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  • Kulusuk
    by jay_krejic
  • Hotel Kulusuk, on the way to the town.
    Hotel Kulusuk, on the way to the town.
    by jay_krejic
  • JumpingNorman, Kulusuk, Greenland June 2009
    JumpingNorman, Kulusuk, Greenland June...
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Kulusuk Highlights

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    stonka69 says…

     warto zobaczyc bo egzotycznie dla nas, Polakow 

  • Con
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    sallyfox says…

     There is not much to do in Kulusuk without money 

  • In a nutshell
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     A really interesting place to visit. 

Kulusuk Things to Do

  • Enter the Church in Kulusuk

    There are only 300 (316 to be exact) inhabitants in Kulusuk. And they do have a Church with the image of Christ -- looks like Christianity has also reached this part of the world. But they do mix their religions, and weddings are made in this Church but in "Inuit Style". Apparently, they marry early at about 16 years of age.The Church is a very...

  • Pass by the Kulusuk Cemetery and pay...

    Well, if you follow the route going to the village settlement of Kulusuk which used to be the most populated in the Ammassalik area (year 1930) with 165 people, you will pass by the cemetery. It is a collection of white crosses with very colorful flowers and with the backdrop of snowcapped mountains. There were even empty coffin boxes beside the...

  • Send postcards to your VT friends from...

    My VT friend SLLiew has an amazing postcard collection, and he does say that Greenland postcards are hard to come by. So, once I landed in this remote town of Kulusuk with only 300 inhabitants, I was weary if there was a post office. As soon as we landed in the small airport which was in the middle of all the snow, I saw postcards and bought them...

  • Buy the Tupilak handicrafts of great...

    Kulusuk has craftsmen who use animal horns and teeth for these intricate art pieces called Tupilaks - very high quality. If you have a guide, you will be brought to a little house which sells these items and this also serves as a little museum with a kayak made of sealskin on the wall.But because these are works of art and somewhat RARE, the prices...

  • Watch Drum Dance and Kayaking in...

    We were 18 in the group who flew in that day, and we were treated to a nice Drum Dance which they said would be cancelled if the weather was bad. But we were lucky the weather was so magnificent and I knew we were going to have the show.An Inuit man was there and he did not speak English at all, but the setting was just surreal. He was on a ledge...

  • See the domesticated wolf of Kulusuk

    We were walking to the town of Kulusuk (only 300 people live there) from the small tiny airport and we heard some howling-like noises in the morning air...I associated such howlings with nightimes and so when another tourist from Singapore asked what it was, I said, "Oh, they're probably practicing for the drum dance that they are going to show...


Kulusuk Hotels

Kulusuk Transportation

  • Air Iceland Fokker from Reykjavik to...

    This is one of the best flights I've ever had - taking the Fokker 50 plane from the domestic airport (REF) of Reykjavik and going on a two hour flight to Kulusuk. This is an amazing tour being offered to tourists through Air Iceland, and for the whole day adventure, I paid only about $450-70? I think (definitely less than $500). It was money...

  • Boat Trip from Kap Dan to Airport

    You can purchase tickets for a boat trip in Kap Dan's souvenir shop. It's a good way to get back to the airport, passing icebergs on the way. It was extremely cold though!!

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Kulusuk Shopping

  • The Main Grocery of Kulusuk, Greenland

    Well, after sending my postcards to VTers, I went to the adjacent grocery which is actually the main shopping event in this little towm of 300 people, Kulusuk. I did pay via my credit card but I had to know my pin number.I looked around the store for gifts or souvenirs but they had only a little shelf of tupilaks (handcrafted animal antlers...),...

  • The Airport Store in Kulusuk, Greenland

    Conveniently, once you arrive in Kulusuk, there is a gift shop and immediately, I went to it and bought postcards because I was not sure if there would be any more in the little town or if I'll have time to buy...(actually, they did sell some postcards at the tiny post-office but make sure you mention to your guide that you want to go to the post...

  • Tupilaq

    There are no real shops in Kulusuk except the trading post. Tupilaqs are generally bought either at the trading post or from local sellers, who spot you as a tourist (and therefore potential tupilaq buyer) and will show you the tupilaqs they have made. Hotel Kulusuk might also sell tupilaqs and other locally made things. Tupilaqs are weird-looking...


Kulusuk Local Customs

  • Friendly people! Sit with them...

    I was walking at the unpaved road of Kulusuk and you would pass by this bench were a few of the local men were, watching the tourists as they pass by. I passed them twice and they were still looking at me and so I decided - what the heck, I will see if they will talk to me. I went up to them and said my famous greeting word - "HI". Of course, they...

  • Mentally Challenged Lady and Tolerance

    Kulusuk has only about 316 inhabitants as of a recent official count. When I was there and after leaving the tupilak store, a lady approached me and she looked like she was inebriated. Was she or was she mentally challenged. She was asking for something and maybe it was money, I thought. But I realized later when my guide approached me that she was...

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Kulusuk Warnings and Dangers

  • Avoid sharp rock surfaces by the...

    Ouch! I was so intent on taking pictures and jumping from one place to another that I did not notice that my hand got scratched on of the rocks in Kulusuk - and wow, they were sharp rocks under the snow!I am not sure if they were lava rocks, but I did notice that a lot of the rocks on the ground where shimmering with crystals, and the nice lady...

  • Kulusuk with your kids or if with...

    I think everybody can visit a place if they really want to...but just be forewarned about some difficulties you may encounter during your visit to Kulusuk if you have a child with you or if you have a disability.We did not have any disabled people in our group but I think they can probably provide you with a little ATV or jeep that can bring you...

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Kulusuk Favorites

  • Lots of mosquitos!

    The trip is very cool but you might want to bring something to eat and something to drink. There is only one store in town and they do not have much in the way of snacks. Definitely bring a camera because the scenery is amazing. If you are part of the tour group then just stick with your crew - they will take you exactly where you need to go. If...

  • Icebergs

    Even in summer the bays and fjords around Kulusuk and Ammassalik are full with icebergs and pack ice that block the way out of the fjord. The best time visit this area is late July and August in summer so you can go by boat out of the bay or March and April in winter than you go with dogs sledges and drive on the frozen sea. winter seal hunting...

  • Icebergs!

    I had always wanted to see an iceberg and there were certainly lots in Kulusuk. Actually, September's probably the month when there is the least amount of snow and ice. It all starts to melt after the winter around about June and then they start to drift down again from the North in October.


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