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    Call if you have a problem
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    Federali's are crooked

    by DocRotten Written Jul 25, 2006

    I was in TJ with a bunch of my friends one friday night. Like every time we are in TJ, we were drunk as all hell and ran out of money (no doubt from the many stops at the strip clubs). However we hoped in a cab and told him to take us to the nearest ATM which he did. Sure enough we were there for 5 minutes when a bunch of cops showed up and started searching us. My friend Chris who speaks fluent spanish, unlike our broken spanish, told us that they were trying to say we were robbing the ATM. Chris pulled out two $20 US bills and gave them to the cops, who then lets us go, 3 of us who were already in handcuffs. All Im saying is watchout for them. They are all crooked and are only looking for handouts. Sadly, no one can stop them. So beware!

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    by watermanbill Written Jul 2, 2006

    Make sure in Tijuana you have nothing that can be mistaken as drugs. Searches by police are not common but do happen and having as little as a vitamin in your pocket can be assumed as drugs. Prescription drugs must always be in a container with your name. Searches can be conducted at any time in any place and for no reason. If you are with someone who has an illegal substance you will both go to jail. This means anyone that is walking with you on the street including that new found "amigo" who is showing you where to find the "girls".

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  • Stay away from Tijuana!!!

    by peterourke666 Written Jun 30, 2005

    I am a 37 y.o. attorney. I was visiting San Diego for a convention on June 28, 2005. I drove to Tijuana because I had never been to Mexico and was told it was relatively safe if I stayed in the "good" areas. There are no good areas. 20 minutes after parking my car, I was walking down a street immediately off Revolution Blvd (the main drag) when I was approached by a sleazy guy offering me drugs. I tried to avoid him, but after a few seconds, a police car approached us, frisked us both and found a bag of "cocaine" in the other guy's pocket. They put both of us in the police car and threatened to hold me in jail for 72 hours unless I paid a $500 fine. They literally drove me to an ATM machine for the money. The cops had obviously conspired with the sleazy guy. I have since learned that this is VERY common in Tijuana. I have also since read of instances where female students have been raped by police. Stay away!

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    The police have changed much!

    by Travel2write Written Jun 4, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Looking back to the days when I first started coming to TJ vice today? The police have cleaned up much, and the days of shakedowns have pretty much come to a halting stop! Although there are many scammers impersonating police waiting in dark alleys and along the route back to the border.
    So be careful, and if they are police, they will insist on having you report to the police department. The smart thing would be, don't be stupid! Common things that lead to citations in TJ from tourist!

    1. Urinating in Public!
    2. Sex in the streets, parking lots, public area
    3. Unconscious in the street
    4. Fighting other tourist!
    5. Not paying bills

    Call if you have a problem
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    Careful of the Cops near the ATM!!!!

    by africateach Written Feb 24, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We were running low on funds, and found ourselves a decent ATM. As we are getting money out, TWO cop cars pull up and grab us! They throw us on the hood of the car and demand to know why we are taking money out!
    "Drugs, Hombre?!" "You buy drugs?!"
    "NO Sir!" We were then searched right then and there!!!

    Fortunately we were a little tipsy and my friend forgot the conversion rate and took out what he thought was 100 dollars US. In fact, he took out 100 pesos, about 10 bucks!!! The cops didn't even want it and told us to run for the border before they arrested us!

    Well... when in Tijuana... RUN!!!

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    Police Corruption

    by Richmond Written Jan 2, 2005

    "If you are planning to vacation in Mexico, it is crucial for your safety and the safety of your family that you understand what has happened to some travelers who through no fault of their own and without having knowingly committed a crime are now serving sentences in Mexican jails. "

    Tourism to Mexico provides a huge influx of dollars to merchants and businesses in Mexico and so the department of tourism expends great efforts to lure us down there. For the most part the experience of traveling and visiting in Mexico is absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, not only legitimate business people are anxious to tap into tourist dollars. A few corrupt police have their own way of getting "their share" of this tourist bonanza. Through the legal system that has little oversight these rotten few use their position to shake down Americans traveling by charging them with various infractions and then soliciting "mordida" (bribes) to "fix" the problem.

    If you become enmeshed in this scam and are lucky it will only cost you a few hundred dollars and the spoiling of part of your vacation. If you are not so lucky, and have an experience , it might ruin your life and that of your family.

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    by matcrazy1 Updated Aug 20, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As I know in Tijuana you maybe arrested for:
    - Drinking alcohol on any public way
    - Disturbing the peace of other persons
    - Fights
    - Carring or using firearms
    - Possession or comsumption of any kind of drug
    Prostitution (although not recommended) is legal unless at age under 18.

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    It goes without saying: ...

    by SNICK Written Oct 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It goes without saying: Behave yourself in Tijuana. Most of the stories about corrupt cops may very well not be true, but why would you take the chance to find out? Tijuana cops, for the most part, are used to seeing arrogant and irreverent Americans getting drunk in their streets. It doesn't mean they have to tolerate anything beyond getting drunk.

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  • Jul 8, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    I just had to comment on all the above stories. I am a female American, I have lived in Tijuana since 1994 and love it. True there are corrupt police and true some will try to use scare tactics to try and get money out of people but they are smart enough to know who to mess with. If you are looking in any way suspicious or in a high crime or drug area they will stop you and search you. If you really are not doing anything wrong or have anything that you shouldnt have just stay calm and if they do start to ask for money or scare you with jail if you do not pay simply tell them to go ahead and take you to jail since you do not have any money. Do not get smart ass or threaten them in any way . Just stay calm. Once they see that they can not get money from you they will just let you go. The minute that a police vehicle stops you the first thing you MUST do is look for the number located on the side of the Vehicle and do not forget it. Pay attention to what they look like. If they take money from you and it is still day time ask someone for directions to the Palacio Municipal and there you will ask where the Sindicatura is located. Once you arrive there you will fill out a report and be interviewed by an official there. They will then call the captian of those officers and have them report so you can identify them. Once you have visually identified them they will be forced to pay you the money that was taken along with them being relieved of their duties. Yes they will be fired. If what happened was alittle more serious they might even go to jail. Another thing is you are never taken to jail without first being seen by a judge. The judge will either believe you or send you for a few hours to jail where you can be bailed out. The longest a person can be held in the local jail is for 36 hours if you were picked up for having a little bit of lets say weed on you you will be sent to the mixta and the longest you can be held is for 48 hours. For more serious things they send you to the PGR which is the feds and you will be held there at first for 72 hours and during this time they will be investigationg to see if you are probably guilty or not . If not they will let you go . If a judge says you are guilty the will send you to the prison. At all these places during the first few hours that you are there someone from the amercian counsulado will come and talk to you and will make phone calls for you . Millions of people come to Tijuana every year and in reality there are very few stories of being harrassed by police considering the amount of people who come across the border every day., If you are not familiar with Tijuana it is not recommend that you drive over here until you are familiar. Do not venture into areas that you do not see other tourists by yourself. I have a very good friend whos brother is a municipal police officer and he tells me stories all the time. Like he says, if you are not doing something suspicious or acting suspicious no one is even going to notice you. If you look out of place for example you are driving a brand you expensive car in an area where there is alot of drug activity and you obviously dont know anyone in that area you will be stopped. Being a female I go all over tijuana by myself either driving or using public transportation and have never had any problem. Another thing to do before coming to Tijuana or anywhere on this planet is to first investigate the local laws so you will know your rights and what you can and cant do.

  • Feb 11, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    WOW, I just read all these stories because I had very similar story happen to me today. I am a Mexican-American who fell in love with someone from south of the border, thus I moved to Tijuana. I am an entrepreneur and I make very good money, so last week I bought myself a luxury vehicle from a US dealership. The car came without license plates and tinted windows. Today I was driving along the border on the Mexican side looking for a parking lot so I could leave my car there and run over to the US side to run some errands. Low and behold a motorcycle cops comes up behind me and proceeds to pull me over. He pulls me over and says he has to cite me for not having plates on my car and for having tinted windows. I explained that the car was recently purchased and the plates were coming but that the car fully and legally registered and provided evidence of it. About the tint,I bought the car that way. So he proceed to ask "how we were going to resolve this", which is code for a bribe. I told him that I would not pay a bribe so he said he would have to have my car towed. I told him OK tow it than. So later the tow truck show up and I go up to the tow truck driver who appeared to be a friend of the cop, and I said to the tow truck driver, who was very far away from the cop, "you should not take my car cause this son of a b$%^, is got a bandetta against me because I won't pay him a bribe. So the truck driver blows up and starts screaming: how can you disrespect a public authority like that! and he caused a scene to call the attention of the cop over to where we were and he told the cop what I said and the cop said "you are under arrest for disrespecting a cop and he handcuffed me and they took me to see a judge to greeted the cop with hugs and kisses when we arrived. I pleaded my case to the judge who called the tow truck driver and the cop and the tow truck driver lied their butts off to the judge and at that moment I was taken to jail, which was nothing more than a cramped public restroom without toilets packed like a sardine with drug addicts and thugs. I wasn't more than 10 minutes there that the thugs ganged up on me and took my wallet, my money, my credit cards, and my $500 cell phone. So the lead thug made arrangements there with a cop to have another thug that hangs out in the hallway of the jail to go sell my cell phone and bring back the money so that the incarcerated thug could pay his way out of the jail. Sure enough it all must have went as planned for the thug and corrupt cops, cause the thugs got out of jail scott free. Surely the judge must have known what was going on cause the judge is right there in a little dark room right next to the jailhouse and how could this thug have avoided all the documentation and had someone from outside come and pay the fines that I had to go through to get out. No instead he got whisked out through the back door.

    Let me give some very helpful advice to all of you that will save you a lot of money, headaches and landing in jail on trumped up charges: DO NOT VISIT MEXICO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IT IS NOT A SAFE PLACE AT ALL. AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME AND YOU STILL DECIDE TO COME, THAN DON'T WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT THUGS, DRUG LORDS OR THIEFS, WORRY ABOUT COPS, THEY ARE AS CORRUPT AS THE DAY IS LONG.

    • Jul 8, 2013 at 6:18 PM

      If you come to Tijuana alot or live here you should already know that you do not drive a car without plates and tinted windows and expect to not be pulled over. With all the kidnappings that were going on in the past years and all done with autos with tinted windows and no plates of course you are going to get pulled over. You wouldnt be able to drive a car like that in the US so why would you think here would be any different. I also find it strange that after seeing that the tow truck driver was friends with this cop why would you talk about the cop to him. You should of just let them take the car or offered to remove the tint right then and there. Once they had taken the car you only needed to got to the sindicatura and report what happened and they would of gotten your car out for free. Also to anyone reading this. Anytime you are approached by an officer you get the number of the vehicle they are driving and stay calm. Most people have cell phones so if you know that you are not doing anything wrong and are being stopped mark 066 this is the same as the US 911. Explain to the operator who answers where you are and the number of the police vehicle and that you are being stopped for no reason and are very scared. Trust me by the time the officers who are pulling you over get to your car they will be very polite and will leave you alone.

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