Greenland Warnings and Dangers

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Greenland Warnings and Dangers

  • Mosquitos and flies

    In the summertime you will be well warned about the insects that spring out of the millions of little water holes you find anywhere near the coastline in Greenland. So a good mosquito repellant and a net to your hat would be good to pack for your journey.

  • No barking allowed!

    When you are going north of the polar circle you will not hear any barking as Greenland has a none tolerance policy relating to pet dogs for the purpose of keeping their breed of sledge dogs pure and strong as they have to be to live outdoors all year in the artic climate. The sledge dogs are so closely related to wolfs, that they also cannot bark...

  • Nature is king.

    So before venturing out in the wonderful wilderness you better plan your trip very well. For shorter and longer trips a look at the weather forecast is a good idea. Even if the weather forecasts are getting more and more reliable for longer trips always be precocious and inform someone where you are planning to go and when you will be back....

  • Mosquitos and musks

    Be aware of mosquitos in the summertime. Also when you are walking in the nature especially in the area surrounding Ivittut you can meet musks. Normally they are not dangerous but don´t go too close.

  • Slippery slick rock

    When hiking in Greenland you will soon enough discover that the trails are non-existent and that you may have to chart your own course. With the terrain as it is, you are bound to run into canyons, rock faces, small gorges, unexpected scree, rivers, bogs - you name it. Some of these suprises may involve some dangerous traverses, especially if you...

  • Very fast changeable weather

    The weather in greenland is extremely volatile. Do not underestimate this fact when you go out hiking or skiing, especially in remote areas. The presence of the cold ocean, cold glaciers and easily warmed rocks in the summer sun create low clouds, fog, strong winds and what not. The local climate is quickly influenced by the shape and quality of...

  • Musk oxen

    Musk oxen seem very docile and tame - but lo and behold! are they volatile. The closest comparison is the Indian rhino: its faint thought that this may be an enemy is immediately followed by a charge... just to be sure...While tourists get quite close in the Kangerlussuaq area, the danger zone set by Norwegian wildlife authorities (at Dovre...

  • Whale Watching in Aasiaat

    I paid a lot of money for a whale watching boat trip in Aasiaat. I was assured by the guide that they see whales 'every time they go'. We did not see anything close to a whale. I found out later it wasn't even whale-watching season yet.So my advice is not to take any whale-watching tours if it isn't the prime season for them, no matter what the...

  • The Kangerlussuaq delta

    The huge delta near the airport of Kangerlussuaq has undefined quicksand fields. It is considered very dangerous to venture out onto these sand and silt flats. In fact, the entire inner part of the Kangerlussuaq fjord is very shallow, filled up by glacier debris and silt following three major catastrophic GLOFS - glacier outflow surges.

  • Greenland dogs

    The beast of burden in Greenland, the Grrrrrreeenland dog, is a delight and a pest...Used in the winter for dogsled transport in the Ilulissat area (where I visited), they are chained down in the summer. Each owner has his place and shacks of equipment and dogfood (local, dried halibut) inbetween housing blocks and other dwellings, so it takes on a...

  • Polar Bears on Greenland

    Polar bears can be a major problem where they occur, but on Greenland’s west coast there is an area between Nanortalik in the south and north of Disko at about Upernavik where there rarely are any at all. This is mainly for climatic reasons: the polar bear is an expert seal hunter, and seals occur in suitable masses in the pack and drift ice. Sea...

  • Ilulissat Kangerlua: tipping icebergs

    When hiking along the Icefjord, in particular near the mouth where the icebergs are pushed over the bottom shelf, stay at least 20 meters above the watermark! And do not camp or kayak in this area. The flood waves from tipping icebergs can be enormous and can reach very high and far ashore. Two campers in a tent got dragged into the sea right there...

  • You are obviously in constant...

    You are obviously in constant danger of frost bite. Rembeber to dress warmly. There will be occasions when you believe that it is much warmer than it actually is. Don't believe it! Don't wander away from your source of heat or transportation.

  • Crossing frozen arctic regions...

    Crossing frozen arctic regions is not an easy task. One of the big problems is a supply of fresh un frozen water. Soon after you left base the water u hold in your bottle will freeze. Always carry special heating tools to melt snow or ice. Do not eat snow!! it will chill your inside organs and can cause Hypothermy. The photo was taken one hour...

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Greenland Warnings and Dangers

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