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  • Sermitsiaq: a view from the Dash-7 when leaving
    Sermitsiaq: a view from the Dash-7 when...
    by gordonilla
  • Nuuk Cathedral
    Nuuk Cathedral
    by gordonilla
  • Statue of the city founder.
    Statue of the city founder.
    by TheView

Nuuk Things to Do

  • National museum

    the national museum. It holds an ethnographic collection with little historical displays of living standards and different geographic and historical dresses. The jewel in the collection is 4 people buried in there full dresses in the year 1475 their cause of dead is unknown, their bodies have been very well preserved. The most touching is the...

  • Swimming arena Malik

    A bit away from the city center you find the swimming arena Malik. It is well worth a visit. It is not the olympic swimming arena you know with 50 meter lanes but a water play ground with lots of opportunity to entertain yourself and kids if you have any. Entrence around 7€ for adults.

  • Katuaq - Greenland Cultural Centre

    I found this an interesting and pleasant place to visit. This is the home of cinema, theatre and other cultural matters. There is also a very good cafe - I enjoyed my reindeer soup and a musk ox burger.

  • Nuuk Tourism – Tikilluarit A/S

    There is more than one tourist office in Nuuk, this one is down by the national museum and the water front. The staff are friendly and can arrange helicopter and boat trips.The interior has a Christmas feel - sadly it does seem a little out of context.

  • Greenland's National Museum

    The museum offers free admission during the winter months - it has a good permanent collection, and has a range of buildings to visit in it's complex.There are visiting exhibitions and of course the permanent collection - including some mummified remains of the indigenous people of Greenland.

  • Visit the red lamp post!

    What can I say about this? It is not so much a thing to do - more a thing to walk past and glance at on your way to the bank or post office.The red post with an old lantern at it's top is a site to be seen all the guide books say! During the 19th century the Moravian Missionary Samuel Kleinschmidt made a daily journey from his home to his mission...

  • The church of Greenland's first...

    The Hans Egede Church did not look much like a church when I first saw it. It was in fact consecrated on the 250th anniversary of the founding of his mission. I was unable to get inside, as it was locked!

  • Church of our Saviour - Nuuk Cathedral

    The Church of our Savior (Vor Frelser Kirke) is the cathedral of Greenland. It was build 1849.Up until 1993 the cathedral of Greenland was the same as that of Copenhagen, however under legal statute Vor Frelse Kirke became cathedral of Greenland. The first bishop was Kristian Mørk (1994) but 1995 Sofie Petersen became bishop at the age of 39. She...

  • Nuuk Kunstmuseum (Art Museum)

    This seems to be the only private museum of art and handicrafts in Greenland.The Kunstmuseum is home to a unique collection of paintings, watercolors, drawings, graphics, characters in soapstone, ivory, and wood. The collection has been brought together by the entrepreniør, Sven Junge, over the last 45 years.A comprehensive collection of paintings...

  • In the air: take a helicopter trip

    This was en excellent thing to do, and it was also my first flight in a helicopter. On our outwards journey, I was sitting in one of the back seats - however, on the inwards flight I was sitting in the passenger seat next to the pilot.It was an excellent experience - however the one unforeseen event was that the snow was very soft. This meant that...

  • Experience the 'night'.

    I was in Nuuk on the 'night' of July 9th/10th. The sun set at 11:38pm and rose at 3:25am.In most parts of the world it's more dark than light half an hour after sunset.However, in Nuuk in the middle of the night, 1:30am, it was still closer to daylight than dark. Streets had streetlights: ridiculous, if they were left off on summer nights it...

  • Swimming

    Nuuk has recently got a swimming bath, which is an exotic experience for the locals and a very popular place.


Nuuk Restaurants

  • Best asian food in town

    The restaurant has a nice large selection of asian food (even sushi with a special greenlandic twist) to chose from, all I have tried have been good to me, given the problems getting fresh greens to greenland. The redfish

  • Lunch in Katuaq

    This was a friendly and enjoyable place to to have lunch. The cafe is in the Katuaq, the Culture House. It was a pleasant place to eat. Reindeer Soup and Musk Ox Burger.The coffee and cakes were excellent.

  • Coffee and Cake

    Whilst waiting for a telephone call from the Air Greenland helicopter pilots, I called into Café Prego to have a seat and a coffee. Coffee and Cake


Nuuk Transportation

  • Puplic transport

    Nuuk has puplic busses, they run at timetables you find at the bus shelters. The bus stops has numbers os even if you can not pronouns the street names you can ask the driver to tell you when to get of or just be aware of the numbers yourself. Price level is around 2€ for a single ride.

  • Flying to the capital, Nuuk

    If you travel from outside of Greenland, I suspect that you may well have to travel via Kangerlussuaq. That is the international hub for Air Greenland. The flight is fairly short,enough for a coffee and a cookie or two.The helicopter service is also operated by Air Greenland from Nuuk.

  • Nuuk Hotels

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Nuuk Shopping

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  • Formerly Greenland's largest bookshop

    Sadly the book store is no more, I understand that there is now a large shopping centre located right on the top of where this once stood.Thanks to "The View" (aka Allan) for the information!

  • A supermarket, a clothes shop and much...

    Brugsen is in fact the Cooperative Society. As with many other shops, this store has everything you need. It is a combination of bakery, clothes store, supermarket, music store, toy store and well everything else you need. The store has two floors, the food outlet is on the ground floor and the all the other services are on the second...

  • The supermarket under the hotel!

    Like so many other shops in Nuuk, they sell a wide range of things. This is a supermarket, located within the Hotel Hans Egede complex. As well as being a supermarket, they sell clothes, electrical goods and well a huge range of things.


Nuuk Local Customs

  • mwe's Profile Photo

    by mwe Updated Jul 21, 2007

    Boozing seems to be the main local custom. Walking from the waterfront on a TUESDAY morning to the main shopping area, I went past numerous houses where there were about a dozen people outside each of them all boozing. Returning in the afternoon, the same people were outside the same houses STILL AT IT! ...People also sat on benches & sat on the ground boozing and they swigged beer/lager from bottles as they walk down the street.
    Most of the boozers were Inuit (the majority of Nuuk's population), but the Danish minority could also be seen partaking.

    Nuuk is a very photogenic place on the dry, sunny July day I visited. I was a bit wary of taking pictures in areas where there were groups of people boozing together, but, despite this uncouth habit, the Inuit and other locals seem peaceful and non-aggressive. There was none of the squaring up to tourists with a "What are you doing in our area?" attitude that you'd get from gangs of people in Britain, America, West Indies, etc..

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Nuuk Tourist Traps

  • 35mm camera film from Nota-Bene.

    I visited Nuuk on a cruise ship, the courtesy bus dropped us off on the waterfront, where the only shops are selling souvenirs.The 'real' shops are on Imaneq, between the waterfront and the container port. I went into NOTA-BENE, an electrical, photographic and computer retailer.Delighted to find a shop selling camera film I ended up with some Fuji...

  • Kangerlussuaq

    Kangerlussuaq is primary an airport and an airporthotel and not a typical greenland village. It´s a closed american airbase. It´s here you arrive, when you for example are going to Nuuk. You won´t meet many grenlanders here, so if you are planning a trip to Greenland, don´t stay in Kangerlussuaq for more than necessary. Some travelagents are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Nuuk Favorites

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  • New Herrnhut Mission

    The mission was built in 1747 to house the headquarters of the Greenland Moravian Mission, sent by command of King Christian IV. They were sent to assist Hans Egede. It seems that this did not work, so the Moravians, left the mission and set up their own mission on the distant side of the peninsula.The building has been many things over the years,...

  • Arqaluk Plads (Arctic Gardens)

    I am sure that as i was visiting in the late winter months - I did not see the gardens at their best. They were snow filled and there was nothing of a garden to speak about - the summer may bring a different picture. Around this area, there was a great number of memorials to commemorate people and events.

  • The Post Office

    The post office is an important facility, no matter which town, city or country you are visiting. In Nuuk, the post office is busy and has it's own unique opening times.Monday to Wednesday and Friday 10.00 - 15.00Thursday 10.00 - 17.00Saturday 10.00 - 13.00Outside of these hours there is a self service area and equipment.


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