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  • Car Key
    Car Key
    by greatvacations
  • Getting arround town
    by callowayDUDE
  • Getting arround town
    by nadiacabo
  • Hertz Car Rental Cabo San Lucas

    by greatvacations Written Aug 16, 2014

    Just returned from Cabo after a horrific experience with Hertz Rental Cars at the Airport.

    Upon arriving at the airport, I had a prearranged confirmation email for a rental car from Alamos Car Rental. It was 11:30pm when we arrived at the Cabo

    airport. While waiting for our luggage, I walked over to some car agency booths to see if Alamos was there. A gentleman at the Hertz booth waived me over and

    asked what I needed. I explained that I was looking for Alamos and showed him my email confirmation from Luis Cesena of Alamos. The Hertz representative

    explained that Alamos was already closed but that he knew them well and could honor the deal in the email. It was 11:30pm with family in Mexico so I trusted

    the Hertz representative.

    We were driven to Hertz where I was told they would honor the price quoted but would need to add additional insurance as the Alamos policy only covered

    liability. I explained that I had comprehensive and collision through my MasterCard (even calling MasterCard while at Hertz to confirm that was indeed the

    case). This Hertz representative was very agitated and told me "every time someone comes back and they have some damage, it is very important to buy

    insurance". I politely declined. Finally he relented and explained that a hold of $1600 would be placed on my credit card.

    I took the Chevy Aveo for $25 per day including tax and liability. Seemed like a great deal.

    I only drove the car from the Airport to the hotel and a couple times to dinner for the following 3 days. I noticed that on a couple occasions the alarm did

    not seem to turn off when I clicked the button on the controller. But a few more hard presses and it would disarm.

    At 10pm on the third day, my family was ready to go see a movie. The car would not disarm at all using the controller this time. So, I used the regular key to

    open the door. The alarm sounded even though the key was used. I then used the key to start the car, but even then, the alarm continued to sound. We tried all

    kinds of methods of locking, unlocking, starting and turning off the car but the alarm continued -- the horn honking full blast and the hazard lights


    I tried calling the 01 800 number (01 800 405 7000) provided by Hertz for "24 Hour Roadside Assistance" however no one answered -- just a recording asking for

    a PIN number (which I did not have). The hotel concierge tried and received the same recording. The parking superintendent tried and also received the same

    recording. The concierge and I both tried calling the local Hertz office but there was no answer. I then called the US roadside assistance 800 number (800-

    654-5060 ). That was answered but after 20 minutes of holding I was told the only option was to call the original 01 800 number in Mexico which was not


    The car alarm continued honking incessantly. We drove the car to a dirt lot behind the hotel as directed by the parking personnel, so it would not disturb the


    Before falling asleep, I thought I'd try the 01 800 number (01 800 405 7000) provided by Hertz for "24 Hour Roadside Assistance a last time. Lo and behold

    this time, after multiple prompts (all in Spanish only), I reached a live person, Juan Cobo. He explained that he was the only person that worked nights for

    Hertz "24/7 Roadside Assistance". He also explained that he was the only assistance that Hertz offered -- in other words there is no one available to provide

    or arrange physical assistance. He was very friendly and helpful otherwise. He explained that I needed to disconnect the car battery myself and that I then

    needed to walk back to my hotel and call Hertz after 8am. Thank God, my family and I were at the hotel when this happened. If not, we would have been

    stranded, without assistance from Hertz.

    The next morning I called Hertz as directed. They said they would send someone out with a new car. We of course missed the movie and were without a car those

    12 hours. But after filling out new paperwork, I was given another Chevy Aveo, this morning, just in time to drive to the airport to catch our flight home

    this afternoon.

    I thought about asking Hertz for a discount for the trouble but decided against it, not wanting to delay our arrival to the airport. When we arrived at Hertz,

    it took 1 hour of waiting to finally begin the check out. As the check out was occurring, I noticed a young German couple, the wife in tears stating "that's

    just not right" to the manager. I wondered what might be going on as the manager seemed so emotionless and they seemed so upset.

    A few minutes later that manager approached me. She blurted out, "we must charge you $280 because your key is wet". I gave a quizzical look. She said, "the

    charge is for a new key and for the cost of driving a new car out to you today."

    I explained to her that I received a new car today because the alarm would not stop honking, even when the car was running. I explained to her that a Hertz

    employee dismantled the horn to get it to stop so that he could drive it back. The key was perfectly dry but even if it was wet that does not cause an a car

    alarm to honk without pause.

    I asked to see the key and she put on the counter. It was totally dry but she insisted it was wet. The key had been in the room safe or my pants pocket the

    entire trip. I took a picture of the key and began to video record what she was saying until she put up her hand and asked me to stop recording what she was


    She said "just sign the charges then you can dispute them later if you disagree." I said that I would not sign for or authorize any charges. She then rudely

    said "Goodbye". I said "OK can I get the receipts or paperwork". She replied, "NO".

    The behavior and demeanor seemed so bizarre, that I turned to my wife and kids and we hurried out of the Hertz office, feeling afraid. We carried our luggage

    to the airport.

    I now find two charges from Hertz, one for $300 and one for $150. Of course, I was given no receipt. I have notified MasterCard.

    This seems to be a case of a fraudulent attempt to collect extra funds when someone declines the extra insurance offered by this Hertz office. I hope that it

    was not and is simply an honest misunderstanding but there was no show of concern for the dangerous car trouble and no attempt to explain or understand the

    truth. I have since contacted Alamo who explains that a driver was indeed waiting for us and that Hertz violated policies in place by stating that Alamo would

    not pick us up.

    Hertz Cabo Manager Car Key
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  • juliogg's Profile Photo

    Jeep rental

    by juliogg Written Oct 17, 2011

    IMO I think a car is a must in Cabo. Since you are only there for 4 days then make the best of it. A car/jeep will give you freedom to explore. Make sure your hotel gives you or has airport pick up. (expensive otherwise) Check out rentals in town. I seem to remember jeeps were cheaper there Go to MEDANOS beach. also go to the ME of MELIA hotel on Medanos beach. It has a great beach club. You can do all the water sports from there , including going to the Arch. IT is the place for beach activities.

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  • No-Squeeze Airport Shuttle in Cabo

    by Hokitika Updated Oct 27, 2010

    Hi guys, I've been in Cabo San Lucas not long ago, it's a gorgeous place, we've had so much fun there, was unbelievable. We booked transportation before flying to Mexico, as we wanted things to go smoothly and they sure did! I absoltely hate waiting in the sun for the bus to fill in and squeeze keeping my daughter on my lap and my hand bag at the feet, wishing the ordeal to be over soon. Googling, I came across this really good website: insideloscabos com. It felt nice to chat with one of their on line operators, really friendly and to the point sort of person, I got answers to my questions about the area and tips on booking tours. He also didn't try to sell me all sorts of stuff, like many people try. Because we discussed the fee in advance we didn't have issues about it once we arrived. The shuttle was there for us, no dramas, no stress, air conditioning, chilled soda, very pleasant ride. The driver was fluent in English and because he made such a good impression we used their services to go to Todos Santos and La Paz. I found them honest and dedicated, they provided me with a lot of insight into the area and the people. I recommend these guys, they are true professionals: insideloscabos com

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  • Transportation Airport-hotel!!!

    by jamie07 Written May 18, 2009

    Hello, everybody!

    Last month I traveled to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), and I had the best time ever! it is an amazing place, with lots of things to do and it is so bright and colorful... people is very warm and welcoming, and everything seems to be desinged to make your stay the most pleasurable one!

    Since then, I've been checking out several websites dedicated to give advice to american travelers, interested n visiting Cabo. And I have noticed many people need help deciding which transportation service should they hire.

    So, I want to talk about my own experience. I really wanted this trip to be special, and that included having a good transportation company to take me and my family to our hotel. I didn't want to share with other people, since it usually means having to wait for others, or feeling the presure of others waiting for you.

    I started searching on the web, and I honestly found many sites that seemed very good, they all offer many different options. But I found this site, Inside Los Cabos, and I thought it was the best. This company had exactly what I was looking for: private transfer, an English-Spanish speaking driver, and also, very reasonable prices (I wanted my trip to be perfect but not too expensive!).

    I decided to hire their service to take us from the airport to our hotel, and I must say although I was expecting a good service, it exceeded what I expected! it was there just on time, so as I wanted I didn't have to wait, it took us right to our hotel, and the chauffer was very nice (as I said, people is very warm and welcoming!). Our suburban was very pretty (not that it matters, but its always nice), and it included bottled water, which is great, because the weather is too warm!

    After they left us in our hotel, we had a great time, and we enjoyed the stay very, very much. it was all perfect, better than I planned!

    Well, I just wanted to share my experience with everybody, I thought it could be useful to many people around the web.

    I wish you the best trip ever!


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  • Private Transportation in Cabo

    by nadiacabo Updated Apr 2, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are a turist coming to beatiful Los Cabos, the best way to move around in hiring your private transportation, so you won´t have to worry about crazy drivers ! Highly recommended and you will find that it is almost same price like to hire a cab but with the difference that the driver speaks fluent English, knows about the area and will give you nice recommendations to shoop, eat, and get around.

    I always recommend to turist people the private transportation , it is good price, with your own bilingual driver, fuel and insurance included normally in Suburbans or Vans.

    There are many transportation companies in Cabo airport transfer are from 65 to 100 dlls max depending on where are you staying and some of them will make a stop at a supermarket for a small amount. And you can hire your transportation on an Oncall Basis 3, 6 or 12 hours! they will take you to shopping tours, night life tours, sighseeing tours, activities transfers etc!

    Try it! you won´t regret it!

    Some nice companies are:

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  • sayville's Profile Photo

    Car Rental

    by sayville Written Aug 31, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We rented a car for the week. The resort we stayed at was within walking distance to town but we knew we wanted to go surfing and exploring so we rented a car. The car rental price wasnt bad however, insurance is about $25 US dollars a day. I was strongly advised to pay the insurance money. Cabs are expensive so the rental for us was the way to go.

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  • bfiesta's Profile Photo

    Car rental

    by bfiesta Updated Feb 18, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We have rented a car every year for the past three years. We have rented from Budget and Enterprise. Its not cheap. We always spring for the extra insurance. We have learned to be patient. When you arrive at the car rental office expect to spend an hour waiting for your car. Don't be in a hurry! Your on Mexican time... more importantly, your on vacation! Again, take your time! We usually do not reserve a car ahead of time. We just goto one of the desks at the airport in Cabo. Always ask if they are running any specials. Expect to pay $400 for a week rental.

    If you are staying in downtown Cabo or San Jose I would not rent a car. We always stay between Cabo and San Jose (known as the Tourist or Hotel Corridor). The drive from our hotel (The Westin) is a solid 15 minutes to Cabo and 10 minutes to San Jose. Plus we usually take a day trip to Todo Santos.

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  • josephljtwrk's Profile Photo

    The agreement on Currency does matter!

    by josephljtwrk Written Jul 6, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We caught the water taxi, resort shuttle, and taxi cab to navigate from resort to restuarant and restuarant to resort. The most fun was the water taxi that we invested no more than 10 or 12 U.S. dollars for a family of five but it depended on our outspokeness. We Russell are too Bad. I should sometime explain how really you should agree upon expenses in American dollars and get change in American currency. There dollars are harder to spend and unwarrented. Anyhow we persisted in keeping control. It was great and mostly my brother had the cockiness to keep from getting screwed. It was the Mexican Familia's money he kept taking back whether they had it to give or not.

    My room overlooking the Marina!
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  • Cabo San Lucas is easily walkable

    by cabonewlywed Written May 31, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At first the place seems pretty big, but you'll quickly realize it's not. It's easily walkable and unless you're in ill health or drunk, you won't need to spend money on taxis. There are bicycle and water taxis though and those are fun.

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  • Walk or Taxis

    by grkboiler Written Jan 19, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best way to get around Cabo San Lucas is to either walk or take a taxi. It is a small town, so everything is very close and you shouldn't have to walk more than 15 minutes to get from one spot to another.

    Taxis are all over and will get you where you want to go. They are reasonably priced.

    I would recommend against driving. Parking seems to be hard to come by. There is a ridiculously large parking garage at Puerto Paraiso Mall that is free to park in, but you still have to walk at least 5 minutes to get anywhere besides the mall.

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  • callowayDUDE's Profile Photo

    Take the bus

    by callowayDUDE Written Jun 26, 2010

    We took the bus from our hotel to downtown, and it was only 8 pesos per person. Very much worth the time, it also gives you a sense of really being in Mexico, I personally enjoyed taking the bus.

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