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  • Oaxaca city in the background
    Oaxaca city in the background
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  • Monte Alban
    Monte Alban
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  • Hierve el Aqua
    Hierve el Aqua
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Map of Estado de Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez


Puerto Escondido


Santa Cruz Huatulco


Monte Albán


San Pablo Villa de Mitla


Puerto Ángel


Santa María Huatulco


Sierra Madre de Oaxaca




Santo Domingo Tehuantepec


Santa María del Tule


San Pedro Pochutla


San Juan Mixtepec

Salina Cruz


Oaxaca de Juárez

  • Street Life

    Oaxaca de Juárez Things to Do

    Stroll in the streets of Oaxaca and taking photograph of street vendors can be fun because they are so many of them. Make sure ask permission before you take a shot. The vendor would appreciate more if you buy their food. I did try the Tamales, empanadas and steam corn in a cup it’s more like a desert because it was sweet but not sure of the name....

  • Camino Real Oaxaca

    Oaxaca de Juárez Hotels

    I stayed here a weekend, we loved this hotel, the patios and gardens are really beautiful. You feel...

  • El Naranjo

    4 out of 5 stars

    Oaxaca de Juárez Restaurants

    Located a couple of blocks from the Zocalo, El Naranjo was the most "American" of all the restaurants that we dined at in Oaxaca. This isn't a bad thing, just an observation. The dining room is in a courtyard of an old building, with heaters and small lights giving it a nice atmosphere. With 6 kinds of rellenos (stuffed chiles) and all of the 7...


Puerto Escondido

  • Waves

    Puerto Escondido Warnings and Dangers

    Just be cautious if you swim in the waves, the undertow can be quite strong. Watch for the signals from lifeguards, and pay attention to the colours of the flags - red is dangerous, yellow is moderately dangerous and green is safe. Even in the green zone, the current swiped the goggle set right off my head and carried it out to sea. Something to...

  • Quinta Lili

    Puerto Escondido Hotels

    Cangrejos av. 104, Carrizalillo, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, 54766, Mexico

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • getting worse in Puerto Escondido,...

    Puerto Escondido Warnings and Dangers

    i lived there for a year and at first it was great but then u get to see the real culture, and it has turned itself into a tourist resort town - not on a big scale - but the bad things tourist towns attract this town excels in.. unfortunately... I could not even go walking alone in the day (beach, town, cliffs, market or even SuperChe) without...


Santa Cruz Huatulco

  • Danger in Huatulco

    Santa Cruz Huatulco Warnings and Dangers

    I recently had my face beaten to a pulp in a bar in Huatulco. When I checked with a witness she told me that some weeks previously she had been savagely attacked in the street and her bag cut from her with a knife as she lay writhing from the pain of the blows to her face. When I mentioned this to another friend she told me that the same thing had...

  • perfect view of Tangolunda Bay...

    Santa Cruz Huatulco Restaurants

    The Quinta is one of two non-inclusive's on Tangolunda Bay. It is an intimate hotel comprising 28 rooms, lushly landscaped, impeccable design details and a perfect view of the bay. For dinner I started with a seabass and octopus ceviche with cactus salad in a soya and habenero vinaigrette (105.00). Then had chilies stuffed with cheese and...

  • Boat trip...

    Santa Cruz Huatulco Things to Do

    The same day we arrived in Huatulco, we already booked a boat trip for next morning. This is the best way to know what are the beaches and their location…


Monte Albán

See all 77 Monte Albán Tips
  • Frida Kahlo House in Mexico City

    Monte Albán Things to Do

    Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in the house of her parents in Coyoacán. At the time, this was a small town on the outskirts of Mexico City. Her father, Guillermo Kahlo (1872-1941), was born Carl Wilhelm Kahlo in Pforzheim, Germany. He was the son of the painter and goldsmith Jakob Heinrich Kahlo and Henriette Kaufmann. Kahlo's father was of...

  • Textiles

    Monte Albán Off The Beaten Path

    The Aztec warriors who opposed the conquistadors as they invaded central Mexico wore armor incorporating cotton padding. Of course, this padding may have been effective against the primitive weapons of other Indian nations, but it yielded all too often to the blows of metal sabers and cannonshot inflicted by the Spanish. Today very pretty...

  • About food and water

    Monte Albán Local Customs

    One of the great joys of Mexico is the food. So eating Mexican is part of visiting or living there.But: Be careful. Please check out the link below. Indeed got such a bad stomac and been sick for days felt like months. The photo below shows a plate of fantastic tasting Nachos yet the photo and food were taken in Germany at a very nice Mexican...


San Pablo Villa de Mitla

  • Hierve el agua

    San Pablo Villa de Mitla Things to Do

    Only one hour drive from Mitla there is this place wher water comes from the ground.Some lakes and exceptional petrified waterfalls.Hierve el agua or Water is boiling.The saturation of calcium carbonate is offering a unique scenery.

  • Overview

    San Pablo Villa de Mitla Things to Do

    Walking towards ruins along 5 De Febrero Street we found this little church on a nearby hill. I climbed up there. WARNING - stairs don't deserve their name anymore! From up there you have a nice view on Mitla and the countryside.(and check out the picture, where that cactus decided to grow :-))

  • Chicken-class bus :-)

    San Pablo Villa de Mitla Transportation

    The nearest bigger city is Oaxaca (50km) and that is the starting point for visits to Mitla. Buses headding for Mitla depart from 2nd class bus-station in Oaxaca. But from my experience, these buses to Mitla were the worst I've seen in Mexico. Not that I complaint. The ride was quite amusing both ways. Not to mention that it was very cheap (12...


Puerto Ángel

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  • Around Puerto Angel

    Puerto Ángel Transportation

    Colectivo from Pochutla will get you only to Puerto Angel. So if you are headed to some other beach (Mazunte, Zipolite...) you'll have to take a taxi. There are lots of them in Puerto Angel and all the drivers just long to take you to Bahias De Huatulco :-)

  • Drugs

    Puerto Ángel Warnings and Dangers

    One of the first things we were told in Pueto Angel is that there are many drug dealers. Our waiter told us that they can be found along the road from P. Angel to Zipolite and we should avoid that road in late hours. But I didn't feel threatened in any way. My only experiece with drugs was, when I rented a room, I was offered to buy marihuana (BTW,...

  • WWW

    Puerto Ángel Tourist Traps

    Puerto Angel lies in a remote place, hidden between hills. No mobile network reaches this place. But they have internet, so don't worry, you'll be able to keep contact to outside world. One internet place is at Casa de Huespede Anati, another one just accros the street.


Santa María Huatulco

Sierra Madre de Oaxaca

  • Food stalls at the corner of the street

    Sierra Madre de Oaxaca Restaurants

    If you were getting hungry after walking around the central plaza, well there were several food stalls. Like this one, called La Dulceria, which was selling all kind of sweet pastry, hmmm delicious, may be not so good for the calories, but who minds, it is holiday . . . . all kind of sweet pastry ans candy

  • Great atmosphere

    Sierra Madre de Oaxaca Restaurants

    We had already seen Mariachis in Mexico City (see my Mexico City page / nightlife chapter for more information). But here in Oaxaca they were also playing at your table. What an atmosphere. As I write this now, with some Mariachi music on the background, well to be honest great memories come back.

  • Great location

    Sierra Madre de Oaxaca Restaurants

    Well this restaurant is located at the Plaza de Armas (the Zocalo), lets say the central plaza. So it is great when you sit here you can see all the movements on the central plaza. You can smell the typical Mexican atmosphere. The food was deliscious and the beer was cold. So, what more a man can wish . . . .



See all 20 Ixtapa Tips
  • Great Breakfast and Lunch Place!

    Ixtapa Restaurants

    This fine restaurant is perfect for breakfast and lunch. It has a bakery that makes fresh bread and sweet rolls every day. Get there before 9:30 to have your choice of bread. It goes very fast. We enjoyed the buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. My wife and I prefer the "house special" which is a pancake that includes bananas, raisins and walnuts....

  • Nice Sports Bar

    Ixtapa Restaurants

    Frank is a nice guy from Canada that escaped the cold winters for the mellow temperatures of Ixtapa. His Sports Bar is located in a central mall area that is easily accessed and has tons of fun things to do around it.

  • Nice Sports Bar

    Ixtapa Restaurants

    Frank is a nice guy from Canada that escaped the cold winters for the mellow temperatures of Ixtapa. His Sports Bar is located in a central mall area that is easily accessed and has tons of fun things to do around it.


Santo Domingo Tehuantepec

  • Swimming in the pool

    Santo Domingo Tehuantepec Favorites

    The only plus of the hotel in Tehuantepec was the pool. Though it was already dark by the time we'd settled in, I could appreciate swimming after a long and difficult way from Oaxaca to Tehuantepec.It was about -25C in Moscow when I left Moscow and came to Mexico with its +25C! Feel the difference! Though it was also winter for Mexicans but for me...

  • nothing to write home about...

    Santo Domingo Tehuantepec Restaurants

    The restaurant of the hotel had as much atmosphere as a factory canteen. Though there were great panno on the wall according to the Mexican theme. We waited for our breakfast almost 20 minutes. The breakfast (toasts, butter, jam, and scrambled eggs, French-style biscuits) didn’t fit to 4-stars hotel (as they considered themselves) and we left...

  • We could but didn’t reach the Pacific...

    Santo Domingo Tehuantepec Tourist Traps

    Our tour around Mexico had the name “Five Civilizations”. It begins in Mexico City and finishes in Cancun (the Caribbean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean). Tehuantepec is located only 20 km from the coast of the Pacific Ocean. So in my opinion it was rather natural to reach the coast and have a look at the Pacific Ocean or even to swim in it! In that case...


Santa María del Tule

  • El Templo de Santa Maria de la Asuncion

    Santa María del Tule Things to Do

    This particular tree is found in the town’s center growing in both the town’s main plaza and the atrium of the church of Santa María de la Asunción.The town’s Baroque-style church is called El Templo de Santa María de la Asunción (Temple of the Virgin Mary of the Assumption) and dates from the 18th century. The interior is graced by a number of...

  • Trunk details

    Santa María del Tule Things to Do

    The tree is occasionally nicknamed the "Tree of Life" from all the images of animals that are reputedly visible in the tree's gnarled trunk. As part of an official project local schoolchildren give tourists a tour of the tree and show all manners of creatures that the trunk features.Today, these forms have names such as “the elephant,” “the lion,”...

  • Signboard with specifications

    Santa María del Tule Things to Do

    The height is difficult to measure due to the very broad crown; the 2005 measurement, made by laser, is 35.4 m (116 ft). According to the signboard by the tree, it has a total volume of 816.829 m3 and a weight of 636.107 t (701.188 short tons.It is so large that it was originally thought to be multiple trees, but DNA tests have proven that it is...


San Pedro Pochutla

  • To the coast

    San Pedro Pochutla Transportation

    Pochutla serves as a starting point for visits to local coast. If you come to Pochutla by bus (ADO or Estrella Blanca) just step outside the bus station and wait for a blue pick-up. This is a colectivu that will take you to Puerto Angel for 5 pesos. When you see one, just wave and say where you want to gome. Somtimes there is even some guy that...

  • Rough sea…

    San Pedro Pochutla Warnings and Dangers

    People coming not only to Zipolite to sunbath naked, there are also lot’s of surfing activities. As you know, a rough sea is required for surfing. I guess that is the reason of naked sunbathing here, because it is heard to keep your pants on is those big waves. So, you can think that it must be hard and dangerous for kids to swim. Even I had...

  • Zipolite...

    San Pedro Pochutla Things to Do

    Because of the rough sea here, lot of people come to here for surfing in the high waves…


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