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  • Drinking Water
    by LindseyRAE

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  • Water in Cabo San Lucas

    by FrozenBlonde Written Mar 9, 2015

    The water in Cabo can cause stomach issues, drink bottled water, most restaurants serve bottled water. We ordered blended drinks from a lot of places, never got sick. Drank bottled water always...we were fine. Most hotels have systems, check with them upon arrival. Brush your teeth with bottled water to be safe. We have friends who live there, they don't have problems with ice either.

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  • Drinking water and Eating in Mexico

    by mousefeathers Written Jul 22, 2009

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    I dont know what to do every time I have been to Mexico I always get sick with a stomach virus. And I always stay away from the tap water. I think you get contamination from taking a shower and they put ice in all the drinks even If you ask for no ice the bacteria is still on everything ie. All food, plates glasses bottles So even though I am careful to the extreme I always get sick. Dont forget to brush your teeth with bottled water. But hey I Guess it makes for a good colonic :)

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  • The water.. don't drink it. Simple enough.

    by Sixstringjunkie Written Feb 17, 2006

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    Need I say more? The locals there say don't drink the water. Even if your hotel has filters I wouldn't drink it.
    They have bottled water anywhere so drink that instead.
    The locals have a saying there... "save water, drink beer" lol..
    It's true however.. cabo is a great place but there is a lack of safe drinking water. THink about it this way, the place is dry like a desert, and it hardly ever rains there. In fact I don't think it rained once when I was there. perfect 80-85 degrees every day with sun.. lots of it.
    Beer is actually cheaper than water in some places. Heed my advice. Don't drink the water.

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  • LindseyRAE's Profile Photo

    When they say dont drink the water: DON'T!

    by LindseyRAE Written Nov 30, 2005

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    My family took a trip to Cabo a year ago and we didnt drink any tap water, however, the ice they give is contamminated as well as many of the uncooked vegitables.

    My symptoms were sharp pains in my abdomin, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, etc.

    My sister was not so lucky and was on a toilet for 2 days out of the trip.

    If you are going to pay the money to visit mexico, do not waste your time being to sick to leave the hotel room.

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  • Don't Drink the Water

    by grkboiler Written Jan 19, 2004

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    We all hear the jokes about Montezuma's Revenge. No, its not funny when you get it. It is best to be careful when drinking the water in Mexico.

    When you go to a restaurant, ask for bottled water. If you order something with ice in it, you are taking a risk.

    Some resorts have water filtration systems on their property, so ask to see if it is safe before you drink their water.

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  • la_beba's Profile Photo

    The water supply for all of...

    by la_beba Written Oct 4, 2002

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    The water supply for all of Los Cabos is spring fed ground water. The water here is very pure, but be careful. The pipes used for distribution of the water supply and other factors can lead to contamination. Although many people drink the water directly from the tap, it is not recommended. Anywhere in the world a change in drinking water can cause stomach distress. Drink only bottled or purified water. All of the major hotels purify their water or serve purified water. If there is any doubt in your mind, do not hesitate to ask about the source of water in any establishment. There should always be someone nearby who speaks English and will be able to translate for you. If your still in doubt, ask for bottled water. 'Agua Purificada' is what you want ;o) The warning is not against this guys here..... ROFL.... actually, most places have very pleasant friendly service.

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