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    Taxi Turístico.

    by Aptypo Written Oct 14, 2003

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    Taxi Turístico.
    (Tourist Cabs).

    Another way to protect yourself from taxi robberies is the expensive 'Taxi Turístico'. These are, along with radio-dispatched taxis, the safest ones to travel within Mexico City.

    The unmarked cabs, usually well-kept luxury cars assigned to specific hotels, have special license plates, and bags covering their meters.

    The drivers are, sometimes, licensed (or not) English-speaking guides and can provide additional service.

    The drivers negotiate rates with individual passengers for sightseeing, it depends on time or distance, or both!
    These drivers are, sometimes, licensed (or not) English-speaking guides and can provide additional service for an additional fare (not fixed)... Bargain is the rule here.
    But rates to and from the airport are well established! Ask what the airport fare should be, and establish it before hire the cab.

    In general, expect to pay about 15% more than normal metered rates for taxi transportation.

    Often, these drivers will wait for you while you shop or dine to take you back to the hotel, or they can be called to come back and pick you up. Remember to deal the matter before hire them.

    Observe basic safe conditions while traveling on these cabs.

    IMPORTANT: If you do decide hire a taxi in Mexico City, read your correspondent government travel advisories about taxi cabs before you arrive, because taxi crime in the city is real.

    Taxi Tur��stico Plate

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    Rental cars, and driving into a rage.

    by Aptypo Updated Oct 10, 2003

    Rental Cars.

    Many car rental companies in the USA have clauses in their contracts prohibiting drivers from traveling out of the country.
    The Mexican police are aware of these regulations and will sometimes impound rental vehicles driven from the United States.
    When renting a vehicle there, check with the company to see if your contract allows you to drive it into Mexico.

    The standard insurance included with many car rental contracts in MEXICO provides only nominal liability coverage.
    Read your contract carefully and purchase additional liability and comprehensive insurance if necessary.

    ATTENTON: Observe simmilar conditions when you rent a car in Mexico City, at car rental agencies in the airport or town.

    IMPORTANT: Mexican law permits the jailing of drivers after an accident until they have met their obligations to third parties and to the rental company.

    Finally, all travelers are advised to consult with the nearest Mexican Consulate in the USA, Belize and Guatemala for additional detailed information prior to departing.

    Rental car plate

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    Arriving by car, and driving into a rage.

    by Aptypo Written Oct 10, 2003

    People are often surprised when inconveniences occur because they were unaware of the laws regarding crossing the border.
    The government of Mexico strictly regulates the entry of vehicles into Mexico.

    If you wish to travel to Mexico City, you will need to adhere to certain procedures.
    If these steps are carefully followed, there should be no problem taking your car to Mexico City.

    ATTENTION: If your car is found in Mexico beyond the authorized time or without the proper documents, it is subject to seizure by Mexican authorities.
    If confiscated, they are not returned!
    Also, the sale, abandonment, or use of the vehicle for financial gain will result in its confiscation.

    If you bring spare auto parts to Mexico, declare them when you enter the country.
    When you leave, be prepared to show that you are taking the unused parts with you or that you have had them installed in Mexico. Save your repair receipts for this purpose.

    From USA to Mexico

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    If you aren't form Mexico, is...

    by lucyguajardo Updated Sep 12, 2002

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    If you aren't form Mexico, is by sure you go there by plane. But if you were traveling in other parts of Mexico, you can check the bus. In all the little cities of Mexico there's a bus that take you to Mexico City, and is cheaper.
    The subway takes you to almost all the importans area of Mexico City, I recommend buy a map of the subway. In some stations there are guy selling it.
    Check the passenger cars because some times ones are for only women and the others for men. If you are men you can't go on a passanger cars of women. This rule avoid robbery men to women do.

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    If you like to walk and like...

    by vela_candela Written Sep 2, 2002

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    If you like to walk and like to get lost.. I certainly recommend to take the metro and the bus!!! The metro is very safe and you can go to the cultural places with it, and it won't cost as much as a taxi (not even a fraction!!) Buses has a typical sign in front of it, and you 'have' to tell the bus driver where are you going so he can charge you... The price depends on the distances, so you can ask him by the way, to tell you went to get down... Once you learn, you feel like another mexican!

    Be careful when taking a taxi, never take a taxi in the street since you can be sure you will get mugged. Sitios are always safe.

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    There is a big international...

    by mocca Updated Aug 26, 2002

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    There is a big international airport, 4 big bus stations and a railstation, so you can get there easy.
    Dn't hire a car, or rent one if you are either stupid or very brave (and even then you probably just are stupid).
    Taxis are the best bet, but just take the authorized ones, because the others aren't too safe, have the hotel or restaurant call you one.
    The mini busses are a challenge, because who knows where they go and how they get there ( only mexicans know this)
    The normal busses are good to get to interesting sites, and with the metro you can get anywhere.
    I had the luck that I stayed with friends, so they just drove me everywhere, that made life much easier.
    And when in Xochomilco, take a ride on the canals.

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    by plane, coming from other...

    by TinyTuck Written Aug 25, 2002

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    by plane, coming from other Mexican cities: maybe by bus, depending on the distance and the time you are willing to spend (there are 4 central bus stations!)
    You can get around in about every thinkable way:
    Metro, Tren ligero, Camión, Pesero, Minibus, Taxi
    The average tourist who stays in the center of Mexico City would mainly want to use the great subway network and/or taxis.

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    A nice way to visit Mexico...

    by Pierre_Rouss Written Aug 24, 2002

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    A nice way to visit Mexico City ans its surroundings is to hire a cab or a car with driver.
    You can probably arrange that with the hotel concierge or something like that. We used this method for going to Teotihuacan. It cost us US$50-60 (much less than x times an organized tour) and the guy stayed with us all day, waited for us while shoping, etc... Tip the guy well and he will bring you to nice places. Warning : Often drivers will 'make the rounds', driving you to a pre-selected set of stores and activities (all own by close relatives it seems).

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  • From the US, air travel is by...

    by panosVT Written Aug 24, 2002

    From the US, air travel is by far the best option, not including cost.
    For internal travel, the superb intercity bus system is unbeatable, (But go First class or higher, if possble
    The Metro.
    'Adonde vaya, el Metro va'
    Failing that option, take a cab hired from a reputable sitio.

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    by Ronald_T Updated Jul 14, 2003

    One of the cutest and milieu friendly transportation is the taxi-bicycle. I never used it, but I think it is as fast as a taxi there the traffic is to busy...


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    By plane of course.From...

    by Masteve Written Aug 24, 2002

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    By plane of course.
    From Europe you can fly Lufhansa, KLM, Iberia and British Airways.
    The underground.
    Be careful if you decide to use a taxi.

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