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  • Call if you have a problem
    Call if you have a problem
    by Travel2write
    by matcrazy1
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  • Directions from Cops in Tijuana

    by smit3 Written Jan 14, 2008

    Me and a friend parked directly across the border because we missed the San Ysida exit to park. When we were leaving we asked two cops for directions. We were told we would be going to Jail for not having insurance and not wearing seatbelts......imagine enforcing a seatbelt law in Tijuana:)
    The fine would be around 1400 dollars they said
    The shake down lasted a good half hour.......they pulled us out of the car and searched it for drugs I suppose. Any how I finally asked them how much money to take care of it on the spot. They acted
    insulted but wanted to know how much money we had on us. We only had 25 between us but offered to go to an ATM for more, they settled for 20 dollars. Unbelievable!!!!

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  • Tijuana: Corruption Increasing

    by ratfink1 Written Dec 28, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have been traveling to TJ for years. I have never had any real problems until recently. I was stopped 3 times and forced to pay a "fine" in a police car or be brought to jail simply jaywalking from a bar to my hotel. I also saw the police "rounding up" young girls who were not prostitutes. I talked to the locals and they said that 200 police have been added and that fines are now common because TJ does not pay its Police Dept. I strongly advise anyone going to TJ to reconsider. I will not be going back

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    by NEVERmovetoTIJUANA Updated Nov 23, 2007

    RESIST THE TEMPTATION...if you reside in a City with an astronomical cost of living rate and you decide to relocate to Tijuana Mexico...FORGET IT...THIRD WORLD COUNTRY...return to your senses.
    Peace of mind is PRICELESS...my story
    I moved to mexico from San Diego california as a prior military veteran to make a life w/my mexican fiance. Well she failed to inform me of the dangers. The police are RUTHLESS...I am a well mannered individual never drink, smoke, and wear middle class attire...DOESNT MATTER. One day after a hard day at work I cross at the san ysidro border walk accross the bridge around sunset (day/night synonyms) as I near the enormous arc I see a group of police harrassing latin-american victims of a fight...they were hustling VICTIMS for cash...i see it all in my perifial vision...so I try to blend in the group of people walking but no avail the police see American dollar signs they stop me, ask if i speak spanish then rummage my pockets. Miraculously a corn-a-copia of narcotics is lifted (NEVERMIND THE IMPOSSIBLITY OF THE PLANTED DRUGS FITTING IN MY BACK POCKET) they say I can either pay or go to jail. I've been previously robbed before by Judiciales (under covers) or a fake...either way...NO FKKING WAY WAS IT HAPPENING AGAIN real or not...I refused and offered my hands in a tantrum. A miracle happened and was let go and told not to tell anyone and have a nice night. Long story shortened...they are grossly underpaid and it is HIGHLY COMMON for them to take money, your personal vehicle (legitamate papers or not), plant drugs, use "amigo" men to con you, perscription drugs are drugs to them (perscription or not) and the list goes on. And from what I hear mexican jails are NOT suitable for ANIMALS. Don't administer yourself or family to this lifestyle unless you absolutely have to. At times being homeless doesnt sound so bad.

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  • Missed US Border turn off...stopped by cops in TJ

    by Vortex23 Written Oct 27, 2007

    I spent a nice week in Rosarito Beach with my wife and family. Driving back, the turn off to the US border in TJ wasn't well marked, so I slowed down a bit, but missed the turn off. This was within a mile of the border.

    Two motorcycle cops pulled over our family mini-van and said that I was blocking traffic. They said the ticket would be $60.00 and I could pay it there, or go to the police station and pay it.

    They asked for my drivers license and registration and said they would have to keep my license.
    We had spent all of our money and told them we only had about $2.00, so they lowered the "fine" to $40.00. My wife explained the only money we had was our 8 year old daughter's birthday money, $30.00. We pulled that out of my daughter's wallet. The cop took the money and "escorted" us about half a mile to the line of cars at the border.

    We got off very cheap compared to some of the other victims of these crooked cops. The "Mordida" the bribe, is still alive and well in 2007. Always carry about $40.00 cash stashed away somewhere until you cross the border, and DO NOT EVER let them separate you from your wife and family to go to an ATM. If you have to, insist that you all go together.

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  • Robbed and fasely impriosoned by th police

    by TouristIreland Written Sep 28, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was in Tijuana recently and after coming out of a shop I was stopped by two policemen. The first they said to me was that i bet a woman up! They searched me and I had antibiotics for a flu which i had a prescription for.
    They said to me it was an illegal drug and taken me to see the police doctor, i was handcuffed driven around and then they stopped near the border took the handcuffs off me and told me i had two choices pay the fine or go back to the police station.
    I had $140 on me they robbed me of $130 and gave me ten dollars to get back to sandiego
    i would never visit mexico again

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  • Tijuana Police, accusing traffic violation

    by paul_palanca Written Sep 4, 2007

    Don't drive in Tijuana period.

    A cop on a motorbike stopped me and accused me of not stopping when he claims another police officer signed me to stop.

    I was on my in to the San Diego border and I missed the exit lane to the US border due to traffic so I kept going and I would make my rounds again to do another try. Suddenlly a cop on a motorbike followed me, then he overtaken me, make a right. I kept going, looking for the next street so I can make a right to the way to the US border.
    The same cop followed me again and this time he gave a signe to pull over. He ask me if I'm able to attend a hearing for traffic violation. I said give me the ticket and I will mail the fine. He said thats not possible. It is either I pay now or he has to take me to an office which I dont know where.

    I asked him how much the fine and he replied $85.00. My girlfriend and my other friend manage to produce $90.00. I gave to the police officer and as soon as I gave him the money.
    He said,"there will be nothing reported to DMV, your car rental wont be notified, dont anything to your goverment and I will give an escort to the border.

    When I get back to work I told this stories to my co-workers which some of them were Mexicans. They have told me some of them have the same experience. A coworkwer said they went to Ensada, Mexico and the cop pulled him over and their car had been search and he end up paying $160.00.

    Another Mexican coworker said he was charge for peeing the alley. Him and his brother were asked to either pay or spend the weekend in jail. They dont want to pay so the cop took them in jail and he said as soon as he saw the police beating the people in jail.He paid the $120.00 for him and his brother and they got out there quickly.

    Another co worker, he said, a cop seached him in one of the Tijuana bars. Took all the money his got. Poor guy he has to walk from Revolucion to the border.

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  • Tijuana and Traffic Cops

    by tim_clay Written Jun 16, 2007

    I'm a 25 year old doctor and was recently in San Diego for a conference with my boss (who is a 40 year old surgeon). We decided to go down to Tijuana and have a look around. Within 5 minutes of crossing the border we were pulled over by traffic cops. We were stopped in the middle of traffic and had alledgedly indicated incorrectly even though we were hardly moving. They took my license (Australian) and then asked us to follow them around the corner were they questioned us further. After some (polite) arguing back and forth they let us go with a warning.

    Later on in the day (after putting up with being asked to go into every bar on revolution st) we were trying to leave and missed the turn off to san diego. We got pulled over by a motorbike cop who threatened to arrested me (I was pretty pissed off), before playing a big power trip over us then letting us go. It was pretty scary.

    (We did stumble into a cafe away from the main drag where the people were really nice and looked after us).

    I'd recommend avoiding Tijuana and going somewhere in San Diego instead.

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  • hersheynrey's Profile Photo

    Being stopped

    by hersheynrey Written Feb 17, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    if stopped look for is the number of the police vehicle. . If any cop ever takes money from you report them to the sindicatura. You can find an online form to fill out at Tijuana.gob.mex. Dont be rude but just tell them you prefer to see the judge and let him handle the matter. Never report a cop to a cop do it thru 066 or the sindicatura. If they stop you ask for a ticket if you really did violate a traffic law. IF you are a tourist stay in the tourist areas and dont venture out in the colonias especially walking. At night and even during the day they have what they call operativos where they drive around in vans with the van doors open with cops just waiting to jump out and grab the first person they see that looks good. The safest way to come to tijuana in a group and take a taxi from the border straight to where you need to go. As long as you are in a taxi you wont have any problems. It is worth the 5dlls. If you are coming for lets put it a good time the taxi drivers will know where you can find that good time and have your good time without being harrased by the cops. They will also wait for you while you are having your good time to make sure you get back to any other destination you needed to go. Right now there is no law in tijuana. The cops do as they please. How do I know. Because I have lived here now for over 12 years. What ever you do stay away from the temptation of buying drugs if thats your thing. The people selling downtown are hooked up with the cops and as soon as they sell you something more than likely you will get picked up. once again any time you have any contact with any cop look for the number of the vehicle they are driving.

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  • BajaTJ's Profile Photo

    TJ Police thieves

    by BajaTJ Written Oct 2, 2006

    I have been going to TJ for few years and never had a problem till I was pulled over by a Young cop maybe in his twenties, I had my blood pressure Medicine with me which he said was illegal drugs, since it was night time I was very freightened as he put me in the back of his patrol car and told me the fine is $500 and before I said yes or no he took $300 out my wallet and let me go. It was the worst experience in Mexico. How terrible these cops can be. We don't treat Mexicans like that but they can rip us off at anytime for No crime. I think this incident may tell me Do not ever go to TJ for whatever reasons. Its Police which are the thieves...

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  • Crooked Cops

    by andybear Written Sep 20, 2006

    2 TJ cops and a Mexican civilian came up behind me and my friend and started with the usual harassment. They searched my overnight bag and pulled everything out of my pockets. I happen to have had 2 Vicodin on me, for which I had the prescription in my wallet. Also, I had some Sudafed. They said that the Sudafed wasn't "really" Sudafed, but a narcotic, and that I was going to go to jail. Then I showed them the prescription for the Vicodin. He took the paper and said that I am still going to jail until it gets cleared up. I knew the routine, so I asked them how much money do they want. They said the "fine" was $250.00. I told them that it's ***. They then raised it to $400.00. I told them I only had $120.00 on me. They again changed the amount to $140.00. They actually wanted me to give them my ATM card and PIN number and they would be right back with the money. I told them that it was NEVER going to happen. The placed handcuffs on me and at that point I was a bit scared. I told them I had another $20.00 in my shoe. When the "transaction" was completed, and I was walking away, they yelled to me "Don't tell anyone about this". I immediately went to the Police station. The chief there had 4 cops bring me and my friend to the scene of the crime. Then the 2 thieves (cops) walked up and was confronted by the other 4 cops. The person in charge asked me how much they took from me and I told them $200.00. They talked in Spanish for a bit, then the dirty cop pulled out 2 $100 bills and handed them to me. I could tell he was totally pissed off because I had just taken $60.00 extra dollars from him and he couldn't do ANYTHING about it. I figured he deserved a taste of what he's been doing to Americans. I was then told by the person in charge that when we get back to the police station, to say that I didn't see the 2 dirty cops. I couldn't figure out why this guy was protecting them. I found out later that one of the cops was the chief's brother. The next day when I got back home,

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  • Crooked TJ coppers

    by spicytoiletpaper Written Sep 1, 2006

    Whatever you do in TJ don't do ANYTHING out of the ordinary in THIS town! A friend and I had to use the "facilities" really bad and had nowhere to go. We found some restrooms, but they were locked! It was dark, and no one was around so we each took a turn in the alley, as soon as we were finished, about 5 cops showed up including a car and tried to haul us to jail. We pleaded with them that we were sorry and had to go so bad. They didn't care and threatened to take us to jail, to see the judge in the morning. I managed to convince them that I would pay the fine there...all we had was $40 cash between the 2 of us, but thankfully they took it and let us go!

    What a nutty place!

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  • Cops

    by BentCop Updated Aug 22, 2006

    Do not ask motorbike police for directions in Tijuana - I did and was accused of having no insurance and would have to be escorted to the police station...........or I could pay $150 and be 'let off'. Since there was me and my 3 young kids I decided to 'pay'.

    If anyone knows how to get in touch with the Tijuana Police I would be grateful.

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  • DocRotten's Profile Photo

    Federali's are crooked

    by DocRotten Written Jul 25, 2006

    I was in TJ with a bunch of my friends one friday night. Like every time we are in TJ, we were drunk as all hell and ran out of money (no doubt from the many stops at the strip clubs). However we hoped in a cab and told him to take us to the nearest ATM which he did. Sure enough we were there for 5 minutes when a bunch of cops showed up and started searching us. My friend Chris who speaks fluent spanish, unlike our broken spanish, told us that they were trying to say we were robbing the ATM. Chris pulled out two $20 US bills and gave them to the cops, who then lets us go, 3 of us who were already in handcuffs. All Im saying is watchout for them. They are all crooked and are only looking for handouts. Sadly, no one can stop them. So beware!

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  • watermanbill's Profile Photo


    by watermanbill Written Jul 2, 2006

    Make sure in Tijuana you have nothing that can be mistaken as drugs. Searches by police are not common but do happen and having as little as a vitamin in your pocket can be assumed as drugs. Prescription drugs must always be in a container with your name. Searches can be conducted at any time in any place and for no reason. If you are with someone who has an illegal substance you will both go to jail. This means anyone that is walking with you on the street including that new found "amigo" who is showing you where to find the "girls".

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  • Stay away from Tijuana!!!

    by peterourke666 Written Jun 30, 2005

    I am a 37 y.o. attorney. I was visiting San Diego for a convention on June 28, 2005. I drove to Tijuana because I had never been to Mexico and was told it was relatively safe if I stayed in the "good" areas. There are no good areas. 20 minutes after parking my car, I was walking down a street immediately off Revolution Blvd (the main drag) when I was approached by a sleazy guy offering me drugs. I tried to avoid him, but after a few seconds, a police car approached us, frisked us both and found a bag of "cocaine" in the other guy's pocket. They put both of us in the police car and threatened to hold me in jail for 72 hours unless I paid a $500 fine. They literally drove me to an ATM machine for the money. The cops had obviously conspired with the sleazy guy. I have since learned that this is VERY common in Tijuana. I have also since read of instances where female students have been raped by police. Stay away!

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  • Jul 8, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    I just had to comment on all the above stories. I am a female American, I have lived in Tijuana since 1994 and love it. True there are corrupt police and true some will try to use scare tactics to try and get money out of people but they are smart enough to know who to mess with. If you are looking in any way suspicious or in a high crime or drug area they will stop you and search you. If you really are not doing anything wrong or have anything that you shouldnt have just stay calm and if they do start to ask for money or scare you with jail if you do not pay simply tell them to go ahead and take you to jail since you do not have any money. Do not get smart ass or threaten them in any way . Just stay calm. Once they see that they can not get money from you they will just let you go. The minute that a police vehicle stops you the first thing you MUST do is look for the number located on the side of the Vehicle and do not forget it. Pay attention to what they look like. If they take money from you and it is still day time ask someone for directions to the Palacio Municipal and there you will ask where the Sindicatura is located. Once you arrive there you will fill out a report and be interviewed by an official there. They will then call the captian of those officers and have them report so you can identify them. Once you have visually identified them they will be forced to pay you the money that was taken along with them being relieved of their duties. Yes they will be fired. If what happened was alittle more serious they might even go to jail. Another thing is you are never taken to jail without first being seen by a judge. The judge will either believe you or send you for a few hours to jail where you can be bailed out. The longest a person can be held in the local jail is for 36 hours if you were picked up for having a little bit of lets say weed on you you will be sent to the mixta and the longest you can be held is for 48 hours. For more serious things they send you to the PGR which is the feds and you will be held there at first for 72 hours and during this time they will be investigationg to see if you are probably guilty or not . If not they will let you go . If a judge says you are guilty the will send you to the prison. At all these places during the first few hours that you are there someone from the amercian counsulado will come and talk to you and will make phone calls for you . Millions of people come to Tijuana every year and in reality there are very few stories of being harrassed by police considering the amount of people who come across the border every day., If you are not familiar with Tijuana it is not recommend that you drive over here until you are familiar. Do not venture into areas that you do not see other tourists by yourself. I have a very good friend whos brother is a municipal police officer and he tells me stories all the time. Like he says, if you are not doing something suspicious or acting suspicious no one is even going to notice you. If you look out of place for example you are driving a brand you expensive car in an area where there is alot of drug activity and you obviously dont know anyone in that area you will be stopped. Being a female I go all over tijuana by myself either driving or using public transportation and have never had any problem. Another thing to do before coming to Tijuana or anywhere on this planet is to first investigate the local laws so you will know your rights and what you can and cant do.

  • Feb 11, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    WOW, I just read all these stories because I had very similar story happen to me today. I am a Mexican-American who fell in love with someone from south of the border, thus I moved to Tijuana. I am an entrepreneur and I make very good money, so last week I bought myself a luxury vehicle from a US dealership. The car came without license plates and tinted windows. Today I was driving along the border on the Mexican side looking for a parking lot so I could leave my car there and run over to the US side to run some errands. Low and behold a motorcycle cops comes up behind me and proceeds to pull me over. He pulls me over and says he has to cite me for not having plates on my car and for having tinted windows. I explained that the car was recently purchased and the plates were coming but that the car fully and legally registered and provided evidence of it. About the tint,I bought the car that way. So he proceed to ask "how we were going to resolve this", which is code for a bribe. I told him that I would not pay a bribe so he said he would have to have my car towed. I told him OK tow it than. So later the tow truck show up and I go up to the tow truck driver who appeared to be a friend of the cop, and I said to the tow truck driver, who was very far away from the cop, "you should not take my car cause this son of a b$%^, is got a bandetta against me because I won't pay him a bribe. So the truck driver blows up and starts screaming: how can you disrespect a public authority like that! and he caused a scene to call the attention of the cop over to where we were and he told the cop what I said and the cop said "you are under arrest for disrespecting a cop and he handcuffed me and they took me to see a judge to greeted the cop with hugs and kisses when we arrived. I pleaded my case to the judge who called the tow truck driver and the cop and the tow truck driver lied their butts off to the judge and at that moment I was taken to jail, which was nothing more than a cramped public restroom without toilets packed like a sardine with drug addicts and thugs. I wasn't more than 10 minutes there that the thugs ganged up on me and took my wallet, my money, my credit cards, and my $500 cell phone. So the lead thug made arrangements there with a cop to have another thug that hangs out in the hallway of the jail to go sell my cell phone and bring back the money so that the incarcerated thug could pay his way out of the jail. Sure enough it all must have went as planned for the thug and corrupt cops, cause the thugs got out of jail scott free. Surely the judge must have known what was going on cause the judge is right there in a little dark room right next to the jailhouse and how could this thug have avoided all the documentation and had someone from outside come and pay the fines that I had to go through to get out. No instead he got whisked out through the back door.

    Let me give some very helpful advice to all of you that will save you a lot of money, headaches and landing in jail on trumped up charges: DO NOT VISIT MEXICO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IT IS NOT A SAFE PLACE AT ALL. AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME AND YOU STILL DECIDE TO COME, THAN DON'T WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT THUGS, DRUG LORDS OR THIEFS, WORRY ABOUT COPS, THEY ARE AS CORRUPT AS THE DAY IS LONG.

    • Jul 8, 2013 at 6:18 PM

      If you come to Tijuana alot or live here you should already know that you do not drive a car without plates and tinted windows and expect to not be pulled over. With all the kidnappings that were going on in the past years and all done with autos with tinted windows and no plates of course you are going to get pulled over. You wouldnt be able to drive a car like that in the US so why would you think here would be any different. I also find it strange that after seeing that the tow truck driver was friends with this cop why would you talk about the cop to him. You should of just let them take the car or offered to remove the tint right then and there. Once they had taken the car you only needed to got to the sindicatura and report what happened and they would of gotten your car out for free. Also to anyone reading this. Anytime you are approached by an officer you get the number of the vehicle they are driving and stay calm. Most people have cell phones so if you know that you are not doing anything wrong and are being stopped mark 066 this is the same as the US 911. Explain to the operator who answers where you are and the number of the police vehicle and that you are being stopped for no reason and are very scared. Trust me by the time the officers who are pulling you over get to your car they will be very polite and will leave you alone.

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