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  • Map of Morelia
    Map of Morelia
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  • Hotel Virrey de Mendoza
    Hotel Virrey de Mendoza
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  • Plan of the Cathedral
    Plan of the Cathedral
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Morelia Things to Do

  • UNESCO Historic buildings

    There are many churches and palaces and other histroic buildings in Morfelia, that is why it has been included as a Patrimony of the Humandind in UNESCO list.

  • The Cathedral of Transfiguration

    Some say that this cathedral is the most beautiful of Mexico. I can't say since I do not know all of them, but I found it fantastic.

  • Music & light night show @ the Cathedral

    As I said in my previous tip, the Cathedral and other buildings in downtown are illuminated every night so you can appreciate their beauty.However, there's a special night every week when the illumination of the Cathedral takes place at a specific time and in a different way than the rest of the week. On Saturday night, at about 8:30 PM, the main...

  • Beautiful Cathedral at night...

    In recent years the entire downtown area of Morelia has been embellished so their beautiful buildings can be better appreciated. The cathedral is the most impressive one, it is now beautifully illuminated at night as you can see in the pictures and every Saturday night there's a show with music and fireworks which is very nice. The main avenue...

  • University Public Library of Morelia

    I had visited Morelia sooo many times and I had never looked at this building twice before, let alone go inside...... just discovered it during my very last trip there.This is a very old building which looks rather like a chapel or small church from the outside, and is just next to the candy/handcraft market. The door is rather small so you can't...

  • Benito Juarez Zoo Park

    This is Mexico's most important Zoo park due to the variety of the species and the amount of animals living there.... so it's not only one of Morelia's treasures, but one of the most important homes for animals in the entire country. Another interesting info: it is home to the largest bird collection in all of Latin America! (I didn't know this...

  • Saint Agustin Square.

    A beautiful walled park located in front of the Church and the Convent. With it´s trees and fountains is one of the few open spaces in the city.

  • Plaza Villalongin.

    Located at the intersection of the Avenida Madero and the Aqueduct is a beautiful square with gardens and a big fountain (still fed by the Aqueduct). There used to be a Chapel nearby transformed into a women prison. The name of the Square was given after Manuel Villalongin an insurgent who rescued his wife imprisoned in the jail.

  • Aqueduct.

    An impressive construction located at the eastern end of Avenida Madero. This huge construction was built between 1785 and 1789 by Fray Antonio de San Miguel, designed to bring water into the city from hilside springs. The aqueduct consists of 253 arches and still fed the fountain of the garden of Villalongin.

  • Cerrada de San Agustin. Juarez Statue.

    Located at the end of the pedestrian street there´s a huge statue of Benito Juarez. He is another important Mexican leader who was president of Mexico twice (1867 and 1871), and was one of the leaders who fought the French Invasion, and declared the Republica. Here´s a a brief part of his famous speech given after the triumph of the Republica "May...

  • Cerrada de San Agustin.

    Is a pedestrian street located in the Zócalo, i visited the city during the All Saints Day so the city was decorated with the famous skull dolls Katrinas.

  • Casa Museo de Morelos. Morelos Bust.

    A detail of the bust located in the garden of the Museum. Morelos is the Mexico´s most important leader who fought for the independence from Spain. in 1810 he stablished a new governement and abolished the slavery.


Morelia Hotels

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Morelia Restaurants

  • Panaderia Trico Alejandria

    This restaurant is on the upper floor of Panaderia Trico right in the middle of Morelia's World Heritage. The staff was very friendly, the only thing I didn't like that much was, that it was kind of dark, but that's a Morelia-thing I guess, as everywhere I go, the light seems to be dimmed. I had sopa tarasca which was excellent, I suppose this is...

  • Wonderful local & Mexican Food...

    I hadn't been to this restaurant in many many years, but I was happy to be back as Solar de Villagran used to be my favorite restaurant in Morelia when I was younger.The food they serve here is rather Mexican (but there are several international dishes too), very tasty and comes in BIG portions. I remember my brother and I had to share a dish when...

  • Another unique restaurant in morelia

    The restaurant is located above what is said to be one of the first houses in town....located in el centro.It is full of antiques! U can enjoy dinner and a great view of morelia at the same time!The restaurant is also a bar and store!! This is a great place to shop for the hard to buy for person!!!Backpacks, and day packs are not allowed upstairs.

  • AWFUL treatment to the customers...!!

    We ended up in this place only because we were trying to find a spot to have a coffee or snack while we waited for the Saturday night firework show in downtown; this Cafe is advertised in many places (one of them is the free maps/brochures that you can grab at your hotel) but we would probably have not come here had it not been for the fact that it...

  • Facing the Cathedral & main square

    My man and I hit this place right after our arrival in town as we wanted to have a light lunch before the heavy dinner we were looking forward to having that night. We were staying in the downtown area so this is where we tried to find a decent place to eat. Then on our 2nd visit we brought our relatives here as the location was very convenient for...

  • A great local restaurant

    My man and I walked by this place while strolling in downtown and he stopped to look at the menu displayed at the entrance. I guess he was mostly attracted to this place because of their reasonable prices as well as the fact that they had many local dishes available -- and some churros con chocolate too which he had been craving for. So after a...


Morelia Nightlife

  • clubs in Morelia

    There are 4 decent nightclubs in Morelia, Nox, XO, Exit, and Domo. I probably had the most fun at XO, the floor is huge and was really packed. Exit is a little different, it's a lot smaller but fun too. When we went to Domo they had free drinks before 11, that's pretty nice. I don't remember much about Nox, because it was our last night in Morelia...

  • Estudiantina

    Estudiantinas walk by and serenade people while having a coffee or hot chocolate at the reaturants at the portales. Casual

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Morelia Transportation

  • Taxis

    You will see a LOT of taxis around Morelia.... they're white and have a monarch butterfly painted on them. They don't have a meter so you have to ask the driver how much he will charge to take you where you want to go in advance, so you know what you're going to pay. If you want to move around downtown they'll usually charge $25-30 MXP (2-3 USD),...

  • Public transportation (vans)

    You can move around the city using the public transportation which is cheap although a bit slow too. You won't see buses here since many streets in Morelia (especially in downtown) are very narrow, so you will see white vans that function as buses instead. They can hold about 10-12 people.There are no fixed stops, you just hail the van as soon as...

  • camion's y combi's

    The local buses in Morelia are an interesting experience. Camion's are bigger, more like a mini-bus and combi's are VW vans. The routes are number and color coded. Many of the buses have a personal touch, compliments of the drivers. They decorate their buses, we even had a driver blasting vanilla ice one day! The nice thing is that unlike the US...


Morelia Shopping

  • Lots of beautiful & yummy local stuff!

    There are mainly 2 types of things I would recommend you to buy in Morelia's Craft Market: local candies and leathercraft. These 2 things are what I have bought in every visit I've made to Morelia. You will also find other kind of stuff which I will describe in my next tips..... So my first recommendation - provided you're a sweet tooth like me! -...

  • Ethnic (indian & others) stuff

    We had walked by this shop before but never even gave it a glance. However this time my sister-in-law was with us and she's an avid shopper.... so she noticed it as soon as she walked by and said she wanted to go in later on to see the stuff they sold there. We didn't have time to do it that day, but my man and I did visit the store the morning...

  • Pottery, kitchenware & more

    There is an established craft market (the Casa de las Artesanías) located in what used to be a convent in the XVI century where you can find a lot of the stuff I describe here, but you can also find it (and most of the times cheaper) with the street vendors or in smallish shops, mainly in the downtown area....Inside the Casa de las Artesanias you...


Morelia What to Pack

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    by naturechica Written Dec 12, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Most people in Morelia are very conservative and dress likewise. Women are stylish. Few people wear shorts.
    Winter months get very chilly!! For which a hat, scarf, coat and gloves are required, especially keeping in mind that noone has heat in their homes.
    Rainy season requires unbrella and rain jacket.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: when in mexico, always be prepared and carry t.p. with u at all times....chance are that u will find many restrooms without it.

    Photo Equipment: there r several very well stocked photo shops in morelia.

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Morelia Off The Beaten Path

  • Templo de Guadalupe

    This church isn't located in the downtown area so it's easy to miss it, but if you join a guided tour they will most probably bring you here. I personally had visited Morelia tons of times and even visited some friends who lived a few blocks away from the church several times, but my parents NEVER visited it.... amazing what we had missed out on!I...

  • Walk along the rail...

    Yes, there is a railway station in Morelia, in the southeast of downtown.If you look at the map, you will know that Morelia is surrounded ny the railway and a river. The railway was built along the river. Take a stroll in a sunny afternoon along the railway, there are many surprises waiting for you....

  • feel the romantic atmosphere ....

    I hit this place called " CALLEJON DEL ROMANCE" on Feb.14 unexpectedly. It's not long, but you will love it at the first sight.Location: near " Las Tarascas".


Morelia Favorites

  • Jardin Morelos (Morelos Garden)

    This small square is located towards the north east of downtown, where Ave. Acueducto and Ave. Ventura Puente meet. It is dedicated to our Independence fight hero, Jose Maria Morelos (whom the city was named after, too) and this is why there is a huge statue of him riding a horse in the middle of the square.It is a rather quiet place since it's not...

  • Government Palace

    This is the headquarters of the State government (Morelia is the capital or the state of Michoacan, so the governor works here). On the lower right corner of the picture you can also see a Tourist information booth, a little tram car that tours the downtown area and a tiny police car that also patrols the area and can aid tourists should they need...

  • A great view of the city

    The Santa Maria hill is located in the eastern side of town and was deserted some 15-20 years ago. Now it's full of buildings, schools, houses, a few small expensive hotels, etc. This is known for being one of the nicest and most "chic" zones in town: you can find some big and elegant houses spread on the hill, and they are EXPENSIVE. This is where...


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