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  • Guitarist on the Street in Cuernavaca
    Guitarist on the Street in Cuernavaca
    by Jetgirly
  • Diego Rivera Murals at Palacio de Cortes
    Diego Rivera Murals at Palacio de Cortes
    by Jetgirly
  • Gardens at Museo Robert Brady
    Gardens at Museo Robert Brady
    by Jetgirly

Cuernavaca Highlights

  • Pro
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     Climate, restaurants, culture and history 

  • Con
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     just like all of Mexico there is wide gap between those who have and those that don´t 

  • In a nutshell
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     an afterthought when visiting the area because of Mexico CIty, but shouldn´t be 

Cuernavaca Things to Do

  • Walk to a Waterfall

    Just outside the historic center of Cuernavaca you'll find Salto de San Anton, a thirty-metre waterfall loved by the local community. To reach the waterfall cross the Independencia bridge and turn right on Preciado. Follow the street until you see a little chapel; this is at the corner of Calle del Salto. Follow del Salto all the way to the end,...

  • Get Creepy at the Cathedral

    I don't know why, but something about the Cathedral of Cuernavaca is just... creepy. Eerie. It could be the dark, bare interior. The small red lights. The dark wood. The dark doorways and hidden corners. It looks more like a haunted house than a church. The most recent round of renovations occured in the late 1950s, and that was when they replaced...

  • Gardens Galore... Sort Of

    Jardin Borda is a huge garden located in the center of Cuernavaca. Originally built by silver magnate Jose de la Borda as a vacation home, his son later developed it into the garden it is today. Or, the garden it once was, I should say. Because today the gardens are in crumbling shambles, halfheartedly maintained and generally quite miserable. In...

  • Visit Your Mexican Dream House

    Museo Robert Brady is one of the coolest museums I've ever visited. Located in the former home of American artist Robert Brady, the museum has preserved his actual living (and cooking, and lounging...) quarters while also maintaining his original collection of more than 1300 pieces of eclectic art. There are gorgeous pink and orange bedrooms...

  • Walk in the Conquistadors' Footsteps

    Palacio de Cortes was built as a home for Hernan Cortes and his wife in the 1500s, directly atop a sacred Aztec site (thanks, Hernan). Over the years the building was expanded, renovated and preserved, and today it houses the Museo Regional Cuauhnahuac. Walking through the building you can imagine how each room may have been used, either by Cortes...

  • Tepoztlan, Magic town and ceremonial...

    This place is some of those little towns stucked in time...stoned streets, all colors from handcrafts all the way to The Tepozteco mountain that dominates views from Tepoztlán,fresh air, great smells...and the Tepoztlan pyramid welcoming you at the end of your climb,,make sure you wear tennis shoes as the climb to the top is around an hour, 45 min...

  • teopanzolco ruins

    This little archeological site, worth a visit especially cause you dont have to drive much , is within the city,,, believe it or not , the day i went i felt so tired and with no energy at all as the day was hot and I was hungry.. as soon as i climbed the main pyramid i felt super charged,, was a very extrange feeling... the panorama is great from...

  • Brady Museum

    It was the house of Robert Brady, a rich American man who settlen in Mexico in 1962 after living in Venice. He travelled during all his life and during those travels, he collected their paintings and primitive art from Africa, America, India, Asia and Mexico. The house-museum has 14 colorful rooms which they are in the same conditions Brady left...

  • Salto de San Anton

    Less than 1 km from the centre of the city is the Salto de San Anton. This 40 metre waterfall, situated in the the village renowned for its pottery, is a lovely little spot, and a walkway has been built so that you can actually walk behind the waterfall.


Cuernavaca Hotels

Cuernavaca Restaurants

  • Coffee and All-Day Breakfasts

    Cafe El Gringo is a garden courtyard cafe that serves coffee drinks and all-day breakfasts to local students and other young people. Yeah, I have a thing for chilaquiles verdes con huevos revueltos y frijoles refritos, so I ordered it for the second day in a row (the previous day I'd eaten it at Cafe 1521). I didn't feel that this was the cleanest...

  • Italian Classics in Cuernavaca

    Marco Polo Italian restaurant is located in front of Cuernavaca's cathedral, in the historic center. The restaurant is on the second floor of a historic building and some lucky diners may be able to sit on the balcony with scenic views. The menu features all the classic Italian favorites, including pizzas, pastas, meat and fish dishes. I believe...

  • Frosty Drinks

    Cafe Colibri ("Hummingbird Cafe") is just a few doors down from Palacio Cortes, and a great place to stop if you need a drink after viewing the palace's extensive museum galleries. Their menu features fruit drinks like smoothies, frozen coffee blends, milkshakes, hot drinks and even exotic concoctions like coffee with hibiscus! Service at the sunny...

  • Mexi-Breakfasts

    1521 was the year Cortes and his men captured Cuernavaca; today it is the name of a street-side cafe opposite Palacio Cortes. I stopped by for a late breakfast one morning; I was happy to find a nice, shady patio with great views for people-watching. I ordered chilaquiles verdes (tortillas sauteed in salsa verda) with some scrambled eggs and...

  • One of Mexico's Best

    One of Mexico's most famous restaurants is here in Cuernavaca. The garden terraces are indeed glorious with pools and fountains. You can also stay here - but prices are very high starting at well over $100 a night. Dinner is not cheap either. The menu of the day was 410 pesos, though you can spend less - and eat less - with the ala carte menu....

  • Best fun spot to eat

    Although mexican fare is my favorite cuisine by far, Italian is a close second. Compared to the homemade food we ate every day at our host-family's house, restaurant grub really didn't compare and good Italian just sounded SO good after a long day of exploring. Marco Polo is a very happening joint but keeps it real, and homey feeling. The food is...


Cuernavaca Nightlife

  • Romance

    On the main square there was something that I can not forget,and I think you can only find in Mexico.There was a lot of older people dancing,and dancing real good and very pasioned.Music was very good,like tango,ca-ca-ca,and they were dancing so preety that I watched them for long long time. Nothing special

  • Lots of nightlife-if you know where to...

    We went to all four of the nightclubs listed. The secret is to knowing which night belongs to each club. Everyone has a favorite club depending on the night. Tues. is Harry's, Thurs belongs to Mombos. Mombos also offers salsa and marange dance lessons on Thur/Sat, but get there on time as they won't let you in once they have started. The party gets...

  • Cuernavaca Hotels

    54 Hotels in Cuernavaca

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Cuernavaca Transportation

  • Bus to Mexico City... Anytime!

    There are GREAT bus connections between Cuernavaca and the south bus station in Mexico City. The best line is Pullman de Morelos. They have a bus station at the corner of Netzahualcóyotl and Abasolo in the historic center, where buses leave every fifteen minutes bound for the Tasquena (south) bus station in Mexico City. The cost of a ticket is...

  • The bus system or the Rutas

    Getting around Cuernavaca is fairly easy once you figure it out. They have a bus system with their own routes. They refer to these buses as Ruta 18 or Ruta 15. The number specifies the route the bus takes. Each bus can cost a different amount of money, usually never more than 5 pesos. As you see the white buses drive by, in the front left corner it...

  • Mexican bus confusions...

    Well as all the other bigger cities in Mexico, Cuernavaca as well has several bus stations and they are located at a decent distance from each other. I used 3 of them - 2 for long distance transport (once coming from Mexico City and other time when I went to Acapulco) and one for local. The local one is the most confusing and it represents a...


Cuernavaca Shopping

  • Actual craftsman with beautiful work

    I was a little disappointed to go to the Craft Market and find that the booths sold pretty much the same stuff sold elsewhere in Mexico and that the items were not made by the people selling them EXCEPT for on booth I will recommend. There was a young Mexican Indian fellow who had a booth in the back corner (check all four corners, you'll find him....

  • Local peddlers

    As in any place with tourists there are locals trying to make a buck. The trick is to know which peddlers you should buy from. If they're looking ok in their clothes and are not pushing too hard or don't look desperate just say, No gracias and move on. If you see a small family in rags trying to sell you something handmade, buy yourself a...

  • Marketplace

    A large canvas tent next door to the castle houses a variety of vendors selling nealry every Mexican souvenier that you might think of from pottery to vanilla. The quality of some many of the items here was marginal but walking through the stalls is noteworthy.


Cuernavaca Local Customs


    The Quincennaria is a very big event in a young girl's life. It is her official coming out party and the girl is dressed in finery for the event. Family and friends come together at the local church to help her celebrate her coming of age. She gets some instruction first from the priest and then heads out for the party.

  • Wedding Celebrations

    If you have never partaken in a Mexican Wedding, you must.A traditional wedding consist of one factor, having fun.We danced the night away in a beautiful environment with several forms of music, consisting of a three man xylophone, live band, dj, and to end the night a full mariachi band.

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Cuernavaca What to Pack

  • Bring comfortable shoes, and don't bulk...

    IF you are a woman travelling, do not bring a huge purse. Especially if you are not skiddish and plan to ride the local bus or plan to do much walking. I had a medium size purse (enough for say 3 pocket phrase books, my wallet, digital camera, cell phone, and a small make-up bag) and it was totally in the way. Bring something small that you can...

  • Don't forget your sunblock cream!

    I learned to my great dismay and pain that the sun in Cuernavaca can burn your skin in 2 hours as effectively as it does in Cancun. Don't forget to pack some sunblock and use it - or get "lobsterized" :)

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Cuernavaca Off The Beaten Path

  • Meditate and Watch Frogs

    Chintamani is a retreat centre located just outside Cuernavaca in the Cuautla Valley, near Yautepec. It runs regular meditation, yoga, and other retreats which are open to all. The setting is beautiful, surrounded by hills and the place is crammed with wildlife; birds, butterflies, frogs, and even scorpions! If you are staying around Cuernavaca for...

  • la casa del brujo...(shaman house´s)

    This Hidden place might not be very touristic but God is odd... located at callejon del diablo..the facade has everything from skeletons,devils,and demons,,, thats scary, apparently this guy has healing powers and lots of locals and people from abroad makes an appoinment to get healed, tarot is read as well among other services,, close to main...

  • los chinelos dancers

    This traditional dancers represents the state of Morelos,the history tells ,that because they were trying to make fun of the Spaniards, they came up with this satiric dance and exotic customes..beards as the spaniards had and colorful tunics and hats,, music beat is contagious and the way they dance is very peculiar.. they are welcomming you when...


Cuernavaca Favorites

  • Spanish Immersion in Cuernavaca, Mexico

    I picked Instituto Chac-Mool in Cuernavaca to immerse myself in the Spanish language, Mexican culture and to take Spanish classes because of it's central location, good year round weather, and ease to isolate from others from English speaking countries. Yes, I was a beginner in my new language but I didn't want anything (or anyone) to detract from...

  • Spanish for Lawyers

    Recently I decided that I was in dire need of a vacation, but I wanted to work on my spanish a bit as well. I chose a school called "Chac-mool." The staff is competent, yet laid back. I am a lawyer, so I studied legal spanish in a private class in the afternoon; general spanish in a small class in the morning. I highly recommend it. Most of the...

  • Flowers and spring-like weather

    Visiting the zocalo, watching people, buying a licuado and a newspaper, then going to one of the restaurants nearby and slowly sipping a capuccino at a sidewalk table at a restaurant on or near the zocalo, watching the pedestrian traffic flow, and letting the tides of the day wash over my consciousness, it not being important whether I was alone or...


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