Greenland Things to Do

  • Nuuk Cathedral
    Nuuk Cathedral
    by gordonilla
  • Kulusuk
    by maykal
  • Kulusuk church
    Kulusuk church
    by maykal

Greenland Things to Do

  • Arctic Station -Research in the north.

    Founded in 1906 by a Danish botanist Morten Porsild the Arctic Station has been a research facility under the Copenhagen University. Porsild and his wife manage the Station the first 40 years before returning to Denmark. If you like to and have a research project you can apply for a stay at the Station (you find a form on the web link) -if you are...

  • The mother of the sea -Sanna

    A beautiful statue -In Inuit mythology the mother of the sea is in command of the underworld the statue depict the situation where humans pollution of the see has messed up her hair and she as a reaction is holding back the sea and marine animals from the humans. The Sherman have dived down the icy water to untangle and comb her hair. …still an...

  • Katuaq -The Cultural house in Nuuk

    In the center of Nuuk you find the cultural house Katuaq it offers a cafe, cinema and host a broad range of cultural events take a look at the web page to see if something interesting might be on when you are in town.

  • Fishing lakes and streams

    In late summer or fall you have a great catch in the lakes and streams -the arctic charr, a true beauty and a great eating fish.

  • Akunnaaq town

    At the Southern threshold to the inner Disco bay you find this little charming community with around 80 inhabitants. The main foundation of the economy is the fishing and hunting. Beside a great location for an overview of the bay, It offers a general shop with restricted opening hours and a petrol station. I had a great tour here from Aasiaat by...

  • The ice fjord in Ilulissat

    Greenland could well qualify as a UNESCO world heritage site in its all. But there is only one place that has this brand to it and it is the magnificent ice fjord that produce some 70 million tons of ice bergs from the inland icecap to the Diskobay each day. It is a great site even if the break of point has moved further inland and not in view from...

  • Nuuks arts museum

    In an old church building a little walk from the town centre you find a little art museum. It holds lots of mimic art but also a few abstract things. It also displays traditional bone/teat carvings named Tupilaqs that are very fine in the museum lobby you can buy some of the better ones I have seen in my time in Greenland, they are expensive but...

  • Greenlands national museum

    In the Capital city Nuuk you find the national museum. It holds an ethnographic collection with little historical displays of living standards and different geographic and historical dresses. The jewel in the collection is 4 people buried in there full dresses in the year 1475 their cause of dead is unknown, their bodies have been very well...

  • Whale watching

    The season for whale watching runs from end of May until end of August, there are whales around Greenland all year round, but the big migration of humpback and minke whales brings them from their winter stay near Canada back to the cost of Greenland for a summer fest of eating here. The show the humpback whales can put on is just amazing they can...

  • Aurora borealis or Northern lights

    Greenland is a natural viewing ground for northern lights as it circumvents the globe where Greenland has most of its population. It is a fantastic phenomenon and one of the natural wonders of our world that one just have to see, it is hard to capture on camera as it is just so more alive then a simple photo can capture. Mirror reflex camera is the...

  • Another iconic transport tip ...Kayaking

    Another iconic transport tip …in the motherland of the kayak. If you have the physical fitness and agility you should not cheat yourself of the adventure of paddling among the icebergs or seeing the amassing whales and other wildlife up-close. If you are not accustomed to kayaking and the cold waters I will recommend that you only go with a...

  • The iconic transport of Greenland

    The sledge dogs this is surely one of the must does, if you are visiting Greenland north of the polar circle. The legislation in Greenland stats that sledge dogs are the only dog bread allowed north of the polar circle and to the contraire disallowed south of the circle. This activity is naturally depending on the ice/snow cower you can assume the...

  • North East Greenland national park

    The world's largest national park is on pair with Spain and France together, 972 000 sq km. There is no permanent human habitation, but there are traces and archaeological finds of past Inuit settlements. On Clavering Island a few Inuits were "discovered" by an English expedition in 1823, and that's the latest sign of permanent habitation.Access to...

  • Visiting the Icefjord

    Go on a leisurely day hike along the fjord from just south of Ilulissat town then eastwards along a vaguely marked trail or find your own way. At the ancient Inuit settlement and Kællingekløften rock crevice you can turn north back to the town on a good trail via the camping site and heliport. Another good day hike is to proceed further east from...

  • Seeing the mountains from the sky

    In 2010 I was flying from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to Toronto (Canada). During this flight it was sunny above the clowds. This way we could see the top of the mountains above the clowds!! Really amazing to see them. Was the first time I saw them.

  • "Braedtet" - hunters' and fishermen's...

    Every town or settlement of some size has a market place where the results of the day's hunting and fishing is being sold. Here you can find a variety of sea birds, fish (cod, wolf fish, red fish, halibut, etc.), whale (minke, finwhale, sometimes other species), seal, reindeer, musk oxen displayed and for sale. On a budget, and backpacking...

  • The Knud Rasmussen Museum

    The home of Knud Rasmussen, explorer and author and Greenland's favourite has been established as a museum dedicated to his life of discovery and Greenland and Inuit history. It is in fact much more that Knud Rasmussen's thing, it covers much of what could go into an anthropology museum of these latitudes.In Ilulissat, you cannot miss it, just ask...

  • Day hikes

    With limited time and money you can still get some great nature experiences just by hiking outside the towns and settlements. Just be geared up for the local environment - hiking terrain, the weather and the season - and you should be fine (see my tip on gear for light hikes). In my opinion, this is one of the best things you can do in order to...

  • Kangerlussuaq Museum

    I haven't been here myself, but I have friends who spent hours here and still did'nt get enough. It's right at the airport, too, and probably well worth visiting in its own right as well as if you have to kill time at the airport.

  • Beautiful meltwater lakes

    On the ice cap and in sinks on lesser glaciers, too, you can find lakes of meltwater during the height of summer. They get really turqoise, swimmingpool-like, but temperatures are only fractions above freezing... Climate change, according to researchers, have caused these lakes and ponds to become huge inland seas here and there on Greenland.You...

  • Kap Farvel

    OK - cheating again, I didn't go to Kap Farvel, the southernmost point of Greenland.But it is said to be an interesting area, and many hiking and rock climbing opportunities in the fjords nearby, particularily on the western coast.This photo (not a particularily good one, I know...) I took out the window while most people on the plane were watching...

  • While in transit in Copenhagen...

    ... you can prepare yourself for Greenland by visiting Nordisk Korthandel - The Nordic Map Store - for a near-complete range of commercially avialable maps of Greenland, guidebooks etc.The shop is open: Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 6.00 pm, Saturday 9.30 am - 3 pm. I add the address and openig hours below.If that isn't enough, there are several small...

  • Ilulissat - Sled Dogs

    The Greenland Dog is a sled dog found everywhere in communities of West Greenland above the Arctic Circle. And in this area, no other dog is allowed - this is to preserve the purity of the breed.Sled dogs spend the summer chained up in large dog areas - in Ilulissat, there are several of these. Most owners only feed their dogs once every two days,...

  • The Fox Waterfall

    Deep inside the Arsuk Fjord you will find the Fox Waterfall. The easiest way to find it is to make an agreement with a boatowner in Gronnedal, but anyway maybe it´s not that easy at all. If you succeed you can stay there for hours listening to nothing but the water.

  • Ivittuut

    6 kilometers from Gronnedal you find the closed mining village Ivittuut. You can spell it Ivigtut as well. The kryolit mine was closed in 1967 after more than 100 years mining. All the old houses are still standing there, and it is possible to rent a room or a house for your stay in this incredible district.

  • Visit Gronnedal

    Gronnedal (in danish Grønnedal) means the green valley is the danish naval base in the south of Greenland called Greenlands Command. It´s a beautiful area placed in the Arsuk Fjord - maybe one of the most beautiful areas in Greenland. You can reach this fantastic place either by the coast to line (only to Arsuk) or by helicopter from Narssarssuaq....

  • Position screens - Pantallas de posici?n

    My main piece of advice is very simple. Pay attention to your personal screen or to the general one which shows you the aeroplane position. When you is going to be about to fly over Greenland, prepare your camera! Mi principal consejo es muy simple. Presta atenci?n a tu pantalla personal o a la general en la que se muestra la posici?n del avi?n....

  • Wonderful lanscape - Magnífico paisaje

    I was surprised of how clearly it was possible to see the fiords, the watercourses, the mountains and the ice. I did this transatlantic trip four times and I could see it just one time, when it was July. Me sorprendió lo claramente que pude ver los fiordos, los cursos de agua, las montañas y el hielo. Hice cuatro veces este trayecto transatlántico...

  • Kellingekløften suicide gorge

    Near the old Inuit settlement of Sermermiut at Ilulissat there is a gorge cutting in from the Icefjord named Kellingekløften (in the Danish). In the rough translation it means the old ladies' canyon. During bad times when survival of the Sermermiut settlement was paramount and old people would be a burden, it is said that old people committed...

  • North-East Greenland access

    NE Greenland is the largest national park in the world. And probably the least accessible one...To get to the coastal zone north of Scoresbysound you need to fly (charter) from Angmassalik to Ittoqqortoormiit or to airstrips even further north. Charters may be available from Reykajvik also.The air connection to Reykjavik is via Nerlerit Inaat...

  • The fjord systems on East Greenland

    You can access the world largest fjord system of Scoresbysound and maybe also of Franz Josephs fjord on NE Greenland from Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysound). Locals in Ittoqqortoormiit will organise boat trips - day trips to multi-day expeditions - into the fjords, and take you fishing and on hunting trips. Organised through the tourist office.Access...

  • Nunatak

    Nunataks are mountain tops that stick out of the ice like islands. Some of them can be really high and dramatic. The ice action has frequently carved the sides so there are sharp edges and sometimes nunataks come in pyramid shape. Plant communities and lichens can survive such environments for millennia and may harbour vegetation survivors from...

  • Ilulissat icebergs - final chapter

    You see two dinstinct kinds of icebergs - smooth ones and jagged ones.The smooth ones have recently flipped over - they are smooth because the water they were submerged in made them so. The jagged ones have become so because of rain and because of chunks falling off due to melting.

  • Kulusuk - from the air

    The area around Kulusuk is stunning from the air. All you see is blue water, grey mountains, and snow and ice, for miles. This contrasts sharply with the west coast, which is very green in the summer.Kayaking tours are popular here.

  • Kulusuk - the new cemetery

    Bodies are buried above the ground, since the ground is just solid rock or permafrost. No names are put on the graves here (although they are in other parts of Greenland).

  • Kulusuk - the village

    Kulusuk, on the east coast of Greenland, has a population of about 300. It is the destination of day-trips to Greenland from Reykjavik, Iceland. The day-trippers are there only for about 4 hours, so outside these hours, you will be one of only a handful of tourists. Kulusuk is quite traditional : the people still hunt seals, polar bears and whales....

  • Kangerlussuaq - wildflowers

    I saw at least 12 types of wildflowers in Greenland. The Arctic Cotton Grass, pictured here, was my favourite. It often grows in large groups, especially near fresh water.

  • Kangerlussuaq - Ice Cap

    I rented a bicycle and rode for about 90 minutes to reach the ice cap. There are some beautiful views there, and I saw a couple of musk oxen along the way. I also saw lots of different kinds of wildflowers, as well as some caribou droppings. The ice cap spawns many streams, which all flow into the fjord. The great thing about renting a bike at...

  • Kangerlussuaq - Musk Oxen

    There are about 5000 musk oxen near Kangerlussuaq, but they are not native to this area, being transplanted from north-east Greenland in the 1960's. The area they were transplanted from is much more barren than Kangerlussuaq (where there are bushes up to three metres in height), so those musk oxen were used to eating as much as they could all the...

  • Ilulissat Icebergs

    Ilulissat, on the west coast of Greenland north of the Arctic Circle, has a harbour full of icebergs (up to 65 metres high). These come from the "ice fjord" next to Ilulissat; the ice fjord is jammed full of icebergs which have broken off a glacier at the fjord's far end. A must activity is to take the two-hour boat ride among the icebergs. If you...

  • Flying to Kangerlussuaq

    When you fly into Kangerlussuaq from Copenhagen you first fly over the Faroes, then Iceland and you hit Greenland's east coast at or nearby Angmassalik. This is where most of the Greenland-crossing expeditions start. These days you can even do it commercially - just book a trip (you have to ski yourself, though...). Try to find "Hvitserk" on the...

  • Flying over.....

    When flying between Europe and North America you across the southern half of Greenland somewhere, occasionally further north. To North America it is normally day time, on the return flight it is normally night. Should you have an opportunity to look out, and lucky you with a window seat, you will see Greenland's icy waters, nunataks and coastal...

  • Polar Bears

    Ok, this picture is something of a hoax. As I said on the main page, I have never actually set foot in Greenland. However, there are polar bears there and one day, I hope to see one in its natural setting. Although, maybe not this close. I actually took this shot at the San Diego Zoo.

  • Brattahlid.

    Eric the Red’s farmstead, Brattahlid (Qassiarsuk), near present Julianehaab in the southern settlement at Osterbygd. He resisted in vein the introduction (c. 1000) of Christianity by his son Leif Ericsson. Eric’s wife Thjodhild then had a small church built. Its ruins are still visible. So are ruins of other houses built by the settlers.

  • Qaqortoq : the biggest town...

    Qaqortoq : the biggest town (pop. 3500) in South Greenland.You can stroll through the town, visit the fishing harbor and its fish/seal meat market, visit the seal skin tannery. There is also an interesting museum on the Inuits.There are also nice walks on the surrounding hills overlooking fjords. With some luck, you can watch whales in the distance...


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