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  • Good drinking water ..for free ;-)
    Good drinking water ..for free ;-)
    by TheView
  • Exterior (1)
    Exterior (1)
    by gordonilla
  • Exterior (2)
    Exterior (2)
    by gordonilla

Greenland Favorites

  • Public water posts

    A nice item in Greenlandic towns is the public water posts. The buildings in Greenland is mostly if not to say all made on stone ground. And drawing waterlines and other building development is a job demanding explosives. So lots of old houses do not have running water so local tapping stations are littered around in little blue sheds. Just push...

  • Money

    In Greenland they used currency is Danish Crowns. There are ATMs available in the larger cities and in the transit airport Kangerslussuaq or you can load some Danish Crowns in Copenhagen before your flight to Greenland as it is nice to be able to pay taxi fees and the like on arrival.

  • Geenland

    Hi Eric,I can only relate a bit of experience from a very small part of Greenland. I was working at the Thule Air Base for a year but didn't get to do much besides explore the local area. Seeing the ice cap is very cool, as is seeing the glaciers flowing into the fjords or just walking along the shore listening to the ice in the ocean cracking and...

  • Small islands

    As we continued our flight over Greenland, there were more clouds, and the view disappeared. But then a few moments later we could see some small islands peeping through the clouds and also some small ice mountains.It was really a great experience to see that on our first day of travel towards a one month trip in the United States (Wyoming, South...

  • Big Glacier

    This rough country must be a real challenge for the outdoor traveller.What amazing views should one encounter when you hike in such rough and natural environment. Of course you need good equipment, good physical condition, descent preparation and a good guide.

  • Great scenery

    I was really surprised when the captain of our American Airlines flight announced that we would be flying over Greenland.And I was also lucky to have a window seat on the right side, so I had a splendid view over the glaciers, fjords and snowy landscape.

  • Kalaallit Nunaat

    Kalaallit Nunaat is the local name for Greenland.In fact Greenland is a province of Denmark, and it is the biggest island in the world. It is about 50 times the size of Holland.Greenland is covered with ice for about 80 percent, which is the size of Germany, France, Spain and Italy together. It was great to see this amazing scenery from the air.

  • Travel agencies specializing in...

    These are some of the travel agencies that I have found are doing serious work and effort to bring tourists to Greenland (being compiled as I go):"Resyme Reiser", Melandsjø, Norway ("Hvitserk" (Oslo, Norway ("Grønlands Turistbureau", Copenhagen, Denmark (

  • Go anywhere!

    Properly geared for a day's outing or a several days' hike, and equipped with a map and compass, you can hike along the fjords, in the hills and mountains just about everywhere the terrain doesn't stop you. Great freedom - great wilderness! Visits to the Ilulissat Kangerlua - the Icefjord, and the mountain ridges near it for a view of the fjord,...

  • Blue skies / Ice more ice fresh air to...

    The People Greenlanders enjoy a unique position among the world's indigenous people in that Greenland is recognized as an autonomous nation residing within the Danish Kingdom. In every respect The Greenland Home Rule Government has complete legislative power over Greenlands internal affairs. Peoples of various cultures have migrated to Greenland...

  • My information centers on the...

    My information centers on the place I know best - Thule. I remain in contact with people there today. The most memorable thing you can do is have a drink made with ice that is millions of years old. There is a quiet here that is unimaginable. In fact, it is so quite, I can remember wishing to be able to stand on a busy street corner just to hear...

  • Tahiti_Bob's General Tip

    The day of beginning of school in Qaqortoq. It's quite a big event there and the new pupils and some parents wear their traditionnal clothes.

  • The Inuit hunters of Qanaaq...

    The Inuit hunters of Qanaaq area still wear traditional Inuit wear of Polar Bear fur trousers, seals skin 'Kamik' shoes and reindeer fur coat. When you join them you must dress the same. One of my best photos taken in Greenland was two Inuit hunters and their sledge and in the back ground a big iceberg.

  • get a window seat in the air...

    get a window seat in the air plane taking you to Greenland or flying inside Greenland. The view of icebergs or the icecaps is amazing. flying from Kangerlesuaq to Thule in end of April 2001 I took photos of the frozen sea. Cracks have already opened in the ice tissue.

  • inuit's General Tip

    The Init hunters look for seals by binoculars. They try to get up their boat or and iceberg scanning the wide open ice sea trying to locate a spot.

  • try to arrange going out with...

    try to arrange going out with Inuit hunters for hunting expeditions on the open sea. They look for seals for many hours and some times days. Its not and easy thing to join them spending many hours out in the cold wind. I was a 'guest' of an Inuit hunter called Joseph. He lives in siropaluk - the northern most human setllment on earth. He smoked...

  • visit in winter time and go...

    visit in winter time and go out for a dogs sledge tour or expedition. You can do it from few hours up to one week. The sledged and and dogs are driven by Inuit hunters. You can not do it alone. While driving the dogs and sledges on the frozen sea of north west Greenland we have arrived a huge iceberg rising from the sea ice tissue. It was shining...

  • This 'Road' is the pathway of...

    This 'Road' is the pathway of a Glacier! The glacier was on the other side of the plane so I did not get a shot in time....

  • I thought this shot was...

    I thought this shot was amazing. Looks cloudy right?Its very hard to see but the pilot came on and said that this was actually snow,it was clear below!There where mountins 15000 feet high, with 10000 feet of snow on top, equaling 25000 feet above sea level. We were at 41000 ft high for a usual plane flight.

  • Travel_Gal's General Tip

    When I was in Thule, the water in the harbour was still frozen solid. Walking on the ice, I went over to this iceberg, and was able to touch it which was such an awesome feeling. The colours were so blue and green, and the ice that I was walking on was so smooth, smoother than anything I'd ever seen, before or since.

  • Owing to the country's large...

    Owing to the country's large landmass there are huge variations with regard to both humidity and temperature. Climatologically, a distinction is made between a northern high-arctic, middle low-arctic and southern subarctic zone. The richest plant growth is found in the subarctic belt, which includes only the very southernmost part of Greenland....

  • In 1721, with the aid of the...

    In 1721, with the aid of the Danish king, a Norwegian priest called Hans Egede successfully mounted an expedition to Greenland, where he wished to rechristianize the Northerners. Greenland did not become part of Denmark before in 1953. The colonial age was at an end, and like the Faeroe Islands, Greenland too was now given two members in The...

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