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    Larger than Life, indeed!
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Whitehorse Things to Do

  • Drive to Skagway USA

    Quite a pleasent 2hour casual drive over the mountains to Skagway in Alaska.There are no problems taking a rental car from Whitehorse Canada to Alaska USA but natuarally passports will be required as not long over the last peak you come across a somehwat desolate US border post. Ensure you have a full tank as gas stations are few and far, and even...

  • Something good is brewing in...

    In Whitehorse, rarely will you see people drinking other beer than the ones brewed at Yukon Brewing - and why should they?! With eight great beer to choose from, several of them award-winning brews, you won't find anything better to quench your thirst. The brewery's beers can be found in most restaurants and all liquor stores in town, but you can...

  • Bald eagles nest on the Millenium Loop

    Obviously, the national bird of the United States enjoys spending time in Canada as well! A pair of bald eagles built a nest in a tree located near the Millemium Loop, not far from the "Welcome to Whitehorse" sign on Robert Service Way. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during a storm so the Yukon Electrical Company erected a man-made nest, hoping...


Whitehorse Hotels

Whitehorse Restaurants

  • If you can't find it here, it might not...

    This is another Whitehorse institution, for sure. This market's motto is "If we don't have it, it's not worth having", and that pretty much sums it all up. This place is literally full to the brim with grocery products of all kinds, and of every brand you can think of. People with special diets will love it as they are sure to find all the...

  • Yukon Meat & Sausage

    Yukon Meat & Sausage is a bit of an institution in Whitehorse. It's been around since 1968, and its workman's special (two sausages, sauerkraut & salad for $9) are especially appreciated by locals and tourists alike. If you're planning a picnic or if you're going camping, this is THE place to go in Whitehorse to fix yourself a memorable lunch. I...

  • Great like cafe in Whitehorse

    There's a good number of cafes in Whitehorse so I didn't have time to try them all, but if you're looking for a healthy meal and a good cup of Joe, I can definitely recommend this one, which happens to be my friend's favourite. On top of their coffee specialties, homemade bread and pastries, Baked also offers a wide selection of sandwiches, salads,...


Whitehorse Nightlife

  • Yukon Beer!

    This is not really a night club spot but obviously a popular activity. Buy your own booze and make your own fun in Whitehorse. It is obviously popular as this busker decided to set up shop on the front steps.Now to my recommendation. There is going to be tonnes of choices. I am recommending you try out some of the local beers. If you like a light...

  • Yukon Mining Company

    Earlier I recommended the High Country Inn as the place to stay in Whitehorse and one of the main reasons is the character of the hotel and the dining and drinking area with heated deck also called the Yukon Mining Company.It is great place for food and local beer. Be sure to try the Grizzley Beer!I remember really enjoying the menu as well, it is...

  • Lizard's Bar and Grill

    Lizard's is in my own humble opinion the best spot in Whitehorse. There is always local rock band entertainment, nice clean bar, lots of activity and overall a great place to have a great time in Whitehorse. On a Friday or Saturday night it will be one of the best places to visit. Casual


Whitehorse Transportation

  • Erik Neilson International Airport

    Given how remotely located the city is, flying is by far the easiest way to reach Whitehorse - though not exactly the cheapest, unfortunately. Other than the local company Air North, the two companies offering flights to Whitehorse via Vancouver are Air Canada (two flights daily) and West Jet (one flight daily). In the summertime, Condor also...

  • Trolley along the Yukon

    Travelling along the banks of the Yukon river can be found a quaint trolley which was originally built in Portugal in 1925. It was originally made for overhead electric supply, which is still being considered in Whitehose, but for the time being the power is produced by a 600v diesel generator which is hitched to the trolley. ( see my video on ex...

  • Klondike Loop

    The “Klondike Loop” refers to the 323-mile/520-km-long stretch of Yukon Highway 2 (the North Klondike Highway, also sometimes called the “Mayo Road”), from its junction with the Alaska Highway north of Whitehorse to Dawson City; the 79-mile/ From Whitehorse to Tok via the Alaska Highway is approximately 396 miles/637 km.)


Whitehorse Shopping

  • Great little bookstore in Whitehorse

    Thanks to my book addiction, I'm always on the lookout for nice bookstores when I travel so I was glad to find this one in Whitehorse. Mac's Fireweed Books is a pretty cool independent bookstore located on Main Street. There's a very interesting section featuring local authors and/or books about the Yukon, as well as a pretty big selection of books...

  • Log Sky Scraper

    One of Whitehorse's more unique looking local gift shops is the Sky Scraper Trading Post.Here is a picture, be sure to drop in :-)

  • Folknits

    Another one of Whitehorse's unique buildings sporting a couple of moose on the roof is a knitwear place called Folknits so if your into nice sweaters pay this place a visit. Folknits' shop was opened in 1995 by professional knitter and designer, Wendy Chambers. This unique store in Whitehorse, Yukon specializes in qiviuq (qiviut), the insulating...


Whitehorse Local Customs

  • Gone fishing!

    For many people, fishing is THE thing to do in the Yukon - for me it was more about having the opportunity to be on the Yukon River in a boat :op But still, with the Yukon being one of the longest salmon rivers in the world and with lakes all around Whitehorse filled with all kinds of trout, I can understand the appeal. License fees are very low...

  • Wild animals sighting

    As you drive around Whitehorse and the Yukon, it's truly worth keeping an eye out for wildlife - sometimes you don't really need to try all that hard for they might just decide to cross the road right in front of you! During our trip, we saw some bears and foxes, plenty of paw and hoof prints, and plenty of poop as well! No caribou this time...

  • Midnight Sun Coffee

    This coffee is very good! They say they can't think of a better place to make coffee than in a community where people are cold and need something warm. Whatever the reason, it works. We had some of this when we were in a cafe and I'll probably end up ordering from their online store as well. There's many varieties from dark roasts to flavored...


Whitehorse Warnings and Dangers

  • The river is dangerous

    It might be a hot day and the Yukon river might look tempting, but don't go for swim.As you can see in the picture the river has dangerous currents. The old rapids were the name Whitehorse came from wrecked many boats. But today you can canoe in the river as a dam is in the place of the rapids.

  • Grey Mountain Road

    In my Whitehorse tips I have highly recommended a visit to the top of Grey Mountain. So I have also provided this picture to show if you go off the road you will most likely come to an unplanned death.It is very steap in sections and the road gravel is loose, so just be careful and don't get caught admiring the views to much while your driving at...

  • These are the famous Cranberry...

    These are the famous Cranberry Rapids on the mighty Liard River, south of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway in northern B.C. Many a pioneer lost their lives on this trecherous river during the trek to the goldfields of the Yukon. They stretch for more than 1 kilometer. (Click on the image for a larger view)


Whitehorse Tourist Traps

  • Chilkoot Trail "Hiker's Package" Alert

    by coquitaylor Written Aug 22, 2006

    The Yukon Alaska Tourist Tour company advertises a Hiker's Package that sounds like a great way to get on and off the famous Chilkoot Trail. A combination bus / train ride includes a ride on the renowned White Pass Railroad. That part was fabulous! The part that wasn't was a two and a half hour wait in the cold wind at the side of the highway after we had been dropped off by the train after finishing the hike. The bus never came. We contacted the YATT tour company, waited another hour and finally hitchiked into Whitehorse. The company manager was very rude and beligerent in his response, and has yet to refund our money for the bus portion of our return trip.

    Unique Suggestions: Absolutely hike the Chilkoot Trail, and absolutely go on the White Pass Railroad, but go with a different company.

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Whitehorse What to Pack

  • Packing List

    Be prepared. Weather is volatile and the Territory is very small in population. Outside of Whitehorse you will find a decent grocery story in Dawson and Haines Junction- that is it! Bring necessary items as this is not real modern Canada but backcountry Canada and if the product you need is available, it will be quite expensive. Bring good walking...

  • Packing List

    Lake Laberge Campground, Territory Provincial. Bring some tools. If you're traveling ouside ofsouther B.C., bring some extra spokes, brake and shift cables and chain.

  • Whitehorse Hotels

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Whitehorse Off The Beaten Path

  • A unique homage to a unique man

    Although Robert Service is more closely associated with Dawson because the Klondike Gold Rush was the main source of inspiration for many of his poems, he also spent four years in Whitehorse working at the Canadian Bank of Commerce. He actually wrote several of his most famous poems while living and working in Whitehorse, and in 2010, the city...

  • Robinson Roadhouse and Emerald Lake

    Back in the Gold Rush days, and even for several year afterwards until completion of the Klondike Highway in the 1950s, the road between Carcross and Dawson City was dotted with roadhouses. These were generally located 20-30 km apart, and provided very basic accommodations to people traveling by stage coach. It would generally take about 5 days to...

  • Haekel Hill

    Yukon is well known for its innovation and I have provided a web site to that effect. On of the key innovators has been the Yukon Energy Corporation. You can read there story on the web site I provided. But if you have never seen a wind turbine before or if you like a very step hike or 4 x 4 off roading you can to go to the top of Haekel Hill and...


Whitehorse Sports & Outdoors

  • Rent a canoe and paddle 435 miles to...

    Back in 1896, gold was discoverd in the Klondike near Dawson and thousands of folks known as the Stampeders made rafts near Whitehorse and let the river carry them North 345 miles to Whitehorse. I am told that today about 8,000 folks canoe this route every year, but we only saw a handful of people during our 12 day trip. There were a lot more bears...

  • Dog Racing Anyone?

    During my stay in Whitehorse, I got to attend a social event which was the kick off of the Yukon Quest a world famous dog team race. I didn't get the pleasure of seeing the races but did meet a couple ushers and this sport is certainly part of the culture in the Yukon!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Whitehorse Favorites

  • Visitor Centre: A good place to start!

    If you're looking for a good Yukon guide, I can certainly recommend Polly Evans's Bradt Guide to the Yukon - I kept it on my bedside table before, during, and even after the trip! Not only does it give you a great description of everything there is to see and do in the Yukon (tried & tested by yours truly, and also validated by my friend who works...

  • Downtown

    Downtown Whitehorse is perfect. It's what I wish Anchorage looked like. It's easy to walk, you feel safe on the streets at night, plenty of places to window shop, it's clean and you automatically get the sense you belong. While I may devote tips to some places individually, let me see if I can give you a general sense of the downtown area. On the...

  • Old Log Church

    At Third Avenue and Elliott Street you will find the Old Log Church. Another one of Whitehorse's unique buildings.Architectural HistoryIt is a log building with an L-shaped plan and a gable roof. The interior consists of stick frame trusses and the roof is covered with cedar shingles. In 1916, a vestry joining the church was rebuilt and enlarged....


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