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  • Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez
    Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez
    by bobkopolow
  • Things to Do
    by Agraichen
  • Mision de Loreto est. 1697
    Mision de Loreto est. 1697
    by Agraichen

Loreto Things to Do

  • Adventure Hiking - Boulders

    Tabor Canyon is a "hike." Starting off in an arroyo full of rocks, it quickly narrows to about 20-30 meters and the boulders get larger and larger. The hike is quite strenuous and not for those that are not in shape or have health issues. There are a few locations where you must traverse cliffs using narrow toe and hand holds and some very large...

  • Walking the Malecon

    A walk along the Malecon is always a picturesque activity in any seaport town. Loreto is no exception. From the beach area at the southern end to the Port and northern beach area there's always a photograph in the making.Early morning is a good time to catch the "Captains" and their Pangas heading out for a day of fishing with tourists or just to...

  • Weekend Farmer's Market

    The "Farmer's Market" in Loreto is more like a "flea market" than what I think of as a "Farmer's Market" with just fruits and vegetables. The market is a must see "tourist" activity to get a glimpse of life in Loreto. You can most anything from a used tire to new Sear Craftsman tools to fresh vegetables and meat. Normally the fruits and vegetables...


Loreto Hotels

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  • Coco Cabanas Loreto

    I had never looked this place up previously on my trips up and down the peninsula, because I didn't...

  • La Mision Loreto

    Rosendo Robles s/n Col. Centro, Loreto, Baja California Sur, 23880, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Hotel Tripui

    Lote 1 Manzana 1, Puerto Escondido, Loreto, Baja California Sur, 23880, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Loreto Restaurants

  • El Rey - Best Tacos in Loreto

    How do you accurately describe a (very) local "restaurant" in a small town in Mexico. Think only of the food. Close your eyes, be led to the plate, eat, enjoy and only then look around you.Toward the end of Benito Juarez at the corner of Misionar is such a place. Open only when there is fish or beef to be served, this has been describe as serving...

  • Sunday Brunch in style

    The "saloon" is located a quarter mile west on the road to San Javier, just off of Highway 1, and has fast become a "regular" stop for gringos as well as locals. The Sunday Brunch with a couple of Bloody Mary's is the best there is. Lunch on most any day has specials but the burgers are one of the best in town."Biker Mike" the former owner drops in...

  • Gourmet on the street

    Chef Carlos has a limited but tempting menu. If you prefer, call in advance and order what you want. He will prepare pretty much what ever you want (for a price).Special orders are typically outstanding. Our Thai Yellow Tail (fresh caught by one of the diners) was excellent.


Loreto Nightlife

  • Great Wine Bar

    Loreto Bay in Nopolo has the perfect place to relax and have an afternoon/evening cocktail. The Wine Bar @ Nopolo provides a friendly atmosphere, multiple TVs with sports and news and an excellent wine (and bar) selection to go with their freshly made munchies.The hosts of the Wine Bar, Will Cosby and Cynthia Laird are always ready with a big smile...

  • Night life

    We got "raked" at this night club.. Be aware, even though they seem friendly, they are taking it to you!! within half hour we thought we must have bought the same dancers 10 drinks to our 2.. We finally figured it that the girls ordered beer from a dark bottle,, Never thought to check if the bottle even had beer!!!

  • B&W Karaoke

    Dark and crowded on weekends, this small "club" is a throw back to disco. One of the few actual nightclubs in Loreto. Cover charge is 50 peso's. Normally it's open Fri. - 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM and Sat 10:00 PM-4:00 AM. What ever you have on is normally just fine. Remember this is a beach town in Mexico and it can get hot in the summer.


Loreto Transportation

  • LTO - Loreto International Airport

    Loreto has "grown" significantly in the last 10 years. 30 years ago when it was "targeted" for tourism, an "international" airport was created. The "old" terminal had character. One entrance, one terminal, one way in and out and one bar. Fast forward to the year 2004 and the Loreto Bay development 9 KM south of town and things began to change. Five...

  • Budget Rental

    The last couple times down to Loreto I've been a bit more adventursome and rented a car. Now "car" is a relative term. The "compact is sized to handle two adults in the front and my camera bag and one suit case in the rear. The trunk held the other suit case.If you haven't driven a stick before, don't get a compact. Luckily I was born and bred on...

  • Getting around without a city bus...

    Loreto is such a sleepy little place, it has yet to institute any bus transportation or municipal transportation at all. Unlike the tourist meccas like Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, Loreto has not caught up with the times. However, this is the appeal of Loreto too. It is not the overpriced, Americanized tourist draw (yet) and still retains...


Loreto Shopping

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  • Incredible stickey buns...

    Alas, the ecconmy was not kind to this bakery. It has closed it's doors. Sticky buns can however be found at El Cardon in Nopolo if you get there early in the morning.On the main street leading to the historic district, almost arcross from the local Super Mecardo, is a pastry shop that will keep you coming back. Everything, or most...

  • High end art and furniture

    Unfortunately the economy caught up with the Galeria and it has closed it's doors.Galeria is not as crowded as many of the "home furnishing" shops in Loreto. The proprietor, Hector Torres Ybanez spent a number of years with a shop in San Francisco, CA before settling back in his home country of Mexico.The items carried are all top quality and quite...

  • Concierge Fresh Vegetables

    Unfortunately due to the economy, both stores have closed and our friends have moved back to the US.Ulysses and his wife Jovina have run a small "fresh food" in Nopolo and have now expanded to a larger store in Loreto. Fresh fruit, vegatables and meats.Email them at nopolofresh@hotmail.com to order on M, W, F and get groceries delivered to you on...


Loreto Local Customs

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    by Agraichen Updated Dec 25, 2008

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    Where do the kids go right after school? Home? Naw....they go to to the "Popsicle Shop," only a half block from the mission and city hall. La Michoacana carries many different fruit flavored popsicles, homemade ice cream and gelato.

    It's typically open from 8:00 AM to mid-night and always has customers.

    La Michoacana is located just down the street from the City Hall on Fco. I Madero between Salvatierra and Benitp Juarez.

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Loreto Warnings and Dangers

  • Parking Fees at the Airport

    With "progress" comes the downfall of some things. When the "airport" was a thatched roof building with one terminal you could park anywhere you could find a spot. Now with the "new" terminal, there's a parking lot and even short term parking is charged. The cost ... 15 pesos whether you stay for 5 minutes or an hour. There are signs indicating...

  • Paying taxes

    For anyone that builds a home in Loreto, be mindful of the methods used to pay certain bills. Water, electric and property tax bills are not just mailed to you. The water and electric bills can actually be just tacked to your front door. The property tax bill is available a the municipality city hall in Loreto. Each January you go to the...

  • They may be small but they do sting

    When walking into the waters of Loreto Bay, shuffle your feet, don't step. The water is full of very small (8 inches across) Sting Rays. While cute, they are not as friendly as the larger ones that frequent Sting Ray City in the Carribean (pictured below). They are not as harmful as the larger versions, but they still pack a painful sting. Think...


Loreto Tourist Traps

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    by Agraichen Updated Oct 25, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Federal check points along the highway can be intimidating to even the most seasoned traveler, but as long as you're honest and not trying to break any laws you normally just get waved through on a southbound journey.

    There are 5-6 check points between the border and Loreto. The only one that I've actually been stopped at for a car search is the last one between Mulehe and Loreto.

    Unique Suggestions: Northbound on the other hand, typically requires 5-20 minutes of standing in the sun while the Feds conduct a real "inspection" of your car.

    if you're using a rental, make certain you have checked it before driving any long distances where a checkpoint might be encountered. There is normally one about 30 minutes north of Loreto traveling toward Mulehe and they most always will inspect.

    Fun Alternatives: Don't drive or use a tour bus if you are timid. The roads are narrow, speeds are excessive of the "suggested" limit (more than double is not unheard of), and there is nothing even resembling a shoulder to the road. If you leave the pavement at speed, you will roll or take a dive off a cilff.

    Remember it's a long walk home.... Road construction
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Loreto What to Pack

  • Layer, Layer, Layer

    Travel in the Baja means travel light. Shorts, t-shirts and maybe a light jacket depending on the time of year. Temperatures in Loreto are typically "tropical." But layers are the best way to go. With the exception of July-September, weather is quite comfortable in shorts and t-shirt with the possibility of a light jacket in the early morning or...

  • Desert dress

    Use Carry-on as much as possible. Light weight "travel clothes" will get you by most anywhere in the desert. But carry a light jacket as the desert does get cold at night, especially during winter months. sun screen, sun screen, sun screen...oh, and did I mention sun screen? The sun may not feel very hot, but it will "fry" you quite...

  • Loreto Hotels

    12 Hotels in Loreto

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Loreto Off The Beaten Path

  • Baja Outpost is an Overlooked Gem!

    Baja Outpost is not on the typical search list for activities or accommodations in Loreto, but you must know that it is truly the unsung gem of Loreto! Located just off the Malecon (marina boardwalk), it is accessible to everything you need in Loreto. No car would be necessary once you arrive, about a $30 taxi fare from the airport. Now that Alaska...

  • Sunday morning market

    The "Farmer's Market" in Loreto is a must see event. Everything from fresh beef (some cut from the hanging cow), fruit and vegetables, to new and used sneaker, tools, etc. Normally the fruit and vegetables are much better than those you will find in the supermercado and the prices are usually much less.Located in an arroyo just south of town, this...

  • Loreto Storage

    Many people come to Loreto with too much "stuff" or drive down but don't have a garage so ..they need STORAGE...In comes Loreto Storage, the brainchild of many, but executed by ron Bellerive and Wendy Wilchynski.Contact info ron@loretostorage.net phone number belowmPrices are relatively reasonable with outside car storage at $50/mo (pay for 10 get...


Loreto Sports & Outdoors

  • Loreto Bay Golf Resort

    What did that little white ball ever do to you to deserve your beating it so much?? The David Duval designed golf course in Loreto Bay, 9 KM south of the town of Loreto used to be a wonderful course. Thanks to the former owner's neglect it is taking a bit of care to come back to it's once grand condition but by 2015 it should be there.The course is...

  • Sea & Land Eco Tours

    Sea & Land Eco Tours is relatively new to Loreto. Their web site www.toursloreto.com provides information on their various offerings but they include Whale Watching tours, SCUBA diving, Sport Fishing, Kayaking, land tours to San Javier, Tabor Canyon, City Tours, etc. The owner Juve Orozco is not only a certified Baja tour operator, but also a PADI...

  • Dolphin Dive Center

    SCUBA is one of the better activities in Loreto. The large marine park "preserve" in Loreto Bay has a wealth of sea life that must be experienced from "their" perspective, not from the surface.There are a number of dive shops in Loreto, but Dolphin Dive Center seems to be one of the best. It is highly recommended by locals and tourists that have...


Loreto Favorites

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  • Incredible Deserts

    Delicias Bakery is new to Loreto and has yet to have a "store front." Working from her home in Nopolo, Arelhy Flores creates a wonderful array of creations that not only look good, they taste good too.Nothing is too unusual as was evidenced by the spread she brought to celebrate Gypsy night in Loreto's town square. Contact Information: Tel. 044 613...

  • 411 Solutions

    Dennis Guadalupe's 411 Solutions started with the idea of selling water purification systems, but quickly expanded to include Visa assistance, translation services, home security systems and import/export. They have even set up a service to allow US mail to be couriered to Loreto, something that has been missing for years. Contact Info:Dennis...

  • Fili's Autopartes Shop

    Found an excellent local mechanic. Filiberto Diaz, owner of ‘Fili’s Shop,’ speaks very good English and provides great service. His shop has all necessary vehicular tune-up electronics and also provides welding services. Autopartes Y Servicio Diaz (Fili’s Shop) has moved from it's location north of town on Hwy 1 to a location just south of the...


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