see the way us natives are treated we act this way to make a diffrence but we are making a wrong diffrence but it is still rough were...

  • crime

    Saskatoon's west side is played up a little. Yes there is crime and gangs but it is no South Central or D.C hood as people would have you believe. So just be sure not too act too crazy over there or go out alone at night or other parts of the city like Sutherland. Also you should be careful at like bus stops because there may be gangs or drug...


Saskatoon What to Pack

  • Packing List

    Moisqutous or Bugs are not as bad.. but that is unpredictable...Hmm,, I dunno, its up to you what you want to bring Summer time any type of clothing, winter; warmer clothing..Proper foot wear if walking or hiking is going to be done... Pain relievers for headaches or illness..... Rubbing alc, cotton swabs, Q-Tips, Hygeine supplies, tensor...

  • Packing List

    Any kind of luggage/bags are fine - rolling wheels are easy for Saskatoon Depending on the time of the year visiting Saskatoon - if it is wintertime, you do want to bring gloves, scarf, headgear, and a warm coat. (Boots are a good idea too.) In the summer, you want to have clothes that will allow for hot (30C) to cool evenings (15-20). In the...

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Saskatoon Off The Beaten Path

  • The Oldest House in Saskatoon plus a...

    The Marr Residence is not an ordinary house. It's the oldest house still on its original foundation in Saskatoon, was used as a field hospital during the Riel Rebellion and houses 3 ghosts! When you look at the size of the rooms, you know things were quite different at that time for this house to be used as a hospital. The ghosts mostly come out at...

  • Pike Lake Provincial Park

    This provincial park is southwest of Saskatoon on Highway 60 and is good for almost any recreational activity you can think of. Swimming, hiking, boating, camping, and baseball are just a few of the many things to do at this park. Stores and facilities are available. There are trails for those who want to hike, beaches on the lake

  • View expensive, historic homes

    Starting from Saskatchewan Cres. East near College Drive and ending at the Broadway Bridge are a number of homes that were built in the early 1900s to accomodate university-related professionals like presidents of the university, doctors, and professors. These homes were the first such "mansions" to be built on the riverbank. Some houses have a...


Saskatoon Favorites

  • living in Saskatoon

    nice city to live in altough,a few differences in attitude..lived here 5yr,from Scotland,have had more doors shut in my face here than my entire life in Scotland,driving very aggressive,the general rule of thumb is dont give to anyone,and you will fit in,although it takes a while to get into that frame of your neighbour?...well dont know...

  • Beat of the distant drums..

    One of the sites that is worth a visit is Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Be sure to plan for a few hours and go when the weather is nice enough for walk outside. Best memories are of the winter months. When it is cold enough for horror frost to accumulate on the trees and the bridges with all the lights sparkling on everything. It is a beautiful site...

  • Vimy Memorial Bandstand

    In Kiwanis Park, next to the Delta Bessborough hotel, the Vimy Memorial Band Shell is a memorial to Canadian soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1 at Vimy Ridge . Originally, Dedicated on September 1, 1937, the newly renovated bandstand was rededicated on September 18, 2005.


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