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  • A spattering of houses in the back hills.
    A spattering of houses in the back...
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  • Boulder field at the El Vallecito site.
    Boulder field at the El Vallecito site.
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  • El Diablito -
    El Diablito - "little devil" painted in...
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La Rumorosa Things to Do

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    Camp Alaska Site Museum

    by malecon Written Aug 27, 2006

    At the center of this site is a stone building that houses a museum of the areas history. This history includes the building of the grade leading down to Mexicali and a rich Indian heritage. The building itself is made of an amazingly durable material - rock. Even more incredibly it is all of eighty years old but doesn't look a day over five.

    It was once a military installation that never saw action. On top of the hill is a small circular fortress with gun posts. The view of the surrounding area of Rumorosa is nothing short of spectacular. Also on premises is a picnic area. Occassionally concerts and cultural exhibitions are held here.

    Several agencies now use this facilities with a common goal to enhance cultural ties.

    A brick & morter building houses the museum. Kumiai Indian artefacts featured. Built to defend like an outpost.

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    An Introduction to Indian Cave Paintings

    by malecon Updated Aug 27, 2006

    There are hundreds of cave paintings in Baja, each dramatic in their own rite. Think of it, the pictographic impressions of a people long extinct, captured on the very rock, on the very site, and for reasons unknown. For every pictograph created lies a mystery; why on earth did they draw that?

    Here in La Rumorosa, the site is called El Vallecito meaning little valley. There are dozens of individual paintings found mostly on the underside of the large boulders strewn throughout the valley. The most famous painting is El Diablito, or "little devil", a red colored image that loosely resembles its namesake. Incredibly, on December 21, the winter solstice, a beam of light will shin through to the cave illuminating the eyes of this figure.

    There are five designated locations on the looped trail. Among the paintings are mysterious geometric designs, some can possibly be interpreted as calendars. These consist of a straight line about a foot long with about a dozen short marks running perpendicular like a large centipede. Most interesting to me is the three headed stick figures that appear in several places.

    The age of these rock is disputed but it is not felt they are very old, probably 500 years. Compare that to several thousand year old finds, carbon dated with National Geographic oversight. The Kumiai are responsibility for many of these paintings so they think. Our guide, David, who was raised in Rumorosa is very knowledgable about the paintings as well as the name of the plants and trees. He made it abuntantly clear that much is not know as to why they painted these figures. I greatly appreciated that admission.

    Boulder field at the El Vallecito site. El Diablito - Annually, a ray of light will penetrate the cave. Three headed stick figure of a human.

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La Rumorosa Restaurants

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    El Chipo: A local landmark

    by malecon Written Aug 27, 2006

    The El Chipo Restaurant is known mostly for the place where you turn to view the El Vallecito cave paintings. You'll read the name in the online guides continuously. I thought it worth a stop for lunch since we owe our wonderful visit to the rock art drawing to its existence. Not to mention, it might just be the best place to eat in town.

    We ordered a total of eight chicken tacos with beans and sodas for a total of $15. The meat was well done and every bit as delicious as it looked. We all agreed that we had struck it rich. The food was prepared out doors and served on plates with a plastic bag over it. This tipped us off that there was no running water to wash them. There may not have been electricity and there definately was no refrigeration as the sodas came from an ice chest. Considering these liabilities the meal was a smash and we laughed and joked with the staff. Their children made friends with our children and the blend of good food and friendship in a small, dusty Mexican town was a memorable experience, that's why I keep coming back.

    An open invitation To the staff, friendliness comes naturally. The large sign out front.

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