Province of Saskatchewan Things to Do

  • The Side View of Minto Rec centre and lounge
    The Side View of Minto Rec centre and...
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  • Bounce house
    Bounce house
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  • Bumper Cars at the Minto Bowling
    Bumper Cars at the Minto Bowling
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Province of Saskatchewan Things to Do

  • Drive Across The Prairies

    Look for Wooden Grain Elevators.In the 1930's there were over 3000 wooden grain elevators in Saskatchewan spaced at 11 km ..Now there are less than 400.They have ben replaced by metal grain bins or metal siding has been installed in lieu of new wood.Follow a highway that parallels a railway track.

  • Moose Jaw: murals and more ....

    Moose Jaw has a couple of interesting sites for tourists. First of all there is the “Temple Gardens Mineral Spa” with water up to 40º C. Nearby the spa is a casino. On the main street you will find the famous “tunnels”. During a guided tour we got a good impression of the way Chinese ‘slaves’ did work and live under the ground in very bad...

  • Big Muddy Badlands, remote and...

    The Big Muddy Badlands were formed thousands and thousand of years ago in the last ice age, when the Wisconsin Glacier began retreating. Melt water from the glacier eroded this area into ‘badlands’. Nowadays this remote valley, once part of this glacial melt water system, is on some spots about 3 km’s wide, has a length of 60 km’s and a depth of...

  • The Great Sandhills

    While the sand dunes in Spruce Woods Provincial Park (Manitoba) are more impressive because they are not as covered with vegetation, the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan are worth a quick visit if you are already in the area or have not yet seen sand dunes in the prairies.

  • Moose Jaw the Venice of Saskatchewan

    We didn't realize Moose Jaw is a cultural oasis of sorts in Saskatchewan. Here are lots of restaurants that offer vegetarian cuisine or gourmet coffees. The locals seem to have an easygoing urbane attitude with a lively sense of humour - you can certainly believe that the Canadian comedian Brent Butt went to high school here. There is, of course,...

  • Wildlife watching, and listening ;)

    There is so much wildlife in Saskatchewan - we saw LARGE wolves, deer, prong-horn antelope, and tons of birds - we were even very excited to see a few whooping cranes (very rare)! It was a little unnerving at night at one campground close to Alberta to hear how many wolves were howling! After dark, first we heard a chorus of coyotes howling - I...

  • Moose Jaw

    Moose Jaw is most famous for its role in the Prohibition "boot-legging" Period. A visit to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw will give you an overview of the city's history and a tour of the tunnels themselves. The tunnels were used for smuggling booze. Also interesting are the pretty murals painted on the sides of buildings around the city, a reminder of...

  • Regina

    Regina is a small city of less than 300,000 people (2008). It can be covered in a day or two. I highly recommend visiting the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (see my Regina page for details). Also, the legislative building. In warmer months, a walk by the man-made Wascana Lake after lunch is pleasant. Lots of waterbirds here.

  • Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

    This unique park is a must-see destination when in Saskatchewan. The Cypress Hills form the highest elevation between the Rockies and Labrador and consist of rolling hills covered in spruce and pine forests - a stark contrast from the surrounding prairies. As a result of this isolation, these hills are home to a unique community of plants and...

  • Cypress Hills

    The Centre Block of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is situated about 25 km’s south of Maple Creek along ‘Highway 21’. You will find a huge recreational area with a swimming pool, a lake with boat rentals and hiking trails. Drive along the Centre Block Auto Tour and enjoy the panoramic views over the Saskatchewan prairies from a couple of...

  • Grasslands National Park of Canada

    One of Canada's newest national parks, GNPC protects a portion of the country's remaining native mixed-grass prairie and a host of species-at-risk. Some of these are: burrowing owl, black-tailed prairie dogs, greater sage grouse, ferruginous hawk, Sprague's pipit, McCown's longspur. Other interesting species are: plains bison, pronghorn antelope,...

  • Saskatoon: Wanuskewin Heritage Park

    During our trip through Saskatchewan we stayed one night in Saskatoon. Being interested in the history, we decided to visit Wanuskewin Heritage Park. This in- and outdoor 'museum' shows and tells the long history of the First Nations of the of Northern Plains (an Indian tribe). A video and (interactive) displays show a lot about the history and the...

  • Regina - capital of the plains

    Regina is Saskatchewan's capital and has about 200.000 inhabitants.In the middle of the plains the city has some interesting green parks: Victoria Park in downtown Regina and Wascana Park, a huge recreational area. It is almost incredible to realise that all these trees are the work of human hands. Hundred years ago there was nothing at all !!The...

  • Auto tour through Saskatchewan

    This is not a tip for ONE specific trip, but just a recommendation for making one (or more) auto tours through the rural parts of Saskatchewan, off from the highways and into the rural (gravel) roads of the province.Just discover the more unknown villages, one of these (almost) ghost towns, or tiny hamlets in the middle of the nowhere with a...

  • Saskatchewan War Memorial

    During our last visit to Regina we were by change witness of the unveiling of a new (and last) statue at the Saskatchewan War Memorial. This statue of a war nurse has now a place beside that of a First World War Canadian soldier. And both flank the names of thousands and thousand of brave Canadian men and women who lost their lives during...

  • So many lakes so little time...

    Seriously during the summer months, which admittedly are only basically June- August and that's pushing it...the lakes in Saskatchewan are the place to be. We have over 10,000 different lakes. There is fishing, boating, waterskiing, canoing, jet skiing any number of sports. Almost all lakes are swimmable if you can stand a little bit of chilly...

  • The happiest place on earth...

    Danceland!!!! Danceland, known as the "Home of the World Famous Dance Floor Built on Horsehair" was built in 1928 and has entertained innumerable people since. Now open year round, you are welcome to come down and see the breathtaking architecture and the 5000 square foot dance floor. Danceland is located at Manitou Beach next to Canada's largest...

  • Grasslands National Park

    In this park you will find the only existing original prairie in Canada. Enjoy the vast impressive plains with its specific flora of different grasses and flowers and if you are lucky you might see some animals like Mule Deer, Antelopes or Hawks. From Val Marie (about 15 km’s east on highway 18 and 5 km's south on a gravel road) you can drive the...

  • Fort Walsh

    A scenic drive (about 50 km’s ) from Maple Creek will bring you to the West Block of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Suddenly you will find yourself in the middle of forests of pine and spruce and on a windy rather steep road.Fort Walsh is situated in the middle of these lovely scenery with some high summits (almost 1400 m.).Start you visit...

  • Great Sand Hills: unexpeted scenery

    Driving through straight (gravel) roads we reached the turnoff to the Great Sand Hills. After a couple of km’s we found ourselves on a windy sand road straight across a part of the Great Sand Hills.A vast area of scattered dunes in the Southwest of Saskatchewan.Along the road we did see a lot of wildlife like mule deer, antelope and white-tailed...

  • Unique Prairie Dogs

    Only in the Grasslands National Park of Canada (near Val Marie SK) you will find the so called ‘prairie dogs’. There are about ten colonies within the park and some of them are easy accessible from the gravel road through the west block.You can not miss the so called 'dog towns', existing of many burrows and short cut grass. As soon as you leave...

  • Farms

    Saskatchewan is a breadbasket for Canada. The land is flat and rich -- exactly the correct conditions to grow hard wheat. There are a lot of farmland in Saskatchewan -- but many fewer farms than a generation ago.The days of small farmers is gone, and now most land is owned by big corporations, and often combining is done by contract combiners.Those...

  • Disappearing grain elevators

    It used to be that every town in Saskatchewan contained a grain elevator. It was the heart of a farming town. Every farmer trucked their grain to the elevator, and as the highways were not the best, there were a lot of elevators. Trains picked up the grain from the elevators.Things have changed. Roads are better, and the old wooden grain elevator...

  • University of Saskatchewan

    As I know it was established 1912. I will check for more details later. For more photos from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon see the Travelogues

  • The landscape

    This photo was taken when I was leaving Saskatchewan last May. Later from Calgary I had a fly to Europe. You can see the Prairie Land of Saskatchewan around.

  • Churches in the prairie

    You will never know from the look what type of church is this. There are different kind of Christians in Saskatchewan. Every newcomer will find easy its own church.

  • Colourful gardens

    The people of Saskatchewan are proud of their beautiful backyards, with a lot of different flowers. The provincial flower here is a type of lily. I'll provide a photo of this flower later.

  • Lake Chaplin

    In the middle of nowhere. A hundred some miles west of Moose Jaw and hundred or so miles east of Swift Current. Nothing out in these parts except for salt miners and sea birds. Lake Chaplin is a birders paradise because it is homeground for saltwater loving birds. We left the Trans-Canadian Highway and ventured down some dirt roads to find lonely...

  • Prairie Cathedrals

    Every town has a grain elevator. These towering buildings dominate the prairie towns of Saskatchewan just as the cathedral or church spires dominate the skyline of a European hamlet.The concept of a grain elevator is that it is a way for the local farmers to store, sell and transport their grain to markets far away. The farmer brings his crop to...

  • Go to Indian Head

    I've seen a book and several web sites with giant things in Canada... one of them is this statue of a native person's head in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. When we passed through, I just had to take a picture!


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