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Guanajuato Things to Do

  • Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato

    Another museum we visited is Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato. Again if you enjoy art this is the place to visit. If not find a wine bar is good alternative. There are several exhibitions by artist. It has great collection of folk art. They are colonial paintings, prints, collection of miniatures and few other interesting objects. When we were there...

  • Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

    If you are into art and especially if you are into Contemporary Art, I recommend you to visit Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. Some of the paintings Imho it's fantabulous. Entrada $20

  • Walking is the best way to see...

    Walking is the best way to see Guanajuato. It is a city that’s best explored on foot. You’ll be amazed what downtown city has to offer. They are so many things to discover. If you are tired you can stop at any one of the coffee or one of those Mexican bar or stop at one of the many European style plazas. Guanajuato is not big city but in small city...

  • Fuicular Panoramico

    $20 pp to take a ride with Fuicular Panoramico to see the monument El Pipila. Walk back, its all down hill and explore the alleys.

  • Guanajuato Tunnels.

    We caught a taxi for half hour through the tunnels. I can’t remember the cost but it wasn’t that expensive. I think you can explore the tunnel by walking. I myself wouldn’t do it, as the traffic can be dangerous. It was nothing to see except wall of the tunnel. The tunnel is mostly dark, wet and like a labyrinth. Interesting part is they are...

  • Puente de Campanero

    The name of the bridge is Puente de Campanero or Bridge on Campanero. They say the bridge was built to be able to enter to the other. To do this they had to dig the street deeper. Now you can sit at the bridge and watch pedestrian goes by while eating nice food drinking Mexican coffee at Santo Café. Del Campanero 8


Guanajuato Hotels

Guanajuato Restaurants

  • Not just a Coffeehouse

    This coffee house is the most decorated coffee house I've been so far. Not only they served coffee, cakes, ice cream etc you can also purchased cd, books, paintings, souvenirs and not a tacky one at that. While drinking coffee and eating delicious cakes you can admire the superb art collection. Definitely not a boring coffee shop. The price is...

  • Excelente!

    Gto is littered with cheap taco restaurants, but my favorite by far was the one next to my hostel, Casa del Tio, on Calle Cantarranas. It was open, as far as I could tell, all hours. Tacos were 6 pesos a piece and were always delicious. They are small but they give you lots of sides to pile on there. Excellent food for when you are stumbling home...

  • slightly less than what I expected

    I was told by several sources that Truco 7 was the place to eat for good, cheap food. The first time I ate there, I ordered the enchiladas pollo verde, hoping for some spicy verde chile. What I got was pace picante sauce on chicken enchiladas. The second time I ordered the pollo con mole. It was as if they poured pure chocolate sauce on my...


Guanajuato Nightlife

  • It's EVERYWHERE!!!

    It's true that nowhere in the world is safe these days from a jack daniels themed bar. This place is pretty cool, with a live band playing Wednesdays and Saturdays (or is it Fridays). The band plays in Spanish and it is definitely rock n' roll! Even though the crowd is mostly locals, I just couldn't shake the feeling I was in Vegas or NY when I was...

  • women, guard your tooshies

    A nightly haunt where the locals go to pack themselves into a tiny bar, Los Lobos is never dull. Although a few times I was there, some girlfriends of mine were having difficulties with the male patrons. And once I got the sense the door guy was trying to gouge me on my bill. I definitely felt much more at ease when I went with some locals. It gets...

  • American music and art fantastique

    Zilch is an amazing place to have a drink at night. They have 20 peso beer and on some nights have 2x1 coctails in rum, vodka and tequila. They are always playing American music, which is pretty good but after a few nights I noticed it was just the same 20 songs on a loop. Still, there are live bands some nights. I happened to be in Gto on the...


Guanajuato Transportation

  • Getting around outside of Gto

    Go to the bus stop across from Mercado Hidalgo and take a bus for 5 pesos that says "Camion Central", it takes about 15 minutes to get to the main bus station. From there you can get to just about anywhere in the area on 1st or 2nd class buses. A 2nd class ticket to Leon costs 40 pesos and a 1st class is only 49. The 2nd class bus takes about 45...

  • Walking is the best choice

    Guanajuato downtown is a fairly small place, so it is easy to reach most of the touristic attractions simply by walking, you won't spend one dime, it is much healthier and that way you'll be able to enjoy all the small streets that are very nice to visit.Walking here has the advantage that, thinking about the preservation of the heritage, many...

  • Dont drive

    Guanajuato has many tunnels and the streets are narrow and ,many are blocked to traffic. Many others are long one way roads and it is a nightmare for the tourist to drive there. We drove but we parked at the hotel and took a cab for our stay.


Guanajuato Shopping

  • Great Market!

    Large 2 story building, best prices for most anything you would like to buy. Food stands on the ground floor along with local crafts and other items to purchase.

  • Typical candies

    I've been wanting to recommend this shop since I started this page, but since shopping is usually completely unimportant to me I never remember the name of places and this was not exception, this afternoon I was reading about Guanajuato in a magazine and then I saw the shop I liked and I came right away to write about it before I forget again. This...

  • jeans with killer style!

    I saw this kid when I was eating at the Mercado and he was wearing the most amazing pair of jeans I had ever seen, they were just amazing. My Spanish was horrible at the time but I was bound and determined to find out where he bought them. After much frustration on his part, and 3 days of searching for the shop, I finally found it! It's on Calle...


Guanajuato Local Customs

  • Day of the Epiphany

    January 6th is celebrated in Mexico as the day of the Epiphany; that is, the day when the three wise men arrived from the East to present their gifts to baby Jesus. In Guanajuato we saw a procession which began at the church of San Roque, headed down the main street of the town and ended at the Jesuit church La Campania. Local teenagers played the...

  • Prok rinds the size of a small man....

    This is me standing behind a pork rind, believe it or not...these things are massive!!! I betcha can eat just one!!! They are very abundant areound town, and the older women sell them on the streets...although they are usually cut up into more edible size pieces....

  • "Calavara" of Life and Death

    This is the original for the mural shown above. ARTIST: Posada, Jose GuadalupeTITLE: Calavera of Don QuijoteDETAILS: BroadsideMEDIA: metal engraving Image courtesy of: Mark Harden's ARTCHIVE at http://artchive.comThere is another Conquistador/Quixote street mural on the title page of my Mexico page.


Guanajuato Warnings and Dangers

  • Guarded Monies

    I imagine that the guards for the banks down here don't really get all that much as far as a wage goes. Probably put in long hours, and you know what you're like when you've put in a really long day. Top that off with the power of a fire arm and that spells, one pissed off guard, who's just looking for any excuse to show you the way home. Those are...

  • Visiting Guanajuato by Car

    Driving to this city is NOT advisable! The freeways that take you here are great, but once you enter the city itself, it is better to park you car. Most of the city's streets are very narrow, one lane roads. Unless you are very familiar with the town, just walk. You'll enjoy the city more that way:)

  • Guanajuato Hotels

    55 Hotels in Guanajuato

Guanajuato Tourist Traps

  • NOT a city tour

    There is a yellow hut in the plaza just near the Callejon del beso, and they advertise a 4 hour trip to all the important monuments of the city. If your time is limited like mine was, you'll think it a good idea. DON"T GO!This is a tour to their own shops and to museums no-one wants to go to. Our tour left at 1.30pm. By 4.15pm we had visited 2...

  • Museum of Legends

    Guanajuato is a city full of legends, most of wich occur duriing colonial times, before I traveled there I heard about a fantastic museum that represented many of the most popular legends through animatronix, puppets and other means, it sounded really interesting so I marked it on my list.When I was going up to "El Pípila" statue we saw that the...

  • Calle de bessos

    A VERY narrow alleyway, with 2 houses so close that you can kiss from each balcony.Young boys come up and for a tip will tell you the story of the 2 lovers, quite heartless reciting I felt. Then it costs to go u on 1 of the balconies, althoug it's almost nothing, so you might as well, it's an honest way of earning some pocket moneyThere is also a...


Guanajuato What to Pack

  • a Mexican city with a European vibe

    When packing for Guanajuato, don't do as I did and throw all your grungy backpacking clothes in a bag. Locals here definitely dress to impress. The men generally wear very stylish jeans and a nice button up shirt with a scarf. Women can be seen in very slinky dresses or tight jeans and boots.

  • Not as warm as you´d think!

    I went here in January, and it was pretty cold in the evenings. I had to buy a couple of pants and even some sweaters while I was there...I suggest if you are going in the winter months, be prepared!!!

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Guanajuato Off The Beaten Path

  • Around the park

    Just for completing my previous tip I am going to add some more images, in particular those near the Presa de San Renovato where some statues of a cocodrile and a serpent had been added inside the gardens, I remember somebody told me a story about why did they choose those animals but I don't really remember it, if I find out about it someday I'll...

  • Florencio Antillón Park and Presa de la...

    Another not very well known attraction outside the historical downtown, I think most of the people that reach this place come here as it is a stop in some city bus tours, that way they only take a quick look and they leave for their next stop. I first arrived here on one of those tours that my family was eager to take, since I almost always dislike...

  • Mina Rayas

    Guanajuato is still a mining town and still produces a lot of minerals and metals, around the town you will find many mines wich is possible to visit, the most popular is undoubtedly La Valenciana, wich beside the trip around the mine offers the possibility to see the beautiful baroque temples that unfortunately I missed but that you should...


Guanajuato Favorites

  • Dont use mexexperience website

    I was very displeased with the mexexperience website we used for our reservation and Ill tell you why. 1 we paid $53 dollars in fees to the website for an automated reservation system. 2 When i was making the reservation I asked for the ROOM ONLY option. ANd when we checked in I found that they had charged me for room and breakfast everyday. A...

  • Time for the Visit - Two Full Days

    Guanajuato's is easy to navigate on foot and almost all attractions are located in the compact city center. I have spent in town two nights and one full day and had enough time to visit almost all the city attractions. By the way, two full days may be a better choice for those who want to take it a little easier. At least one night stay should be...

  • Guanajuato - city for relaxation

    One A What Toe, (Guanajuato) is such a beautiful small city, it's not too hard to take at all. Located north of Mexico city in the state of Guanajuato, this state was historically one of Mexico's richest. After silver was found in Zacatecas, Spanish prospectors combed the rugged lands north of Mexico City and were rewarded by discoveries of silver,...


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