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  • Tarahumara Indians in Traditional Apparel
    Tarahumara Indians in Traditional...
    by gdilieto
  • The
    The "Piedra Volada" at Divisadero
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  • In Helicopter over the Canyon
    In Helicopter over the Canyon
    by gdilieto

Creel Things to Do

  • Nice-to-do: Helicopter Tour of the...

    You don't realize how large and deep is the Copper Canyon until you see it from the air. A good option for doing it, reasonably priced for international standards, is to take a helicopter tour. Travel agencies in Creel offer helicopter tours and booking one is likely a good idea. I was lucky enough that my driver in Divisadero (see my Tip on...

  • Nice-to-do: Get Around Divisadero

    The best way to get around and enjoy different views of the canyon at Divisadero is to hire a local driver to drive you around. I am not sure there is any taxi stands, and I think there is not, but you will easily find someone to hire just inquiring or spreading the voice at the food and handicraft market at the train stop. This is how I worked it...

  • Must-see: View of the Canyon at...

    A must-see for visitors to Creel is the view from the lookout point at Divisadero, about one and a half hour distance from Creel, affording terrific views into the canyon.Because of the view, Divisadero is arguably one of the most famous stops of the Chihuahua train: the train stops here for about 15 minutes to give passengers chance to hop off and...

  • General - What to Do in Creel

    Creel is a small town and a perfect base for exploring the Copper Canyon. There isn't much to do in the town itself and you will likely use it as base for excursions in the Canyon. Those are some excursions I recommend, further details in my other tips on each specific subject:1.- To the mining town Batopilas: a deep dive into the canyon, from...

  • Nice-to-see: Cascada Cusárare

    A traditional tourist destination, Cascada Cusárare (Cusárare Waterfall), a 30-minute drive from Creel, is a nice place to spend few hours or half a day. At time of my visit the 30 meter-high waterfall did not have much water (the best period is in summer) and was not impressive altogether, but the trail to get to the waterfall is enjoyable and...

  • Must-do: Excursion to Batopilas 1 of 2

    In my view the best excursion out of Creel is the one to the old mining town of Batopilas, at the bottom of the canyon, 140 Km afar and 1,800 meters elevation below Creel. The attraction here is not only the lively town, one of Mexican hidden gems, but also, and especially, the drive to get there, affording terrific views of three different canyons...

  • Must-do: Excursion to Batopilas 2 of 2

    A must-see sight for those who make it to Batopilas is the Catedral Perdida (Lost Cathedral) at Satepó. The Cathedral, a former Jesuit Mission originally built in late XVIII century, is well preserved but not impressive in itself; the setting, with the Cathedral nestled in the valley in the middle of nowhere, is beautiful and is the reason why you...

  • Mirador Cristo Rey

    The lookout point on the mountain can be reached in 30 mins from the railway station. The street (Yermo Y Parres) leading to Mirador Cristo Rey is on the same side of the railway tracks as the two bus stations. There's even a bakery in the vicinity where you can pick up freshly baked buns, etc. (actually it's the only bakery we saw while in Creel).

  • Sinforosa Canyon

    If you want to visit Sinforosa Canyon as well as Batopilas, plan on spending two days, most of it on the road.Sinforosa Canyon is well worth the visit, and it is a breathtaking sight to be so high up on the viewing platform and looking down the canyon. No pictures can do justice to these sights since they tend to turn out flat.We arrived late at...


Creel Hotels

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Creel Restaurants

  • cafe/art gallery

    simple food and drink menu at reasonable prices. there is a sofa and 4 tables and the walls are covered with a huge variety of paintings and photos. there are big windows so you can look out on the main street and watch the people walking by plus it has wireless internet it is the only place in creel with bagels and mini pizzas. the people working...

  • Mexican Comida Corrida on Main Street

    At time of my visit in March 2008 the restaurant scene in Creel yet had to take off and the choice was limited to a handful of family-restaurants serving Mexican comida corrida and dishes from the local tradition. Restaurant Veronica, in the heart of Main Street, was a popular place for an informal meal in a homey atmosphere. On the menu a choice...

  • The Pizza-place in Town

    At time of my visit in March 2008, Restaurant Pizza del Rey was the only place in Creel's city center providing an alternative to hamburgers, hot dogs and Mexican local traditional food. Choice of pizzas was extensive and quality was decent by international standards. Water or sodas for drinking, alcohol was not served. Very informal place, crowded...


Creel Transportation

  • Taxi to Get Around

    You will find a taxi stand in the Main Square on the side along the railway (facing the yellow church, on your left). Taxis are pick up trucks or SUVs.

  • Train Chihuahua-Pacific

    The traditional way to get into town is by the Chihuahua-Pacific train, running daily between Chihuahua and Los Mochis. There are two trains per day in each direction, the Primera Express (First Class) and the Clase Economica (Second Class), thus, depending on which direction you are heading to, you have two choices a day. Usually the trains...

  • Bus - The best option to Chihuahua and...

    If coming into town from Chihuahua or leaving to Chihuahua, the bus is the best option available and a more convenient alternative to the train. The bus-ride takes some five hours, about the same time of the First Class train and it is way cheaper than the Second Class train. At time of my visit there were many departures/arrivals a day from the...


Creel Shopping

  • JoeyCade's Profile Photo

    Tarahumara crafts

    by JoeyCade Written Oct 7, 2006

    You can buy lovely handmade crafts here both in the little shops and in the stands on the town square in which local Tarahumara Inidans sell the crafts they made themselves or with their families.

    What to buy: Popular things to buy were baskets (from tiny to huge, all ornate and well made; I still use mine) pottery, sweaters and other knitted goods, handmade dolls, such as tall ones made with wood, straw and fabric which looked like Tarahumara Inidans and small ones with little fabric dresses that little girls would love.

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Creel Local Customs

  • Photos of Indian Tarahumara

    If you are into taking photographs, Indians Tarahumara provide great subjects for some terrific shots. Unfortunately they generally don't like to be considered subjects for your photographs, would you if someone treated you as a tourist attraction? The Mexican Government recommends asking for permission when taking photos, respecting the right to...

  • Do not give candy to children

    Please be responsible. Do not encourage begging. This creates a much larger problem then your short trip allows you to understand.Children are encouraged to stay in school. But if they receive money from all the rich gringos they quit school and stop listening to the bread earner of the family.Want to help? Buy a basket from their mothers. (I came...

  • Tarahumara Indians

    Learn a little about the indigenous Tarahumara either before you go or while you are there. Their culture is fascinating. They have an annual race which is barefoot through the mountains for days - a feat I can not even imagine! They are also a poor people now with famine supposedly getting worse. We bought thier crafts to support their culture and...


Creel Warnings and Dangers

  • gdilieto's Profile Photo

    Drive into the Canyon: Hire a Local...

    by gdilieto Updated Mar 30, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This Warning Tip is about driving, and before giving my recommendation I will say that I have grown up driving in the narrow and winding streets of Southern Italy, I have driven ever since in three continents, in every weather conditions, and almost every types of vehicle; bottom line I am generally not afraid of driving anywhere. Said that, I disrecommend doing yourself if you are planning to drive into and at the bottom of the Canyon (Batopilas for instance) and recommend hiring a local driver instead. Roads winding into the canyon are dirt, narrow, crooked and with no protection on the side. A wrong turn in the wrong curve may result you falling into the canyon with little to no chance of surviving. Sometimes two vehicles cross their path and need to maneuver in challenging conditions. You need not only to know the roads and the pitfalls on the way, but also master the vehicle you are driving and have experience of the driving of the others. The driver of the guided tour we hired drove very cautiously and told us he used to do that drive twice a week many weeks a year. Per how I started, I would not be afraid doing the drive but I wouldn't do it as a safety concern and I do not recommend doing it to others who are not experienced with the place.

    On the way to Batopilas On the way to Batopilas On the way to Batopilas
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Creel What to Pack

  • Pack for Outdoor and Different Climates

    Creel is at about 2,300 meters elevation and temperature strongly varies with the season. In Springtime, the time of my visit, it was chilly in the early AM-hours and at night and hot during the day-hours. If you are making excursions at the bottom of the Canyon (such us Batopilas) you are going to get down 1,800 meters to 500 meters elevation...

  • Mexico's mountain travel must haves

    hiking boots plan on 'Monteczuma's revenge' or diarhea - avoid the tap water and bring antibiotics and immodium. bring a camera or you will be sorry!! if you can, bring gifts for the Tarahumara children, such as pencils, paper, crayons, markers, other school supplies, candy and toothbrush/paste sets.

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Creel Off The Beaten Path

  • SenoraSusan's Profile Photo

    Hot springs along the river

    by SenoraSusan Written Jul 2, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a 40 minute walk down to hot springs near the river. Yeah right!! This was at least an hour hike. We first had to have permission to enter the Tarahumara lands and pay a small fee. Our guide choose to wait in the truck at the top for us.
    Off we went down a newly constructed rock and cement road that is 3 kilometers long. When they built this they destroyed some caves that were being used. We walk across 2 huge recently occupied caves. This hike is well worth it but the thought of hiking up with the 9 year old was weighing heavy on my shoulders.
    Great Luck and hard working local man and his 4X4 saved the day. He gives rides back up for 50mx each. After arranging the future ride back up I was able to really relax and enjoy the warm, not quite hot soothing water.

    Ahhhhhhh-healing warm waters The long path down We are almost there

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