North America Favorites

  • Chapman Ave sign, Orange, CA
    Chapman Ave sign, Orange, CA
    by marinarena
  • The Ferry Building
    The Ferry Building
    by riorich55
  • The sea lions have landed
    The sea lions have landed
    by iandsmith

North America Favorites

  • City Tours - CityPass

    New York City Favorites

    New York has so much to see and a lot of it is very expensive and accompanied by long queues. One of the best things you can invest in is a pass that will let you see the sights you want for a discount, while letting you skip past some of the ticket queues. You need to shop around to find out which pass suits you best, as there are a lot of...

  • Gambling Advice

    Las Vegas Favorites

    I always find it difficult to tip dealers after I lose (which is most of the time). The last time I was in a casino playing Blackjack, I decided to "pre-tip" the dealer a dollar. The first 6 deck shoe was profitable (up about $25). So I decided to "pre-tip" as the dealer shuffled the next shoe. During the game, there was a time when the dealer had...

  • French Quarter

    New Orleans Favorites

    If you send out as many postcards as I do (friends, family, & an international postcard exchange -, you will need to find postcards as cheaply as possible. When you are shopping in the French Quarter, most of the souvenir shops and drug stores will sell the standard size postcards for ~ $.35 cents, but if you walk into more...

  • Walt Disney World

    Orlando Favorites

    Arguably the second most iconic symbol of Disney World is the Monorail, a transportation system linking the parking lots, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and the luxury hotels. Twelve trains traverse three lines, identified by the colored stripes on the side and built by Bombadier ( JFK Airtrain and others ). Each carries 360 passengers, six to eight in...

  • Fog / Weather

    San Francisco Favorites

    you've come to the right place! (especially if you want to see fog). i live here so check out my travel pages for tips, and feel free to email me for more direct questions. i hate to tell you, but october is one of our warmest months here. september is also warm. the weather changes not only from day to day, but it's a microclimate, so it changes...

  • Hotel Zone

    Cancún Favorites

    The city is located on the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the easternmost points in Mexico. Cancun – is about 25 km of pristine white beaches shaped like a number "7". There are two possible translations of Cancún, based on the Mayan pronunciation kaan kun. The first translation is "nest of snakes." The second version and less accepted is "place of...

  • Local Specialities

    Chicago Favorites

    Chicago is really a foodie paradise and they have many native food concoctions than the new yorkers hehehe and one of this really good native invention is the Italian Beef which I watched from the Discovery Travel Channel so thanks a lot Adam Richman for the info hence I must try this delight before leaving chicago right! Italian beef is a sandwich...

  • Essential KW

    Key West Favorites

    One of the most interesting ways to see Key West is from above. You can climb the lighthouse (photo 2) or to the top of another tall building such as the parking garage downtown (photo 3), or East Martello tower (photo 4) or one of the taller hotels. You can go Parasailing You can take a sightseeing tour by plane. I took the first and fifth...

  • Downtown

    Los Angeles Favorites

    at California Discovery Center! She has officially retired here in the Exposition Park venue. Salute her at: 700 Exposition Park Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90037 (323) 724-3623 Make a timed reservation for your visit! seeing the Endeavour literally creep down the streets of South L.A. and Leimert Park. A magnificent part...

  • Overview / tips in one

    Toronto Favorites

    Toronto's cityscape is full of interesting architecture, both historic and modern. Walking around might perhaps be the best way to see all this at a leisurely pace if you have a map, a list of what to see, a good sense of direction, and time to spare, but I was lacking in the last element. I didn't have a bicycle with me (the only bicycles I saw...

  • Beaches

    Puerto Vallarta Favorites

    As I already mentioned, THE BEACH was my biggest disappointment. The shore was very rocky and the water quite murky and muddy, not at all blue as I had expected. On the last day that we were there (Thursday) the lifeguard actually put up the red flag, as there was a large algae blob in the water, that made it unsafe to swim. Note, in my picture...

  • Freedom Trail

    Boston Favorites

    For Americans probably the most patriotic thing to do while in Boston is to tour the Freedom Trail. These are a collection of sites on a 2.5 mile trail that leads through historic Boston. Although many of the attractions on this trail have played a prominent role in the American Revolution some, like the U.S.S. Constitution do not. What you do have...

  • Architectural/Culture (Old and New)

    Montreal Favorites

    This area of Montreal was known as the Golden Square Mile, for its remarkable concentration of wealth and power, mostly Anglophone. This hall, now part of McGill University, is representative. It was orignally built in 1907 as a private residence for Sir Mortimer Davis (1866-1928), Montreal born businessman, known as "The Tobacco King". (Davis in...

  • Whistler & Blackcomb

    Vancouver Favorites

    Blackcomb/Whistler are usually packed with people and very expensive. Instead, drive to Mount Baker in Washington, USA in just 1-1/2hrs to avoid crowds and high fees. You can get a cabin @ Mt. Baker that sleeps 4 for only $139/night. Food and beer is also incredibly cheap in Washington. In Whistler $139/night won't get you anything. Or there's...

  • Beaches

    Cabo San Lucas Favorites

    La Playa de los Enamorados is a must if you visit Cabo. You have to take a short 20-minute boat ride to reach this small island. It's location is unusual. On the west side huge Pacific Ocean waves break, while on the East side you have perfectly small waves that come in from the Gulf of California. Be sure to take sunblock, something to read or...

  • Pike Place Market

    Seattle Favorites

    If you are heading to the Pike Place Market by a car, make sure to go early to get the Early Bird Special on parking fees. It cost only $6.00 per day. Otherwise, the parking fee is astronomical! The parking that has early bird special in Pike Place Market is located at the junction of Pike Place and Alaskan Way. I love Seattle because it is very...

  • Beaches

    San Diego Favorites

    If it is the beach you're looking forward to, I'd suggest that which one you spend most time at would depend upon your income level and tastes. Ocean Beach is a "funky,""let it flow" type of place and the main street, Newport Avenue is full of restaurants and bars, and the Ocean Beach Hotel is just across the street from the Ocean. Mission...

  • Pearl Harbor

    Honolulu Favorites

    what an ironic twist that most visitors to pearl harbor are japanese hehehe since japan is now a peaceful country and is a major ally of the United States. The Japanese tourist are awed by the sights in the pearl harbor area and the memorial. December 7, 2009 marks the 67th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and The United States'...

  • The Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Favorites

    A great place to let your inhibitions go. Walking down the beach in nothing but a thong or g-string swimsuit is the life and is quite regular. From time to time you will see topless girls soaking in the sun without problems. This applies to women and men. So go and enjoy yourself and work on the best tan possible.

  • Monuments

    Mexico City Favorites

    The many layers of history accumulated plus the capital-city status have provided a large amount of statues and monuments to be found everywhere in the city. Paseo de la Reforma Avenue offers an historical stroll from the Centro Historico to Chapultepec park as the traffic circles commemorate historical events: The discovery of America in the...

  • Mutter Museum

    Philadelphia Favorites

    SEE THE MUTTER MUSEUM! It is something that most tourists don't go to because they've never heard of it! Also, you must go to Pat's Steaks in South Philly for a real cheesesteak -- trust me, those Steak 'Um sandwiches don't pass for the real thing! Other things that are a don't miss: The Mummers Parade (on New Years Day), the Mummers Museum (4th &...

  • Sights to See

    Atlanta Favorites

    This home located at 501 Auburn Avenue in Atlanta was the birthplace and home of Martin Luther King Jr., leader of the American civil rights movement. This home is part of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and tours are given daily to visitors. Well worth it to learn about this great historical figure and the neighborhood he grew up...

  • Beaches/South Beach/Art Deco District

    Miami Favorites

    South Beach is generally referred as "America's Riviera" because of its long and wide white sandy beaches, its historic art deco buildings, its multicultural atmosphere and restaurants. You don’t feel like you are visiting, there… you really feel like you’re on holiday. South Beach is just over the bridge from downtown Miami, but it is a world...

  • The Border

    Tijuana Favorites

    One advantage to walking across the border is that the time it takes to return to the USA is sometimes less than for those who drive across. There are usually three lines formed to enter the building housing the US Border section. Though I can't say for a certainty, it seemed that one line was for non-US citizens with baggage, one for US citizens...

  • Walking around Quebec City

    Quebec Favorites

    Get up EARLY and walk around the city for some peaceful views, especially in summer when there are more tourists. I arrived in Quebec in the late afternoon and found the city overrun by school children. It was annoying to say the least so I went to bed early and rose early. I was out on the town by 7am and enjoyed my time so much! No shops are...

  • Information / Sources

    Houston Favorites

    Before Europeans came to what is now the Houston area (the first explorator of the region being the spaniard Cabeza de la Vaca in 1528), indians called Karankawas roamed the Gulf Coast area. The last Karankawas were killed in 1858. Karankawas were nomadic hunter-gatherers, living mainly on fish. More on Karankawas can be found in the Handbook of...

  • Town of Sedona

    Sedona Favorites

    The picturesque town of SEDONA lies at the mouth of beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, a breathtaking chasm. Sedona is surrounded by red-rock monoliths named Coffeepot, Cathedral, Bell and even Snoopy, because their massive shapes resemble these distinctive objects. Rising high above Sedona and its hallmark canyon is the Mogollon Rim, a 2,000-foot...

  • General Falls Tips

    Niagara Falls Favorites

    We just returned from Niagara Falls Canada, had a wonderful time and learned a few things. It isn’t necessary to exchange your USA dollars for Canadian dollars as we didn’t find a single business that wouldn’t take USA dollars for par (1$ to 1$), but be warned you only receive your change in Canadian currency. This is not a problem except on the...

  • Architecture / Historic Buildings

    Dallas Favorites

    If you are anywhere near the West End or the JFK sites, you'll notice the old Dallas Courthouse sitting proudly on 100 S. Houston Street. The former courthouse, affectionately called OLD RED is a Romanesque Revival style building, which was erected in 1892 and is comprised of old granite and sandstone. Architects Orlopp & Kusener designed this...

  • Statues

    Ottawa Favorites

    'Territorial Prerogative' created by Bruce Garner in 1980. The sculpture stands at the entrance to the Sparks Street Mall. On the same street you will find another Bruce Garner's sculpture 'Joy' (1970) - the family group made of welded copper.

  • Hikes / Trails

    Yosemite National Park Favorites

    After a lengthy break and snack, we pushed further up the trail with the crowds thinning out considerably. We reached the Little Yosemite Valley Campground in no time but had been told we would have to camp up the trail due to it being full. There certainly seemed to be plenty of open spots and one big group of boisterous guys told us to just set...

  • Parks/Nature/Gardens

    Victoria Favorites

    A lot of people come to Victoria for the flower gardens, especially the Butchart Gardens (which are actually not in Victoria, but are in nearby Brentwood Bay). While it's true that there are certain seasons for certain flowers, Victoria experiences such mild winters, and since most trees in Victoria are evergreens, it actually stays green year...

  • Wildlife

    Tampa Favorites

    Geckos in the Tampa area include the Indo-Pacific Gecko and the Mediterranean Gecko. These little creatures, typically ranging in size from one to five inches are everywhere. On the sidewalk, on walls, on fences, on people, being chased by cats. Yes, the cats love to harass geckos, but geckos are typically too fast and leery for the cats. Though...

  • Disneyland

    Anaheim Favorites

    If you are heading to Disneyland especially during the summer time when children are out of school, expect long lines up to a two hour wait! Make sure to take the Disney's Fastpass. This is available to the following attractions: California Screamin', Grizzly River Run, Soarin' Over Califronia, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the RAdiator...

  • Historical Halifax

    Halifax Favorites

    There are many universities in Halifax (e.g. Dalhousie University, University of King's College) and you can see students of many races along the streets of Halifax, making this a really cosmopolitan city. In fact, I noticed many Asian students in Halifax especially Chinese. The buildings of the universities look impressive and historical :)

  • Information

    Memphis Favorites

    I stopped at this visitors center on my way into Memphis - just to use the bathroom, to be honest. What I found there was a full-service visitors center, complete with gift shop, information kiosks, and a very friendly an helpful staff member. As I was purchasing some postcards, the staff member asked me what I planned to do in Memphis. I told her...

  • Siteseeing

    Mazatlán Favorites

    checking around no one certain hostel is open. Go to for a 'high' end hotel on Stone Island. There are a few hotels on Stone Island.. the place , Mazatlan, is empty. Everything is a deal. If you come here, stay at the LaSiesta in old town for a night. Inside room $30 us, speak with Cynthia011526699812640. From there you can ferry to...

  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

    Tucson Favorites

    Driving along Arizona highways I occasionally saw these birds running across the desert. It's impossible to photograph them in open wild because they are so hyper so fast. In Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum I got the opportunity to see them in captivity. Even in the cage they are still hyper and hardly stay still.

  • Wildlife

    Yellowstone National Park Favorites

    Bison clean their hides by rolling in the dust. They often roll in the same location, over and over, killing off the grass in that area, causing a shallow, saucer like depression of dirt or sand. In the early spring, however, the moisture from the snow and early rains may have caused the grass to grow back within these depressions. When this...

  • Inner Harbor / Downtown

    Baltimore Favorites

    Baltimore has lots of monuments. They built the first monument in the US to George Washington back in 1829 (photo 5) The first photo is of a statue of John Mifflin Hood, early president of the Western Maryland Railway. Mr. Hood played an important role in shaping the Western Maryland Railroad (it became a "Railway" after 1911) into a strategic...

  • Peaks and Mountains in Phoenix

    Phoenix Favorites

    The view from Squaw (now Piestewa) Peak summit is breathtaking. You can see virtually all of Phoenix while lounging on the rocks and enjoying a cool breeze. Not a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon, especially in the fall or spring when temperatures are hiking-perfect.

  • Old City

    Saint Augustine Favorites

    It really is impossible to see all St. Aug has to offer in a day or two. If that is all the time you are able to visit then plan a return visit... the city will definately call you back! The months of November thru January are especially beautiful because the city is decorated with lights. My best memory of St. Aug is living here and knowing all...

  • Azalea Mall

    Richmond Favorites

    Azalea Mall was Richmond's first enclosed shopping centre when it opened in Richmond's Northside in 1963. In its heyday, it was anchored by Woolco, Thalhimer's, and Woolworth's. There was also a Food Fair grocery store on the grounds (Pantry Pride took over after Food Fair bit the dust). Some of the more notable lesser tenants were Rees Jewelers,...

  • General city Information

    Edmonton Favorites

    The best time to come to Edmonton, in my opinion, is the summer. There are lots of festivals and activities happening (read my tip on Festivals for more info). If it is sunny (as it usually is), Whyte Avenue is guaranteed to be filled with people, from the morning crowd to the night owl partiers, any day of the week. No shortage of patio eateries,...

  • Other Points of Interest

    Death Valley National Park Favorites

    Corkscrew Peak is the towering sentinel of the Grapevine Mountains of northern Death Valley National Park. Corkscrew Peak derives its name from the twisting, corkscrew-like exposures of the Lower Cambrian Corkscrew Quartzite. It juts out from behind the Grapevine Mountains. There is a sign that points to it while traveling along 374 East toward...


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