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Querétaro Things to Do

  • Museo Casa de La Zacatecana - Enjoy the...

    This museum was really fascinating and worth the time. It is a resored colonial home with period furshings, but what makes it even more intriguing is the story of the wife who hired someone to kill her husband then killed herself and the executor of the crime, the story being left as a mystery. They show a video in Spanish that is nicely done...

  • Statue of Chichimeca

    This statue honors the Chichimeca. They were the only Indian group in Mexico that was never subjugated by the Spanish. After fighting them for years, the Spanish eventually bought them off.

  • Convento de la Santa Cruz

    Convento de la Santa Cruz is a 17th Century monastery, built on the hill where the Spanish defeated the Chichimeca Indians in 1531. Construction started in 1610 and finished 150 years later. The aquifer was built by then, and they ran clay pipes from it to the monastery. Santa Cruz was where the friars, including Junipero Serra, stayed to rest and...


Querétaro Hotels

Querétaro Restaurants

  • Drink a Margarita

    Good place in the Cathedral Square Margarita. I was not hungry, but I wanted to commemorate my journey around Mexico following the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, from Santa Fe in New Mexico to Mexico D. F. and that was my last day in that journey becuase the next day I would reach Mexico D.F.

  • Simply delightful!

    What can I say the food is excellent, but the best part of this Restaurant is the ambience and the decor? The Restaurant's decor ranges from a variety of classical statues to Egyptian sphinxes.Words can't explain it…

  • Elegance

    The House of the Five Patios was originally a very elegant home, built in the 18th Century by one of the richest men in Mexico. (He owned a silver mine.) And, yes, Maximilian was here! He was a guest once in 1867. Later, in the 1920s, the house was a Catholic girls’ school. After that, the downstairs was used as a warehouse for Corona beer, with...


Querétaro Nightlife

  • Resteraunt, Cafe, and a night clun

    This place is located in Jurica a rich section of Queretaro. It was a lot of fun and is a really nice place!

  • ' Van Gogh '

    Van Gogh is one of the coolest dance clubs in Queretaro. It is very classy and has a huge dance floor and has a raised stage which people dance on that want to be noticed. Most everyone that hangs out here is a "fresa" (snob in spanish) and they usually have money. I have not been here since 2000 but I have heard that it is still one of the top...

  • Jota Be Jota

    Jota Be Jota Bar is one of the if not the oldes bar in Queretaro. It has much history and has been through alot. Including being burnt down and rebuilt all over again. This bar is special to me because it was where I had my first kiss with my now wife, Osiris. This bar is unique because offers both live rock music in the front half of the...


Querétaro Transportation

  • Primera Plus from MEX Airport to...

    They are a subsidiary of Flecha Amarilla. Luxury bus with reclining seats, footrests, lunch included, American feature films dubbed in Spanish. They leave frequently, about every 30 min. Cost is 220 Pesos (equivalent to about $20) one way. Takes 3 and a half hours. Queretaro's bus terminal is outside the city. You need to buy a ticket for the taxi...

  • Taxis

    We walked almost everywhere in Queretaro. It is very safe. We walked way out of the historic area to the Statue of Benito Juarez and never felt uneasy. There were times we did take taxis if we were going to a restaurant not within walking distance at night. Taxis in the city should be no more than 20 Pesos. We found drivers not at all inclined to...

  • And I paid $40 U.S. to go from Brookline...

    Go outside. Look up. Hold out your hand. Wave it slightly. Magic! A cab. I came back from Tequisquiápan via cab a few weeks ago. 300 pesos...about $30 U.S. Tequis is an hour away. You can get pretty much anywhere in the city for 3 or 4 bucks. However, if I hear, "¿Tienes muchos novios en México? ¿No? ¿No quiéres a los Mexicanos?" one more time, I...


Querétaro Shopping


    this shop is very trendy and chic, they have a lot of new and autentic designs in gold and they have the unique opalo mexican in diferent variety and sizes... this shop is very special. opalos and mexican designs in jewelry like the tradicional guadalupe´s pendant you can find pieces from 50 usd to 2,500 usd

  • Shopping for Everyday Needs

    Sorry - I will find the name somewhere and add it!Our wheel broke on our suitcase and we had to buy a new one. First I tried Sears in the center - of course the cheapest would've cost me $169 US. I searched store to store, then finally wandered in the huge department store on Corregidora between the Andodores 16 September and 5 de Mayo. It has 3...

  • Goverment Sponsored Artisan Shop

    Enormous artisans shop, with an extensive range of crafts including glassware, paintings, pottery, you name it, from all over the country. Hundereds of artisans represented in one shop. No name or sign on door. When closed you wouldn't even know it was there. It is No. 19 Andodore 16 September. Worth taking a look. Reasonable prices considering...


Querétaro Local Customs

  • Staying with Mexican Families

    As a former exchange student in Queretaro I would like to advise young men of the following: Even though you may be used to bringing home a girl from the bar in the US DOES NOT MEAN IT IS OK IN MEXICO!!I know first hand that this is true because I was kicked out of my first Host Family's home for doing just this. Many young men are used to meeting...

  • A spooky legend

    In the mid-1600's here lived a young merchant, Don Bartolo.In 1651, on his birthday, he served wine and proposed a strange toast: "For my sister, for my soul, and for May 20th, 1701". A very weird toast for a date in the future, a specific date 50 years ahead.During time he became very rich and every year, on every special occasion he always...

  • Be Polite

    You are in their city, do not try to "give them culture" they are not barbarians.While walking in the street if a women or child and you are going to crash move to a side and let her or them pass.Try to speak in spanish (if you know) or at least always thank them saying "Gracias" or if somebody sneezes say "salud", when you want to pass and...


Querétaro Warnings and Dangers

  • JessieLang's Profile Photo

    by JessieLang Updated Jun 20, 2009

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    The streets in the historic district are all one-way, because they are narrow. There is a lot of traffic, and it is fast. Be really careful crossing them.

    I felt comfortable there except for the streets. I was sometimes out walking around until 10 p.m. by myself, and felt safe. Lots of people are out in the plazas with their families.

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Querétaro Tourist Traps

  • pauly_queretaro's Profile Photo

    by pauly_queretaro Written Mar 13, 2004

    If you are a foreigner and travelling in Mexico you will most definitely be scammed by a taxi driver. I myself am a Gringo and have travelled throughout Mexico and my number one tip for anyone travelling in Mexico is to be careful not to get taken by a Taxi Driver. Before you get in a Taxi ask the driver how much it will cost to take you to your destination. If you are travelling alone or with other Gringos or Foreigners they will almost assuredly charge you double or much more than they should. That is why it is always a good idea to travel with a local to avoid being taken advantage of. If you are travelling alone or with fellow foreigners just ask and don't be shy. If the first taxi charges too much, just say thanks and hail down the next taxi. They are everywhere and you will get a good rate if the driver sees you are not going to just pay what they want to charge.

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Querétaro What to Pack

  • Girls, please note:

    Even Wal-Mart follows local norms and carries 17,000 brands of pads/shields. If you use other products, bring them. How embarrassing would it be to have to ask for these Other Products to be sent in your next care package? Give me a week and I will be able to tell you how embarrassing.

  • Wheather is very weird

    Always carry empty bags, you may buy a lot, clothes, silver, mementos, etc. From December to March take warm clothes, it could be colder than you thing, Mexico is not a desert, some times in the city there are temperatures under 32 FFrom April to June is very hot, some times it gets 104 FFrom June to September it rains.From September to November...

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Querétaro Off The Beaten Path

  • Casa Ecala

    It was the property of Tomas Lopez de Ecala y Baquedano, a mayor of Queretaro who refurbished the façade of his house every now and then, though the negative part of this matter is that he made use of this constant remodelling to appropriate a chunk of the adjacent lots, until one day one of his neighbours sued him.Besides the sentence of the...

  • Street Performers

    The best performers are usually located beside Templo de San Francisco and down the indian dancer monument.From there you can take a nice picture of both.

  • Nearby towns

    Several towns close to Querétaro City have interesting things to show, like Bernal, Tolimán, San Juan del Río, Tequisquiapan, San Joaquín, Celaya, Irapuato and San Miguel de Allende. Click on my map and seek them under Querétaro and Guanajuato states.This is the view from atop the pyramid in Ranas archaeo-zone, in San Joaquín. It's the Sierra Gorda...


Querétaro Sports & Outdoors

  • jarturof's Profile Photo

    by jarturof Written Jul 18, 2003

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    Watch a soccer game, in a country where is consider the national sport.

    Gallos Blancos are the local team, they play in one of the best stadiums in the world. Made in colaboration with Germany.

    Equipment: Binoculars and money for your t-shirt of Gallos Blancos

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Querétaro Favorites

  • Budget

    What you can expect to pay:$ 450 - RT Airfare From Boston to MEX (Cheaper if booked earlier) 40 - RT bus fare from MEX airport to QRO 175 - Per person food ($25/day)- generous budget, you can eat well, have coffee, drinks, etc. on this. You could also "get by" on half this easily. 140 - 1/2 cost of double room for 7 nights 35 - Full day tour to...

  • Jardín Guerrero

    Guerrero Garden. Just enjoy walking by the downtown streets and gardens. Picture taken from the City Hall.

  • It's Bigger than you may think

    The city is bigger than many belive, it has almost 1,200,000 people living in, which is bigger than San Fransisco, Miami and San Antonio The city is lovely, big but small, it has everythig that a big city has, but is small enough to make it safe, clean an beautiful


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