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  • Did you see?
    Did you see?
    by TheWanderingCamel
  • El arbol de Tule
    El arbol de Tule
    by TheWanderingCamel
  • Massive girth
    Massive girth
    by TheWanderingCamel
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    A venerable giant

    by TheWanderingCamel Updated Oct 11, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    El Tule's ancient ahuehuete (water cypress) tree is reputed to have the largest girth of any tree on earth. It may be, it may not - one thing is for sure - it is one big tree: 58 metres around - that's getting on for 200 feet!! It is also incredibly old - possibly as much as 3,000 years - that means it was already growing when nearby Monte Alban was first being built. It really is a venerable giant and deserves all the attention it gets.

    The ahuehuete is Mexico's national tree, and this one is a national monument. Ahuehuetes grow to enormous size and live to a great age. It is thought that the Tree of Tule may the world's largest single biomass. Recent DNA studies of the trunk have shown that it is indeed one single trunk, and not several trunks that have fused together.

    For a few pesos one of green-track-suited children will take you for a walk around the trunk and, using a mirror to focus a point of light on the the bumps and whorls of the trunk and branches, they'll show you the creatures and features that are variously identified as a lion, and elephant, a bunch of garlic, a reindeer, etc.

    There are six other ancient cypresses around the village, but none of the others can match this one.

    Apart from the trees, there's not much else to see in El Tule, the church is nothing very special - though the nuns who sell their almond cookies and bottles of dolce de leche are very sweet and demure and there's a pleasant garden to walk around.

    El arbol de Tule Sweets from the sweet Massive girth Santa Maria del Tule Did you see?
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    A Big Three

    by jumanuel Written Mar 15, 2006

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    This three is famouse for it's age and size. It's something that worth it, and you can go out of the town.
    To get there you have to take a bus near the second class bus terminal - or just take a taxi.
    The bus will take over 30 - 40 minutes to leave you there and you will find pleanty of tourist trying to catch the same bus too.

    At your arrival you will have to walk over a path and fin the entrance to see closer the three and you have to pay a little contribution for the manteinance of the place.
    In fact, the three is big, but there are some urban legends that people can tell you while they are explaining the reason of the different shapes of the branches.

    It's funny to listen them!

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    YOU SEE??? KAMAN!!

    by kandl1 Written Feb 3, 2006

    Ok, you'll understand the title when you go there...
    The Tree of Tule in the town of Santa Maria del Tule (about 10 miles out of town, on the way to Mitla) is BIG...and OLD.
    Locals say the tree is over 2000 year old and has a circumference of over 160 feet.
    The town itself is a small village, with more greenery than any of the other villages in the area. Fountains, streams, grass and open gardens give the small town an open, relaxing atmosphere.
    The tree itself is right next to the beautiful church.
    Local children point out unusual figures one can see in the tree. With pocket mirrors reflecting the sun, the guides will point out figures such as the squirrel's tale and Carlos Salinas' ears.
    A recent addition to the children's English-language lexicon is pointing out the "butt" of Monica Lewinski, though if asked who she is, the typical response is "an artist."
    The kids reflect the mirror into the tree, then say "You See? You See? Kaman!" (come on) and you follow the child to the next part of the tree.
    It's quite cute, actually.

    Most visitors are on tours to (or from) Mitla, or Teotitlan de la Valle and the Tule tree is just a quick stop.

    The Church, the gardens and the Tree. YOU SEE??? KAMAN!!  (Come on) The interior of the church The gardens Look!  It's George Bush!  YOU SEE?????
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    Biiiig Tree

    by Vikingvicki Written Apr 5, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We took a ride in Aprils fab "Venga bus" to Santa Maria del Tule to see the oldest tree in the world. It's pretty wide!

    And that's about all there is to say about it ;-)

    The town is very small & you just walk around the tree, so I would not class it as a MUST SEE attraction if you are short on time in the area.

    Oh, it costs 30 pesos to see it "up close", well as close as the fence around it will let you get.

    Some of the venga 7 & THE tree

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    EL TULE!!!!

    by eclair_smiles Written Mar 2, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    wow the tule tree has its own sub category! go tule.
    I remember when my boyfriend described the Tule to me "the fattest tree in mexico" i just laughed at him and said "yeah sure, why not. let's go see it" and really, when you've spent the day walking around ruins of pre-hispanic cities and such, a fat tree doesn't sound like much. But you HAVE to see the TULE!
    I went there in the summer, and it was really hot and sticky outside, but once I got under the tule it was nice and cool. And calming, it's very calming. I think it's magical in some way el tule..... and I'm not at all a spiritual person.
    I like this tree better than my sister.

    kissing the tule

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    Visit the Tule treeVisit...

    by Ainda Written Oct 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Visit the Tule tree
    Visit Mitla and see the drunk donkey
    Visit MonteAlban
    The Tule tree is well known for it's history, it's 40 meters height and it has around 2000 years old. One of the principal atractions is the figures you can see on the rooths of the tree.
    Mitla: It means city of the dead ones, here you can visit the Zapoteco Art museum where you can see hand craft form the Valley of Oaxaca. It could also be considered as the City of the Palaces. There is a mith about the colums that Im showing you at the begining of the page, the story says that you can soround the colum with your arms and the space left between the 2 hands, can tell you the years that you have left in your life counting them with your fingers in a horizontal position. You can also find the donkey that drinks mezcal in this town...

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