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    landinis pizzeria
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    Ensenada from the port
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Sierra San Felipe


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  • Avenida Revolucion

    3 out of 5 stars

    Tijuana Things to Do

    avenida revolicion is central tijuanas main street , it is roughly 15 blocks long and is the street most frequented by tourists in the city although it had many more tourists before the drug violence scared away the tourists , the street is also busy at nights on weekends because of all the baars , it is easy to get from the border by bus taxi or...

  • Hotel Lucerna Tijuana

    Tijuana Hotels

    Beware of these instalations. Tijuana police have ties with the place. Upon being mugged by...

  • Street Vendors

    4 out of 5 stars

    Tijuana Restaurants

    Along the streets in Tijuana you may come across a street vender or two offering taquitos. These are not the same rolled tacos as you get at the Mexican restaurants in the USA. These taquitos are small tacos made with freshly roasted meat sliced, before your eyes, from the spit on which a huge chunk of meat is impaled. These taquitos are...



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  • La Bufadora

    Ensenada Things to Do

    There is enough to do in Ensenada to stay several days but make sure to save time for a visit to La Bufadora. After the geyser subsides, take a look down the cliff to see what causes the ocean to shoot up so high? Watching the waves crash against the cliffs can be mesmerizing, but the resulting geyser is better than a wake-up call.

  • Estero Beach Resort

    Ensenada Hotels

    The resort has quite expansive grounds providing areas for walking, jogging, fishing from the pier...

  • Italian delights in Ensenada

    Ensenada Restaurants

    Before heading back north towards San Diego, we dropped into Café Torino De Ensenada for a cappuccino. Since my buddy was born and raised in Rome, he'll know what good/bad cappuccino happens to this place was highly recommended to him. Located on Lopez Mateos (1St. Street) across from Hotel El Cid, next to El Patio Bar (Cafe Torino) is...



See all 147 Rosarito Tips
  • Hotels / Resorts

    Rosarito Things to Do

    Drive to Calafia! Historic, cultural and tourist center. A family resort hotel with ocean view suites, a cliffside restaurant, Club 1773--an old sailing vessel converted into a night club, history, music, conference center and ecological park. Calafia is the official headquarters of the Historical Society of Rosarito, and of the Associations of...

  • Corona Plaza Rosarito

    Rosarito Hotels

    Calle del Cedro #151, Blvd Benito Juarez Y Calle 151, Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

  • Papas & Beer

    Rosarito Nightlife

    During the day, P&B had a huge, sand volleyball court. Great for people watching. By night, everyone had cleaned up and come back to get their drink on! Nothing like tequila shots with a referee whistle blowing in your ear... VERY casual


San Felipe

See all 51 San Felipe Tips

    San Felipe Favorites

    Miramar Bar. Yep, it's on Facebook. What happened here was so utterly strange and somewhat rude (no not anything I did), that you will have to email me if you want to know the story. I'll make you a deal. Email me and tell me if you want the edited version or the full version. If you like the story, you can then rate this tip accordingly.

  • Las Palmas Hotel

    San Felipe Hotels

    Mar Baltico S N San Felipe Baja Ca Mx CP21850

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Business

  • Dont forget the sun screen!!!!

    San Felipe What to Pack

    In the summer months, when I like to come, I dont really need much. Trust me, you wont be wearing much when its as hot as it is in the summer. Bring your bathing suit, shorts, tank tops and slippers. Also bring alot of sunscreen because the sun can be brutal. Bring beach towels and maybe even an umbrela or EZ up to shade yourself from the sun while...



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See all 15 Algodones Tips
  • Warning: Royal Dental

    Algodones Warnings and Dangers

    Went in to have a tooth removed. Big Mistake. Royal Dental has moved to a new office in the same building. She called me in to a room smaller than my clothes closet at home. The chair wasn't even bolted to the floor, so it wobbled every time I moved or she bumped into it. She took 2 hours, broke the tooth into pieces, eventually called in an oral...

  • Algodones. Street Stuff!

    Algodones Warnings and Dangers

    It is just a matter of life for some locals to sit on the streets and sell what I would view as nasty pornographic type items (too embarrassing to describe) and the people there just seem to laugh about it and the street children (who sell home-made jewelry) just take it all in stride. In my opinion, it would be hard to be raised in that type of...


    Algodones Warnings and Dangers

    Do not go to the Green-Door in Algodones Mexico, unless u want 2 be scammed out of ur money by the owner, & policia ( police ). The GreenDoor has a very bad reputation with the girls having H.I.V.! They don't regulate ANY of the girls health. There is NO health code. This means ur @ risk even if they only perform oral sex. When I travel, I always...



See all 17 Tecate Tips
  • Shopping

    Tecate Things to Do

    Tecate isn't really the sort of place you go for site seeing, as there isn't that much to see. Tecate is more of a place to go for a shopping trip. That's what we did, and that's what most visitors do. There are stores and street vendors located almost everywhere in the downtown area near the train station. You can buy a variety of traditional...

  • Rancho La Puerta Spa

    Tecate Hotels

    A good friend from college told me about "Rancho" (as it is called by many of the guests who return...

  • Hotel Rosita resort inn

    Tecate Warnings and Dangers

    The worse experience of my life was because of Hotel Rosita Hotel in Tecate! My family stayed in a suite and i stayed in another one bed room. The family members in the Suite were entoxicated by gas. The laundry room is right down stairs and even though the people from the hotel were told about a weird smell they just provided an air freshner...


Puerto Nuevo

See all 12 Puerto Nuevo Tips
  • Cigar, Coffee Stand

    Puerto Nuevo Things to Do

    I couldnt really read the name of this place, looked like Rasa Calabra or something. Its a very small place located at the beginning of the town next to the information booth. They sell cigars and different flavored coffees here. Also bottled water and sodas. We walked around the town did some shopping and before we left we sat here and relaxed a...

  • The Grand Baja Resort

    Puerto Nuevo Hotels

    Km 44.5 Carretera Libre, Tijuana-Ensenada, Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Norte, 22712, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

  • Capilla Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

    Puerto Nuevo Local Customs

    I have come to Puerto Nuevo a million times and I dont think I have ever noticed the little church in the middle of the shops and restaurants. Mass is at 1:30pm on Sundays and the place is so tiny that it probably sits about 45 people or so.Mexico is a mostly Roman Catholic country, and the Virgen Mary is very important to the people.The church is...


Bahía de los Ángeles

  • No nightlife here!

    Bahía de los Ángeles Nightlife

    If you want nightlife, don't drive south of Ensenada or San Felipe. Bahia is a quiet fishing village. You can purchase you beer at any of the local stores, they are very well stocked. Make sure to save your bottles, you receive a sizable discount bringing in your empties. Board shorts, flip flops

  • Thieving Bum

    Bahía de los Ángeles Warnings and Dangers

    Enroute to Bahia you must stop and see the cave painting in Catavina. There is a new museum and tourist center about 500m west of the actual cave painting site. All of the information guides to baja will advise you to look for a palapa. Nearly directly infront if the Cave there are the remains of what may have been a Palapa. In the remains there is...

  • Birds

    Bahía de los Ángeles Things to Do

    If you a birder, Bahia has alot to offer. I'm a not a birder, so I can't offer the specifics in this tip. There were several student doing surveys while I was there.



See all 17 Colima Tips
  • Colima city is not a tourist...

    Colima Off The Beaten Path

    Colima city is not a tourist city, so, many travelers skip it, but WAIT!, Colima city is a charming city, filled with amazing details that you will love!, try walking along the city, get into the neighborhoods, drive along the main avenues, and visit the archeological sites!.

  • Fiesta Inn Colima

    Colima Hotels

    Av Rey Coliman 402

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • People in Colima City is very...

    Colima Local Customs

    People in Colima City is very polite and educated. Think simple, don't do to them what you dont want them do to you. Just remember to respect, Many people speak English, so they might understand you, besides, people from Colima city, have good cultural standards, so I am sure you will spend a great time!, here, don´t hesitate to ask, People from...


San Antonio de las Minas

Isla Guadalupe

  • Great Whites - the main attraction

    Isla Guadalupe Things to Do

    The great white sharks have a persona, a stigma that fascinates most people. In all the dives I have ever been on, I had seen many sharks of various types but the infamous great white had not been one of them.These sharks are ancient predators. Their cold black eyes and jagged smiles set them apart from most other things in the oceans. The ones...

  • Tips for the scuba diver

    Isla Guadalupe Things to Do

    Obviously if you come this far and have the nerve to get in the water, you will most likely want to take some photographs as mementos of your experience. Here are a couple quick tips for photographers and divers in general:- the cages are typically small, particularly when you have ~3 people in the cage with you. Do not bother with external...

  • Coastal tour

    Isla Guadalupe Things to Do

    It is forbidden for unauthorized people to set foot on the island. And due to the presence of the apex predator of the seas calling these waters home, it is not advisable to swim or kayak in the waters either.Therefore if you are not diving, about the only thing you can do is take the small tender boat for a tour up and down the coast. You will...


La Rumorosa

See all 4 La Rumorosa Tips
  • Camp Alaska Site Museum

    La Rumorosa Things to Do

    At the center of this site is a stone building that houses a museum of the areas history. This history includes the building of the grade leading down to Mexicali and a rich Indian heritage. The building itself is made of an amazingly durable material - rock. Even more incredibly it is all of eighty years old but doesn't look a day over five. It...

  • A local landmark

    La Rumorosa Restaurants

    The El Chipo Restaurant is known mostly for the place where you turn to view the El Vallecito cave paintings. You'll read the name in the online guides continuously. I thought it worth a stop for lunch since we owe our wonderful visit to the rock art drawing to its existence. Not to mention, it might just be the best place to eat in town.We ordered...

  • An Introduction to Indian Cave Paintings

    La Rumorosa Things to Do

    There are hundreds of cave paintings in Baja, each dramatic in their own rite. Think of it, the pictographic impressions of a people long extinct, captured on the very rock, on the very site, and for reasons unknown. For every pictograph created lies a mystery; why on earth did they draw that?Here in La Rumorosa, the site is called El Vallecito...



See all 11 Oaxaca Tips
  • The Markets of Oaxaca

    Oaxaca Favorites

    It's pretty hard to choose one favorite thing about a place like Oaxaca, but the fabled traditional markets are probably number one in my book. If you stay near the zocalo you are within walking distance of two of Mexico's finest markets. Mercado Juarez sells foods like Oaxaca's famous cheeses ranging from tiny marble sized babies to giants the...

  • Las Golondrinas

    Oaxaca Hotels

    Just 24 rooms in the center of the city, about five blocks from the Zocalo.Three gorgeous flowered...

  • Incredible seafood

    Oaxaca Restaurants

    The entire restaurant is set in a lush courtyard across from Parque Paseo Juarez. Ice cold beer is served in chilled mugs. Seven different seafood cocktails. Incredible soups. Whole fish are brought to your table for selection and then cooked in a wood-burning outdoor oven. This is a great place to pass a long afternoon comida of good food and...


Francisco Zarco

  • San Antonio Necua, Kumeyaay village

    Francisco Zarco Off The Beaten Path

    You will be relieved to find the Kumeyaay village of San Antonio Necua very accessible and just a couple miles from the main highway. Take the LA Cetto entrance road that is shared by the village and a number of other wineries in this magnificent valley. The road will do a sharp left to the LA Cetto Winery, you want to go in that direction. Pass...

  • Kumeyaay village of San Jose De La Zorra

    Francisco Zarco Off The Beaten Path

    You got to want to get here. This little Indian settlement is so off the beaten track that just getting there takes perseverence and patience as the road is unpaved and slow going. Upon arrival, keep your expectations low. The village is spread out and though there may be some activity such as clearing the road or a grading project most inhabitants...

  • The only Russian panderia in town

    Francisco Zarco Restaurants

    This is not your typical Mexican panderia. It's run by Norma Samarin, a descendent of Russian immigrants who settled in the Valley of Guadalupe. They were of a religious sect called Molokans who escaped Russian in search of a land where they can cultivate and practice their pacifistic religoun.Next door to the panderia is Norma's childhood home...


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